In Which Lance is an Idiot, and Keith Totally Doesn't Cry

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by KalesMcD4407

He didn’t know how Lance ended up in his arms, but somehow, it happened. Keith was on his knees and had pulled Lance up to rest on him. Something hot and sticky was all over the back of Lance’s head. He must have hit his head too, either while falling or passing out.

“Lance? Can you hear me?” Keith desperately searched for some sign that the other boy would be okay. Also… That was weird. Was he… Crying? No way. No fucking way was he going to cry because of Lance. But if Lance wasn’t the reason he was crying, then what was?


Basically Lance likes to wander the castle, and he gets hurt. Keith goes looking for him and realizes some things. And he TOTALLY doesn’t cry.

Words: 2787, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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livelox25  asked:

You know with all of this positive fanart of Edd today, I can't help but cry cause... he's gone... he's been gone for awhile... the idea is Edd being an angel just makes me cry... am I the only one who is crying in his birthday?

it’s okay to cry, probably lots of people are crying too we just really miss him and for some reason i’m enjoying this day, just drawing edd while sipping cola in a very hot day, don’t worry you’re not the only one! 0w0


This is what happens when I try to make “serious” prints… a retake of modern AU Star Wars, now with MORE terrible shirts!!

(…. and because I’m still not over punk Anakin and hipster Obi-Wan. \m/)

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  • Matt:I'm really picky when it comes to food.
  • Kdin:No, you're NOT.
  • Jeremy:Yes, he is.
  • Kdin:Really?
  • Matt:Yeah, I am.
  • Jeremy:Matt, what are you having for dinner tonight?
  • Matt:Oh, shit.
  • Jeremy:What're you having for dinner tonight?
  • Matt:Shut up. You're being mean.
  • Kdin:What is he eating later for dinner tonight?
  • Jeremy:What are you eating?
  • Matt:... I'm eating breadsticks.
  • Jeremy:How many breadsticks did you order?
  • Matt:... I ordered forty-eight. And they were like, "That's a lot of breadsticks."

The process is just as important, yixing ah T.T your endurance and hard work knows no bounds, one day you will stand on the greatest stage of them all.

“舞台上的一切 留给你们
舞台下的一切 我自己背”
“Everything on stage, I leave for you
Everything off stage, I’ll shoulder (the burden) myself” 
– Zhang Yixing, 141007