a gay milestone is when you watch brokeback mountain for the first time expecting a gay comedy because of how many jokes you’ve heard about it and then crying your eyes out not only because the movie is heartbreaking but because of how many jokes you’ve heard about it


Felicity quietly got out of the bed, putting on a robe that was draped over the back of a chair. She looked at Oliver; he was asleep and looked peaceful. There were times not too long ago when his dreams had tortured him. In Ivy Town, and then at the Loft, he would come awake, chased out of his nightmares with a scream on his lips and sweat glistening on his body. Felicity tried to be there for him, but even when they were together (before) Oliver’s dreams were always something he had to endure alone. What he went through on the island and Hong Kong and in Russia was something Felicity knew she could not sooth away with comforting and assuring words.

She moved away from the bed and crossed over to the bathroom. The bedroom was a dark shade with small pools of cold moonlight shining a path for Felicity to follow.

Earlier in the evening, she and Oliver and William had their first official dinner together—Oliver made lobster tortellini and garlic bread. The meal felt a little awkward at first, as if they were all strangers trying to figure each other out. Felicity couldn’t help feeling it was her presence at the dinner table that made the setting uncomfortable.  Both Oliver and William seemed to be focused on the tortellini, taking quiet bites, keeping their mouths full so they wouldn’t have to make small talk with her.

In the six months since coming back from Lian Yu, Felicity tried to give Oliver the time and space he needed to not only settle in with William at the new apartment they shared, but also to establish the dynamic of being a father and a son. It has been difficult on both of them.

But it was equally hard on Felicity as well. She wanted to take her and Oliver’s relationship to the  next level. Ever since they were trapped underneath the Bunker, she finally understood why Oliver had kept vital parts of himself from her; most importantly, William. In Chase’s attempt to bury Oliver deeper into his darkness, the outcome of that maneuver backfired. It brought Oliver back to her and her to him, in a way neither of them could have foreseen. Felicity didn’t need Chase’s influence to remind her that she still and always would love Oliver.

When Samantha died, passing the parental torch onto Oliver, it shifted the relationship between Oliver and Felicity. To her relief, this new responsibility in Oliver’s life did not dredge up any of the old ghosts that used to haunt him—and her.  It was the opposite. It gave her a new and better sense of the kind of person he is; as a father, a Mayor, a hero—as well as a friend, a partner, a lover, and quite possibly someday, a husband.

Felicity entered the bathroom and was about to close the door and do her business, when  a cry came out of the darkness.

It was William. She turned and headed back into the bedroom. She was startled but not surprised by the shape of Oliver standing naked next to his side of the bed. His eyes were wide open as he responded to his son’s cry. He pulled on his sweatpants and started to go to William.

“Oliver,” Felicity interrupted his trajectory. “Let me do this.”

Oliver didn’t seem to hear her request and continued moving toward the door. Then he stopped himself and turned to look at Felicity.  “Do you…are you okay with…wouldn’t that confuse things more, for him and for you?”

“Oliver, it was your idea to have me over tonight. If I’m going to be a part…well, a part of all this, I should start earning my keep.” She saw some of the tension easing up in his shoulders.

Oliver smiled at her. “Okay Felicity, but this isn’t a job interview. You don’t have to earn anything. You are a part of this family—forever and always.”

“Thank you Oliver.” She put out a hand as if to forestall his expected response. “And you don’t have to tell me I don’t have to thank you. I’m thanking you.”

Oliver nodded. “You’re welcome. But maybe I should be thanking you.”

“What for?”

“For agreeing to this tonight. For going past you uncertainty and nervousness with William. I know how hard this has been for you.”

Felicity was about to respond by moving into Oliver’s arms when William called out again. She passed by Oliver and hurried to the door. Oliver fell in behind her and she turned back to look at him.

“Felicity,” he told her. “You got this, but I’m going as your back-up.”


Felicity slid open William’s bedroom door and went inside. Oliver hovered outside, ready to assist  her if needed. She could see her path to William’s bed by the nightlight Oliver put in the room. William was sitting up against the bed’s headboard. Fear was shining in the boy’s eyes, glistening with the tears his nightmare brought. When Felicity came into the room, William looked up and surprise crowded into his leaking eyes.

“William…” Felicity started to say.

“Where’s Oliver,” he asked her? “He usually comes in to…”

Felicity shook her head as she moved closer to the bed; then she sat down on it. “William…” Then she stopped herself. What should she say to him? Maybe she was right when she told Oliver it  might not be the right time for this. Uncertainty started to fill her intentions.

William kept staring at her as if he was waiting for her to give him all the answers.  As usual, his nightmare was about his mom. When Oliver told him she was dead, William did not believe him. He tried to run back into the smoldering forest, wanting to find her and prove that Oliver was wrong. But Oliver (his dad?) stopped him, taking William into a fumbling hug. William began screaming at him to let him go, struggling in Oliver’s grasp. But Oliver would not let him go. It was at that moment when Oliver became the “bad man” in his nightmares.

“William,” Felicity spoke with a tenderness the boy probably hadn’t felt since his mother tucked him in every night. “Please tell me what your dream was about.”

William suddenly made an unconscious connection through his fright. “You love Oliver, don’t you?”

“William…yes, I do.”

“You’re not  my mom,” William told her. “My mom is dead. And Oliver killed her.”

“William, you know that’s not true…I mean the Oliver killing you mom part. But he is your father. And you’re right—I’m not your mom.”

William shook his head. “He did kill her. She’s dead because of him.”

Felicity almost broke then. But another kind of force took hold of her instead—one of protectiveness for Oliver, and for William. She took a couple deep breaths and pressed on. “William, you dad’s mom died too, just like your mother. She was killed by another bad man, right in front of him.”

The look of accusation appeared to dim a bit when Felicity told him that. “Really,” he asked? “What…how…”

Felicity decided not to hold back. “She was stabbed with a sword.”

William’s eyes widened. “Wow,” he whispered. “Who…”

“William, it doesn’t matter now. It was four years ago and Oliver…your dad, he was really sad, like you are now.”

Fresh tears began to roll down his face. “Felicity…why did my mom have to die?”

Felicity felt her own tears start to fall. She reached out to hug William; he let her. He began to sob against her, a boy who wanted his mother back.

“William,” Felicity cried with him. “It’s alright. It’s okay to cry for your mother.”

He clutched onto her and six months of fear and sadness and loneliness poured out of him.

After a time, William pulled away from Felicity. He sat back and a different look was in his eyes now. “Felicity, did Oliver…did my dad cry too when his mom was killed?”

Felicity nodded. “Yes…in his own way, he cried.”

“Are you… are you staying with us tonight?

“Yes William, I am. Is that okay?”

William nodded. “Yeah, I guess so.” He looked more closely at her. “Does my dad—does he love you too?”

Felicity smiled. “Yeah, I think he does.”

“Good,”  William responded. “Felicity, do you like baseball?”

Her smile widened. “I guess so. Why?”

“Well, there’s a game on tomorrow and Oliver said he would come home early and watch it with me. Do you want to watch it with us?”


Outside his son’s room, Oliver was smiling through his own tears. To hear his son open up to Felicity was…well, it was magic. Oliver felt blessed that Felicity was able to touch the purest part of him.

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Human bard, after falling their constituion roll: so I’m captivated by the enemy. Sorry friends

The fighter: …I pick up a rock and I knock them out

Me,DM: you are aware the bard is down to like 4 hit points? I guess roll d6 and see if you knock her out

Bard: I doubt a 1 is going to know me –

Fighter: I ROLLED A 5, you’re knocked out

Me(cry laughing) and bard: YOU MEAN DEAD

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What if when we die the light at the end of the tunnel is the light to another hospital room, there we are born and the only reason you come out crying is because you remember everything from your past life and you’re crying at the fact that you died and lost everything. As you grow you start to forget your past life and and focus on the life you have now, but patches of memory stay behind and that memory causes deja vu...

Damn, I just came here to find pictures of Cate Blanchett

Little prayer.

I know we don’t really know each other, but I’m asking everyone to help me help my little brother out with a prayer. Almost 3-5 years ago he won a battle with cancer, and just yesterday in his blood tests they found what they think is some leukemia cells but they aren’t sure. So right now we rushed him to the children’s hospital ER in San Diego to run some more blood tests, hoping it’s not back for another round. All I ask is a prayer for Diego. It’s tough seeing your mom cry out in public when she received that phone call today from the doctor with his results. 😓🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

things that will make me shit my pants:
-a good, well-written blake/yang reunion.
things that will make me shit my FUCKING pants:
-a good, well-written blake/yang reunion, with an instrumental version of bmblb playing in the background.

“ When working, Baxter once accidentally spilled sulfuric acid on his hand. Niffty heard him cry out in pain and rushed to help him. She then helped him clean the burn, bandage it, and even kissed it to help it heal (causing Baxter to blush very hard). He couldn’t stop thanking her.”

-Submitted by Anonymous

During 4x01, we saw Cisco doing everything in his power to get his friends back, we saw Barry tell Caitlin it was good to have her back and she said, “Right back at ya,” and Barry and Cisco hugged after Barry thanked him for bringing him home. Given all this, I was hoping we’d get Team Flash friendship moments throughout this season, but after 4x02, I am starting to doubt it. After all, Barry barely got to spend any time with his friends. A lot of people said last season that he didn’t care about them, but that’s not true. Barry loves his friends very much. The writers just aren’t giving them scenes together and are focusing on WestAllen and Iris West instead. It makes me think Iris is being written as an over-controlling girlfriend who takes up all of her boyfriend’s time, is clingy, and doesn’t let him spend time with his friends. She dragged him to therapy for crying out loud! She didn’t even get him to agree to it before scheduling the appointment. And it was all about her feelings, not his. All I can hope is that the writers start giving Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco more scenes together next episode, because I am tired of Iris West dominating the show and all of Barry’s time. Kara didn’t stop hanging out with her friends because she was dating Mon-El. Oliver didn’t stop spending time with Dig, Laurel, and Thea while dating Felicity. Why does Iris get to control Barry like this?

Death Ever After - Part 2 - A New Life?

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Warnings: Death; Abuse; Depression; starvation; ETC

Pairings: Modern Marvel Alternate Universe x Reader; Bucky X Reader; Steve X Reader


Part 1 -  A True Hero


“Richard…” I call again my hand moving up his arm to his shoulder. “Please answer me.” I say tears filling my eyes making it even harder to see. I reach up to his face and instantly feel the hot blood pouring down his face. “Oh my god Rich! Please wake up! You have to wake up! I need you!” I call out in agony as I try to figure out how to help him.

“Ma’am are you okay?!” I hear someone call out from behind me and I grip tightly to Richard.

“Help him, please, he won’t answer me!” I cry out as I cup his face in my hands.

“We need to get you out of the car,” The random stranger says and I shake my head.

“No, I won’t leave without Richard.”

“If we don’t get you out now you’ll die with him.”

“That’s fine, we’ll die together. I won’t leave him. help him first!”

“He’s already gone!” the guy cries out and my heart stops.

“NO! you’re lying! He’s just unconscious. I won’t leave him.” I cry out as I cling to him.

“Look the car is going to catch on fire, we have to get you out now!”

“NO LEAVE ME ALONE!!” I yell at them as I feel hands grip onto me pulling me away from Richard. “Richard! Wake up! Please don’t leave me!” I grip tightly to the steering wheel as I try to stay with him but a sharp pain in my stomach causes me to wince and momentarily forget myself as I wrap my arms around my waist. The bystanders pull me from the truck and carry me away as I kick and scream through the pain to try and get back to Richard.

“Confounded woman, Roy, go back and get the boy. She won’t calm down till he’s here next to her.”

“Sure thing Pa.” The boy responds as he races back to the truck.

“Look at me little lady,” The man I figured was Pa says but I won’t take my eyes off the truck.

“Richard…” I say my voice becoming hoarse.

“My boy’s gonna bring him to you. I need you to look at me.”

“It’s my fault.”

“No, it’s not sweetheart, it was an accident.”

“If he hadn’t met me he wouldn’t be hurt.” I say tears streaming down my face. “It’s all my fault.”

“I called an ambulance, but I don’t think they’ll get here in time to help the boy.” A woman’s voice says making more tears fall.

“Stay here with her Ange, I’ll help Roy with the boy.” The old man says and I instantly feel a soft hand take mine.

“I want Richard.” I say as I reach out with a blood-stained hand toward the wrecked truck.

“Calm down sweetie. Roy and his Pa will help your friend. Calm down and look at me. I need you to stay conscious.”

“It’s my fault. It’s all my fault.” Is the last thing I said before the world went dark.

The bright light hitting my face caused me to open my eyes. Everything was blurry so I blink a few more times as I try to focus on my surroundings. As they slowly come into focus the events from that night come back to me and my heart clenches. I reach up to my neck for Richards necklace but its not there. Throwing the blankets back I go to stand up only to be pulled backwards by the IV and heart monitor. I glance at them for a moment before I rip them out of my arm and start for the door ignoring the alarm that was now going off.

“Richard!” I yell out hoarsely as I try to find my friend. He wasn’t dead. He couldn’t be. “Richard!” I cry again this time a little louder notifying the nurses that I was up and wondering around. “Where is he?!” I cry out as a nurse runs up to me.

“Where is who sweetie?” She asks her deep southern accent filling her words.

“Richard, my friend. Where is he?” I ask looking around only to freeze hen a familiar pair of icy blue eyes stare daggers into mine. “Bucky, where is Richard?” I ask ignoring his disgusted gaze.

“My brother,” He says his voice cracking momentarily causing him to roll his lips before he clears his throat and adds, “You killed my brother.”

“What?!” I ask not comprehending his words at first.

“He’s dead because of you. If he hadn’t been with you, he’d still be alive. It’s your fault he’s dead.”

“Mr. Barnes, don’t you think that’s a little uncalled for?” the nurse chastises but I ignore her words.

“It is my fault,” I say making them both stare at me. “I killed him.”

“Yes, you did.” Bucky replies staring into your eyes. “It should have been you instead of him.”

“Mr. Barnes that is quite enough!” A male doctor yells out making the nurse holding me jump. “Miss Lopez, please escort our patient back to her room.”

“Yes, Doctor Banner.” Miss Lopez replies as she half drags me back to my room. On the way back, I remember the necklace and asks, “My necklace, where is it?”

“It’s in your room with your effects.” She says and I no longer fight against her. I let her lead me back to my bed and after she replaced the IV and hooked me back up to the monitor she reaches over to a small envelope and gingerly lifts the silver chain and key out of it and hands it to me. As I take it from her I grip it tightly and hold it to my chest. None of this seemed real. Richard, my loving and caring Richard was gone, and it was all my fault. I had killed him. He was dead because he was with me. Turning over on my side I start to cry. I cry so hard and so much that I pass out from exhaustion.

“Doctor, I can’t get her to eat anything.” I overhear the nurse saying to Dr. Banner just outside my room after I return the latest tray of food they had gotten me.

“There’s no helping it, I’ll talk to her.” He replies before opening the door and walking inside. “How are we doing today (Name)?” He asks and I ignore him my eyes focused on the window. “Come on, let’s get some fresh air.” He says and without so much as another word throws my blanket back off my legs. I turn toward him anger in my eyes but he ignores me as he lifts me up into his arms and carries me out of my room and down the hall until he can find a wheelchair. He sets me down into the chair and then straightening his coat grabs the handles of the wheelchair and starts to push me toward the courtyard.

“What are you doing?!” I ask anger filling my voice.

“Getting you some fresh air.” He says wheeling me to a bench.

“I don’t want any.” I reply as I try to stand up only to have him grab my shoulders and push me back down into the chair.

“Be a good girl, and listen to your doctor.”


“Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

“I don’t like you right now.”

“Then we have something in common. You’re being a stubborn child,”

“And you’re overstepping your doctor boundaries.”

“Let’s agree to disagree.”

“No. I want to go back inside.”

“Why? So, you can shrivel up and die from malnutrition?” He asks kneeling down in front of me.

“Maybe,” I answer honestly.

“Why do you want to die?” He asks noticing my intent.

“Because it’s what I deserve.”

“Why do you think that? Because of what Mr. Barnes said?” He asks and my face pales. “He’s just upset that he lost his brother. He doesn’t mean the words he said.

“Yes, he does.” I reply my eyes focused on Dr. Banners. “He would never say something he doesn’t mean. Especially when it’s the truth.”

“It’s not the truth. What happened to Richard was not your fault. You two were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“And we were there because he came to save me.”

“Save you? What do you mean?” he asks and I shake my head.

“Doesn’t matter now. When can I go home?” I ask knowing that if I went home Earl would most likely kill me. That’s what I deserved and wanted anyway. Every one that loved and cared for me was gone anyway.  

“About that,” He pauses to sit on the bench beside my wheelchair. “Since there was no one alive in your records we were forced to call your biological father.”

“No one alive?” I ask confusion filling my voice.

“Your stepfather, the police found lying dead from alcohol poisoning on your kitchen floor. I’m sorry for your loss.” He says and I stare out across the courtyard completely devoid of emotion.

“And what did my birth father say?”

“He’s coming to get you. He’s going to take responsibility for you.”

“Tell him not to worry about me.” I say reaching up to run my finger therapeutically across the smooth metal. “No one else needs to get hurt because of me.”

“You’re not blaming yourself for your stepfather’s death too, are you?” Banner asks and I shake my head.

“No, he did that to himself. He knew he drank too much.”

“Then why are you worried about your father?”

“Cause the people who care about me tend to die around me.” I answer honestly making him look away from me out to into the courtyard.

“I could tell you it’s not true and that you just have bad luck but knowing you like I do now, it won’t mean anything. You’ll believe what you want to believe. No matter how wrong it is.”

“Can you at least tell me what my real fathers name is?” I ask suddenly curious.

“Stark, Howard Stark.” He replies and my eyes widen.

“What?! The billionaire? How is he my father?” I ask suddenly filled with denial.

“He was the father written on your birth certificate. He sounded surprised when I called him about you. I don’t think your mother ever told him about you.” He says looking from the courtyard to me. “And from your reaction, I take it you didn’t know either.”

“She would never tell me. I just took it as he was some lowlife that she regretted meeting. I left it at that.” I say as the breeze gently moves my hair out of my face. “How wrong was I?”

“Since you are still a minor, if he doesn’t take you in, you’ll go into the system.”

“And that would look bad on him if any reporters caught wind of it.”

“Don’t take it that way,” Banner says taking my hand in his. “He may not be as bad as they say.”

“Well it wouldn’t be the first abusive parent I’ve had.” I say as I reach up to rub the key.

“What do you mean?” Banner asks his eyes falling from mine to the key I was clutching to for dear life.

“Nothing,” I say clearing my throat. “So, when is he supposed to show up?”

“He’ll be here by tonight.” Banner says, “But if you’d like, I can continue to be your doctor. That way you won’t be completely alone in your new home. Plus, you’ll need some physical therapy for your arm and legs since you refuse to exercise.”

“I don’t want to cause any more trouble than I already have.” I say looking down at my lap.

“No trouble at all. I’ll be with your every step of the way.”

“Thank you, Doctor Banner.”

“Please call me Bruce.” He says gently patting my shoulder. I glance from him across the courtyard and a familiar face causes me to fill with fear.

“I’d like to go inside now Bruce,” I say as I reach down to move my wheels myself. Bruce grabs the handles of my chair and starts to push me inside when a pair of black high heels step into our path. I keep my eyes focused on the ground as she says, “(Name) can we talk?” I ignore her my hand unconsciously moving back to the key.

“Hello, I’m Bruce Banner, (Name)’s doctor.” Bruce says holding his hand out for her to take.

“Oh, hello doctor, I’m Rebecca Barnes.” She replies taking his hand.

“Barnes? Oh, right, I’m sorry about your loss.” He says putting two and two together.

“Thank you, doctor, but I came here to talk to (Name).” Rebecca says worry in her voice.

“There’s nothing to talk about.” I say not looking at her.

“(Name), come on.” She starts her voice cracking, “I want to apologize for Bucky.”

“Don’t,” I say finally looking up into her blue eyes. The sight of them instantly reminded me of Bucky’s and I could feel the pain and accusation in them. “I know what I did. Believe me if I could change places with Rich I would.”

“No, (Name), that’s not what I want. Do I miss my brother, yes; but I wouldn’t wish you to take his place. You’re my friend too. I’m worried about you.”

“Well don’t be.” I snap and she stares at me tears in her eyes. “You don’t have to worry about me anymore. I’ll be gone soon enough.”

“What are you talking about?” Rebecca asks surprise in her voice.

“I’d like to go in now Doctor Banner.” I say ignoring her question.

“Wait (Name), please, you’re all I have left of Richard. Mom locked his room up, no one is allowed to go in there. All his pictures have been taken down. Please, I can’t lose you too.”

“REBECCA!” A familiar angry voice yells out causing my body to fill with fear as I grip tightly to the arm rests. I look anywhere but at him.

“Bucky, what are you doing here?” Rebecca asks moving to stand in front of me blocking his view.

“I could ask you the same thing.” He asks nearing us. My body starts to shake from fear.

“I came to check on (Name).” she answers honestly.

“Why? It’s her fault she’s here.” He says and I feel my heart clench.

“No, it’s not Bucky, what happened was an accident.” Rebecca retorts angrily.

“Keep telling yourself that.” He goes to walk past Rebecca only to stop as he realizes I am behind her. I feel something wet drip down my cheek and I realize I was crying. He stares at me for a moment before I say, “Please take me inside.”

“I think it’s time the two of you left.” Doctor Banner says to them as he quickly pushes me inside. “Ignore him (Name). You have a second chance at life. Take it.”

Will Continue-

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First off: I adore you, you're an incredibly talented person and thank you for interacting with the fandom so much! <3 Secondly: How do you think the A/N/F/M would react (DEEP into the relationship) if the MC – whose worst fear is being abandoned – woke up after a particularly vivid nightmare, and while crying her eyes out, explains that she dreamt that the LI died, and how might that scenario unfold? :o (That was all over the place, I'm sorry)

Aah, what a lovely message :) Thank you so much for the kind and encouraging words!

As for your question…

If it’s deep into the relationship, then A would probably not say anything but just hold the MC close. Keep it quiet and just let the MC let out what she needs to and talk about it all, until they had got it all out.

N would be a bit more pro-active, trying to talk to the MC and explain it was just a dream, whilst holding the MC and rocking her.

F would probably get them both out of bed and go out- get the MC’s mind off of the nightmare and exhaust them out so as they could go back to sleep when they got back.

M- if deep into the relationship- probably not as skilled as the others at this kind of thing. They’d probably look deadly serious at the MC and say, ‘I’m never leaving you’ and then go back to sleep, lol.

Thank you so much for the wonderful message and the ask! :)

I’m Dying

Pairing: Harry Hart x Reader

Warnings: death, extreme angst

Request: @ccxx-mirror “Harry x reader prompt number 26 plz”

Prompts: “I’m dying”

As soon as the bullet hit your chest, you knew things were going the complete opposite way as you’d hoped. You fell to the ground, clutching your chest and crying out in agony. Your partner, Harry, managed to take out the rest of your enemies and rush over to your side, trying to stem the bleeding.

“Y/N…” he trailed off, ripping off a piece of his suit to use as a makeshift bandage, using his thumb to gently wipe the tears away from your eyes as you drifted in and out of consciousness. “Stay with me, can you do that?”

“Harry, there’s no point.” your voice was a hoarse whisper, as you grabbed one of his hands to hold for comfort. “I’m dying.”

“No, no…” he shook his head, trying to get hold of Merlin. There was no signal. “You can’t, you can’t die, Y/N.” He held you close to him, pressing light kisses to the crown of your head, running his hand through your hair. 

Losing the woman he had loved since he could remember was not something he ever expected to happen. He was always the one desperately trying to keep you safe. Now he was blaming himself for turning his back for five minutes, and you was hurt.

“I love you, Harry.” you whispered, staring up at him. Not once had you seen him cry, never. He was always the one who would give you a reason not to cry, not to be upset. But this time, it was inevitable. 

“Don’t leave me.” Harry let out a sob, pressing a final kiss to your lips, holding you as close to him as possible. You let in one last sharp intake of breath, before falling limp in his arms. 

Harry let out a cry of disbelief, anger, grief, all in one. He closed your eyes, before standing up, vowing to find whoever was responsible for this happening to you, to him. 

And boy, would they pay for it.

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one time i was in the office at my highschool and there was a baby there, so i thought to myself while looking at it "this will be your hell one day, kid, good luck" and it started crying out of no where so i started thinking some really positive things about school to calm them down Just In Case they're psychic


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I just got a new kitten. And today, he simply disappeared, I lost therapy, and spent one hour looking for him, crying my eyes out. Turns out he was sleeping under a pillow


That already happened to me with each one of my dogs, and oooh I got so stressed out
Nina is a small dog and she loves to stay on top of pillows, under sofas, inside wardrobes or anything that is soft and dark. One time I was getting dressed up and started looking for my dog, but I couldn’t find her anywhere. Nina already almost ran away one time and I was starting to panic thinking that’s what happen, but then I hear a cry inside the wardrobe. She was there the whole time

The other time was with my other dog, Toco, and he is very old and doesn’t respond to noises anymore. That day I found a weird little infection on his skin and wanted to show my mom, but suddenly he was gone. We both screamed his name and looked everywhere (yes, even inside the damn wardrobe) and he was gone. I almost started to cry until I saw him pressed behind the door

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Two words: Noodle's 'funeral'. Just imagine it.

FULL OFFENSE this is the worst ask ive ever received.. I DONT WANNA THINK ABT TBIS DJDSB……OKAY…okay……GOD…. im keeping yhis short so i dont think abt it too much because then i would lose my mcfreakin mind..2D bawls and screams her name and has to be led out for a few minutes because hes shaking so much and is so loud..murdoc kinda just silent crying and eventually passes out because he cant breath, he cant fucking breath. russel is quiet and he cant remember the funeral, its a daze to him because he cant accept the fact that that was noodles lifeless body in there, but when they get home he finally breaks down and the three of them jst hold eachother and sob. anyways thanks a lot i have to call my therapist now