crying. about. it. whyyyyy

Exo Reaction to Thinking There is Something Serious Upsetting Their Girl, Only to Realise She is Crying About a Book/Fan Fiction


He felt the utter and sheer panic lick at his insides when he saw her tears. They had been struggling so much lately because of his career and she had been brought to tears so often. Baekhyun didn’t want to go through it again. 

“Jagi?” he asked her quietly, doing his best to approach her problem sensitively. “Are you okay?” 

“NO I AM NOT OKAY!” she bellowed loudly from the couch as she grabbed the tissues from the coffee table and furiously wiped her tears away. She continued to sob and he officially became terrified. “SNAPE CAN’T JUST PULL A 180 LIKE THAT. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.” 

He shook his head as he looked again at the coffee table and saw a thick book laying on it, face down. Harry Potter. She had to be kidding. 


He grew so worried when he saw how upset she was. His girlfriend was lying in their bed, just staring at the ceiling as tears rolled down her face from her eyes. He walked up to her, concerned as he sat down next to her and held her hand. 

“Jagiya, what’s wrong?” he asked her quietly, trying to calm her with just the tone of his voice. 

“I can’t talk about it,” she whispered dramatically as she pointed to her laptop that had been tossed aside. “My feels.” 

He picked up the laptop curiously and raised a brow, seeing she had been reading something. He brow twisted as he looked her up and down, his sympathy completely disappearing. 

~~~The Beginning of the End~~~(NaruxSasu. Chapter 19)~~~



Chen’s eyes widened as he heard something thunk. He looked up from the laptop he had been scrolling on and then looked towards the couch curiously. He jerked into motion when he saw tears flooding from his girlfriend’s eyes and ran to her, coming to a stop to kneel in front of her. He reached up and wiped some of the tears away, his face showing her own concerned he was. 

“What’s the matter?”

“Apparently all the Starks need to be dead,” she said as she shook her head, stood up and stomped to their room, slamming the door behind her. “GOD FUCKING DAMN WALDER FREY.” 


He choked on the soup he was eating when he heard the sound of an elephant made some kind of shrieking noise coming from his bedroom. He hit his chest, trying to get over the fact that he inhaled liquid as he looked towards the door. Walking to the source of the noise, he found his girlfriend in tears of rage as she stared at her computer screen. He worried that she might have gotten hate from his fans again and frowned. 

“Jagi?” he asked as he walked to her, put his hands on her shoulders and then looked over her shoulder. 

“They killed him,” she mumbled to herself. 

He looked a little closer and stared at the screen past her in order to see what she was so upset about. His eyes found the title of what she was reading. And Then Time Stopped (Edward Cullen Love Story). 

“I’m sorry, are you crying over Twilight fan fiction?” 



He sighed as he rolled his eyes. He didn’t have to guess what happened. She was reading something and it had pissed her off; this was almost a weekly occurrence. 



He walked into their apartment to hear the sound of her screaming angrily. His eyes widened as he rushed further in and looked into the living room, seeing her throw her laptop across the couch. She kicked the coffee table and tears started to fall from her eyes; he wasn’t sure if it was because of the pain of smashing her foot or what she had read. 



“Whyyyyyyy!?” she sobbed in their bathroom. 

She sounded more upset than he had ever heard her and his mind raced. What was she possibly freaking out about in their bathroom? Why was she crying? 

“Whyyyyy did this happen to me? I can’t handle this. How am I going to ever be okay again?” 


He walked into their apartment and found her lying in the middle of the floor in the living room, face down. He looked her up and down as he raised his brow. Was she dead? 

“Baobei?” he asked uncertainly. “What are you doing?” 

“I’m feeling.” 

“Kay,” he said as he backed up slowly and put his hands up. 


Sehun always had trouble dealing with his girlfriend crying because it was so awkward. He would hold her and pat her back, in a way that told everyone watching he had no fucking idea what he was doing, while he waited for her to stop. He never liked doing it, but he did it because he loved her. 

“I just can’t handle all this stress,” she said quietly as she inhaled many breaths rapidly, trying to stop her tears. “All I want is for Cloud fucking Strife to get a chance to be with Sephiroth without everyone telling him he can’t.” 


Suho grew very concerned when he heard her sniffles. He walked into their room and saw her under their blankets and the vague shine of a light underneath. He scratched his head as he got closer, investigating. 

“Jagi?” he asked her as he poked at the blanket. “Is everything alright? Your sister isn’t causing trouble again, is she?” 

“What?” she asked suddenly as she moved the blanket and showed him she had been reading by phone light. She wiped her tears. “No, just a sad book.” 

Suho frowned and crawled into bed with her, cuddling her close. He kissed her head, trying his best to make her feel better. It didn’t matter why she was crying; he just wanted her to be happy. 


Tao jumped when his girlfriend suddenly started to sob next to him. They had been watching TV, she had looked down at her phone for a few minutes and then suddenly she was weeping. His mind instantly reached for the memory of the first time she had found hate after they were exposed publically. 

“Give me that,” he said as he yanked the phone away from her. 

He looked down at it and frowned in confusion. What the fuck was this? It was a bunch of words…like a story? He scrolled further up and saw the title. Risky Endeavour: GermanyxItaly Hetalia Fic. Chapter 12. 


They were in public at a restaurant and while they were waiting she pulled out her tablet. She was practically sobbing by the time the waiter came to take their order. He looked at her with concern, figuring she was reading something about her cousin that had passed away but when he took a closer glance he realised she was reading some cheesy romance novel. 

So Momocon this year, I went to Little Kuriboh’s table twice. The first time I bought a shirt, however I forgot that I also wanted an autograph. So, a couple of hours later I went back to get one. When I got back I asked him(While his back was turned) If I could have an autograph. He turns around, eating a sandwich. I felt sooo bad. He had been stuck at that table selling t-shirts all day, and I interrupted the only chance of peace he probably got that day. I’m a terrible person. 

 I start crying while apologizing nonstop. When I say nonstop I mean, while I’m walking away, I’m walking backwards  and crying/apologizing. I felt so bad, I cried about it for another 2 hours. I was too embarrassed to go back up and get an autograph. So needless to say I never got one, even though I was at the con all weekend. 

So, martininamerica, I apologize for interrupting your sandwich, and for my less than stellar display of an apology at the convention that Friday. .And I wanted to thank you for the video, and Bakura Swag-O-Realm t-shirt you sold me. 

I still feel terrible, but at least I now have a good con story my friends get a laugh at.