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You should also totally link me the think that you're interested in so I can check it out! It's like an art trade but instead with obscure fandoms!


(by the way, just a precursory statement, if you’ve been around since the dawn of The Interwebs ((i’m talking 2006)) you might have seen a meme called the lolwut pear. this, Cryptic Stitching, is by the artist-author Ursula Vernon, who created that painting. it’s actually called “The Biting Pear of Salamanca”. it will tell you a lot about the author and how Cryptic Stitching will go. she’s That kind of person. very surrealist, but not in an "lol so random” way which is nice. her art has this whimsical touch that comes from the mind of a children’s book author/artist with the depth and maturity of…… well, it’s her own special brand of depth and maturity. real and gritty without being “edgy”. ANYWAY)

This is Cryptic Stitching, on the StoryNexus!!!! Sadly you need to sign up for an account on the nexus to actually play (tho you can use facebook or twitter, too!) but once you’re done with that BOOM you can just start playing! It’s awesome! It comes with an optional tutorial for how to navigate the Nexus engine if you’ve never played before! You can pretty much ignore the action limit/timer since Ursula V. pretty much uncapped it so you can play THE WHOLE (incomplete) THING AT ONCE OOOOHHHHH

You can pick your name, and where you came from, and the kind of stuffed animal you are! Choose carefully, because some critters get bonuses/unlock special scenarios! (I played a mouse at one point and mice can get into tiny places that other animals can’t!) It’s a largely roleplaying experience so give a lil thought to your player character! There are even CLASSES!!! OOOOH! That you pick later based on quests/missions you undertake! I suggest shamanism just so you get more story. Quippet and Crazy-Wool are Ursula’s babies so obvs they got a lil more focus than others. >:3c

You should also check out Ursula V’s deviantart. You might just find scraps of Cryptic Stitching things around. Like this lovely painting of THE GREAT PLUSHTHANGA. PRAISE BE TO THOSE BLESSED BY HIS ADORABLE PINK FLUFF!

Poke around n you might find stuff like real-life pictures of replicas of Crazy-Wool and Quippet!!! Yes, Ursula V. even makes actual for real stuffed animals!!!!! It’s crazy! She’s multi-talented!

Of course, there’s also the fact she’s just insanely talented and BOTH her writing and her painting is perfection. Her work is just so unique and I just SCREAM every time okay?!

This is a really important piece of writing for the Cryptic Stitching universe, called “The Vision of Crazy-Wool”. It’s a solitary piece about:

  • Wool-Tribe’s shaman, you guessed it, Crazy-Wool. He can commune with spirits and the plush deities, but he’s also a grumpy old man who’s joints pop a lot. He’s always sighing on the inside because he just wants to do his job as Shaman in peace, but he has an apprentice who’s WAY TOO FRIENDLY WITH SPIRITS, and bumps elbows with a buncha deities so he’s kinds stuck there.
  • Quippet, a very sweet but eternally anxious little blue sheep, who is Crazy-Wool’s apprentice. He doesn’t really WANT to be a shaman, but he’s kind of cursed/blessed to be able to talk with spirits, and Crazy-Wool kind of pushed him into the trade. Everyone thinks that the spirits must be malevolent and boss him around, but really they’re actually quite sweet and they treat him well. ♥ I have a huge gay baby crush on Quippet.

  • The (probably) Chosen of the Spirits, the player character in the main game!!! This is you and your little stuffed animal, and visions of how you influence the spiritual world of Cryptic Stitching!

If you like listening more than you like reading, it also comes in Podfic form! I haven’t actually listened to it so I can’t guarantee the quality, but there you go!

That’s about all I got because Ursula gave it the most attention around 2014 and her life’s gotten hectic and sadly there’s no real fandom around but HEY. It’s better than nothing <:‘3c

I gotta finish Cryptic Stitching before I start some weirdass tale of wading birds. Gotta finish Cryptic. Gotta finish Cryptic. Gotta at least finish Act One of Cryptic.


Sort of in recharge mode, I think, after all the travel recently.

The Sheep game is a weird little visual novel game I started to learn the Ren’Py engine so I could do Cryptic Stitching, and now I switch back and forth and as I learn something on one, I have to go apply it to the other one. Nameless Sheep will probably be done sooner, though, as it’s much, much shorter.