Ichthyosaurs from the book “Monsterøglene på Svalbard”, written by prof. Jørn Hurum and Torstein Helleve, illustrated by Esther Van Hulsen:

  1. Two ichthyosaurs from Svalbard engaging in courtship (Cryopterygius kristiansenae). The one swimming under is the male. ORIGINAL AVAILABLE. Contact for price and shipping.
  2. A mother ichthyosaur (Cryopterygius kristiansenae) giving birth to three young in the cold sea of a 145 million years ago (where today Svalbard is). The members of her group are visible in the background. ORIGINAL SOLD.

Ichthyosaur Birth by ~EsthervanHulsen

The primary instinct is to breathe, to fill her lungs with a first breath choked in, nostrils unsealed, at the ocean’s surface. The water is cold here, much colder than a mother’s womb; it pushes and shoves the baby’s little body while she struggles to paddle up to the light. The mother sees this—and even while a sister is wriggling free of her, tiny tail flipping, bantam body undulating—she lifts her nose, nudging the baby, directing the tiny thing to the surface for that first gasp of life.