Hi lovely Mahita, I’m Ylenia, 19 yo from Italy. I love blogging, my dog, my idol, music and movies! I own this modern/fresh/posh clean blog and I would love to join this group as I can’t wait to know other fab people, and you seem a very nice person! Then being part of a tumblr group is always so great! Plus I’m very active so there’s no danger you will have your dash and the group chat dead and I also can help with some html stuff (as long as I’m able haha). Aaaaand let me say that I love the title you chose for your network, it’s very very catchy! So, hoping you’ll choose me, I wish you a wonderful day cutie! x

hi! my name is Didja, 15, from Canada. i own a fresh, neon, modern blog. i love to read, drink tea, watch movies, obsess over boys and go shopping. i would like to be part of your faves because i feel like it would help me make new friends who have a similar blog style to mine as well as the same things in common. 

i hope that you consider me. have fun choosing and enjoy your day/night!


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hi mahita! (:  I’m maddie im 16 in a month,and im about to be a junior in high school! i have a fresh/modern + sometimes neon blog & i stay very active,my queue is always running and always over 200+ posts,i’d love to be featured in your crystals bc its another chance for me  to meet new people and check out their blogs as well. i love talking to people so anyone can feel free to message me ♥