Dedicated to Kellie<3

Pairing: TobiDei
Theme: break up

“B-but senpai–!”

“I told you, it’s over!” Deidara hissed, wrenching his hand out of Tobi’s desperate grasp. He whirled around and glared angrily at the man, an obvious expression of distress behind the orange swirly mask. “Leave me the fuck alone, un!”

“Senpai, I’ll change!” Tobi wailed, making another desperate grab for Deidara’s arm to prevent him from reading, “I promise! This will never happen again, Tobi’s so sorry, he didn’t know…!”

“How could you not know, un?! How the fuck could you think otherwise?!”

“Because, senpai, this was our first time and–!”

“You fucked up, un! Leave me alone!”

“But senpai, Tobi will–!”

“Tobi, no is no!” Deidara cut him off angrily, “We’re breaking up because you fucking beat me at Mario Kart, un!”