the SMH as my drunk friends
  • Bitty: in the kitchen, heating up more mozzarella sticks than can possibly be eaten
  • Shitty: talking about calling his city councilperson
  • Lardo: talking about how bad the picture she's drawing is because of the alcohol, it ends up being better than everyone else's
  • Holster: crying because lady gaga exists
  • Ransom: trying to console holster but not understanding why he's crying
  • Chowder: telling everyone how nice their hair is
  • Dex: hasn't had the alcohol hit him yet, is trying to make sure everyone else doesn't get a noise complaint
  • Nursey: one sip of alcohol, instantly dancing already
  • Jack: the one trying to explain something complicated and failing

david bowie fans: 

- gay 
- obsessed with glitter 
- dress like a 70s groupie 
- want to do cocaine

hole fans: 

- fights everyone that says courtney killed kurt 
- a ball of anger 
- smudges their lipstick on purpose 
- sleeps with everyone

nirvana fans: 

- probably depressed 
- buys vintage clothes 
- cries themselves to sleep 
- hates courtney love

amy winehouse fans: 

- cries about their ex 
- wears too much eyeliner 
- sleeps with their best friends crush 
- probably smokes weed

tøp fans: 

- depressed 
- makes weird conspiracies about blurryface 
- really emo
- never stops crying 

lady gaga fans: 

- gay 
- watches rupaul’s drag race 
- "LG5 will be soon”

eminem fans: 

- “i hate women”

sky ferreira fans: 

- have an aesthetic tumblr blog 
- smoke 
- “masochism will be released soon" 
- knows deep down that it wont

lana del rey fans:

- have a daddy kink 
- flirts with their older brothers friends 
- pouts 24/7 
- wants to do acid and fuck everyone 

melanie martinez fans: 

- wears babies clothes 
- bitchy af 
- cries about everything 
- fights anyone that says something bad about mel

the beatles fans: 

- lowkey bitchy 
- cry over paul mccartney 
- listens to vinyl 
 - wish they were alive in the 60s

mcr fans: 

- emo 
- think there will be a mcr reunion 
- have black hair 
- wear 20 wristbands

oasis fans: 

- thinks theyre a roadman 
- wears parka coats 
- uses ‘your mum’ as an insult 
- says 'fight me’ to everyone

the doors fans: 

- write poetry 
- read jack kerouac 
- do drugs
- love boys with beards

marina + the diamonds fans: 

- that FROOT is familiar! 
- electra heart is the best era 
- calls themselves a heartbreaker 
- has never had a bf

halsey fans: 

- vegan 
- wears foundation darker than their face 
- has an aesthetic blog 
- probably sad

miley cyrus fans: 

- smokes weed everyday 
- hannah montana is dead ! 
- literally wont shutup about weed 
- weed weed weed weed

rihanna fans: 

- ready to fight a bitch anytime 
- never stops twerking 
- dont fuck with them 
- wears leather bras

the smiths fans: 

- never leave their room 
- depressed 
- tweets that pic of morrissey holding his tit all day

5sos fans: 

- rats in human form 
- start wars with other fanbases 
- never stop screaming over everything 
-need to shut up

fka twigs fans: 

- probably have a ouija board 
- angelic but deadly 
- always wear black clothes 
- perfect lipstick all the time

drake fans: 

- still not over their ex 
- bitches about their ex’s new gf 
- has fake gucci bags 
- eyeliner so sharp it could kill a bitch

velvet underground fans: 

- only ever wear black 
- smoke cigarettes for the aesthetic 
- love andy warhol 
- probably bisexual

by @francesxox on Twitter.

xaldinlance  asked:

Are you fucking insane?! Ladynoir

This one gets a LITTLE sinn-ish… nothing serious or explicit but I figure I will still put some of it under a cut ^_~

“Give me one good reason why we shouldn’t,” Chat said crossing his arms and leveling her with his most determined stare.

“Oh, I don’t know, how about because I don’t even know your actual name?”

“So we tell each other, it’s been long enough.”

“Are you fucking insane?” Ladybug hissed. “We can’t just-”

“Can’t just what?” Chat interrupted, “can’t just be honest with each other? It’s been three years Ladybug, and I for one am tired of putting my life on hold for some maniac and his color changing butterflies.”

“But the risks,” she tried weakly, even as her blood began to race when her partner stalked towards her.

“The risks will always be there. Why can’t we face them together?” he said softly, his hands reaching out to gently stroke up and down her arms.

“We already do,” Ladybug said stubbornly, “we have a great partnership just the way we are, why should be change that now?”

She knew why, of course she knew. It was her own fault after all. She had been the one to start this whole mess in the first place.

He leaned forward, ducking his head so that their eyes were level. She could see the conflicted feelings dancing in his eyes- frustration, hope, amusement, and pure unadulterated want.

She swallowed heavily.

“I am a pretty patient cat,” he said with a slight smirk, “but there are only so many times we can make out in back alleys and on darkened rooftops before we have to admit that this isn’t some mistake.”

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You Don’t Have to be Superman

(Put a read more in cause it got kinda really long oops)

  • Ladybug and Chat Noir are together
    • Like together together
    • Very much together
    • And everyone knows it
  • They don’t know each other’s identities because it’s not safe, not with Hawkmoth still out there
    • When they defeat him, that’s when they’ll tell each other, they promise
  • They defeat Hawkmoth when they’re twenty three and Gabriel Agreste goes to prison
  • Their Miraculouses are running down, or Adrien needs a minute to himself, or something, but the point is, they split up and are going to meet up that night and reveal themselves
  • Marinette doesn’t count on Tikki and the earrings disappearing as soon as she transforms
    • It’s awful, but she and Chat are in this together and they’ve got a hotel room booked so she’ll just meet him there
  • Adrien doesn’t count on there being a lot of paper work when it turns out your father is a supervillain
    • There’s a lot
    • Nathalie is handling it mostly but they still need his signatures and no one is letting him out of their sight
  • Marinette goes to the hotel room and waits for Chat to arrive
    • He doesn’t
  • Adrien glances at the clock every few seconds, trying to pull himself away from the mess of his life for long enough to get to Ladybug
    • He can’t

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Unconventional Uses of Combat Maneuvers & Movie Quotes

(Context: Immediately after a tough battle and some serious drama with our NPC princess, we had the most jarring tone shift possible, thanks to the sudden appearance of a brownie, who butted in without fully understanding the context of said drama, and hopped on our Fighter’s shoulder.)

Brownie: “DON’T MAKE THE LADY CRY!” (Pulls out a needle and points it at the Fighter’s eye.)

Fighter: I pull out my switchblade to disarm him.

Summoner: This is the first time I’ve ever seen someone try to use disarm on a thumbtack.

Fighter: “Who the hell are you?!”

Brownie: “Ya don’t know who I am?”

Fighter: “You don’t know who *I* am?”

Brownie: “Why I’m the Prince of the Brownies, Frageel!”

Rogue: It must be Italian.

(Everyone loses it.)


Lady Gaga live Alejandro Crying [Compilation]


I nearly made it through this without crying and then the ladies and the Orlando tee got me. They got me good.

I heard it was #LadiesofHannibal week, so have some soft Murder Wives in lingerie (they’re both so beautiful and badass and they deserved more screen time and relationship development and I could cry)


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Cybird Ikemen Sengoku All Characters’ Profiles

Note: I’m sorry for any wrong and off translation since I’m a learner, please advice and correct me for any mistakes *bow* 

“Do-S x Self-Conceit/Self-Centeredness” 

Nobunaga Oda

Don’t you want to become woman of the *person who would unify this whole country?

*tengabito = the person with ruling power/have the world/have the country/descend from heaven

VA: Tomokazu Sugita
Birthday: 12 May
Height: 179.7 cm
Blood Type: B

Aspiring to unify the whole country, the cruel and inhuman Sengoku warrior. A real ideologist, his thinking and thought is separated/different from an ordinary man. Being called ‘demon king’ due to his cold-blooded behavior, and he should be someone to be afraid of, but…?

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Unprecedented x Hedonist/Pleasure-seeker”

Masamune Date

Don’t be bored. You would satisfy me, don’t you?

VA: Kazuki Kato
Birthday: 5 September
Height: 180.3 cm
Blood Type: B

Unprecedented and aggressive hedonist. He believes that he won’t dishonor his way of life as Sengoku warrior. With his frank personality, he makes fun of/playing/trifling with you, as he drawn near to you out of curiosity.

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Ore-sama x Tsundere”

Yukimura Sanada

Hide behind my back. I’ll protect you without fail.

VA: Kensho Ono (Original: Yoshimasa Hosoya)
Birthday: 7 July
Height: 177 cm
Blood Type: O

A Takeda retainer who’s burning with revenge on Nobunaga. Loyal and devoted, he respects Shingen who shares similar motives. Although he is masculine/manly and has overbearing/pushy/high-handed personality, there is also a shy side of him that is weak/not good with women…?

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Popular with women x Elder brother temperament/type”

Hideyoshi Toyotomi

Can you listen properly to things I’m going to say? I cannot leave someone like you alone.

VA: Kosuke Toriumi
Birthday: 17 March
Height: 179.2 cm
Blood Type: O

Nobunaga’s loyal retainer. With caring personality and always taking care of people, not only he’s being loved by other retainers, but also popular among women. He won’t forgive those who harms Nobunaga, and he’s being wary/cautious of you too.

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Ambitious person x Perverse/cussed person”

Ieyasu Tokugawa

In that case, do as you please. Since I have no interest for weak people.

VA: Toshiki Masuda
Birthday: 31 January
Height: 174.1 cm
Blood Type: A

An ambitious person who is a contrary and uncooperative. Very patient and hates to lose; dislike weak people. Behind his stubborn and obstinate attitude, he seems to hide a sad past…?

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Adult x Womanizer”

Shingen Takeda

…Come here. I will teach you the tactics/strategies of an adult love.

VA: Yūichirō Umehara
Birthday: 1 December
Height: 185 cm
Blood Type: B

Sengoku warrior who is feared as the tiger of Kai. He’s aiming for Takeda Clan revival. Although he’s being deeply loves by the retainers for being broad-minded, however he’s a cold person to his enemies. A lady-killer who gives off an adult vibes and charms.

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Charisma x Yandere”

Kenshin Uesugi

My live and death is in war. I have no spare times for the likes of women.

VA: Hiroaki Miura
Birthday: 18 February
Height: 176.2 cm
Blood Type: AB

A man called ‘God of War’ who’s carrying an overwhelming charisma. His love for war is unrivaled/incomparable, and his victory is always expected without any doubts. There are seems to be some reasons for his attitude of refusing bluntly/thrusting away women…

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Mysterious x Malicious”

Mitsuhide Akechi

No? You’re lying. It seems you like it I’m being mean to you.

VA: Shunsuke Takeuchi
Birthday: 4 October
Height: 181 cm
Blood Type: AB

Nobunaga’s right arm who is malicious and mysterious. Carrying suspicious atmosphere, he’s someone to be feared even by allies, and his relationship with Hideyoshi is like dogs and monkeys. There is also rumor he’s having a secret meeting with the enemy,  and his true mind and feelings are enveloped in mystery.


“Pheromone x Keen/sharp/brilliant mind”

Mitsunari Ishida

Whenever you are in trouble, please depend/rely on me…Promise me, alright?

VA: Yoshio Yamatani
Birthday: 6 November
Height: 175 cm
Blood Type: A

Hideyoshi’s close aide with sharp mind and excels in arithmetic. Someone with gentle manner, he does not aware of his sex appeal to make women fascinated of him. Liking war tactics research and study, so much to the point he neglects his life whenever he’s being immersed in it…


“Cool x My pace”

Sasuke Sarutobi

Don’t worry. It’s really fun to get adapted/familiarized with Sengoku live.

VA: Kenji Akabane
Birthday: 10 April
Height: 176.7 cm
Blood Type: O

Originally a graduate student with Astrophysics major. After the time slip, he’s getting an employment as ninja. Expressionless, but optimistic with a character that cannot lie. He’s searching for a method to return to present time by studying the theory of time slip.


“Ruthless x Revenge demon”


Well…how about I make you cry? Ojōsan (Young lady).

VA: Tarusuke Shingaki
Birthday: 7 January
Height: 178 cm
Blood Type: O

A revenge demon who resents Nobunaga. A man who is willing to become a demon himself in choosing the means in order to achieve/accomplish his revenge.


Kpop Mashup Songs

Troye Sivan x Ladies’ Code: Galaxy of Youth (x)

BTS x Ladies Code: House of Cards (Galaxy) (x)

Red Velvet x BTS: Automatic x House of Cards (x)

EXO x BTS: Baby don’t cry x House of Cards (x)

Taeyeon x BTS: I x Just One Day (x)

BTS x Black Pink: Blood, Sweat and Tears x Whistle (x)

4Minute x BTS: Hate x I need U (x)

AOA x Dal Shabet: Mini Joker (x)

Fiestar x AOA: Pitiful Miniskirt (x)

SNSD x AOA: Mr. Miniskirt (x)

EXO X EXID: My lady x Every Night (x)

EXID x Ladies’ Code: Every Night The Rain (x)

Red Velvet x Exo: One of These Nights, Baby Don’t Cry (x)

Ladies’ Code: Automatic Galaxy (x)

Tinashe x Ladies’ Code: Play in the Rain (x)

Fx x Shinee: 4 Walls x View  (x)

Suzy x Sistar: I like that, Yes, No, Maybe (x)

BTS x Girls Day: Boy in Luv, I’ll be yours (x)

Wonder Girls x Ariana Grande: Side to side x Why so lonely (x)

Winner x Triple H: Really Really Fresh (x)

NCT U x Beyoncé: The 7th Formation (x)

Sistar x Kara: Give it to me, Pandora (x)

Kara x EXO: Growl Lady (x)

CLC x BlackPink: Meow Meow x Whistle (x)

“(Left) Honestly, my girlfriend disappeared in London too. It was nighttime, and I was so flustered that I started to cry. But then some lady saw me crying and asked if I needed help. Since I thought that getting help from a passerby would just turn into a public nuisance, I said that I was fine. But she grabbed my hand and said this to me: ‘Throughout your life, from time to time, you’re going to have to accept help from strangers.’ When I heard those words, I really began to like London. It was amazing that I could get help even in an unfamiliar city.”
“(Right) Wait, what? This the first time I’m hearing this.”

“(왼쪽) 사실 런던에서도 여자친구가 없어졌어요. 밤이었고, 당황스러워서 눈물이 나더라구요. 그런데 어떤 아주머니가 제 모습을 보고 도와주겠다고 하시는 거예요. 저는 평소에 남한테 도움을 받는 게 민폐라고 생각해서 괜찮다고 말씀을 드렸거든요. 그런데 제 손을 잡고 이렇게 얘길 하셨어요. ‘살다가 때때로는 남들의 도움을 받아야 할 때가 있단다’ 그 말을 듣는 순간 런던이 너무 좋아졌어요. 이런 낯선 도시에서도 사람들의 도움을 받을 수가 있다니.”
“(오른쪽) 뭐야. 나는 처음 듣는 얘긴데?”


Comic dub of an Overwatch fancomic by @dogtit - featuring the voices of @totalspiffage as Widowmaker and Tracer, and @dreamwalkertara as Emily! “Singing and Crying Lesbian Rock Ladies: The Animated Series” is such a great show, you guys. Oh, and you can listen to and download the full song parody of “It’s Over, Isn’t It?” over on Tamara’s Youtube channel!

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