Entry 11

He still isn’t eating. I know he really doesn’t need food to survive, but his body does. I don’t know when the last meal he had was, or, if he is eating, it’s never around for me to see it.

Other than that, he’s been pretty affectionate. He’s always been a little clingy, but never like this. He holds my hand while we sit on the couch. He whispers to me and combs his fingers through my hair while I’m reading. He holds onto me a little longer when we wake up in the morning. He’ll kiss me when I’m trying to have a conversation with him.

Things are going too well. I feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

my physics teacher had a mug today that said:

“particle physics gives me a hadron”

i almost died

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headcanons for if one of them were under sedatives or antithesis? (My brother's under antithesis and I'm crying it's so funny)

With Italy: He doesn’t really say anything funny because he’s all sleepy and tired (Which is strange because he’s a chronic sleep-talker but on drugs he’s very quiet), he’ll try to hold conversations with Germany but they only come out as like half sentences so it’s hard for Germany to understand. Germany still nods in agreement and pretends like he knows what Italy is saying. He usually lays down with him to make sure Italy eats or drinks something

With Germany: He is HILARIOUS. He probably acts just like this guy here to Italy. He spurts out random stuff and always calls out for Italy repeatedly. He always wants to be cuddled too so Italy can’t leave or do anything (Italy wouldn’t want to leave anyway, he would totally just want to spend the whole day taking care of Germany). Italy ends up recording Germany saying weird stuff and sends it to Japan and even Romano (Romano literally finds it the funniest thing but he still is respectful. No one tells Germany)

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how bout the Vongola Guardians, Reborn, Colonello, Fon, and Skull with kids?


  • He is surprisingly good with babies.  His patience is never ending with them.  He is a master of funny faces so any crying baby is quickly calmed and laughing in less than a minute.
  • Young children quickly realize they can walk all over him.  This leads to some problems, but the kids still love him, thinking he is somewhat cool. 
  • Teenagers have little respect for him, unless they know his true identity or have seen him in a fight.  However, whenever they have problems, they know he always a shoulder ready to lean on and advice to offer.  


  • He isn’t the best with babies, but he tries.  Changing a diaper is always a struggle for him and sometimes babies start crying at his permanent scowl.  
  • Smaller kids think he is scary too, but know that he is mostly bark.  They always go up and ask him to swing them around and to play tag with him.
  • His teenagers have respect for him, but enjoy playing pranks on him (that you may or may not suggest).  Their friends think he is the coolest dad ever


  • He is good with babies, always knowing what they need, which makes other parents jealous.  He enjoys blowing on their bellies to get them to laugh.
  • Small kids love him because he is always up for a game of tag or hide and seek.  He picks them up and tosses them in the air or swings them about.
  • Teenagers like him too, knowing he is a chill guy and he is easily approachable if they have issues they want to talk about.  

T(wenty)YL Lambo: 

  • Babies scare him.  He isn’t the best with them because he has no idea what he is doing.  An adultier adult needs to be with him if has to take care of a baby.
  • Small children love him though.  Mostly because he sneaks them sweets but also because he plays with them.
  • Teenagers also scare them.  They intimidate him, knowing he is a pushover.  


  • Babies normally start crying when around him.  He is good about being gentle, but the whole quiet part is a different story.  
  • Small children always go to him to play because they can climb all over him and swing from his arms and because he is good at coming up with fun games to play.  
  • Sporty teenagers love him because they get enthusiastic just like him over something, the quieter ones tend to stay away, but know he is a good guy.  To his credit he did try quieter activities with them, but it was best for everyone is he didn’t.  


  • He is good at changing diapers and taking care of babies.  Some will cry in his presence and others will be completely calm, it’s 50/50.
  • Small children are scared of him unless they know him well, but even then are usually still scared.  Although if they ever need help reaching a toy or settling an argument, they always go to him first. 
  • Teenagers are just as scared of him.  They know he is harmless unless provoked, but his scowl is offputting.  But if they ever have troubles, especially if someone is bullying them, they go to him.  The bullies never see it coming.


  • She is nervous around babies at first, but quickly warms up to them and after that they love her.  They always giggle when they see her, reaching out for her to hold them.
  • Small children are indifferent toward her.  She normally isn’t their first choice as a playmate, but if no one else is around, they go to her.
  • Teenagers think she is kinda cool.  She’s the one you go to when you want a snack and have minor issue you want to talk about.


  • Babies are scared of him, even when he has happy illusions up to distract them.  He thinks it’s because he is horrible at controlling his killing intent.
  • Small children are generally afraid of him, but every now and then a brave child will ask him about his powers and he will show them their favorite fantasy.
  • Teenagers stay clear of him.  He isn’t someone you wanna make mad but if it’s his kids, they know he is a softie, toward them anyway.  His daughter(s) absolutely love him because he gives the best bear hugs.  


  • He is good with babies, and when no one is looking will make funny faces and noises to get them to laugh.
  • Small children like him.  They think he is cool and always ask him strange questions which he replies to with outrageous answers.
  • Teenagers think he cool, knowing that he has some other side to him and they love trying to figure out what it is.  But they know if they have problems, no matter what, they can talk to him about it.


  • Like Reborn, he will make funny noises and faces at babies, but he doesn’t care if people see.  In fact, if he can get adults to laugh at him along with the baby, it makes him happier.  
  • Small children love playing hide and seek with him because he always helps you find the best hiding places.  He also shows them how to climb trees.
  • Teenagers love him because he is a goof ball, always cracking jokes.  But at the same time he has a badass look and feel to him.


  • Babies stop crying the second he walks into the room.  His presence is just so calming it shuts them up.  
  • Small children think he is cool especially if he teaches them martial art moves.  
  • Teenagers always gravitate to him when they have problems, his calming aura helping them think things through or if they can’t he always has advice, though it normally comes in a riddle.  


  • Babies scare him because they always cry, even when he does nothing wrong.  But if another adult is with him, then they are perfectly happy.  He thinks it might have to do with his piercings.  
  • He avoids small children like the plague.  They always want to pull on his piercings and they have no filters when it comes to speaking.  You actually found in deeply affected by a child that made fun of his outfit.
  • Teenagers think he looks cool, he even has the cool motorcycle, but when they actually get to know him, they are slightly disappointed.  
He is the funniest kid ever. I don't laugh easily and I am crying he is so funny. Kind of Carlin like. I laughed so hard I had an asthma attack. He's on such a roll and I am letting him let it all out. Good lord he is as funny as he is cute. Smart cynical, so clever it surprised me funny.

This kid is the best thing in the world.