People of Sevastopol: We will not surrender Sevastopol!

THEY are real peaceful protestors, NOT Kiev radical nazi vandals!

Sevastopol gathered against antirussian nazi “peaceful protestors”. Crymea also sticks with Russia. Nazi protestors hate everything Russian and even want to block Russian TV in Ukraine. This would inerrupt interests of Russian-speaking majority. True faces of Kiev “peaceful protestors” turn up nazi and vandal. Sevastopol, Kerch, Semferopol, Kharkov stand against them.

Kharkov is now at the edge of conflict. Nazi vandals destroy peaceful city!

Situation went out of borders of fight against dictatorship. Now it is about cultural discrimination. Nazi want to eliminate Russian culture in Ukraine despite Russian culture is essential culture of Ukrainian majority.

Russia freed Kiev from nazi occupation during World War II and now Kiev is full of antirussian nazists. What a sad joke of history!