Early this year we posted about the Nessie Ladle by OTOTO, an awesome soup ladle shaped like the Loch Ness Monster. Today we learned that, although she’s one of the world’s most famous cryptozoological mysteries, Nessie isn’t alone. She’s got a mother, Mamma Nessie! The latest creation by OTOTO, Mamma Nessie is a colander spoon and, when cooking time is over, her daughter Nessie can ride on her back. Utensil storage doesn’t get much cuter:

Mamma Nessie is currently available for pre-order from the SOHO Design Shop in either Turquoise or Green. She ships in just a couple weeks, but don’t worry, she won’t be swimming her way to your home. This kitchen cryptid travels swiftly via air mail.

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Above are photos/x-rays of what is said to be a mummified Thai Water Elephant. These cryptids are supposedly tiny versions of regular elephants, only a couple of inches tall, which live deep in the mountains of Thailand. Apparently they spend all of their lives in herds that live in streams and rivers. These little pachyderms, unlike their larger kin, are venomous–their tusks are much like snake fangs, and when they strike you with them, the venom is introduced.

Despite there being a lot of understandable skepticism, specimens of Thai Water Elephants like the one pictured above do occasionally turn up, normally in roadside markets. A few years back a team set out to either prove or debunk the myth, and took one of these mummified Water Elephants to be x-rayed. When the scans were developed, they were surprised to see an actual skeleton inside the creature–they had assumed it was basically something someone put together and filled with stuffing. But even though it had an apparently in-tact skeleton, much of the skeletal structure itself wasn’t quite right: it didn’t have enough vertebrae or rib bones, for example. Eventually they just kind of shrugged and called the tests inconclusive.

Personally, I think the “Water Elephants” that do crop up are probably some kind of elephant shrew that’s been doctored a little to more closely fit the part:

sixpenceee Thought you might find this interesting. :)


Look how awesome these turned out!! I got this cute idea to expand my Mythical Merits into nice, rugged leather patches and I’m so excited by the end result! They’re a lot bigger than my buttons (about 2.5 inches along the side) - so a single one makes a great statement on a small bag or multiples can nest together on a medium/large bag. The details are etched directly into the leather and each patch has pre-cut holes to make sewing onto fabric a lot easier.

Currently available patches:

  1. Loch Ness Monster
  2. Werewolf
  3. Ghost
  4. Kraken
  5. Phoenix
  6. Demon Trap
  7. Dream Demon ‘Bill Cipher’

Depending on interest for these, I’ll be expanding into the other Merit badges.


Monsters have problems unique to their respective monsterhood that makes their lives challenging in ways you might not expect. These are “Monster Issues” and they’re an awesome series of simple and endearing illustrations by artist and designer Teo Zirinis of Hands Off My Dinosaur

The Kraken has too much love to give. He’s just trying to hug the ships he destroys.  King Kong is lovesick, Godzilla is hopelessly upset by modern architecture, Bigfoot feels like a joke, Medusa can’t get through a haircut without turning her stylist to stone, and Cthulhu wishes his name were easier to spell:

To check out more work my Teo Zirinis head over to the Hands Off My Dinosaur websiteFacebook page or Instagram feed.

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Altamaha-ha- Georgia, USA

Appalachian Black Panther- Eastern USA

Beaman- Missouri, USA

Bear Lake Monster- Idaho, USA

Beast of Bray Road- Wisconsin, USA

Beast of Busco- Indiana, USA

Bessie- Lake Eerie

Bigfoot- Literally Everywhere

Caddy- Pacific Coast

Champ- Lake Champlain

Chessie- Chesapeake Bay, USA

Chupacabra- Puerto Rico/Mexico

Dover Demon- Massachusetts, USA

 Eastern Cougar- Eastern USA

Elmendorf Beast- Texas, USA

Enfield Monster- Illinois, USA

Flatwoods Monster- West Virginia, USA

Fouke Monster- Arkansas, USA

Garou- Louisiana, USA

Ghost Deer- California, USA

Gloucester Sea Monster- Massachusetts, USA

Goatman- Wisconsin/Maryland/Kentucky, USA

Grassman- Ohio, USA

Honey Island Swamp Monster- Louisiana, USA

Huay Chivo- Yucatan/Campeche, Mexico

Igopogo- Ontario, Canada

Iliamna Lake Monster- Alaska, USA

Jersey Devil- New Jersey/Pennsylvania, USA

Kingstie- Lake Ontario, Canada

Lake Worth Monster- Texas, USA

Lizard Man- South Carolina, USA

Loveland Frog- Ohio, USA

MacFarlane’s Bear- Northwest Canada

Manipogo- Lake Manitoba, Canada

Melonheads- Michigan/Ohio/Connecticut, USA

Memphre- Lake Memphremagog, USA/Canada

Menehune- Hawaii, USA

Michigan Dogman- Michigan, USA

Minnesota Iceman- Minnesota, USA

Mogollon Monster- Arizona, USA

Mothman- West Virginia, USA

Mussie- Ontario, Canada

Monster of Monterey- California, USA

Ogopogo- Lake Okanagan, Canada

Old Yellow Top- Canada

Ozark Howler- Arkansas/Missouri/Oklahoma/Texas, USA

Pope Lick Monster- Kentucky, USA

Pukwudgie- Massachusetts, USA

Sharlie- Idaho, USA

Shunka Warakin- Montana, USA

Skunk Ape- Florida, USA

Tahoe Tessie- California/Nevada, USA

Thetis Lake Monster- Vancouver Island, Canada

Thunderbird- USA/Canada

Turtle Lake Monster- Saskatchewan, Canada

Waheela- Canada

Wampus Cat- Southern USA