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i’d just like to take this second to shoutout to the people on my dash slash my friends who were supporting arsenal last night because honestly they were a hell of a lot more gracious and understanding during the match than the bayern fans even with the scoreline we got so – anna and gwyn (and ze/sanni/scott slightly) i love y’all


Kuroko no Basket season 3 episode 25

I want to tell you a story about a man. While everyone was laughing and drinking he would just walk until he reaches the exact same spot where he sits with his back to the people. While he did everything he possibly could to signal to the world that he wanted to be left alone, more than anything he hoped that someone passing would understand that what he really wanted was the exact opposite and that this someone would sit next to him and strike up a conversation.
I was that man and you were that someone.
—  Alex, London Spy 1x02. aka: the greatest about me ever.
american colleges though

oh, you wanna simply accept us just cause we’ve admitted you? you’ll need to pay the $300 fee even though we know that you’ve paid that $70 fee just to apply to our school

and wait, you trying to submit a housing contract? you’ll have to pay this $300 fee, and wait, are you a freshman? let’s had this extra $50 fee to the pile

are you ready to apply for classes? yeah, let’s go, it’s orientation time! but hey, you know you’ll need to pay $102 right? since you’ll be staying for ONE night and we’ll be feeding you

oh, and for a year at our school, you’ll need $10K for tuition, $10K for room and board, and don’t forget the books, that be another like $1K, and of course you’ll need to eat…that requires money, so good luck!

I’m just all up for a fic where Mink cries his eyes out. Like the kind of crying where like every breath you take let’s up a little weight on your heart. I want him clinging to his lover while talking to him about what’s happened to him in the past. I want him begging them to please not leave him like the others did. I want him legit sobbing into their shoulders as they pet his hair and hug him tightly. I want Mink to finally be able to show he can be vulnerable with emotions and open his heart after so long of closing it off. I want him leaning back and apologizing for the breakdown but his lover reminding him he’s only human and has every right to his own heart and mind as they do.

Mink is actually a very open man but is just really stoic and I will fight for that.

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please do #28 "Marry me?", and can it be a public proposal?

#28 “Marry me?”


It starts as soon as Nick and Louis dating becomes a public knowledge, Nick’s Twitter feed and Instagram photos have tons of comments about how Louis deserves better than that, how Louis will find someone better than him, how Louis probably already has ten other better-than-nicks. It’s not unexpected, neither are snarky journalist or pap remarks about how Louis is younger, prettier, richer, more successful and really, could do better than that. There is also a small handful of Nick’s fans who think he could do better than Louis, but their voices get swallowed by public’s general belief that Louis could and will dump Nick as soon as someone better shows up.

So Nick does what he does best, turns it into a joke. A few days after the first storm of 1D’S LOUIS TOMLINSON IS DATING NICK GRIMSHAW dies down and he gets another tweet during the show about how Louis is definitely hooking up with that girl in a photo some fans took, he tells his listeners that he has a problem.

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