Galavant when he was about to be reunited with Madalena in 1x05: “The thing is Wednesdays are quite hard to rhyme with and I’m pretty much a hundred percent sure they’re going to want to write songs about this one.”

Galavant after being reunited with Isabella in 2x10: “Those songs about my exploits leave me kind of bored. At last I’ve seen the sunset I’ve been riding toward, a real life, happily ever after.”

He was still focused on all the glory and the fame associated with being a hero when he was on his quest to save Madalena, but that all changed with Isabella. With Isabella, Galavant found all that he ever needed because “All the magic [he] needs is [her]”. She’s all he needs. He doesn’t need the songs and the poems and the fame anymore. He has Isabella and together they have their “real life, happily ever after.”