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what's ur fave white ppl food??? have u ever sneezed and hiccuped at once??? that's it those are the oNLY things i 3v3r want 2 know abt yopu rUiA so answer carefully!!!!!! ((omg ok nt tru what's ur favorite/least hated thing abt SW US???)))

(1) LMAO im going to answer anyway so i think its like chicken cutlets lol

(2) OMG IVE NEVR DONE THAT but ive sneezed n cried before??? i feel liek i would nevr allow myself to suffer thu hiccups and sneezing at the same time

(3) omg my fav thing abt SW US is that everything is cheaper to buy like housing n stuff too my least favorite is that eVERYONES RACIST N OPEN ABT IT n also that i cant use public transport as much fuck a car plz

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lmaaaao omg girl im just a baby ;________; srry about the misleading info lol

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omg congrats!!!! are u gonna get out of SW USA now that ur free???

omg no unfortunately :( i was planning on it but i have to finish undergrad here bc of certain financial problems u know :((( so sad

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omg ruia yo tomé español también y ver la TV me ayudé mantener mi nivel de comprensión omg Ve las telenovelas o las noticias en español lol!!!!

ohmg u even spent time with the accent marks!!! omg yeah i used to have assignments where we had to watch an hr of espanol via media it was great!! ur right i have so much time now im gonna do it b/c u shouldnt be lazy abt smh (((ur inspiring v much)))

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then what’s this nguzunguzu remix i see on ur comp that’s not from i tunes ms. rui(a THIEF) and a LiKeLy story, we’ve had agents lightly breathing on the cosmetics in bathroom for weeks, watchin u commit internet crimes *light glares off aviators*

omfg ok i was sooo scared rn like srsly i just downloaded a remix by them an hour ago lmao im like how does he know how would he know that n my heart just stopped ur rlly good at PRETENDING to part of the fbi even tho ik ur just a prematurely balding old man in FL. This is like the opposite of what old creeps do on the internet to yung fun women!!!!

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omg ik, ik, i stayed in FL b/c it was “”“cheaper”“” too (WAYYY CHEAPER LIKE HAVE U SEEN OUT OF STATE TUITION I COULD BUY A NEW LIFE FOR THAT). but everything will work out better that way tbh, less debt for you & more opportunities 2 save $$$!!!! :)

omg fuck ikr “ I COULD BUY A NEW LIFE FOR THAT” SO TRU forreal sometimes i feel bad but like i think we’re ok giving up culture n atmosphere 4 survival like smh yeah exactly *toasts 2 a less indebted future 4 us*