Crystal Herbalism- Mermaid Grid 

Under the shades of blue their eyes look up towards the surface of crackled sunlight, their fins brushing past schools of fish. When you call upon them with a pure heart, they appear. Their hair webbing across the water, as they rest their body on mossy stones along the edge. The suns reflection in their eyes, pools of starlight

  • Chrysocolla: balance of water & earth energies, connects with nature spirits, aligns heart & throat chakra
  • Aquamarine: fluidity of truth, mindfulness, protection, goddess, and reflective
  • Quartz: amplifies gird for energy to flow, creates structure, and promotes clarity

This grid connects you to the peaceful strengthen of the mermaids. This gird awakens your spirituality, eases the mind, allows you to works with water spirits during mediation. This water-inspired grid will help with sleep, lucid dreaming, and creativity. Place in your bedroom, yoga &/or mediation space.

Hi everyone, this is Susan.

This week’s animal totem is Grasshopper – Uncanny Leaps Forward and the Chinese symbol for Luck and Abundance.

To the Iroquois Grasshopper brings messages of glad tidings; a harbinger of good news. Do you know the Grasshopper only leaps forward, never backwards? The medicine of the grasshopper is to take chances, to move on your hunches, trust your intuition/instincts. Are you taking chances? Do you have ideas and never act on them? Do you start to act on an idea and then start questioning yourself? Are you taking steps backwards? Keep asking yourself the hard questions and where you have a “no” answer in relation to moving forward, taking a leap or trusting your instincts/intuition dig a little deeper to find out why.

Crystals that can help you remember Grasshopper’s medicine are:

Rutilated Quartz


Tangerine Aura Quartz

Black Tourmaline

Smokey Quartz



Zebra Jasper

Copal (Amber)

Yellow Jasper


Green Calcite



Mookaite Jasper

Tourmalated Quartz

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Thank you very much.
Mitakuye Oyasin-All My Relations and Crystal Blessings,