Mandated full coverage of the costs of surgery for trans women is a women’s rights issue. Greater funding for research into HRT and how it works with our endocrinology is a women’s safety issue. Free cryopreservation of our genetic material is a stance for women’s reproductive autonomy. These are the things your feminism must realize if you can ever pretend to be inclusive to your trans sisters.


I hereby declare that it is my wish that upon my legal death, my remains be preserved cryogenically or cryopreserved, and my preserved remains be stored with the hope of eventual resuscitation. This declaration supersedes and revokes any contrary provisions or arrangements, express or implied, heretofore made by me, regarding disposition of my remains upon or following my legal death. This instrument does not, however, constitute a contract with any organization or other party for the cryopreservation of my remains.

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Alcor Life Extension Foundation7895 E. Acoma Dr., Suite 110Scottsdale, AZ 85260Toll Free: 1-877-462-5267 (1-877-GO-ALCOR)FAX: 480-922-9027

Something that I never see addressed whenever cryopreservation is brought up in the context of trans reproductive rights is the fact that when you’ve banked your sperm with a particular lab that lab has a say in when you’re allowed to use your own sperm. Many labs, for example, won’t allow you to use your sperm with a partner with whom you are not legally married. Other labs require your partner to be free of any number of heritable conditions which they consider to be not in the best interest of the hypothetical child.

You’d also better hope that you’re able to hold down a stable job so you can continue to pay the hundreds of dollars every year necessary to pay off the ‘rent’ on your sperm or else, oops, your ability to reproduce literally just want in the trash.

Cryopreservation, as it stands, is not a substitute for trans women’s reproductive rights and it will never make it okay to legally coerce a trans woman into being surgically sterilized.

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What is your current stance on cryonics and an estimated probability for future restoration of preserved humans? Related: how do you deal with the grim vision of information-theoretic death? For me, ceasing to exist one day is a major source of distress and I wonder if there might be some sneaky way of securing one's existence we all accidentally omitted in thought experiments.

I think last survey the average LWer thought there was about a 5-10% chance that the average cryopreserved person would be revived in the future. Without knowing much about the situation myself, it sounds reasonable to me.

I have much less emotional response to death than some people and can’t really bring myself to worry about it in any more than an intellectual way. This seems to be an axis where people just naturally differ - see Survey: Suffering Vs. Oblivion (which actually seems pretty relevant to my last ask, now that I think about it). I’m sorry I can’t be of more help to you.

Scientists have successfully preserved an entire rabbit brain for the first time ever

On Tuesday, the Brain Preservation Foundation announced the winner of its Small Mammal Prize, which challenged participants to preserve a small mammalian brain to such a degree that all of its neurons and synapses are “intact and visible” when examined with an electron microscope.

The winners, a group of researchers from 21st Century Medicine, successfully preserved their rabbit brain using an innovative method called aldehyde-stabilized cryopreservation. In essence, it combines two key techniques: extremely strong chemicals and very low temperatures. The discovery is important for more than just rabbits.

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The First Person to be “Successfully” Cryogenically Frozen

Although there was at least one earlier aborted case, it is generally accepted that the first person frozen with intent of future resuscitation was 73-year-old psychology professor James Bedford. He was preserved under crude conditions by CSC (Cryonics Society of California) on January 12, 1967.

In the cryonics community, the anniversary of his cryopreservation is celebrated as “Bedford Day.” The story even made the cover of a limited print run of


magazine before the presses were stopped to report the deaths of the three astronauts in the Apollo 1 fire instead.

Bedford’s body was maintained in liquid nitrogen by his family in southern California until 1982, when it was then moved to Alcor Life Extension Foundation, and has remained in their care to the present day.




Tech Predictions

It is difficult to specify tech predictions accurately and concisely. Here are some possibilities we could consider:

 - Humans walk on Mars.

 - Probes reach another star.

 - Discovery of non-Earth life forms.

 - First contact with intelligent non-Earth life forms.

 - Successful communication with an emulated brain scan.

 - Successful communication with a person who has undergone cryopreservation or plasticization or a similar process and then been scanned or revived.

 - IVF routinely boosts IQ of embryos via gene splicing or some other form of genetic modification.

 - A quantum computer successfully factors RSA-2048 using Shor’s algorithm or another algorithm which cannot be efficiently executed on a classical computer.

 - AI capable of passing the Turing test and learning by instruction.

 - New fundamental theory of physics supplants standard model.

Suggestions would be appreciated! Suitable topics include science, technology, and other geeky non-political events that may or may not happen at some point over the next hundred years or so.

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