• kit: wow ty is so beautiful and i love his voice? i love hearing him talk he has such nice hair and his smile is so bright and dazzling and hes just so great ok if i had to choose a parabatai i guess id choose ty? wow and his eyes they are luminous and he knows so much and i want to hold his hands tight and never ever let him be worried or scared ever again
  • also kit: i dont feel like kissing livvy again lol weird i bet its cause i wanna be a shadowhunter
  • me: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

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My whole dash is Sana crying and my heart breaks every time. She needs some holy trinity time.

Right? I suggested earlier that this could be the perfect time for…okay you ready?

So after Sara and Sana talk, Sara messages Isak and apologises for believing it was him when it wasn’t and then Isak just like drops his phone turns to Even and is like 

“I gots to go” 

and Even looks up from the bed where they were watching a movie and is all “what babe?” 

so Isak sighs and flops down on the bed while pulling his shoes on and lets Even rub warm soothing circles on his back as he does. Isak looks up at him and says “Sara knows Sana was the one to leak her chats” and watches as Even raises his eyebrows and nods “oh”

“yeah” Isak replies getting up 

Even thinks for a moment  “would the girls?…” 

Isak shakes his head “nei, after the fucked up shit Sara pulled on Vilde? I wouldn’t be surprised if Sana is alone right now.” 

Even frowns “poor Sana” 

Isak nods and grabs his books “yeah which is why i’m going over there and making her help me study”

Even laughs and jumps up to grab his jacket “your sweet baby, but if you think you’re gonna comfort her with science you are gonna need some help.” 

Isak looks back in surprise “you sure? what if…you know the boys are-”

Even brushes him off “it doesn’t matter. lets go help our science buddy and friend” 

“um MY science buddy and friend thank you very much in fact did i tell you we are best buds?”

“only a million times baby” 

When Sana opens the door to see Isak and Even holding a pizza she doesn’t know what the hell to do. Usually her instinct would be to tell them to go away but she is too taken aback to register before Isak is smiling, calling her his best buddy and inviting himself in. Even pulls Sana in a tight hug and shows her the movies he brought over to cheer her up. 

both stories of basketball legends Sana doesn’t exactly hate…..

“So our television is broken so we were wondering if we could hang here?” Isak asks making himself comfortable on her couch.

Sana narrows her eyes “sure..” she does not buy it she knows exactly what they are doing, but as Even pops the movie in and Isak waves a slice of vegetarian pizza in front of her face… she can’t say no to it. 

She lets herself be sandwiched between the two boys as they watch the movie and bicker over it. 

Isak doesn’t understand a second of the basketball scenes and Even and Sana roast him for it. everything is fine for a while. Sana forgets it all but eventually it begins to come back and that’s when it happens. 

Sana’s body begins to shake silently as the tears roll down her face, she feels herself falling back into the empty feeling of loss and misery and she doesn’t know how to get out. 

but then she feels arms around her… from both sides. 

Isak is rubbing circles on her back and Even wipes away her tears with a tissue while telling her everything is going to be okay. They are here, she is not alone

everything is going to be okay

and as she lets her friends tell her this and listen to her cry

she just begins to believe it. 


Request: “Headcanons for Paladins + Allura and Corans s/o is really sensitive to loud noises. Ex: someone starts yelling, balloon gets popped, something breaks, s/o flinches, shuts down, and can’t speak for a while”

A/N: im sorry if this is u and if u need a hug ill give u a hug


  • He always tries to make sure its quiet, and that he doesn’t make any sudden or loud noises
  • He wouldn’t yell at you anyway, but he still makes an effort to keep his voice down
  • Its a little hard when he wakes up screaming from a nightmare though
  • But he always takes care of you if you do shut down


  • He didn’t find out until you two got in a really bad fight
  • He started yelling at you, and he didn’t notice that you start to shut down until he’s done with his stupid rant
  • He feels really bad
  • “Doll, I’m so sorry”
  • He helps you, and tries to just not yell when he’s around you
  • If he does raise his voice, he immediately apologizes


  • He never gets even close to raising his voice at you, but he is pretty loud most of the time
  • He notices the first time you shut down, and he freaks out
  • He’s just fretting over you and he’s just in worse shape than you
  • He just feels so bad for making this happen
  • And he just holds you and whispers in your ear to calm you down


  • Hunk never yells, but you two were hanging out, and somebody dropped a plate
  • When you shut down, he immediately notices, and he’s so worried about you
  • He just wraps you up in a hug


  • She was having a scientific revelation when she started yelling
  • She didn’t mean to, she just got really excited
  • When you shut down, she feels really bad and she starts apologizing
  • But since that doesn’t work, she just tries everything she can think of to snap you out of it


  • You two were in a pretty bad firefight the first time it happened
  • You just kind of froze and collapsed against a wall
  • She was so worried, she almost started to cry
  • She just kicked some ass, picked you up and carried you back to the castle


  • He doesn’t yell, not angrily, but he does have a naturally loud voice
  • You shut down the first time you even meet him
  • He doesn’t notice or comment on it because you just met and there were a bunch of other people around
  • But the first time you’re both alone he asks about it and if you’re okay
Dating Lexa would include:

anon ask: can you do lexa, clarke, raven, and octavia from the 100 dating things if you haven’t gotten the request already!! :)

warning: mention of sex

Author’s note: I’m still crying for her death, also this is long , sorry , I love Lexa and I think I could write about her all day

The clarke one is here

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Originally posted by emisondilaurentis

  • such an overprotective girlfriend
  • did you think that Clarke was overprotective?
  • Lexa is a lot worst
  • her threating  anyone who dares to speak badly to you
  • literally fighting anyone who flirts with you
  • you still remember the day that Murphy tried to get in your pants
  • you’ve never seen a person so scared before

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How about sdr2 chics cheering up their teenage daughters who just broke up with their boyfriends

Yep yep Anon! I haven’t written it as if the reader is the daughter, I hope that’s okay

SDR2 Girls cheering up teenage daughters after a breakup

Chiaki Nanami

  • Ice cream
  • Is
  • A
  • Must
  • The moment she saw her daughter crying
  • She was there
  • Ice cream in hand
  • Two spoons
  • After they’ve had a few mouthfuls each, she asks what’s up
  • When she learns they just split it’s hugs all round
  • She’s going to get more ice cream
  • And a blanket
  • And watch some movies until her daughter feels better

Peko Pekoyama

  • Protective MotherTM
  • She’s prepared to break a few necks if need be
  • Whoever made her daughter cry
  • She wants to make sure they cry too
  • She tends to ask a whole tonne of questions
  • Without stopping
  • But once she’s established it was a breakup she tones it down a little
  • Once she’s clarified they didn’t cheat or anything like that
  • And then she just sits and listens
  • Once she knows enough she just packs a little bag for the two of them
  • And takes her daughter on a weekend away from everything

Mahiru Koizumi

  • She feels like she’s going to cry
  • Seeing her daughter cry like this
  • It breaks her heart
  • So she can’t imagine what’s gotten them like this
  • “Is it to do with someone you love?”
  • Once that’s established and they’ve told her it’s a breakup she’s all cuddles and hugs
  • Holding them to her like they’re only a small child again
  • Shielding them from the world
  • She offers to take her daughter to their favourite place
  • Or somewhere they can let off steam
  • Something like paintballing
  • Just to get the anger out

Mikan Tsumiki

  • She sits them down immediately
  • All ears
  • Calm and unbiased
  • Until she learns they split up
  • And then she’s getting paper
  • “I want you to write down the pros and cons of being with that person,”
  • She waits for them to make a list
  • And once the cons weigh up she can see the mood lift a little
  • And then she takes them out for dinner
  • And to the cinema to see whatever is out
  • Just something to help them forget for a while and help them move forward

Ibuki Mioda

  • She’s so worried
  • She didn’t know why they were crying
  • So she sits down with her daughter
  • And cuddles her until she stops crying
  • And then pulls back and holds them at arms distance
  • “What’s happened?”
  • Once it’s all out the system she’s hugging them again
  • She gets them some snacks and then gets on the phone
  • Calls all her daughters friends or contacts them
  • And gets them over for a pizza night and movie marathon
  • Reminding them that there are still plenty of people around them who still love them
  • Even if the one they were with may not any more
  • There’s a lot of people who do and will unconditionally

Sonia Nevermind

  • She’s got the mother’s intuition
  • She knew once her daughter was upset it was because of a breakup
  • “Oh honey,”
  • Lots and lots of cuddles and kisses
  • Gets them to vent to her
  • And then packs a bag
  • “Well then, I think we need a little self indulgence, don’t you?”
  • Before they know it they’re off on a spa weekend
  • Being completely pampered
  • Weighted on hand and foot
  • Even though they haven’t completely forgotten, Sonia makes sure to lift their spirit whenever they think about their ex
  • And also get all the best food delivered to their room while they watch TV into the night

Hiyoko Saionji

  • She’s cuddles before they speak
  • Seeing the water in their eyes is enough for cuddles
  • She’s sitting them down and just letting them cry and talk
  • Explaining it all to her
  • She’s nearly crying with them
  • She knows how they feel
  • So once they’ve calmed she makes them tea
  • And then tells them a little plan
  • “How about we go out for the day and do your favourite thing?”
  • They spend hours and hours doing whatever her daughter wants
  • Going on a spending spree
  • Getting ice creams
  • Meeting friends
  • Just sitting and thinking for a while
  • Into the early hours of the morning
  • So that they’re so exhausted they don’t have the time to think of their ex before they sleep

Akane Owari

  • She also has mother’s intuition
  • So she knows
  • And she knows what phases they’re going to go through
  • She’s ready
  • Got something for each of the 5 stages of bereavement
  • When she’s crying through the denial Akane is there, with cake, ice cream, other snacks and lots of tissues
  • Anger, she’s got a punch bag ready, or boxing gloves out, so they can punch something as an outlet, or takes them up to the mountains so they can scream at the world
  • In bargaining she’s reminding her daughter not to text her ex, not to look at his social media, instead focus her efforts on positive things
  • Depression is roughest, but Akane helps them through whenever they need cuddles without having to talk
  • Once acceptance comes Akane is ready to throw a party for her daughter, she’s proud and happy to help them move forward, reminding them there are still plenty of people who still love them

xmanorianx  asked:

Nessian with v and n pls (if ur still doing this) 🙃🙃🙃


  • Their wedding would be very private, with just the inner circle attending
  • Nesta would wear blue instead of traditional white

  • Elain would be her maid of honour and only bridesmaid
  • Azriel would be the best man

  • Cassian would definitely cry when seeing Nesta walk down the aisle
  • They wouldn’t have prepared their vows -planning to say the traditional ones- but when they are see each other, they would say their own vows

  • They wouldn’t be too sappy, but everyone would see how much they loved each other and how much one meant to the other
  • But of course Cassian would sweep Nesta into the most over dramatic kiss

  • She would roll her eyes at him afterwards, but she would be smiling
  • The reception is bigger, with fae from Velaris attending

  • Their first dance would be very sweet and Cassian would be whispering into Nesta’s ear how beautiful she looked
  • Cassian would have taken dancing lessons to prepare for their first dance so he could surprise Nesta

  • Cassian’s speech would be all jokes and innuendos at first, but then he would talk about how much he loves Nesta and how happy he is
  • Nesta isn’t a big speech giver, but she would do one for him, and gives a speech that leaves tears in everyone’s eyes, much to everyone’s surprise

  • Neither of them are big dancers, so much of the night would be them sat by themselves, Nesta’s head on Cassian’s shoulder, whispering to each other
  • Though each of them would dance at least once with each member of the inner circle


  • Cassian would not care about the inner circle seeing him cry
  • He is secure enough in his masculinity that he wouldn’t care and he cries at everything, mainly sad movies, that the inner circle will tease him about

  • But when he’s really upset, he will hide away for a few hours, not wanting anyone to see him when he’s like this
  • Nesta would always find him

  • She wouldn’t say anything, just sit with him and rub soothing patterns onto his skin and let him cry until he’s ready to tell her what’s wrong
  • Nesta would hate crying, and people seeing her cry

  • She hates appearing weak and if she needs to cry, she will go to the library to try and calm down or to just have a cry
  • Cassian would sit with her until she’s ready to talk, not wanting to push her before she’s ready

  • When she is ready, Nesta will tell Cassian what’s wrong, or if they’ve been in a fight they’ll talk it through
  • They’ll always know what their mate needs when crying, even if it means leaving them alone for an few hours

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I'd like to request a scenario of how the RFA reacts to the MC fainting, I've always been super curious!

Woah guys look! I wrote something!


  • Very nervous crying very hard
  • He can’t stand the thought of losing someone else that he cares about and, though he knows that probably won’t happen just because MC passed out, he can’t stop himself from worrying that something terrible was going to happen to them too
  • He tries calling emergency services, but his hand is shaking so bad he accidentally hangs up on them and he has to call them again 
  • He tries to be helpful when they do get there
  • If they need anything at all he’s there to help, anything to help MC get better as soon as possible 


  • Panicking 
  • He doesn’t want to leave their side, but he has to to get his phone to call for help 
  • He really does try not to panic, but he’s a very emotional person and he really can’t help that he’s afraid 
  • When MC wakes up, he does his best to be reassuring and to convince them that everything’s going to be fine, even as he’s wiping away his own tears and trying to keep his voice even
  • It’s clear to MC just how afraid he is and honestly the still probably end up reassuring him too 


  • She’s pretty calm, at least on the outside
  • She knows to call for help and does so pretty calmly, explaining the situation 
  • Still she can’t help but overthink the situation while waiting for help to arrive 
  • Had MC been overworking themself in the Cafe? Were they sleeping enough? 
  • So relieved when they come to that she could cry
  • She definitely cries some 


  • He’s definitely the most calm and collected out of the RFA in reaction to MC passing out, if only because he knows that him panicking wouldn’t help anything 
  • He’d quickly check to make sure they were uninjured and that they hadn’t hit their head before calling emergency services 
  • Even if MC woke up pretty quickly he’d want someone to make sure they were okay just to be sure, even if they  were convinced that it was nothing. 
  • He’s not taking them to a doctor either the doctor’s coming to them
  • They’re not moving until he’s convinced that it won’t happen again
  • Only after they’re both assured that MC is fine does he allow himself to acknowledge how terrified he really was


  • Despite all logic he blames himself while trying to figure out what had happened
  • Were they dehydrated? 
  • Had they not eaten enough recently? 
  • Where they sick? 
  • How hadn’t he noticed that something was wrong until they passed out? If he’d noticed earlier couldn’t he have stopped this from ever having happened? 
  • Despite having some medical training he still calls for help, security be damned, MC’s more important than anything the agency could be having him do. 
  • Even if the doctors ask him to leave the room or give MC some space he’d refuse
  • He won’t leave their side until he’s sure they’re all right
  • He has to know that everything’s okay and apologise for letting this happen to them. 
Is This A Future?
Omega Tribe
Is This A Future?

Another life, a baby’s scream,
Another elated lover’s dream,
A baby’s laugh, a baby’s cry,
A baby’s smile, and a baby’s
And then the babe opens
Up her eyes
And she looks into the 
Sky, looking up into the
Deep blue sky
She sees a warplane flying by,
And when she’s told why the
Planes fly
She look into the future and it
Makes her cry
She just can`t see a future
Where the pleasure and joy
Are derived from the
Craving to defend and

Another unique life, but
What does the future hold?
She doesn’t yet know that
Her earth is being sold
And she just can’t see why
Some people labeled “big”
Can determine her
Intelligence and future and
The way she ought to live!

Is this a future? Is there a
Another baby born today,
Another life on another

Another life, a baby’s scream,
Another elated lover’s dream,
A baby’s laugh, a baby’s cry,
A baby’s smile, and a baby’s
And then the babe opens
Up her eyes
And she looks into the 
Sky, looking up into the
Deep blue sky
She sees a warplane flying by,
And when she’s told why the
Planes fly
She look into the future and it
Makes her cry
She just can`t see a future
Where the pleasure and joy
Are derived from the
Craving to defend and

Another unique life, but
What’s the future for?
Forced to live in a state
Whose economy is war!
She’s gonna grow up in a
World crazily run,
By men with dominant
Smiles holding great big
Dominant guns!

Is this a future? Is there a
Let’s give all life from birth
A peaceful, happy, equal

Dating Melinda May would include:

pedo-panda-bears ask: Could you write dating Melinda May would include please???

warning: mention of sex

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Originally posted by timmac-andtheattack

  • she’s pretty overprotective of you
  • she’s not your personal guard
  • but will glare at anyone who’s bothering you or is too close to you

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Byakuya, Toko, Nagito, Chiaki, Rantaro and Miu comforting their S/O who has an abusive mother? (Does this make sense?)

Yes it does make sense no worries anon

Trigger warnings: Mentions of physical and emotional abuse

Request: Byakuya, Toko, Nagito, Chiaki, Rantaro and Miu & S/O with abusive mother

Byakuya Togami

  • He’d notice you’d started to not wear strappy tops
  • And had a tendency to have a shall across your shoulders
  • He wasn’t sure how to approach the subject
  • So he sat down with you one day
  • “Y/N… Could you take your shall off?”
  • The panic in your eyes pretty much confirmed it to him
  • He exhaled and looked you full in the eye
  • He just squeezed your hand
  • “Would you let me look?”
  • He wasn’t going to force you to talk about it
  • So instead he aimed to treat the injuries
  • Only with your consent did he help you move the material from your shoulders
  • When he saw the extent of the bruises he slowly closed his eyes
  • It shattered his heart for someone to be treating you like this
  • “Please, Y/N, stay with me for a little while,”
  • “She threatened that if I wasn’t back before sundown it’d be worse…”
  • “You can’t go back there Y/N-”
  • I have no choice! She… She’s just trying to protect me…”
  • “By hurting you?!”
  • You break down there and then and tell him what she’s like
  • “Then let her come here. I’m not letting you go back to that Y/N, I can’t let her hurt you anymore…”
  • He’s tentative to do so, but eventually pulls you close to him and pressed his lips to the top of your head

Toko Fukawa

  • Over time she had observed small changes in your personality and mannerisms
  • You were continually making sure you weren’t doing anything wrong
  • And asking for reassurance
  • If she acted the smallest bit annoyed you were begging for forgiveness and for her to tell you a way to put things right
  • That was when she asked you
  • “I…Is someone abusing you Y/N… Y-Your father…?”
  • You just fell quiet
  • And slowly shook your head
  • “You don’t have to defend him…”
  • “Her,” You corrected
  • In that instant Toko pulled you into a hug
  • And just held you as you started to explain what was going on but began to cry
  • She nearly started crying with you
  • Her own experiences came flooding back to her
  • She wasn’t going to leave you alone after what she had been through by herself
  • “W-We’ll be strong together… Okay? You aren’t in this alone… Y-You will move out of there once you can, won’t you?”
  • You nodded but continued to cry into her shoulder
  • “I’ll be by your side every step of the way…”

Nagito Komaeda

  • He recognises the traits immediately
  • Self depreciating jokes
  • Self esteem crawling into the floor
  • No self value
  • He knows he shares some traits but seeing you like this hurts him too much
  • Because he knows you are a talented and wonderful person
  • So the next time you say something about yourself that’s negative he asks you about it
  • “Who makes you feel that way Y/N? Because to me there is no better person alive than you…”
  • You’re just silent for a while looking at the floor
  • So he takes your hands in his and places a kiss on each
  • “No one on this earth has the right to make you feel like this Y/N-chan,”
  • You tell him the things your mother says to you, the way she manipulates you and always finds a way to blame everything on you
  • He sits and listens with you the whole time, holding your hands and pulling you to him in the end
  • “If she loved you truly she would feel the warmth of your smile and the contagious happiness you give off to those around you Y/N… She may be in her own bad place, but no person should make another lose their spark…”
  • He tries to speak to your mother about her actions but to no avail
  • So eventually helps you move out, though the process itself is long and arduous

Chiaki Nanami

  • Your confidence had started to disappear
  • And she was noticing it
  • You were wary of people trying to touch you
  • Either in a hug or to put an arm around you
  • She didn’t quite know how to raise her concern with you though
  • She one day she just stood before you
  • “Can I have a hug?”
  • You froze at the idea
  • Exhaling, she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around you
  • And she felt you flinch beneath her
  • “Tell me what’s going on Y/N… Please…”
  • You hug her back more tightly now and sob into her hoodie
  • Between sobs you explain what’s been going on
  • And how you can’t meet up with her so much anymore
  • She doesn’t let go of you
  • Promises to get you out of there as soon as she can
  • Begs you to see someone about this to get you out of there
  • She will go with you for support

Rantaro Amami

  • He started to notice you wearing more makeup
  • At first he didn’t want to bring it up because he didn’t feel it was his place in case he upset you
  • But one evening he saw you in the bathroom wiping some of the makeup off to reapply it
  • And he saw the increased swelling around your eye
  • And the dark bruise across your cheek
  • He feels like someone just put a vice around his throat
  • “Y/N…”
  • You nearly jump out of your skin, covering your face instinctively
  • “…Sit with me? Please?”
  • He can see you chew the inside of your cheek as you sit on the bed
  • He crouches on the floor beneath you, looking up into your eyes, his own full of concern
  • “Was it a parent who did this to you?”
  • You stare through him for a long while, not able to bring yourself to admit it
  • His head drops, and he’s gritting his teeth
  • “Where else have they hurt you?”
  • You slowly managed to lift your shirt up to reveal large bruises on the ribs beneath
  • “Please, Y/N, please, come with me you need that treated, there could be fractures,”
  • You just nod, exhausted by it now, wanting to be free

Miu Iruma

  • She was less observant
  • But one day she noticed you making remarks about yourself
  • Putting yourself down
  • And trying to cover a small cut on your cheek with makeup
  • “Is everything okay Y/N?”
  • You jumped and flinched away from her instinctively
  • And that broke her heart
  • “Hey… Y/N… I … What’s going on?”
  • You apologise again and again
  • It’s not her fault
  • And she’s trying to catch up with you
  • “What’s making you feel this way Y/N?”
  • And it all comes out then
  • You’re crying and apologising more and clinging to her
  • She’s heartbroken to see you this way
  • Your mother was supposed to protect you
  • She wants to face your mother but doesn’t have the confidence
  • So sets to work in her own ways to check on you with little devices
  • And once she has proof of the abuse she takes it to a professional
  • Because she can’t keep watching you get hurt again and again

anonymous asked:

Hi! Any headcanons about seigaku, hyotei and rikkaidai members as parents? Please and Thanks! Also, love your blog! Keep up the awesome work!

Sorry, love! I have a character limit of 10 or 1 team + 3, so I’m going to pick the more popular characters, please feel free to request again for more characters when I open the requests again! I’m really really sorry! I hope you like it nonetheless! <3

I already have parents headcanons for Ryoga, Niou, Kirihara, Marui and Zaizen here, check them out if you are interested! Xxxx



  • he’s a rather serious dad and has set up some clear rules
  • he never would yell at his children – he scolds them, but he talks in a calm voice
  • Tezuka is really supportive, whatever his child’s goal would be, he would always support his child
  • he would take his son to tennis tournaments or basketball games for some father-son bonding


  • most what would apply for his son would apply for his daughter as well
  • sometimes he is a bit awkward around her, but he silently watches over his daughter
  • Tezuka would try to help her to become a strong and confident woman
  • when she is younger, he would always take his time to check her homework (would do the same for his son)



  • he’s pretty laid back and his son would have the same teasing nature
  • Fuji and his son would develop a really good relationship and when he is older he would probably come to Fuji if he needs dating advice
  • when his son is little he would always go to his room and wish him a good night
  • Fuji is this cool dad all the friends are jealous of


  • he tries to be laid back, but is slightly more protective
  • Fuji wouldn’t hesitate to play princes with her or let her paint his nails
  • scares away a lot of her boy(girl)friends just by smiling creepily at them
  • he loves to teas his daughter, but he knows exactly when to stop and would not once cross the line



  • they would be sooo similar – awfully similar
  • would teach his son tennis and probably taunt his son a lot during their matches, just like his father did
  • he isn’t one to pry into his son’s business, but sometimes when he realizes that his son needs it he would subtly give him tips
  • Ryoma would never admit it, but if his son would play tennis or any other sport he secretly watches every match, no matter how old his son is


  • he would love her soo much and would desperately try to hide how much she has him wrapped around her little finger
  • Ryoma sucks at comforting her, but he would always bring her a can of Ponta (they would both love it) and awkwardly sit next to her
  • he would be this dad who sneaks a peek in his daughters room when she is asleep just to make sure she’s okay
  • grumpily would badmouth every of her boyfriends



  • his son is a lot like Yukimura – looks like an angel, but is a sly old dog
  • he sets up a few rules, but isn’t too stern
  • Yukimura really loves making his child happy – Take your child to work? Sure. - Go to a museum, amusement park, playground? Sure.
  • never can turn his son down when he asks Yukimura to teach him something or play with him


  • is the kind of gentle dad who you can go to and cry about your problems with boys – Yukimura would patiently listen to his daughter while hugging her and try to give a good advice, but secretly wishes he would be younger so he could punch the douche
  • Yukimura would be so gentle and soft around his daughter, he would tuck her in every night and only scold her in a soft voice
  • learned how to braid her hair beautifully when she asked him one day why he never does it for her
  • his daughter is such a daddy’s girl, she adores him and he does the same – when she was younger she always held onto his sleeve and even when she is older Yukimura often has an arm wrapped around her shoulder or waist



  • they would have pretty loud fights sometimes, but after they finished yelling at each other everything is fine again
  • strict rules, but he only wants the best for his son
  • never misses a school play or a tournament
  • one year went trick-or-treating with his son and his son begged him to dress up until he gave in – in the end he scared away all of the other children, but his son got a lot sweets


  • one time yelled at his daughter for doing something dangerous and when she got teary eyed he immediately panicked
  • he is stern, but only because he is so protective
  • when she is a teenager he is really awkward around her and always tries to cheer her up with really awkward ‘dad-hugs’
  • whenever one of his children is sick or hurt he is so panicked he immediately wants to go to the hospital



  • he tries to teach his son a lot things and always helps with homework
  • he bought his son one of this experimentation kits and played with him for hours
  • Yanagi would take his son on ‘scouting expeditions’
  • Yanagi always read stories to his son and when his son gets older they started to exchange books


  • he is sooo understanding and his daughter always comes to him if she needs someone to talk
  • Yanagi would take her shopping and he actually is pretty good at finding clothes that are her style
  • always makes sure that they are eating properly
  • tries to do “girl things” with her and it’s so dorky because he takes it all seriously



  • he makes sure to spend time with his children, no matter how busy he is
  • proudest dad ever – he would brag about his son to his business partners
  • carries around a picture of his family and has one in his office
  • Atobe would try to give his son a lot freedom, but always makes sure that he takes good care of him and never lets him feel neglected
  • the kind of dad who would read poems to his baby when he watches it sleep


  • he would spoil her so much it’s not even funny – he really tries not to do it, but just puppy dog eyes paired with a “please daddy” is enough to make him crumble
  • no matter how old she is, she always gets a kiss on the forehead and a “I love you princess” before she leaves the house
  • he’s protective as hell – one day she came home crying from kindergarten because a boy pulled her hair and just half an hour later he marched in there, holding his daughter on his hip and threatened to sue the whole kindergarten and the boy’s parents as well
  • personally picks her up from every party and is there almost an hour too early only because he doesn’t want her to have to wait for him in the dark



  • is like his son’s best friend
  • Jirou always plays with his son and is just as excited about every new toy as is son is
  • they always share sweets and someone probably has to hold Jirou back from not letting his son eat sweets for every meal
  • no rules at all and he never gets really angry


  • whenever Jirou takes a nap she crawls on top of him and sleeps as well
  • Jirou always wants to watch those typical teen movies with her, but falls asleep after a few minutes
  • can get really protective and angry when someone makes his little girl cry
  • she has the same curly hair as Jirou and Jirou would tell everyone that his girl looks just like him



  • would do all kind of “man”-things with his son
  • would take him fishing because he thinks that is something a dad should do despite not having a clue how to fish
  • Shishido would play all kinds of sports with his son
  • He is the coach of his son’s kiddies tennis team, he is sooo into it and takes it waaaay too serious


  • Shishido is so damn afraid of hurting her and freaks out every time she cries
  • he tries to keep up his “cool and manly” act, but he fails so much and constantly gives her piggyback rides while grumbling
  • sometimes picks her up from the kindergarten and carries her cute pink bag in one hand while she holds onto one finger of his other hand – it’s so adorable
  • he is so protective and would do anything for her



  • typical dad jokes – all the time because he tries to be “cool”
  • would always play with his son outsides
  • Chotarou would always buy his son awesome presents because he knows exactly what his son likes
  • tries to teach his son piano, but is waaay too soft with his teaching methods


  • he is such a worrywart and pampers her endlessly
  • would stay awake all night when his daughter is sick
  • Chotarou always lets his daughter ride on his shoulders because she wants to be just as tall as daddy
  • he is great at comforting her no matter how old she is – he gives her awesome hugs and would cuddle her all day long, get her comfort food and do everything to cheer her up

anonymous asked:

how would the RFA members respond to their MC coming home and immediately clinging to them, crying because she's been receiving creepy text messages?


  • When he opened the door and you immediately buried your face in his shirt, he ushered you inside and sat you down
  • You can barely speak through tears, so you pull up the text messages you had started getting last night, saying things like “Such a pretty girl” “you look so cute when you’re exhausted after work” “maybe I should pay you a visit?”
  • Yoosung calls the police to report this person immediately, and calls Seven to give this person hell
  • You stay at his place for a week until you finally feel safe enough to go home, but you keep pepper spray on hand at all times


  • Who ever dared make you cry has hell to pay
  • He seriously calls Seven, and tells him not to hold back
  • Fuck. This. Guy. UP.
  • Zen is perfectly okay with you staying over at his apartment until the coast is clear, and he always ensures you that his security system was one of the best
  • The stranger texts you again, but this time he apologizes and begs you to get whoever’s screwing with him to stop


  • She will track down this person herself and show them what happens when someone makes you cry
  • She literally tracks them down
  • And beats the shit out of them
  • No one thought Jaehee was so strong
  • The guy was 6′4 and he’s running away in fear
  • She stays with you at your apartment just in case, and you’ve never felt safer


  • He uses every resource available to hurt this person
  • You’d never seen Jumin get so angry before
  • But when you showed him the texts, and the creep shots the weirdo took, he radiated fury
  • He made calls telling everyone of power he knew to ruin this person
  • Next thing you see on the news is the story of how the C&R company caught a stalker and promptly got him fired from his job, and thrown into prison.
  • Though, Jumin does get a bit protective even weeks after
  • He still can’t forget how scared you sounded


  • There’s a reason everyone else calls him when they want someone to pay
  • He hacks every CCTV camera to find this asshole
  • And then, he proceeds with his master plan (which he invited you to watch, with popcorn)
  • “So…this is the guy who..”
  • “Yeah, watch this”
  • The lights on the street start flickering, and his phone starts screeching
  • I spammed him with untrackable texts that tell him to leave you alone”
  • The guy promptly throws his phone on the ground and starts running
  • “If he ever gets within a mile of you again, I’ll make sure he never forgets what’ll happen to him”

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Can I request the toddler drawing thing but with the ndrv3 chics? It was so cute!

Yes you cannnnn! :D

DRV3 Girls reacting to their toddler doing them a drawing

Kaede Akamatsu

  • She’s just sat playing the piano
  • And her toddler is doodling on the floor
  • She left them too it as they seemed intent on drawing circles through the paper into the floor
  • So she just played cheerful pieces while they drew
  • But soon she felt a little hand tugging on her skirt
  • “Heya~”
  • She looks down to see them holding up a drawing
  • The colours resemble what she and her toddler are wearing
  • She feels an overwhelming pride
  • “Omg!!! This is amazing!”
  • She scoops them up and bounces them in her lap
  • “You’re so talented!”
  • The toddler is smiling and giggling, clinging to the drawing with pride

Angie Yonaga

  • She was teaching her toddler to draw
  • So naturally she asked you to model
  • And both her and the toddler were drawing you
  • While your limbs went stiff in the pose
  • But once you were both done the toddler dragged her
  • “Mummy! Stand here!”
  • Before the toddler goes back to the drawing
  • Adding to it with a serious expression
  • You stand beside Angie with a smile
  • “TA DA!”
  • You both crouch to see the drawing
  • The toddler drew both you and Angie stood together, a heart floating between you
  • Before you can get there, Angie’s throwing them in the air and exclaiming how good it is
  • Within hours it’s framed and hanging on your bedroom wall

Maki Harukawa

  • She’s not good at not sounding scrutinising
  • So when her toddler wanders in they’re a little sheepish
  • But she notices the piece of paper
  • And prepares to see a stick figure
  • But once she sees it, it strikes a certain chord in her chest
  • She’s smiling before she realises it
  • It’s of her and her toddler, both smiling at a book
  • She just picks them up into her lap
  • “This is so good, I love it,”
  • She kisses them on the head
  • Before coming to show you
  • You swear you haven’t seen her smile this much naturally for a while

Himiko Yumeno

  • She was napping
  • As per
  • And you were working on something downstairs while the toddler drew at the table
  • When they were done they tugged at your top to show you
  • You nodded smiled, before they wandered off to show Himiko
  • She was still asleep
  • So they just poked at her face
  • She eventually opened her eyes
  • To see her toddler grinning ear to ear holding the drawing
  • She pulled them onto the bed so she could look closer
  • “This is brilliant!”
  • She cuddles them and kisses them on the head
  • Before falling asleep holding the toddler and drawing close to her

Tsumugi Shirogane

  • She was working on her cosplay
  • And the toddler was drawing the character she was working on
  • The pair of them both very focussed
  • But then the toddler hopped down from her seat
  • And then tugged at Tsumugi’s dress
  • It took a minute for her to notice
  • And then she did and she was looking down
  • The toddler passed her the drawing
  • And just smiled hopefully
  • She’s speechless
  • “… This is amazing! You drew this?”
  • The toddler nods enthusiastically
  • “Noooo~ I don’t believe you~”
  • They insist that they did and Shirogane grins, picking them up and kissing them on the head
  • “You’re amazing, you know that?”

Tenko Chabashira

  • Her training was intense
  • So you knew not to interrupt
  • So you and the toddler sat outside with the drawing behind the toddler’s back
  • They were bouncing with enthusiasm to show her
  • As she left the room she saw you to
  • “Whatcha doin’?”
  • You look at each other, before the toddler holds out the drawing in their arms
  • It’s of the three of you
  • Tenko literally squeals
  • “Omg omg omg!”
  • She scoops them up and spins them around while you laugh
  • She’s telling them again and again how amazing they are
  • And they’re just laughing and squealing as they’re spun

Kirumi Tojo

  • She was watching them
  • Somewhat intensely
  • Making sure their crayons didn’t go onto the carpet
  • You tell her to relax but she’s a little uneasy
  • Until she sees what they’ve drawn
  • And then she’s just shocked
  • “You drew this?!”
  • You remind her that she was watching them as they drew
  • She’s just lost for words
  • She picks the toddler up and kisses them
  • Before carrying them with her to the fridge
  • Where she sticks it in the centre
  • Making sure that it’s the pride of the kitchen
  • Reminding them again and again how talented they are

Miu Iruma

  • She had left them with a few things to entertain
  • So they had paper and then some obscure pens
  • Trying to draw with them
  • It takes a lot of pieces of paper
  • Before they call to Iruma
  • She turns and looks at the image
  • It’s of her flying a little aircraft, with the toddler sat in it
  • Critical hit to her heart
  • She feels like she’s about to cry
  • She just hugs them so so tightly
  • And then takes it to show you
  • “LOOKWHAT___DREW!!!”
  • You’re just smiling at how smitten with the drawing she is
  • And how proud your toddler is

I love these things so I made one? Audrey is a wife to a lot of us already but to further our sad little fantasy:

  • she proposed, hands down
  • it was after she took you out to see a movie you waited months for
  • and it was completely trash, so you walked out crying 
  • and she got down on both knees and pulled out a ring 
  • “the movie was terrible but you still have me”
  • and you cried even harder before asking
  • “why are you on both knees, you dork?”
  • and with the most serious look on her face; 
  • “one knee is so heterosexual. two knees is bi-kind of style”
  • you get married in a beautiful barn outside of town
  • and noah is still doing his damn podcasts, but instead that night he gives updates on your wedding using his phone  
  • right in the middle of your fucking wedding, on the alter beside audrey;
  • “now they are about to say their vows and it’s so adorable–”
  • audrey grabs the phone and literally throws it down the aisle by brooke
  • and brooke stands up and smashes the fucking thing with her heels
  • your wedding night is amazing but audrey is so nervous
  • so you keep saying terrible puns until she just picks you and throws you on the bed
  • because your wife is still strong as fuck and could totally take you in a fight
  • and every time you have sex she thanks you 
  • which you’ve explained is ridiculous until one day she sighs and says
  • “no one has ever put me first like you do”
  • and you can’t sleep after hearing that, because it seems so sad
  • so you swipe her camera the next morning and drive out to your friends to make a long video where your friends from high school say why audrey is so important to them
  • when audrey sees it she cries and then yells at you for making her cry
  • she loves cooking too? it surprises you when you begin waking up to pancakes every single morning
  • and she always burns them a bit but damn are they ever fluffy
  • one day she tries to teach you how she makes them that fluffy
  • and you start a fire, burning half the kitchen down because the two of you started making out and took it the bedroom
  • idiots
  • the fireman hits on you and Audrey gives him her death glare
  • you’ve never seen a man put out a fire and run for it so quickly
  • audrey reads on her phone before bed every night
  • and won’t tell you what it freaking is that she reads
  • so one night you see her phone and it’s fan fiction 
  • but not just any fan fiction… it’s alice and jasper fan fiction
  • from god damn twilight
  • so you buy fangs from a local store
  • and while having sex she doesn’t even notice how silent you are
  • until you’re kissing her neck and you lightly bite her
  • and she jumps off the bed and hits her head off the wall
  • “what the actually hell are you wearing”
  • you laugh for a good ten minutes and toss her the teeth 
  • she’s so not impressed and it takes you an entire year to convince her that her guilty pleasure is fine with you
  • you both agree no kids because of your traumatic pasts
  • and you have this small fear of passing it on while raising kids
  • so you buy a dog and three cats who are all friends
  • they are all named after empowering lgbt+ woman in history
  • and no matter how many times you fight about silly things
  • she’s always the first to apologize despite being your stubborn little wife
  • every time you hear her beg for forgiveness,
  • your heart feels so tight and you think back to the moment you married her and just repeat a part of your vows
  • “and no matter how many times we fight over marvel and dc or whether or not winona ryder is still the hottest cult classic actress,”
  • and she finishes it for you, every single time;
  • “you will always be the one person i can count on to apologize and calm me down”
  • and then you probably have sex on the counter which leads to making pancakes later
  • and hopefully you actually pay attention to the stove 

Anyways…. I’ll leave this here. Requests for anything similar to these are totally welcome, just make it clear in the ask that you want “a point form imagine” because the “would include” is somewhat different i think? 

CS Smut + Killian tied to a tree (as in these promo photos)

Here’s something a little different - this is smut told in a storytelling style, sans perfect punctuation, and with the collaboration of my lovely shipmates, annytecture and seethelovelyintheworld. Sweet dreams, my friends.

He was tied to a tree, his arms behind his back….the buttons of his vest were protruding forward, begging to be unbuttoned

His leather pants were straining as if his cock were so large it was clearly not meant to be confined that way

She wanted to get her hands in the mess of his luscious black locks and her mouth against the long length of his neck, the only skin currently visible to her eyes

As she approached him, he smirked at her, raising a dark eyebrow

“Are you going to untie me, love?”

“That depends,” she answered

“Ah, I see. You’re going to toy with me first?”

She bit her lower lip, looking up at him through her eyelashes seductively as she shifted closer to him

“Toy with you? No, I had something better in mind,” she said, sidling her hips towards him as she ran a smooth hand down his lapel

She could see him shiver beneath her touch, his adam’s apple bobbing as he regarded her

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We all have that one person, you look at and say “that’s the person I am meant to be with.” Whether you find that person when you are 6, 14, 26, or 70 years old; whether you and that person are 17 and 23 or 50 and 70 years old; whether you’re a girl and a boy or a woman and a woman, or a man and a man; whether you and that person are a few feet away, or thousand of miles away. Once you find that person, you just know. You were meant to be called theirs, and they were meant to be called yours.