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I can die happy now! Bulla is the cutest thing ever! I just love daddy Vegeta! My favorite part was that while he was holding her, all he did was look at her and she started laughing. While everyone else had to make a silly face to get her to laugh. She is totally daddy's little princess.

Aw! It really was the cutest episode ever! I admit I was shocked at how they handled the birth moment, even though I already expected them not to show a real birth, obviously, but… Vegeta turning SSJ Blue every time people made Bulla cry was so funny! And that little peek he gives her in the end when he finally holds her was heart melting…

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T'CHALLA putting a sign on the Cryo saying don't tap the glass. Meanwhile Steve sees the sign and presses his face against the glass because it's not tapping. Then the sign says, no tapping,licking,breathing,smashing face against glass, crying, or being too gay to the glass.

steve @ tchalla:

while bucky – muffled – from inside the cryo chamber: