cryllic script

cataclysmichomicide  asked:

Cute little hc: matt boyd and Neil Josten having a bro day spa day before dan and matts wedding 😍😍

ok yES

Matt and Neil getting spa pedicures together!! oh imagine the nail artist speaks russian and she is new to america and it is hard because it’s a huge shift, language wise, and god but she misses speaking in her mother tongue. she misses seeing cryllic script instead of latin letterings everywhere. she probably says something under her breath, there aren’t many russian immigrants in her neighborhood unfortunately. there are a couple within the tri-county area, but she can’t make it out to see them as often as she’d like to be speaking russian. Neil hears her and asks her if she speaks russian, and she enthusiastically says yes. she just talks his ear off the whole time he’s there. she takes her 15 minute break while he’s getting waxed and just babbles and he chuckles and always responds to her in russian, but mostly just lets her talk to him in the language that she misses the most. his accent caresses the words in the wrong places, but it is the most beautiful thing she’s heard in so long and by the end of their stay they’ve traded numbers so that Neil can work on his pronunciations, and she can speak russian with someone!!

Matt just watches the whole thing. Who knew that the scared kid that hid himself under a hundred locks when he arrived at Palmetto would be this confident and happy man that was going to stand up next to Matt at his wedding. holy fuck his best friend made it????