crying with me

I would willingly be in a class without men and antisjws can quote me on that.

The men in my comparative government class are so fucking condescending it’s insane.

Me and another girl are in a group with two guys doing a project and we did research and talked together.

Then today, the guys tell our professor they didn’t fucking know we were in the group to exclude us for some reason despite the work we did. So now I’m stuck in a group with two guys who don’t want us in our group and STILL ignore us to talk to each other. They also still laugh at me for adding onto their ideas…

Literally get over yourself lmfao. Like this genuinely made me feel like shit because I’m extremely hard on myself especially around men.

Hell, I’d rather work with stuck up rich kids who ignore me now.

It’s officially one year since the BONCAS!!! 

I seriously can’t believe that it’s been a year since this:

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So I finally decided to watch ‘Stray kids’ today because I found the blue/gray haired dude (chan) cute as hell. But anyways, that’s not the point. The point is, I didn’t know one of BTS’ (probably ex) backup dancers is a part of the group....I need to stop living under a rock.

So please sign this petition to get him back in the group, so they can debut as nine. Because I’m in love with them and I want to knock someone *jyp* for eliminating him -.- 


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