crypt of the sorcerer

Aight guys, got a big announcement for y’all :D

Coming tuesday, May 9th at 12pm EDT/ 6pm CEST I will be live illustrating the choose-your-own-adventure book CRYPT OF THE SORCERER by Ian Livingstone.

Hosted and moderated by professional fantasy author ArvanEleron on Twitch and you all can come game with us! (Well, you guys will be playing, I’ll be busy drawing and occassionally be making bad puns in the chat :V )

Context: We had just been interrupted by an NPC, our sorcerer was super suspicious about him so she decided to flirt with him to get information.

Sorcerer: What do you want?

Npc: I have information about how to get past this door into the crypt.

Sorcerer(extremely flirty): So why don’t we go discuss this in my tent instead?

Wizard (who had been listening to the conversation): How about instead of fucking him we can talk about the trapped door!!?? For once, information first then sex.