crys because there is a size limit


Attn fat femmes:

So I gave up shopping at Old Navy years ago because I associated it with teenage clothing and straight sizes. However, I took my little brother there to Christmas shop and was impressed by the cute clothes and amount of XXLs in the store. After reading online that the XXL is sized to fit a US 18/20, I knew I had to go back. (Old Navy also has a limited plus size line which goes larger, but it’s online only. And to have my size included in the straight sizes is a rare treat, really.)

So I went back today, and immediately picked out these three dresses. To my surprise, they were all soft, loose-fitting (for reference, I’m usually a size 16/18) and very cute. I bought all 3, and because of their crazy sales right now, paid $37. TOTAL.

So yeah. Go check it out. My cheap college student heart is crying right now.