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Fun fact: Despite my love for the occult/paranormal, I’m still afraid to look out of windows or open doors to the outside at night because I was traumatized as a child by the show MonsterQuest. Specifically, after watching one episode, I had a nightmare that I looked out my bedroom window on the 2nd floor of my house and the show’s version of the Flatwoods Monster was there. But here’s what gets me: I googled a picture of it recently and not only is the CGI horrible but


The Loveland Frog (aka the Loveland Lizard) is a legendary humanoid frog described as standing roughly 4 feet (1.2 m) tall, allegedly spotted in Loveland, Ohio. A local man reported seeing three froglike men at the side of the road in 1955, and a police officer claimed to have seen a similar creature on a bridge in the city in 1972.

University of Cincinnati folklore professor Edgar Slotkin compared the Loveland frog to Paul Bunyan, saying that stories about it have been passed down for “several decades” and that sighting reports seem to come in predictable cycles.

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Have some random facts about these two oc’s of mine and their friendship

(oh also the furry thing is Gayl and the guy with a turtleneck is Todd)

1.  Todd will make Gayl Bacon pancakes in the morning

2. Gayl will make friendship bracelets for Todd, right now he has about 38

3. Todd teaches her about stars and cryptids, she loves it

4. Gayl goes to the store at random times on a bike to get Todd cherry soda, yeah sure she gets some stares from people but whatever

5.Todd never really needs to worry about getting bullied by some dudes anymore because there is always an anthro wolf-girl who can bite people really hard beside him… by that I’m talking about Gayl

6. Gayl and Todd have a secret handshake that includes chanting “LIZARD PEOPLE”

7. They both believe in aliens and lizard people and nothing can change it


The tatzelwurm is a stubby, lizard-like creature in Alpine folklore. It has several regional names including Stollenwurm, Springwurm, Arassas and Praatzelwurm.


  • It has a head similar to a cat’s.
  • It has the hind-end of a serpent.
  • It has no hind legs.
  • It is said to be carnivorous.

The tatzelwurm is rumoured to live in several parts of Europe, including the Austrian, Bavarian, Italian, and Swiss Alps.


The earliest documented encounter with a Tatzelwurm took place in 1779. It was seen by a man named Hans Fuchs; however, due to the frightening encounter he suffered a fatal heart attack.

Two other illustrations of the Tatzelwurm are known to exist; the first of which appeared in a Bavarian hunting manual called New Pocket Guild of the Year 1836 for Nature, Forest and Hunting Enthusiasts. This manual contains what Bernard Heuvelmans describes as a curious picture of a sort of scaly cigar, with formidable teeth and wretched little stumps of feet. The second of these illustrations appeared in the Swiss almanac Alpenrosen published in 1841, and took the form of a drawling which shows a long scaly creature with two tiny front legs.

In 1934 a Swiss photographer named Balkin allegedly saw a strange creature near a log and photographed it. The resulting interest in the creature inspired the Berliner Illustrierte to sponsor an expedition in search of the Tatzelwurm, but the expedition was a failure and interest quickly faded.

In 1970, reports of an alleged Tatzelwurm were published in the Swiss newspaper La Tribune de Geneve by Georges Hardy.

Reports of Tatzelwurm sightings have continued to the present day, and German cryptozoological researcher Ulrich Magin has published several articles in Fortean Times and his own magazine Bilk documenting them.