cryptic art

Woke up to something really nice yesterday. I now owe my hypothetical firstborn to a certain mutual

I get a lot of asks from people who want to follow more blogs like mine. I’m not entirely sure what “like mine” means, as I’m heavy on personal blogging and navel-gazing, and I hesitate to make blog recommendations because I follow a ton of great blogs and forget ¾ths of them when I try to compile a list.

Anyway, here is a small handful of blogs that post content that “fits my brand”, in no particular order:

@bogleech - Does bogleech need an introduction? Science, monsters, parasites, art… an all-round decent bloke who attracts anon discourse even weirder than my own.

@naturepunk - Taxidermist in Oregon who cares for wolf dogs and takes great nature photography. Vulture culture and kinda ecogoth.

@peashooter85 - They post a lot of antique firearms, but also curiosities and odd history.

@cipherface - Cryptography, stenography, cryptic history, art, symbols, and cybersecurity. Enigmatic and funny in a subtle way.

@obscuritiesoffbeat - Their blog is like my “weird shit” tag without all the junk. A healthy dose of skepticism, which is honestly a breath of fresh air when it comes to the, er, blog genre.

@mizar113 - Camping, bushwhacking, survivalism, outdoorsy aesthetic.

@midwesterngothic - Any of the ‘regional gothic’ blogs apply, really, but I’m partial to this one. Spooky, atmospheric, some poetry and monster aesthetic.

@strangebiology - All the appeal of sixpenceee without the obnoxious lowbrow hackneyed sensationalism. Original content, personable, exactly what it says on the tin.

@end0skeletal - Cool nature photography, lots of bugs.

@buggirl - I’m biased towards cute girls who love bugs, as you all know, and she does not disappoint. Her blog is pretty spider-heavy, so if you’re not into spiders, there are plenty of other entomology blogs.

@speciesofleastconcern - Personable, wildlife, aesthetic, personal blog with good taste.

@the-late-great-abigail-quinn - Another personal blog, does not disappoint. Broad variety of content, usually science-oriented, good taste, cool lady.