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A piece of my soul dies every time Nicky Hemmick is treated like shit or dismissed

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Omfg I read on the couch n I'm broken. Idk what to do to stop what I'm feeling. Draco n Harry just that strong emotion. I was so scared. So scared of what had happened n that little glimpse of happiness at the end was what put me to rest. Yet it's not enough cuz I want more. This was so beautiful to read even tho I hate first person fic

On the Couch by Frayach is such a trip, isn’t it! It made me sob and clutch my chest and want to dive into their world and suss out the intricacies of Harry and Draco’s relationship and discover what happens next for them. I’m generally not a fan of first person either (although some of my favorite writers like Femme and birdsofshore absolutely rock it and use it to make everything seem infinitely more intense and visceral), but I loved it in this case because of how it structured the narrative. We only see Harry and Draco from the therapist’s perspective, and Draco is very selective in what he tells him, hiding certain elements of their relationship from sight and expounding upon others in detail. Draco controls the narrative, and since we never enter his mind, we’re kept as merely spectators, always wondering and never truly knowing. This tease is so exciting to me, and it makes the fic even more thought-provoking. 

Frayach’s fics absolutely gut me. After I read this, I walked around in a daze replaying it in my head and then needed to talk about it with someone. It just completely ensnared me and left me reeling. I’m glad you loved it so much too! It’s one of those fics that will always stay with you, which is such a special experience

honestly transistor is so deceptively simple. its length is deceptively short for such a complex style of gameplay. even its story is deceptive. Its method of unravelling the story is so different from bastion’s, where the nature of the calamity is subtly and progressively revealed. transistor doesn’t come out and tell the player anything. it trusts you to put together the pieces to interpret its story. supergiant expects you to invest yourself in the world of cloudbank, with its assorted cast of now-silent individuals and all its beauty and mystery, in the purpose of the transistor and actions of the camerata, in the relationship between red and the unnamed man trapped inside the transistor.

supergiant, with no publisher and entirely self-funded, created an intimate, eerily silent story with a cast of four, max, spanning, in breadth and depth, an entire city. transistor knows what it is, and supergiant poured so much love and effort into it, into lore unlike anything before, into gorgeous snippets of gratuitous action like flourish, into a breathtaking full soundtrack for which red can hum along with every track.

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your blog is a lot of luke evans right now

this is a very correct statement. and I would apologize, but it’d be insincere because I’m ridiculously and hopelessly in love with him. so in love.

look at his face. how can I not be?

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(he has fangs, anon, I never stood a chance)


*is on the last page of Every Heart A Doorway*

“…the air shifted.”

*Varian stops breathing for a moment, because he’s so used to stories like this ending with someone not going back*

*rereads to confirm that yes, there is a door, and that yes, Nancy is going back*

*reads the description of the Underworld and of going Home while crying*

*gently closes the book*

*hugs the book while laughing/crying*


Temperance House - Part 1


Kuroko no Basket season 3 episode 25