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Hello Steph, sorry to bother you with this old question: and When Sherlock was dying, Moriarty said, "Mommy and Daddy would cry. Mrs hudson would cry. The woman would cry. And John would cry, buckets and buckets." I can see that he didn't think of Mycroft here because he was supposed to be the iceman, but why mentioned Irene while not mentioning Greg and Molly? I get that the key point here is John but why talked about Irene before John? Any hints? And thank you for always being wonderful!

Hi Nonny!

We discussed this scene awhile ago and surprisingly none of us thought about this. Well, given that this is in Sherlock’s head:

  • I think he believes that Greg only likes him for the work, even though on multiple occasions Greg has shown genuine caring and affection for him. One of the biggest faults for people with low self esteem (that’s me, hello) is that we genuinely believe that we are a bother to everyone and people only like us for our utility. We have a hard time believing that anyone genuinely loves and cares about us, so we fear attaching ourselves to people because they’re just inevitably going to break our hearts in one form or another. This goes for someone like Sherlock, who thinks, for a lot of people, that he’s only good for their need of his talents, ergo, he doesn’t think Greg will miss him all that much. That, and we have to also take into account about Sherlock’s first “death”. Perhaps he didn’t see Greg grieve for Sherlock’s death like he did John, so he thinks he won’t be all that missed. 
  • With Mycroft, I do truly believe that Sherlock’s self esteem is so low that he doesn’t think his brother loves him all that much; I would presume the only other times he’s seen his brother worry over him was when he was drugged out of his mind, and it’s likely Sherlock probably doesn’t remember those or “deleted” them. He loves and idolizes Mycroft, but we even see in his mind palace as he’s dying that Sherlock believes that Mycroft thinks him stupid, so perhaps Sherlock doesn’t think his brother – despite ALL the thing Mycroft does for him and lets him get away with – would care if he was gone… just another thing Mycroft doesn’t have to worry about anymore.
  • I think with Molly, earlier in the episode, she was angry with him for not being the man she fantasized him to be, so I imagine her anger is still fresh in his mind; he’s not the pedestal-god she built him up to be, and  Sherlock knows it's only her infatuation with him that keeps her wanting to help him all the time, so he thinks she doesn’t REALLY like him for anything more than that. I don’t doubt that he does value their friendship, but I don’t really think he thinks of her beyond a valued colleague. She does have a place in his mind palace, after all, as the personification of his knowledge on the human body.
  • For Irene, I think he thought of her because she made some sort of impression to him in helping him discover his sexual interest in John. I like to headcanon that she will be upset because Sherlock didn’t tell John before he died about his feelings, because she genuinely wanted them together. In actuality, I think it’s because he did understand that she appreciated his intelligence and felt some sort of passing platonic affection for him and his naïveté.

But it means nothing that Irene was thought of before John; John was the last thought Sherlock had as he was dying – the VERY last one – before he decided he needed to live, because JOHN was in danger. He came back for John, not anyone else.

As an aside, I’m not going to go into how this entire scene (“That wife! John Watson is definitely in danger!”) is rendered COMPLETELY pointless with the ridiculous 180 of Mary’s character in S4. :/

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Hello! I noticed that you don't really like YOI at all, and I must say I agree with you. Most of the fandom is crappy, and the show is not very good. Without even watching it, I got swept into the bandwagon as everyone around me kept saying it was revolutionary, the best, and so awesome. I came to kinda believe that YOI really was that way. But I didn't really care I guess, I just went a long with the flow. But then I actually watched the show. -_- And It wasn't good, I saw no reason why it was

(Same anon) -praised so much. In the first episode, you aren’t given a reason to care for the MC. You are told he failed, and you see him crying in a bathroom stall, but there’s no reason why you should care about it. He has no motivation! Why did he even start skating in the first place? It’s shown that he skated before knowing who Victor was, but we never ever found out why!? And that’s not good. Speaking as an athlete myself, people who do sports/ compete usually have some sort of motivation.

Plus, calling Yuri a pig and other things like that is so rude and horrible. He’s not a good coach! A good coach doesn’t insult you or ask ridiculous things about your favorite food or personal life. They are supposed to help you! And… Viktor hasn’t done that. I also haven’t learned anything about figure skating that I didn’t already know. One of the reasons I enjoy Haikyuu so much is I learned a lot about volleyball, something I knew nothing about. You could also see the passion the players

(Same anon) the players in Haikyuu have for the game. I don’t get any of that from either Viktor or Yuri. Imo, Yurio is the best character because even though he’s a jerk, he seems to have a passion for what he does, and a motivation to skate, and win, and do better. Some of the side characters have that too. Also, the dialogue is ridiculous, and I do not like the fanservice. And the main relationship isn’t very well done, imo. I did like the opening, and I do like Yurio, but that’s about it.

I don’t think there’s anything I can add here, you’ve said everything anon.

Exo’s Reaction to watching Hachiko

I watched this movie a while ago and omg it’s so freaking sad. I love dogs and that made it even sadder :’( But anyways, hope you enjoy the reaction -Admin G


*Since he was watching the movie with you and you were already shedding some tears, he didn’t want to cry as well. So every time he felt his eyes getting watery he would look away from the movie and would try to get rid of the tear without you noticing.*


*No matter how sad he felt about the movie and how watery his eyes got sometimes, he still somehow held the tears in and never once cried.*

Luhan: *after movie ends* “Told you I wasn’t going to cry. I’m too manly for these kind of movies…”

Y/N: “Yeah right. I saw your eyes get watery a bunch of times Lu.”

*He then just walks away before you could say anything else.*


*Even though he told you he wasn’t going to cry, multiple times, somehow a tear escaped his watery eyes in which he didn't notice until you pointed it out.*

Y/N: “Kris.” *laughs* “Is that a tear I see rolling down your face?”

Kris: *quickly touches his face* “Ahh damn it!” *wipes tears away* “Why is this movie so sad?? I thought I really wasn’t going to cry.”


*You see him about to cry with watery eyes so you point it out, which makes him laugh because he said he probably wasn’t going to get sad while watching this movie.*


*Before the movie could get any sadder he would fall asleep so then he wouldn’t cry.*


*He told you that you weren’t going to see him cry while watching this movie. So every time he felt that a tear was going to fall he would quickly rub his eyes pretending that they itched, but really he’s wiping the tears away without you noticing.*


*He would pout a lot during the movie during some sad parts but when it came to the really sad part, a tear might escape at least one.*


*He would just eat during the whole movie specially during those sad parts so then he doesn't end up crying.*


*No matter what he says before starting the movie, he still ends up crying.*


*From start to finish, Tao cries every time sad parts come. And when he can’t handle it he would look away.*


*Every time during sad parts he would look away so then he wouldn’t cry but would still have watery eyes during the whole movie.*



Most of these gifs are from Exo showtime but like they all go with it since they were watching a sad movie then lol

If you guys have any requests, Please, feel free to send them in :)

  • Me: I think I should go now...
  • You: Okay.
  • Me: ....
  • *In my head*
  • Me: I hoped you would want me to stay. I hoped you would try to stop me from going. I hoped I was worth the fight enough to keep around. I thought our friendship meant more to you than this, I thought you would stop me if I were to go. I thought you didn't want to loose me.
  • Me: You used to tell me all the time how much you cared. How you'd always be there. You must not care if you're able to let me go this easily. I guess losing me is easier for you than you implied.
  • Me: Won't you miss me? I must mean nothing to you. You probably won't think about me while I'm gone. You're probably laughing and having a great time with someone and I'm here crying. Won't you think about me? Won't you have memories? Won't you want to see me again?
  • Me: Don't you want to talk to me, isn't time with me enough for you? Did I offend you or upset you at some point, why didn't you say something about it before, why did you leave me in the dark, what can I do to make you want me to stay?
  • Me: Shouldn't it be harder to say goodbye, shouldn't you put up a fight? Don't I mean something to you? Don't you want to be my friend? Didn't you say you need wanted to loose me?
  • Me: What happened? Were you lying to me when you said you cared? Don't you want to stay my friend forever, why is this so easy for you? Did you lie to me? Are you breaking your promise of never letting me go? Didn't you say you'd be there for me? How is letting me leave going to have you be there for me?
  • Me: What did I do wrong? Was I too clingy, did I give too much space, was I too obnoxious? Did I open up too much, did I open up too little? I must be too fat and ugly to be wanted. I must have been a horrible friend. I must have done everything wrong. I'm a horrible person.
  • Me: I'm so sorry for everything I've done to you. I'm so sorry for every word I spoke out of line and every wrong thing I said. I'm sorry for every moment I caused you stress, maybe me leaving is best for you and I shouldn't fight it. I must have brought this upon myself. I'm so sorry. I hope one day you can forgive me for my horrible friendship.
  • Me: I guess our friendship means nothing to you. I'm a disgusting human being. No one loves me. I'm alone. I'm horrible. I hate myself. You're right to let me go. No wonder you didn't fight me. I'm so sorry you ever had to deal with me. You're better off this way.

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I drew Anna and Elsa as Zuni for an art contest at my school, because my little sister is Zuni (she's adopted) and I wanted her to have princesses like her. It took first place and I want to thank the mods. Before I found your posts about Frozen I didn't know racebending white characters to be non-white was a thing. Seeing my sister scream 'they look like me!' and cry was the best Christmas gift ever and I owe it to you. Until she said that, I never understood fully why representation matters.

Thank you for sharing your story. We’d love to see your art some day, as well.


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this is just my opinion but I don't see why everybody his making such a big deal over his death? I mean, yes it is very sad, and I could understand it if it was jlaw or someone everybody talked and idolised about, but I didn't even know his name before he died? Because people are saying they are crying and it's a huge tragedy, put people die everyday, right? If he hadn't played a small part in our fandom film no one would even have mentioned his death probably.

You do realise he is far more than just Putarch Heavensbee in the hunger games

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I was going through my dash and I found a picture of sam and I didn't realize it but I just sat there staring at it and then it took me about another minute to realize I was CRYING I hope you are happy, I've never sobbed because of a picture before.

It honestly took me a second to realize why this was my fault. And then I remembered…

0_o And on that note, I’m going to bed!

Sweet dreams. I love you. I’ll see you again.