Connor comforting you hc

about how Connor Murphy comforts you when you’re having a rough time

  • you tell him you’re having a bad day and his heart breaks and he mumbles “oh shit” under his breath
  • he hates seeing you upset, honestly it makes him super pissed at the universe
  • most people think Connor would… idk like do parkour all the way to your house just to physically be there for you but nah
  • he gives you like an hour max to process through your feelings on your own
  • this isn’t to say that he doesn’t want to be there for you. he does. he just doesn’t want you to be dependent on him for comfort. and if you were in harms way, it’s a totally different story cause he’d be by your side in a heartbeat
  • he texts you, telling you how much he loves you
  • once a little time has passed he speeds to where you are
  • doesn’t say anything once he sees you, just wraps you in his arms and holds you
  • his hands feel nice running up and down your back and oh FRICk he’s still rubbing your back even though an hour has passed
  • lots of ‘I love you’s and forehead kisses
  • uses the back of his fingers to gently run your cheeks and if you were/are crying this feels GREAT because your face probably gets all warm and rosy when you cry and Connor’s fingers are always cold and soft
  • squeezes you tightly and mumbles “Tell me who made you sad so that I can kick the crap out of them” which he says because he knows it’ll lighten the mood
  • super good at listening to you talk about your situation A+
  • not super good at giving advice C- (but that’s fine because sometimes being heard and understood is all a person needs)
  • Just sadly responds with ‘I know’s and ‘I’m sorry’s 
  • ex: “I feel so tired and frustrated” “I know what it’s like to feel that way. I’m sorry, baby”
  • makes you drink water because crying dehydrates a person!!!
  • opens up your windows and curtains to let in natural light
  • secretly checks to makes sure you’re taking care of yourself
  • so like, he’ll go into your bathroom and casually check your medicine cabinet to see if you’ve been taking the right amount of meds and looks in your fridge to see if you’ve been eating right
  • wraps you up in warm blankets and holds you as you take the nap he demanded you have
  • kisses your sleepy lips because he thinks you’re cute when you sleep 
  • wakes you up by running his fingers through your hair
  • asks you how you’re doing frequently
  • is concerned for you from a distance and only intervenes when he feels he has to
  • is super good at looking out for you and minimizing the amounts of times that you feel sad
having some tsukikage/kagetsuki feels

platonic/romantic kgtsk/tskkg under the cut! (the post got pretty long so there should be a part 2 coming up?)

  • they go out of their way to disagree with everything the other says
  • no, like literally, they will do anything to piss the other off
  • tbh, they actually have pretty similar tastes and preferences but whenever they find out about these similarities, they lie their way out of it
  • eg. yams: “what do you guys want for lunch?” both: “SUSHI” kags : “no i meant ramen. cold food disgust me like how you *looks at tsukki* disgust me” tsukki: “like you are not disgusting yourself, king
  • yams sighs because why does he have to do this every single day 
  • and wtf kags? you are literally drinking a cold carton of milk
  • sure, they may mess around a lot like this usually but when they are discussing about volleyball, they’re both surprisingly mature and co-operative
  • they can literally discuss plays and strategies and when to use them for hours at one go
  • in their third year (with c-tsukki and vc-kags) competition season, they always meet up an hour earlier in the club room to discuss plays
  • the rest of the team understands and gives them their space to discuss (they know the two will eventually share the results of their discussion with them)
  • there isn’t a practice where they are not snarky towards each other
  • “wow your tossing form looks so regal... just like a king
  • “well then, you better start using your legs and actually jump or are they just for show?”
  • they have bets with each other all the time
  • and those bets usually revolves around them like
  • “bet you can’t talk to the girl without making her cry because your face is so disturbing” or like “bet you can’t ask for an extension for that homework because the teacher hates your face
  • they collate the score and the one with the most wins at the end of the month have to treat the other lunch
  • if anyone talk shit about karasuno to their faces, they are going to wish they were never born
  • their mouths are so mean and their stares/smirks are so unholy
  • really, say something remotely deteriorating about karasuno and you have their team dad and his smol tol angry blue birb after your ass
  • they are also really defensive about each other’s honour??
  • like someone from another school can start saying shit like “kageyama don’t deserve to be the starting setter with his erratic setting” and tsukki will be all “yes i know how his dumb face can make you think that he is erratic but what’s really erratic is how the condom your dad used broke and had you*pointedly looks down at person through his glasses*
  • or they can talk crap about tsukki like “that blonde megane only has his height. his read blocking is only efficient enough for small one-touches” and kags is just “sure that long french fry is unnaturally tall but his one-touches are one touch more than you will ever get on your small d**k*smirks, turns, walks away*
  • because nobody can talk about how dumb the other is except for those karasuno idiots

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Lonesome (Tom Holland x Kid!Reader) Fluffy Drabble?

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(A/N): lmao I really like this idea

Summary: Tom takes Harrison out to a club but ends up not enjoying himself as much as he thought and sits alone at the bar until an unlikely eight year old comes to the rescue.

Warnings: I think I said like shit and fuck. But that’s it. This is not age gap dating


It was loud. Really, unnecessarily loud. I will never be sure as to why I thought this might have ever been a good idea, but hey, what can I do.

This bar wasn’t the most proper, but I would never bring Harrison to a slum so in it’s own way, it had a charm. Quaint and over all tidy. Still in one solid look over, you could tell it was built to withstand the constant hits that dedicated partiers were prone to give.

In my own opinion, I surely didn’t take Harrison as the partier type. So with that assumption backing my thought process, I brought him out to ‘loosen his reins’. I could say it worked, though of course I never thought it would. Yet there he was, on the floor with the second blonde of the night; leaving me to stand corrected.

Or, well, sit corrected. As I was, sitting by my lonesome on an industrial grade barstool that was bolted to the fading floorboards beneath it. My one elbow propped up on the solid bar top with my chin resting upon my palm.

I let my gaze collapse away from Harry to the counter’s surface with an inward sigh.

It would seem that filming a superhero movie really gets a grind on your exhaustion, and that would be the second thing I underestimated tonight.

“God, Tommy, what are you doing here?”

I said aloud to myself.

‘Being the DD..’

My mind’s reassurement was weak but for now, it was all I got.

“Oi, ya’ lonely loon!”

Now that, fucking scared me.

I flinched back in surprise and twisted my head nervously to the right; expecting a large drunken man wanting a brawl.

Instead, what I got was, a small kid.

At first, my breath turned into a gasp but formed its way into another sigh; this one caused by relief.

“What was that?” I asked briskly, my voice shook in a minor way.

The kid cleared their throat and said in a voice that seemed to belong to someone of their form “It was me.”

“Were ya’ scared?” they climbed up on the stool next to me. their feet dangling as they swiveled around to face me.

“Yes!” I stated in definite panic “You sounded like you wanted to cut my hands off!”

The kid responded with a hearty, kid like laugh and held out a smallish hand “(Y/n).” they smiled “Your new best friend, Tommy.”

I reached for their hand and was taken by surprise when they said my name before I could say it myself. “My name.. how’d you know it?” I pondered openly.

“I heard you talkin’ to yourself.”

“What-? Really?” I was a bit embarrassed. Because of a kid.

“No, you’re Tom Holland, you play spiderboy.” (Y/n) tilted their head and painted a grin on their face.

“O-Oh, yeah, yeah that’s tru–”

“Actually, to be honest, a little bit of both.” they looked up in thought “So don’t talk to yourself alone in a bar, it’s a bit weird.” (Y/n) whispered afterwards, leaning forward; winking.

I honestly didn’t have anything intelligent to say. They are a little shit. It’s impressive.

“How are you even in here?” I questioned when I let go of their hand. The question had an underlying tone of worry. “How old are you?”

(Y/n) pretended to count off the fingers on their small hand before looking up at me again “Well, by now, I’m eight years old.” I could tell that was true. “I’m here because I’m an alcoholic.”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes when I laughed “Your confidence scares me, (Y/n).”

They giggled and began to explain “My mom, a single mom, works as the bartender here.” they stopped a moment as we both looked back at the smiling bartender talking with a lady several stools down from where I was situated.

“Her boss here is a real softy and lets me hangout here until mom’s shift is over. As long as I don’t get kidnaped or killed and don’t spill the drinks.”

I nodded and laughed some more.

“So what would happen if I were to kidnap you?” I asked with a smirked

(Y/n) looked a little shook for a moment before laughing “I would cry because of your ugly face.”

And I laughed once again. “Ouch.”

“Ouch.” they repeated, a mock english accent lingering in their voice.

“You what?” I challenged and faked a hurt appearance.

“What kinda’ accent is that? Are ya’ east asian?” (Y/n) snickered.

“I’m English!” I cry. The both of us bellow with laughter.

The rest of the night played out with (Y/n) and myself talking about everything and anything. I was impressed by the eight year old’s smarts and they snickered at my jokes. I taught them a little bit of acting tips and their assured me that they would be using them in the future.

Sooner or later a hammered Harrison came upon our little duo and whined about the expense of condoms, so I took that as a cue to drive home for the night. I said my goodbyes to (Y/n) and was sad to have to walk away.

I’m sure I would find myself drinking alone again, soon; just so I could cross paths with my unlikely friend once again.



Josh Dun Imagine

Imagine: You get ridiculously drunk and your friend calls Josh to come pick you up.  You’re all flirty and needy and he respectfully declines. 


In retrospect, you probably didn’t need that last shot.  In fact, you probably would have been totally fine if you hadn’t of taken it.  But you did.  And now you weren’t totally fine.  The room was spinning and the lights from the club were flashing and bright and sort of completely psyching you out.  But you were having fun.  The most fun you’d had all semester.  And you didn’t want it to end.  So you bucked up and dumped more poison down your throat.  

“Woah—“ your best friend laughed as you staggered towards her, a grin plastered over your face. “I think you’re a little drunk.”

“Happy,” you say smugly.  “I think you mean happy.” You fling an arm around her, wanting to truly show your appreciation for making you come out tonight.  “I am just so happy.”

“Whatever you say, drunky,” she laughs, trying her best to steady you with her own weight.  

“You’re drunk too-“ you protest, wanting to defend your ego.  

“Yeah, but at least I’m coherent enough to hold my own body up right,” she mutters.  

“We need to get you more booze,” you say, wandering over to the bar and ordering a couple more shots.  

“Do you really think we need more drinks?” she asks, refusing the glass you held in front of her.

You shrug, dumping one after the other into your mouth.  That was probably a mistake.  

The rest of the night was kind of a blur.  You danced for a bit.  And lost track of your friend.  But your hazy mind refused to let you worry about how you were getting home.  You just danced and jumped and tried your hardest not to vomit.  

Your heart skipped a beat when you saw a flash of red enter the bar.  You knew that puff of hair anywhere, and started fighting your way through the crowd to find it and give it a big ole kiss.  

“Thank God you’re hear—“ you heard your friend gasp, “She’s so drunk, Josh, so, so drunk-“

“Baby!” you screamed, bustling through the line of people and spreading your arms out wide.  

“Jesus—“ Josh said, taking in your sweaty face and messy hair, but he was grinning, clearly at least a little pleased that you were having fun.  

You didn’t let him stare for too long before you jumped into him, wrapping your arms around his neck and burying your face into his shoulder.  

“I missed you!” you say loudly in his ear. He folded his arms around you, and when you tried to pull away, he clung on and supported you.  

“Yeah, missed you too,” he chuckled.  “I think it might be time to head home, yeah?” he added, trying to convey as much enthusiasm in that statement as he could, in hopes of persuading you to listen.  

You frowned, but right on cue, your stomach did a 360 flip and you nodded quickly, too afraid to agree verbally.  If you opened your mouth, you just might vomit.   You let yourself fall into Josh’s side, his biceps flexing to hold you up.  

“I got her,” he mumbled to your friend as she watched with a worried look on her face.  

You stared very intently at your shoes as Josh led you to the car.  The cool air felt nice on your skin.  

Josh opened the passengers’ side and helped you settle into the car.  You watched him rush quickly to the drivers side.  He looked so good, his tank top ripped at the sides, his side showing.  You flattened your hair and crossed your legs, trying to look good for him when he got back in.

He popped in the car so smoothly, placed his arm on the back of your seat before checking to back up.  You stared at his toned, bare arm, not even realizing your were biting your lip hungrily at him.  

Josh’s gaze briefly came across yours, his eyes widening once he saw the look on your face.

“What?” he said, laughter present in his voice.  

You placed your hand on his thigh, before leaning in closer.  His breath smelled like spearmint.  You let your hand trail higher and higher up his leg, until it hovered over his crotch.  “Want you-“ you mumbled, before smashing your lips against his.

He kissed you back, but only briefly, before he pulled back.

“Babe, you’re so drunk,” he stated, matter-of-factly.

“So?” you breathed, letting your palm press harder into Josh’s pants.

“So, you don’t even know what you’re doing right now.”

“Does it feel like I don’t know what I’m doing?” you breathed.

Josh’s breath hitched and his hips slightly buckled beneath your touch.  But he grabbed your wrist lightly and removed your hand, placing it on your own lap.  

“Not tonight,” he said, shaking his head and starting to back the car up.  

You curled your hands in your lap and looked out the window silently, feeling rejected and very, very embarrassed.  You watched the town go by in a blur as Josh drove you both back to the apartment.  Your hands shook slightly and whether that was the alcohol or rejection from your boyfriend, you didn’t know.  

When Josh parked the car, he tried getting out quick enough to help you, but you steadied yourself against the door and pushed your way out of his car, walking as confident as you could to the apartment without his stupid help.  

“Woah,” he said behind you, touching your elbow slightly in an attempt to steady you, but you pulled back aggressively, too embarrassed to interact.  

And that’s when it hit.  The nausea so bad you felt like you might explode.  Your head spun and your stomach lurched and it took everything you had to even make it to the grass before you were doubled over, retching.  It was awful.  You couldn’t breathe.  You just heaved and heaved.  At some point you started crying because your face was wet.  But you felt the steady hand of Josh on your back, rubbing circles.  And his voice reassured you that it was okay.  It would be over soon.  Get it all out.  It calmed you down enough to be able to take a breath in between heaves.  

When you were done, you remained on all fours for a moment.  Truth-be-told, you weren’t sure if you had enough strength to stand up.  But Josh was there, gripping your arms and hoisting you up on your own two feet.  

“Finished?” he asked, no mockery or joking-ness in his voice.

You nodded, still shaking.  

He coiled you against his side, supporting you completely and led you inside the apartment.  You cringed at the bright lights, but Josh led you to the dimmed bedroom and helped take off your shoes and jeans.  He grabbed a t-shirt for you and led you to the bathroom to brush your teeth.  When you were all settled, you all but raced to the bed, pulling back the covers.  Josh joined you after putting a puke bucket near your side, flicking off the light on his way over.  His bare legs brushed against yours and you curled up into his side, resting your head on his chest and grabbing a handful of his t-shirt in your fist.  

“Feel better?” he muttered into your hair.

You shook your head, your eyes squeezed shut to avoid the nausea.  “Not really.”

“Bathroom’s not far, and I’m right here,” he whispered, stroking your arm softly.

You nodded into his chest, inhaling his sweet scent and letting his soft voice lull you to sleep. “Love you,” you muttered, almost incoherently before drifting off.

“Love you too,” he whispered back.

Being called Luke’s Cry Baby because of your baby doll face and your tendency to always be overwhelmed and at the verge of tears, the tears only Luke can make disappear.

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Tfw your fp is at work & you send him a little video of you saying hi & think it will cheer him up cause you're usually too shy to do that & it usually excites him.. But when he answers he replies to everything except your little video.. And then you leave him on read and go cry because clearly your voice & face are terrible and you're too awkward & embarass him & he wants to act like it never happened.. Never doing that again 💔


I’ll take care of you -  Mark (Got7)

You knocked on Mark’s door shakily trying to pull yourself together. Mark was your best friend and you just needed him to distract you at the moment. You had gotten into a very serious fight with your boyfriend, Harry yet again and it was really bothering you. You knocked again on the door and about a minute later it opened revealing your best friend.

“Hey Y/N” he smiled pulling you in for a warm hug.

“Hi Mark.” you said back softly. He pulled away from the hug and closed the door watching you intently. He took your hand and led you to the living room sitting on the couch with you. 

He turned to you with a serious expression.“What happened?” he asked.

“N..nothing Mark I just came to see you.” you mumbled fake smiling at him.

He rolled his yes,”Y/N we both know you’re lieing so just tell me what happened? What did he do this time?” You began twiddling your thumbs looking down at your lap nervously. “Y/N tell me.” he whispered softly to you.

You looked up at him again, “I just saw some texts on his phone and overreacted is all.” 

Mark stood up and you could see the anger in his eyes “Again? Is he fucking cheating on you again?” he asked raising his voice.

“No he isn’t well he said he isn’t so I…” you began but Mark cut you off.

“Tell me all the details Y/N and stop picking up for him!” he said glaring down at you.

“Ok well we were at his place and he was in the bathroom and his phone began to light up so I checked it and saw these messages from a girl I didn’t know. She was telling him she loved him and missed him and had fun yesterday and well I scrolled up and saw some flirty messages between them so I confronted him when he came out of the bathroom and he got mad. He said I invaded his privacy and I was stupid and that he wasn’t cheating but he should and…” you couldn’t go on because tears were flowing from your eyes now. Mark had his hands clenched and jaw locked. He couldn’t see you crying because your face was facing the floor.

“Are you fucking kidding me? Harry has treated so bad since the beginning and it’s obvious he’s cheating! God and the fact that he talks to you that way just makes me want to kill him! Why are you even still with him?!” Mark yelled looking down at you. 

“Because if I leave him I’ll have no one. I’ll be alone.” you whimpered revealing to Mark that you were crying.

He immediately softened, he could never handle when you cried. He knelt on the floor in front of you so that he could see your face. When he saw your tears he felt like crying also. He took your face into his hands and wiped away your tears with his thumbs. “You have me. Please don’t cry Y/N.” he whispered looking at you. You threw your arms around him just needing a hug. Of course he hugged back. He began stroking your hair as you sobbed onto his shoulder. “Y/N you know I always have your back babe. You know I’m always here for you.” he whispered and you nodded pulling away from him.

“Mark you’re right. I should break up with him.” you whispered and he nodded wiping your tears away again. You took out your phone and sent a message to Harry. As soon as you sent it more tears flowed from your eyes. “No one will love me like he did again, I’ll be alone for the rest of my life.” you whimpered and Mark frowned.

He picked you up bridal style as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders hiding your face in his neck. He carried you to his bedroom resting you on his bed as he crawled beside you looking down at your face.

“You’re right no one will love you like he did because he didn’t love you. If he did he would have never treated you like he did.” Mark said looking at you. “You need someone who’ll treat you right, who’ll take care of you and protect you.” he continued brushing some hair from your forehead. He was giving you butterflies.

“Where will I find someone like that?” you whispered.

He smiled and looked at you. Before you could even comprehend what was happening his lips were on yours kissing you. You took a moment but you started kissing him back eventually, wrapping your hands in his hair and deepening the kiss. You slipped your tongue into his mouth and began battling with his, moaning into his mouth. He pulled away after a while biting his lip and staring at your face.

“I’ll take care of you, I’ll protect you and I’ll treat you how you deserve to be treated.” he whispered leaning down to kiss away the few tears that were still on your cheek. You held his cheeks and brought his lips back to yours continuing the kiss. His lips were so soft you were already addicted. You nibbled on his bottom lip making him moan against your lips. You pulled away from the kiss giving his lip a final lick before looking up at him.

“I want to be yours.” you whispered and he smiled nodding as he attached his lips to your very sensitive neck. “Make me yours tonight.” you moaned and he sucked on your neck hard making you gasp. 

“I will princess.” he said darkly reattaching his mouth to your neck where he began sucking, licking and biting at it. You moaned tugging on his hair as he did his work on your neck, it felt so good. One of his hands began trailing up your body and went below your jersey touching your naked stomach, giving you goosebumps. 

Every piece of naked skin he touched felt as though it was heating up, you had never felt this way before, ever. His hand under your top reached up cupping one of breast over your bra and squeezed it softly earning a whimper from you. He pulled away from your neck and pecked your lips. “Can I take it off?” he asked referring to your jersey. You nodded your head quickly just wanting him to touch you.

He slowly took your top off of you and bit his lip in lust staring at your bra covering your plump breasts. He took of your bra also and moaned at the site of your naked breasts. He kissed your collarbone and then went down till his lips were by one of your nipples. He kissed it before flicking his tongue over it softly. You whimpered. He smirked and licked it again and again before he took it in his mouth and sucked on it hard. 

You could feel yourself becoming wetter by the second. He sucked on it for quite a while before biting down on it softly. You moaned throwing your head back in pleasure from the slight pain. He chuckled and went over to your other breasts repeating the process exactly. 

“Mark I’m so wet for you.” you moaned loudly. 

“Are you?” he asked with a smirk.

“Yes, check and see please.” you moaned. 

He trailed his hand teasingly slow down your stomach and into your pants and underwear. He stroked you once feeling your wetness. “Wow you are so wet.” he whispered darkly as he took his fingers from your core and sucked on it, tasting you. “You taste so fucking good.” he moaned. 

He stood up off of the bed and took of his jersey making you gasp at his toned abs and muscular arms. “I want you to sit on my face.” he said darkly.

“Ok.” you almost moaned out. He laid on the bed and you quickly got rid of your remaining clothes before straddling his neck. Your pussy was now very close to his lips. 

You screamed when his tongue finally licked you. You threw your head back in pleasure closing your eyes as he got to work. His tongue was so heated and skilled. He used it so well, he knew exactly how to lick you to make you want him even more if possible. He licked you up and down, up and down, his hands holding onto your ass as he did so.

You were a moaning mess above him, you couldn’t control yourself. You held on to the bed head as he began sucking on your pussy lips harshly. He really loved your taste. “Fuck Mark” you cursed as he stopped sucking your lips and went down to your hole. He entered his tongue into you beginning to fuck you with it at a very slow pace. He was literally driving your crazy.

You looked down between your legs and the site sent you mad. Seeing his face nuzzled between your thighs as he looked up at you was too much you moaned loudly for him. He continued fucking you with his tongue as he now attached his thumb to your clit and you screamed as he began circling your clit quickly.

You closed your eyes and began rocking your hips against him, you were basically fucking his face at this point. You could feel your orgasm so close. “I’m close” you whimpered and he sped up his tongue and thumb drawing you closer and closer to release. Soon you screamed loudly and came hard. He stayed where he was licking up all your juices as you came.

When you were done he shifted you both so that you were laying down on the bed. He smirked at you taking off his pants and boxers letting his hard dick spring free. You moaned at the sight of it. He smirked and climbed on the bed on top of you. “You ready for me baby?” he asked and you nodded.

He entered you immediately but slowly allowing you to adjust to every single inch of  him. You moaned when he was finally fully inside of you, stretching you to the maximum. You’ve never felt that good before. You pulled him down close to you as he began moving inside of you slowly but deeply.

“God you’re so fucking tight.” Mark groaned against your lips, nibbling on your bottom lip slightly. You moaned scratching down his back because he was fucking you so well. Which each thrust your pleasure was increasing. Mark was so good. You attached your lips to his as he kept pounding into you. You explored his mouth desperately with your tongue just wanting to feel all of him.

Your kiss was sloppy but so enjoyable. Mark was picking up speed now, fucking you faster and deeper than before and if felt so good. You tugged on his hair and bit on his lips whilst clenching around him.”Fuck” he grunted into your mouth. He was enjoying your pussy so much. 

You pulled him down attaching your lips to his neck now, determined to leave a hicky. You began to suck harshly on his neck and he groaned for you only making you clench around him yet again. You bit, sucked and licked his neck over and over before finally pulling away and smiling at the bright red hicky. However your smile soon turned into a cry of pleasure as he had just hit your spot.

He smirked and continued fucking you at that angle making sure to hit your spot time and time again. You could feel your second orgasm start to build up inside you. You were clenching around him frequently sending him crazy with pleasure and drawing his orgasm closer. You felt him twitch inside you and you knew he was close as well. When you felt it coming you pulled him in kissing him softly as you came. He came a second after. You both moaned into the kiss.

When it was over he pecking your lips softly before whispering “I love you Y/N I always have.” 

You smiled up at him “I love you too.”

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7. Poe Dameron x Reader Insecure

A/N: Yeah I just figured that all of the different planet probably have a native language, and because Poe is portrayed by the sexy Oscar Isaac, I made Yavin IV’s native language Spanish.. Honey badger don’t care!


Poe could always tell when you felt insecure. He knew that the feeling would blindside you out of nowhere. He could see the change in your eyes. One moment sparkling with joy and fervor as you laughed along with him, the next listless and dull.

   The first time he noticed the change was an evening when the two of you were just sitting in his quarters, laughing and talking about the day, enjoying each others company. Both of you were sat on the bed with backs against the wall. You were snuggled up into his side with your legs curled up against him, and he drew lazy patterns on your knee. You were giggling about something so he looked down to you. When you looked up at him and focused on his gaze, your eyes changed from mirthful to stodgy and you buried your face into the crook of his neck. At the time he wasn’t exactly sure what had happened, so he just wrapped his arm around you to pull you close and kissed your head before resting his cheek where he had kissed you.

   The second time the two of you were in the cafeteria with Finn and Rey. The four of you lightheartedly talking about something or other when you had glanced up at him giving him a loving look. He smiled at you and sent you a wink. Your smile grew, showcasing dimples as you sheepishly looked down. When you looked back up at him, after he noticed you look over his face, he saw it hit you again. In the span of an instant the look in your eyes went from loving and warm to sad and standoffish. At the time all he could think to do was take your hand and bring it up to his lips to sweetly kiss you knuckles, giving you the most obviously loving look that he could without drawing too much attention to you.

   Now the two of you were in your quarters and he had just pulled you into a passionate kiss on the bed. He was on his back with one arm wrapped around your waist, the other hand cupping the back of your head to pull you as close as he could to himself. The two of you pulled away for just a moment to catch your breath, smiling like idiots, giggling to each other. Your eyes wandered around his face but stopped when your gaze fell onto his. And then it happened again. Out of nowhere. Your eyes had gone from ardent and vehement to lackluster and distant. Poe noticed immediately and he frowned. You tried to hide your face in between his neck and the pillow. He stroked your hair gently.

   "What’s happened?“ he asked, his voice laced with worry. While he did mean the question for right now, he truly meant it as a general inquiry. What was it that kept happening in your head that hits you like a brick wall? What is it that keeps knocking you down, and dragging you away from him. He could see the hurt in you eyes and he felt it in his own heart. He was afraid that he might be losing you. And he couldn’t do that. Not now that he knew what true happiness was. Not when he knew that he only felt true happiness when he was with you. He would fight for you. Fight to be with you. Whatever it took.

   He heard a melancholy sigh escape you and your warm breath heat up the pillow under his neck. He didn’t mean to push you, but he was so afraid of not knowing what was going on. He moved his head to try to look at you. To try to coax you to talk to him. You lifted your head up and moved your arm so that you could rest your cheek in your hand. The look you gave him was dejected and he could see the gears working in your brain, trying to find the right words. He cajoled you by continuing to brush his fingers through your hair. Then you licked your lips, preparing to explain yourself.

   "I don’t deserve you. And I’m just waiting for the time when you realize that.” you finally put into words. Poe looked completely dumbfounded. How could you possibly think that? How could the one truly perfect creature in the universe not think that she deserved me. If anything, Poe thought that it was he who didn’t deserve you. In his eyes you were way out of his league. He struggled to find the motor skills to say something, anything at all. Finally he managed, “How?”

   You sat up from his chest, on your knees between his legs. He followed you, coming up from the bed to look you perplexedly in the eye. “How could I not? You’re so amazing, Poe. You’re brave and selfless, and kind and funny, and smart, and you can fly a plane better than anyone else in the galaxy. You have so much to offer everyone. And I’m just…” Your voice died off. Either you couldn’t think of the right thing to say or you didn’t have the courage to say it.

   "You’re just what?“ He hand came to cup your cheek again. "You have more heart than anyone I’ve ever met. You have more love in your little finger than any ten people on this base have in their whole bodies. Brave and selfless? Those are two qualities that I admire most about you! You care, so much, about others. You are so attentive to their needs. Tony and his apron, Snap and his helmet, those toys that you make for the kids - you will never know how truly appreciated those gifts of yours were. You have no idea how wonderful you are. Especially to me. Don’t you ever think that you don’t deserve something, because you deserve everything.” he told you earnestly. By now tears were dropping from your eyes. Poe rested his forehead against yours.

   "But Poe,“ you started through quiet sobs, "You should be with someone who knows stuff about flying or plane mechanics, or fighting.” You paused and Poe waited for you to continue. “Or at least someone pretty. Everyone is prettier than I am, and they know useful things.”

   Suddenly both of Poe’s hands were holding your face forcing you to look at him. He was upset. “You listen to me.” he said in an insistent tone. “Never ever say that you’re not useful. And especially never say that you aren’t anything other than stunningly beautiful. Because that is exactly what you are. A breathtaking goddess divine! You are everything to me! You are my sun and my stars. You are air in my lungs. They very ground I walk on. Eres mi toda!” He finished in the native language of Yavin IV, and with that he pressed a deep kiss to your lips. He didn’t care that you were crying and your face was wet. He just needed to kiss you. He needed to show you. Show you exactly how he felt about you. Show you how he loved you so fucking much.


   You lay on your side in Poe’s arms as he held you so close to his chest, if he had held you any tighter you wouldn’t be able to breathe. You had fallen asleep almost immediately after your activities. Poe made sure to show you the true nature of his feelings for until you couldn’t take it anymore. Until you had no choice but to believe him.

   Kissing your shoulder lovingly, Poe reached forward onto the night table to turn off the lamp before resting his head beside yours. “Te amo, mi toda.” he said softly to you before following you into a deep sleep.

anonymous asked:

Hi Baby :D what a beautiful day to show us exo's reaction on your crying because of first wrinkles on your face :D

Hello! I hope You like it! :D

“You know even if You have that, for some reason I still have butterflies in my stomach don’t forget about that”

“What are You saying? You didn’t change even a bit, look…”

“You must to be insane, you don’t have any wrinkles, please look closer”

“Are You stupid? Your too young for that shit”

“Am I blind? because I really can’t see that wrinkle on Your forehead”

“Jesus Christ women, even if You have small wrinkles Your still sexy and beautiful to me”

“Yeah, please You can lie to me but every girl want to have skin just like Yours”

“Of course You have them, everyone have them. But Yours are different, thanks to them I fell in love with You even more”

“guuuuuurl You have to be really blind, why You actually noticed Your wrincles if You could noticed Your shining like gold eyes or breathtaking smile?”

“Of course You have them, but that’s even better because no one will want to steal You from me and You’ll be all mine”

“Baby it’s not like the end of the world, beside that mean You are becoming a real women and I really like that new side of You”

“Am I high now? becouse your wrinkles are turning me on even more… No of course I’m not high because Your always amazing for me”

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