cryogenic tube

“BETRAYER” (closed rp with sxbaist)

After Vega had freed Khan from his cryogenic tube, everything seemed organized for the great plan, the mission in which Vega and Khan would manage to rescue the rest of the crew and escape in a Star Fleet vessel, which Khan would locate and beam them to it.
Vega was the one who had planned everything, the augment had prepared the weapons, the transwarp beaming device and was ready to go where Vega had pointed to be the specific local for the mission.

“Vega, it will work like this. Once we get our crew, we will use this tablet to enter the Star Fleet database and search for an available vessel, an empty one, ready to take flight. It could be anywhere. We will have to get its coordinates, teleport ourselves with the crew and…freedom finally.
I am ready to go.”


AN: After a hectic week or so of deadlines, I am back with the everyday drabbles! :D

Steve wasn’t freaking out. There was absolutely no way he was freaking out; he was Captain America, so of course he wasn’t -

“Steve, you’re hyperventilating.” 

Okay, so maybe he was freaking out a little bit. But, to be fair, the love of his life was currently suspended in a tube of cryogenic goop, wearing nothing more than his skivvies. His eyes were closed; God, Steve prayed he wasn’t dead. 

Jesus, Steve,” came Clint’s voice in his ear. “Did you knock everyone out? You’ve left no-one for us, buddy.

“Steve,” Bruce murmured gently from somewhere near his elbow, and Steve made himself turn to face him. “You need to take a deep breath and tell us what to do.”

Steve swallowed back tears, forcing himself to breathe slowly in and out. Then, quietly, he murmured, “Is he… is he still alive?”

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And Now The Floodgates Are Open

Yeah…well I was just in the shower, which has decided that it now has two temperatures; scald yerself or freeze your nuts off, and it decided that it would like to try out both of these temperatures..whilst I was still in it -_- then, unknown to me, my drain decided to get clogged up, god knows what with. So 10 minutes in to the shower, I look down to find myself knee deep in water…I did what any full grown man would do in this situation…I cried for ten minutes then pretended I was In a cryogenic tube in a spaceship…then eventually opened the door…well, I always fancied an indoor pool. Whoops.