I haven’t added any Spacecat art in forever wuhh I’m sorry. ;-;

Meet Cody; pre-spacesuit in all his earthly uniformed glory. That faded thrift shop t-shirt? Meticulously covered in weeks’ worth of grease stains and old cheese puff dust. His hand-eye coordination is that of a man adept to groping and mashing controller buttons and keyboard keys for hours on end after a long day’s hard (not) work at the ‘Donny Dog’s Hotdogs’ food joint.

His current lifetime goal is to beat Piper’s week long-standing high score on the new game: Martian Exterminator!! 

Hey guys, super cool news! Because we are always receiving gorgeous fan art and because we want to support artists all day every day, we’re starting something new called #FanArtFriday. Every Friday we’ll be showcasing a new artist’s interpretations of #Hex11 so if you have something or feel called to create something… send it to us! You may be featured here on our page or, like today’s artist Kyana Mitchell’s beautiful #Vera, your art could be selected to fill the back page of an upcoming issue of #Hex11 so get to creating, friends!

Kyana Mitchell - Vera
Instagram: @cryptiicink