Crying about craft supplies drabbles: Knitting supplies, for anon

“Look what came today!” Mabel sang to the webcam, hefting a large cardboard box into view.

“We wanted to wait so you could watch us open it,” Dipper added.

“Yeah! For warm fuzzies reasons and in case it’s another cursed relic you need to help us exorcise!”

“I promise,” Ford replied, “There’s absolutely nothing cursed about this package. Look! I didn’t even need to ward it!”

“You said you didn’t need to ward the one two boxes ago and that almost got us tried for witchcraft,” Dipper pointed out. “I know you’re still getting used to the rules in this dimension, but the postal service is threatening to cut us off.”

Ford laughed. “If they do, we’ll just have to find a new way of delivering mail. I know Fiddleford was thinking about repurposing that Pterodactyltron …”

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Tiny Plot Ideas Pt. 1
  • 1: Muse A and Muse B are part of a team, but their constant arguing causes problems. They have to pull it together for the sake of the team.
  • 2: Muse A confessed their love to Muse B, but was rejected.
  • 3: Muse B and Muse A pretend to be in a relationship for the purpose of an undercover mission.
  • 4: Muse B is cornered by a bully, but Muse A comes to the rescue.
  • 5: A prophecy foretold that Muse A would be the only one who could defeat the evil Muse B.
  • 6: Muse B is a super hero hiding their secret identity from Muse A.
  • 7: Muse A and Muse B watching a very sad movie. Muse A is crying.
  • 8: Muse B knits an ugly sweater and forces Muse A to wear it.
  • 9: Muse B is the leader of an organization. Muse A is their loyal second-in-command.
  • 10: Muse B is Muse A's hired body guard.
  • 11: Muse A saved Muse B's life. Muse B is honorbound to return the favor.
  • 12: Muse B is bitten by a zombie and has to be put down by Muse A.
  • 13: Muse A and Muse B as rivals in a competition or contest.
  • 14: Muse A and Muse B fighting together, back to back.
  • 15: Muse A with a hangover, but Muse B is feeling fine.
  • 16: Muse A gets a contract to assassinate Muse B.
  • 17: Muse A is a member of the royal family and Muse B is a lowly peasant.
  • 18: Muse A is the leader of an organization. Muse B is their loyal second-in-command.
  • 19: Muse A is trapped in a storm drain, and only Muse B can save them. However Muse B does not have the capabilities to do so, and must figure out a proper way.
  • 20: Muse A frequently has dreams or nightmares about Muse B.