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Top 5 INFP myths

Okay so I see these really obnoxious myths about INFPs all the time and I am so sick of them and as the INFP Princess, I wanted to clear up these stereotypes to save my peoples’ honor and dignity (although tbh our Fi doesn’t really care if you think we are cuddly baby unicorns that cry rainbow tears). So if you come across any of these things said about INFPs.. please don’t believe them! 

1. INFPs are unable to think rationally and make plans that will work out in the real world-

*gasp* yes! We are actually perfectly capable of rational thought, can handle stress, and make solid plans that get us where we want to go. Just because we dream dreams that seem impossible to others does not mean we cannot go through with and accomplish them.

2. INFPs run away from conflict and cannot stand up for things-

While it is true that we may want to avoid conflict and confrontation, have you ever tried hurting someone close to an INFP or attacking one of our closely held principles? Everyone who thinks INFPs are harmless: I dare you to try that. Good luck..

3. INFPs get sad and happy but never angry-


4. All INFPs are great artists and/or writers-

This frustrates me so much because all these INFPs begin to think that they are not capable of pursuing the more logical careers or feel inadequate because writing poetry and painting isn’t their thing. INFPs are expressive and they have to find a way to channel their energy but it doesn’t have to be something through art or writing! Whatever you choose to do and be great at comes from you making the choice and working hard. A well developed Te can actually aids INFPs in having sound logic.

5. We are overly emotional and always talking about their feelings-

Sensitive and intensely feeling emotions? Yes.
 Always displaying them to you? No. 
We are actually more likely to just keep what we feel to ourselves because of our Fi and so blatant emotional displays will be rare unless we are close to you and trust you.

From what was left of Ulysses’ money, every simoleon was well invested in buying a Freezer Bunny Guitar. Soon he would get enough money anyway by being a rock star to buy Ordinary Joe stuff like a bed or a toilet.

Moreover, it was always his dream to sing Taylor Swift songs about crying silvery unicorn tears over the break-up with Hollywood actors who are still in the closet.

But when Ulysses started the yodelling, he realised that he had not the slightest clue how to play that damn thing. 

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emilybuttrickards  asked:

BRE! I need you to meet Stephen because I want to read/see your reaction to him. I imagine you walking up to him and just whispering "you gorgeous motherfucker" during a photo op and just steve wide eye expression when the photo gets printed. Yes, I have headcanons of you meeting him.

Oh my god, Jo, I laughed so hard when I read this… and then I thought, “I do need to meet Amell!”

When I meet celebrities, I’m either incredibly disillusioned (”Oh, this is just another dude, that’s cool. Alright, back to our day.”) or I get so shaky and insane that I forget how to speak (”You’re… I, but… hi, I mean… I… hi!” And they’re like, “Hi, let me dazzle you with my smile,” and I’m like, “I am not fucking worthy, look away!”)

I’m willing to bet I’ll be the latter. No, it’s actually a guarantee.

“wat r wurds”

Which means I’d very likely utter, “You gorgeous motherfucker,” and then I would die of mortification, Jo.

what is he even made of

Let’s tell a story via Lucille Bluth:

Me when Amell is far away, or I’m at the end of the line to meet him:

“Are you even real?”

(Oh yes, I’ll be drinking, because my nerves will need to be calmed. I’ll have a flash of whiskey… so I might be sloshed when I finally get close to him.)

Because I’ll have had whiskey in my passenger seat for at least several hours, I’ll say, “People think I’m ‘obsessed’ with you or something…

“… but really I’m just… angry, because like really… you motherfucker.”

(That’s all I think when I see pictures of him, this will not go well.)

He would probably be amused, he’d probably chuckle, making me want to cry unicorn tears, and flash me those ridiculous teeth with that ridiculous smile and those ridiculous eyes and his ridiculous everything, and I’d then proceed to drop my camera, video camera, iPad, phone, whateverelseibroughtbecauseiwantedtomakesureihadsomethingtotakeapicturewith in my haste to get a picture with him and he’d be like, “Whoa,” and I’d be like, “I’m so sorry, my hands are shaking so bad that holding anything is bad. Except whiskey. You want some of this? No, don’t do that, if your lips touched this, I’d die right here and I don’t want to scar you for life.”

A picture would be taken, and it will go really well because I refuse to accept anything else. I’ll look amazing, and totally calm and not be freaking out because holy fuck, Amell’s hand is touching me (of course, once the picture is done, I’ll have a meltdown because fucking Amell’s hand touched me):

And I’d ask for a hug in a really squeaky voice and he’d be like, “Of course,” (because he’s fucking nice, fuck him) and I’d caress his muscles like a fucking creeper and I’d probably say something like, “Wow, you smell really good.”

And then, when it’s time to say goodbye, I’ll just stand there like this because my brain will think it needs to leave a better impression than the one I’ve given him, but when I’m nervous, I’m so awkward, like past normal levels of awkwardness:

But he’ll be so nice about it because he’s such a ray of sunshine based on all the stories I’ve read about him meeting fans, and then I’ll get angry because I’m being so weird and you’re so nice, stop it…

And he’ll be like, “It was nice meeting you,” and I’ll say, “I love you too,” and then run the fuck away.

Because this…

… I cannot handle it in gifs, much less in real life.

So that will be fun.

anonymous asked:

Oh goodness. If a next season of Free! had Rei and Nagisa as a focus, I would cry unicorn tears. Can you imagine them being left with the club and the new members that join are left in wonder over how well Rei and Nagisa together are? Real unicorn tears will be shed.

And this, my friends, is the true power Reigisa is capable of.