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Inuoka vs Hinata!

Tarou (Inuoka)
At last we’re at the final show.
I want to show Inuoka-kun’s best form to everyone in the country.  
Here is Kenta-kun, who’s fought with everything he had 35 times now.
He’s my beloved senpai, and my strongest rival.
That’s why I don’t want to lose this last showdown.
Whether we cry or laugh, this is the last match!!
We’ll leave no regrets.
Please support us to the very end.

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

[170109] Baekhyun quoted a piece of lyrics from this song (the background song playing on Chanyeol’s instagram post), “Don’t ever love like this again~~~ Rather than remembering you!!!!! I’m waiting for you~~~”

Ill by witchcraft
Ill by witchcraft

This is just a recording of me singing over another song tbh, i was in the singing vibes the other day so i just played the music, sang and started recording, just for fun so, im not pro at all

the song is Sick with magic by my fave singer Pennybirdabbit uvu