One subject in the vast study of Cryptozoology is the thought of living dinosaurs (or dinosaur-like creatures). Living dinosaurs would be dinosaurs that have survived the supposed extinction of the species eons ago. While the thought of dinosaurs like the ones we all know of to be surviving to this day is difficult to imagine, there are many different kinds that have been spotted by witnesses. Many people around the world claim to see surviving dinosaurs, be it as sea monsters in the form of plesiosaurs or a megaraptor like the Burrunjor of Australia. 

One of the most famous living dinosaurs is the Mokèlé-mbèmbé of Africa. This creature is thought to be a sauropod, a long necked dinosaur like a brontosaurus. Sightings of this massive creature have been reported for more than 200 years and more than 30 documented expeditions to try and find it have taken place. The Mokèlé-mbèmbé is reported to be extremely dangerous despite the fact that it is a herbivore; it is often said that it kills hippos that wander into its territory.

Other notable living dinosaurs include:

  • Loch Ness Monster
  • Nguma-monene 
  • Arica Monster 
  • Mbielu-Mbielu-Mbielu 
  • Partridge Creek Beast

What Is A Cryptid? The Gizmodo Guide To Undocumented And Unusual Beasts.   

Scotland has the Loch Ness Monster, Australia the Bunyip and America its Jersey Devil. All over the world you hear tales of mythical beasts, animals and monsters that might just exist, even if they’re not scientifically recognised. From lake monsters to living dinosaurs to creatures straight out of myth — we’re talking about cryptids.

What counts as a cryptid?

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Name: Lilith

Alternate Names: Lilithu, Sinlord of Lust (In Mythika only)

Mythology: Jewish Mythology

Size: Medium, she’s like the perfect woman

Environment: Realm of Lust, a small island in the great abyssal seas.

In Mythika: Lilith is the Sinlord of Lust, the Lady of Temptation and the seducer of worlds. Few things male or female can withstand her beauty and lips. While she is vile and corrupted in her own way, she appears to be the least evil of the Sinlords and of demons in general, always speaking in gentle ways and only getting angry if someone breaks out of her charm, which happens rarely and mostly by other powerful Sinlords or Demon Lords. She kinda hates Narcissus as he loves himself more than he loves her. In Mythika Lilith helps the heroes at some points in the story, only to turn on them in later parts and revealing her true plot, that to become the ultimate Sinlord of all after the others perish. In battle she seduces heroes and puts them against each other, she summons succubi, lilim, satyr’s, gancanagh and other such lustful creatures into battle to help her and her sword causes serious damage to the heart. Killing her means you gain the Symbol of Lust, a pink amulet which makes the wearer very charming for enemies, and random enemies you face may attack other enemies instead of the heroes, it also makes the wearer of the Symbol the least likely target in the group, giving this symbol to a weaker spellcaster is a smart thing.

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waxsimulacra  asked:

If u ever wonder what an ENTP would be like as a teacher, my old history teacher once told me he had to talk to me about something and I thought I was in trouble but he just asked me if I was into cryptids and started telling me about skunkape

Omfg my english teacher last year was probably an ENTP and i really hated him because he was a bit of an ass but like, i didn’t mind his class cuz we never had any homework. He’d go off on a 45 minute tangent completely unrelated to the class material, and we didn’t have time for anything else.

I remember we were doing a unit on the Great Gatsby and we got to chapter 7 (i think?) and he really got caught up on the idea of dropping a water balloon of tomato soup to simulate blood? And like, he talked about it for a good 15 minutes i’m p sure he thought he was hilarious.

he’s also the only teacher the library has to monitor his books for because he never asks for them back. I had 5 different books in my locker from the beginning of the year and i think i gave them back on the last day lol

i’m just going to make this prediction now

before the end of this year (2016) we will have indisputable, quantifiable, scientific proof of either sentient extraterrestrial life, the afterlife, a well-known cryptid, or the supernatural/paranormal in general

this year is already weird as fuck okay it’s clearly the universe preparing us for a gigantic storm of what the everloving fuck in the future

if i were a cryptid id be the strange little goblin that shows up in your kitchen between the hours of 12-4 am and takes a single bite out of everything in your fridge then leaves

i was tagged by @cleiioo, thanks! :) also sorry for doing this like a week later…

rules: answer 11 questions, make up 11 questions, tag 11 people

1. You get to discover one cryptid, which one is it?

it would be rad to find the loch ness monster! i love the idea of a dinosaur like creature still existing. plus nessie seems pretty chill

2. Whats something you remember vividly but when you’ve talked about it to someone who was there they said it never happened?

i thought the house i lived in till i was 3 was purple. i was talking to my mom one day about how our house was purple and she looked really confused, telling me it was brown. i don’t know why i thought i lived in a purple house

3.Whats your favourite saying/quote?

i have a lot of quotes i like a lot, but “take the pieces and build them skywards” might be number one. it’s what i want to get for my next tattoo and it really resonates with me. it gives me hope that things will get better

4. Whats your favourite art movement?

i like impressionism, i personally find it visually appealing.

5. What do you think about at the mention of 3AM?

me trying 2 convince myself to go to bed, b/c i love staying up late

6. Whats a song you could never get tired of?

i’m gonna go with “welcome to the black parade” cause i’ve loved it for a long time and it’s a great song to dramatically sing along to!

7. Whats a nervous habit you have?

i bite my nails a lot. like i try not to do it in public, but if i’m pretty anxious i’ll do it anyway.

8. Got any guilty pleasures?

i feel like i’ve become that person who is i like what i like. although i did play hunie pop when it first came out so i’ll count that as a guilty pleasure.

9. You get to pick one pokemon, which is it?

i’ll be honest, i never played / watched pokemon growing up. i did see a gifset of espeon and thought it was really cute, so i’ll go with that one

10. Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

i thought i felt a ghost when i went on a haunted jail tour, but it may have been me feeling freaked out. i think this sort of counts as well, but i apparently had some kind of vision as a kid. i don’t remember it, but my mom says i had one 

11. Have you ever won anything?

this baseball team i was on when i was like 11 won the championship. i also won this thing called the meece award at the camp i went to which was for doing s/t kind. nothing else i can think of 

my questions are

1. what is your favourite horror movie?

2. what are your fave pizza toppings?

3. would you rather travel to the past or future? when specifically?

4. who’s one character you relate too a lot?

5. if you could bring back one cancelled tv show, what would it be?

6. what’s your favourite harry potter book?

7. does your zodiac sign fit your personality?

8. have you heard had a weird encounter on public transit?

9. what age do people mistake you for?

10. do you drink coffee? if so, how do you like it?

11. what’s a band or singer you like that people would be surprised you like?

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