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When I was 10, nothing but a little girl, I was stuck in a body that didnt walk like everyone else. I didnt get why people teased me for it. I coudln’t help it - what was just how i walked. I was beginning to see a side to human nature that i had been lucky enough to not see until then. I began to worry I’d never have any real friends, who wouldn’t laugh at me behind my back or form groups without me. I was beginning to think I would never relate or find solace in anyone.

But then, I heard a song by a song girl with curly blond hair from Nashville. 

Nine years and five albums on - here we are

Happy anniversary, Taylor, darling. I can never thank you enough.

Crystal/Crys/Kris Icons*Request - 40

40 Crystal/Crys/Kris Icons Requested By clearestwaters

Ahhh! Again! I’m so sorry for lateness! I know 40 icons is kind over the request limit but it was originally 35 icons because of lateness and now 40 icons because I just found out tons were already turned into icons. ^^“

Anyways~ Crystal is one of my top favourite females in Pokemon! Enjoy!~

[[all under the cut]]

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90s “pastel” icons for u & ur friends :-)))

Also, I freaking hit 1.5k which I’m flabbergasted bc I never thought I would?¿ omg I’m speechless, I remember when I got to 666 and laughed about it and took a screenshot, never would I think I’d get to 1.5k holy sh*t. But thank you to all who follow me. Even though I don’t interact much I’m wanting to change that so we can be friends swear I’m a pretty chill friend. Hit me up in my ask 

but yes thank you!! I seriously love you all  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧