Haechan Does Your Makeup Vlog’s Voiceover

Author: Admin Kay 

Artist: Haechan (NCT)

Genre: fluff, humor 

Length: Long enough to call it long

Requested by @gingerbreadhyuckie / @gxddammit (aka the person who motivated me to start this blog bc we would just spill our feels about donghyuck and i needed to write that ish down)

Based off: My Boyfriend Does My Voiceover Challenge (Rap Monster of BTS) 

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A/N: i live for this look i’m crying

  • ok so no one one requested for donghyuck to do this
  • he asked to do it
  • you filmed a really versatile look so you could wear it on a normal day or a fancy day 
  • he cant fuck it up right???
  • you were so wrong
  • ‘ok guys its me haechan and im gonna be telling u how this cutie uses magic to somehow get cuter’
  • *mimicking your voice* ‘hi guys this is y/n and im gonna show u how to be as cute as me’
  • ‘ok we’re gonna start with whatever it is that im holding up to the camera’
  • *normal voiced* ‘ok shes spreading the clear stuff all around her face’
  • ‘her face is squishy’

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All of Narry Hugs

I’ve tried to collect them all, but maybe I forgot some…. There is something about their hugs I just can’t explain

If you have some other hugs add it here

in the happy times..

in the hard times…

they couldn’t be closer …

i’m already crying

my Narry heart still melts

but just look at them

they need each other

this one always take my breath away

just how Harry leans to Niall’s neck, I’m dying

Harry’s hand HARRY’S HAND on Niall’s back….

Niall petting Harry’s back, DO YOU HEAR ME CRYING

Ok I’m not crying my eyes are sweating Niagara falls

Just how comfortable they are with each other

They hold each other as if they haven’t seen the other in ages

Look at those H5 im ok im ok im ok

Why did they do that why did Niall grab Harry and why Harry made that face WHY

I’m sorry


It’s going downhill with my emotions fuck

same Harry same

Like just look how happy they are FUCKING HAPPY they dont even care they’re falling it’s like Harry let them fall to feel Niall on top or fuck

my overprotective Niall *_*

BEST MOMENT IN THE WHOLE FUCKING UNIVERSE - you can’t say otherwise Harry scoring the goal, avoid the group team hug just so he could runn the whole dfucking field just to hug Niall and screaming “That was for you! That was for you!” I’ve never been more alive in my life
“The rest of the world was black and white
But we were in screaming color.”

That smile LIKE WHY

My sweaty Jesus amen to me 

do you ever cry just because you haven’t seen all the hugs they have in privacy ?

icejjhorse  asked:

You made my mom laugh at your namjoon looks like a thumb with glasses joke and I'm shook

i am crying

ok but when imade that sub, i was just like… damn….he actually looks like my thumb LMAO this angle is super unflatteirng