An imposing legendary cryptdude that stands 10 feet tall. It’s only ever been seen at night and although it’s considered to be an invading space cryptdude it seems to appear only in forested areas. It can glow brightly and is sometimes followed by a shroud of mist, it also leaves behind a residue that is toxic to plants but relatively safe for humans. It seems to be interested in people, approaching them from the woods late at night. However its also never been reported to actually physically interact with humans and most people run away when they see the Woodlight.

I love animals that are, like, the opposite of cryptids: we know for a fact they exist and have a clear idea of what they look like because we have photographs and individual specimens, but we haven’t the faintest idea where they’re coming from - they just keep showing up out of nowhere, and the locations of their actual population centres are a complete mystery.