Date a boy who will take you on walks through the woods at 3am. You and him will walk for hours through the moonlit paths. He’ll point out his favorite flowers. You’ll point out the distant coyote howls. He’ll hold your hand. You’ll check the time. It will still be 3am.

A man visits a local witch for help and they talk in her sitting room

Man: Ive heard you have are a great necromancer and understand the inner workings of the soul very well.

Witch: Oh, don’t flatter me. I’m mediocre.

Skeleton walking out of the kitchen with a tray of cookies and an apron that says “Suck my marrow”: *hands both a cookie* Glad to know I was raised from the dead by a mediocre necromancer Gladys. Really reassuring that I won’t simply cease to have a physical form at any moment.

As a self proclaimed Garfield scholar on the forefront of the Garfield Deciphering Movement, I’ve seen my fair share of Garfield comics. This one, however has stumped me and some of my brightest colleagues for weeks. I have lost sleep over this particular strip. I’ve seen the comic in sequence and the context is fine, Garfield is sick. However this comic in particular is odd.

The intended context appears to be that Garfield is trying to act like he is not sick for Odie to prevent his foe from spotting him at his weakest, potentially avoiding a political coup and usurpation of Garfield throne as head of household. But the middle panel is so bizarre, he appears to be floating in an odd, contorted position rather than walking strongly.

The meaning of this comic cannot be as simple as we have assumed, I am getting powerful energies from this strip. There is a deeper, more powerful meaning buried deep within this piece, one that we cannot easily comprehend with our feeble understanding of life. If anyone can decipher this cryptic comic, please inform us immediately. Paws Inc. thanks you.