okay so

i’m not even drunk but 

i just spent a solid half hour crying over the thought of a young lena luthor slowly getting used to celebrating thanksgiving with just lex- 

but it was okay because he was her big brother, her hero, her family-

and then slowly getting used to celebrating thanksgiving alone when he turned out to be a sociopathic mass murderer 

and crying herself to sleep at night afterwards at the memories of who he used to be

and still not warranting an invite to the Danvers family thanksgiving dinner????

like, we all know who really needed Eliza’s cooking and mom talks and warm hugs from kara ‘holiday softie’ danvers

and i just can’t

@supergirl writers:

#treat lena luthor right or im coming in there with pitchforks, a thanksgiving turkey, and a hand-knitted christmas sweater

Sleeping next to Negan would include:

Negan can be cruel and he sure is an asshole from time to time, but there is a place he finds rest and peace.
Next to you, he’s soft as a kitten.

He would watch you.
Hours sometimes, just admiring how your chest moves and how peaceful you appeared.

Him constantly hugging you from behind, shoving himself against you, pulling you all close.

From time to time you’d be the big spoon and he’d love it, but wouldn’t ever tell you. He isn’t used to getting held at all but he is absolutely in love with it.
You would kiss the top of his head softly and he’d hum in approval.

Him tossing and turning all night long, waking up every time he hears the slightest noise. 
Negan suffers from nightmares but you never ever heard him scream or cry in the night. 
What he appreciates most about you though, is that you just know when to care for him and that you never talk to him about it, when he doesn’t want to. 
You just accept him, look at him and rest your head on his chest, caressing his cheek until he softly falls asleep again. 

You being the only one allowed to sleep in his bed every night.

Whenever he comes to his room late at night and finds you asleep, he sits next to the bed, watching you. 
It reminds him of his nights in hospital, watching Lucille. 
You looked so much like her with your soft hair scattered on the pillow. 
Whenever you woke up, finding him like this you would softly get up and settle in his lap, snuggling into his arms as he holds you.

He loved playing with your hair. 
It is a total turn on for him and would often lead to him whispering dirty little secrets into your ear, as his hand brushes down your body.

When you’re asleep he would trail your spine with his finger, all the way down until he went up again to your neck, your throat the your collarbone up your throat again and along your jaw and cheekbone until he went down your spine again.

Whenever he would catch you tossing around or mumbling in your sleep he would immediately wake up and pull you on top of him. 
He would caress your head and whisper sweet little things to calm you again. 

He loved it that you constantly kissed him during the night. 
Sometimes you were completely, sometimes half asleep - but he would get little kisses all the time. 
Sometimes his cheek, sometimes his throat or his chest.

You sang or at least hummed songs while your hand lovingly  ruffled through his hair whenever he would wake up in the night. 
He would place his head just above your breasts and listen to you. 

“Yes, Negan?”
“Just checking if your still here…”
“Sleep, my love.”, you’d chuckle.
“I love you.”, he’d mutter.

So Emma needed to be taught a lesson? She needed to be taught that it was wrong of her to have dreamt of a life in which she didn’t grow up abandoned, unloved, and crying herself to sleep every night?

It was wrong for her to long for an existence in which her role as Savior doesn’t constantly put the lives of everyone she loves at risk?

Imagine the nerve of her wishing for things like that yet still choosing to forgive and befriend the woman who ruined her life!

How dare she long for peace, happiness, and quiet moments yet still choose to accept the burden of being the Savior even when it means her certain death!

Good thing the EQ showed her!

If Emma hadn’t learned this “lesson” - that she’s nothing without the suffering Regina’s villainy bestowed upon her - the writers might have had to have Regina actually apologize some day for the pain she caused Emma.

But now she never has to - because Emma’s “ok with that” since otherwise she would have “sucked”.

I’ve lost all hope for this show.

I won’t let you hurt me again. Not this time, I won’t let you make me feel empty when you leave. I won’t cry every night wondering why I was never enough for you. I’m not. I won’t let you just come again when ever your lonely, when ever your pathetic soul decides to feel sympathy, I’ll be gone.

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school putd me under a lot of pressure and I dunno what to do. i cry every night because I'm scared of bad grades and I know its stupid but I wanna make a good impression. idk

school can be super stressful, i feel that. thing is, your health is more important than a grade. take care of yourself first

last night my brother said we were best friends and honestly it was such a weird thing to hear because for the first 11 years of his life we couldn’t fucking stand each other like it was mostly him being a kid trying to hang out with me and me being a teenager and telling him to fuck off, but we really didn’t like being around each other and we always bickered. and now he’s nearly 15 and we always hang out and play overwatch together and share videos and memes and go shopping together, and he asks me Life questions that he’s too embarrassed to ask mum about, and we share fanfic and fanart, and he really is my best friend. and it’s such a stark contrast to the past, but it’s so good???

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I'm starting to fall out of love with my boyfriend of two years.. he's so immature I guess, he doesn't compliment me anymore, doesn't do anything romantic, he stopped doing the things that I fell in love with him for. I cry at night thinking about what to do, I know I can't leave him, but staying with him is making me more and more miserable when I know that there is probably someone better out there that will treat me better

it’s better to not lead him on anymore and end things sooner rather than later

So hey, today is Cry’s birthday!

Cry recently had surgery to get his gall bladder removed, but Cry being Cry, he decided that the health insurance thing/whatever it is you Americans use to not have to pay thousands of dollars for basic health care was sketchy, and didn’t get any health insurance.

Needless to say, the poor guy is stuck with a massive bill after the surgery.

Jund started a fund to help him out, and tonight The Late Night Crew (minus Cry who is still in bad shape after being cut open) is gonna be streaming like they usually do on Saturday night, this time focusing on helping collect funds to cover his hospital bills

If you have a few dollars to spare, think about donating, please

Gofundme page:
Late Night with Cry And Russ stream (starts at 11 pm eastern time):