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Loki in Avengers Tower headcanons

Loki retreating to the roof of Avengers Tower because the only one who ever goes up there anyway is Clint, and maybe Loki has a death wish but he can’t help being intrigued by the possibility of a conversation now between just the two of them.

Loki keeping the same hours as Tony–in other words, erratic and probably not too healthy. No one is really surprised.

Loki playing a silent game with himself whenever Natasha is in the room, trying to figure out how often she tells lies or half truths. It keeps his mind occupied, and though he doubts he will ever be able to read her completely, it’s good to keep in practise. Later, Natasha catches on, and starts throwing in subtle, harmless lies just to see if Loki will notice them.

Loki maintaining that everything he did on Midgard was clear-minded and intentional. It’s easier than admitting the madness grew too strong, and that sometimes he thinks he can still see wisps of blue in the corners of his vision.

Loki insisting that Thor bring him back several dozen books from Asgard, as well as a few flagons of his favourite wine. He doesn’t share except with Thor–and, once, with Pepper. She isn’t afraid of him; she’s just all-out pissed at him, and it’s so refreshing that he offers her a glass of his finest. She refuses, and he smiles, but the offer still stands.

Loki keeping mostly to himself, but every once in a while finding the silence a little too eerie. Sometimes when the others are gathered in the lounge over drinks, he slips into a corner and sits there without a single word. Everyone is pretty suspicious the first couple of times this happens, but Thor tells them not to worry. He suspects that Loki actually does want the company.

Loki sneaking into Tony’s workshop at odd hours to look around. He’s actually quite impressed with it all. Sometimes he adds little popups to the computer programs just to annoy Tony. (And then, to throw him off-balance, he occasionally adds something that’s actually quite useful. JARVIS knows, of course, but it’s amusing to watch Stark’s reaction all the same.)

Loki having two states of dress: impeccable, and careless lounge lizard. He is often seen padding around the tower with bare feet, even in Tony’s shop. On the rare occasions when the others allow him outside, he becomes a pristine, elegant bastard whose goal in life seems to be stealing admiring glances away from the rest of the group–or just stealing away from the group.

Loki getting up early and making breakfast for one. He deliberately wafts the scent of bacon into the air vents just so he can sit back and look smug when someone comes into the kitchen looking for the source.

Loki fighting nightmares even worse than Tony’s. Steve finds him one night huddled in a corner, and though he doesn’t say anything at the time, he does inform Thor the next day, with a murmured suspicion that there is still a lot Loki isn’t telling.

Loki turning up with a large brazier in his room from God-knows-where. He sets the fire late at night and sits before it for hours without moving or speaking. He hates the flames, but he needs what they can show him. Sometimes he even gets through. Frigga never knows how close he comes to showing himself in her fire.

Loki treating Bruce with a wary, room-skirting respect he offers no one else. He knows, after all, what it is to try to bury one’s demons. Bruce avoids him just as often; he does’t much like what happened either.

Loki trying not to show his surprise when, after the others begin to relax around him, they start asking if he needs anything. (They may not trust him, but they’re basically decent, after all). The first time Natasha throws out the question, Loki’s eyes flick automatically to Thor, seeking clarification. He cannot remember the last time it mattered what he wanted.

Lightning and Metal Don't Mix - part 2

So this is part 2 of โ€œLightning and Metal Donโ€™t Mixโ€ I hope you all enjoy this and let me know what you think!

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Warnings: Angst, crying, and Thor being an adorable puppy

Pairing: Thor x reader x Bucky love triangle

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Sleep seemed to come easier to you with Thor cuddling you as he slept. Nights of rummaging through cabinets for food and watching TV long gone, you finally found sleep.

But some people couldnโ€™t. Buckyโ€™s nightmares were always the same. The victims of the Winter Soldier screaming at him as they clawed at his body to drag him down with them in a pit of decomposing bodies. Their faces hollow, their eyes sunken in, teeth rotting and their skin decomposing with each nightmare.

They grasped his arms in a bone breaking grip as they screamed and wailed to him, grabbing his clothes and feet, they blamed him for theyโ€™re deaths and screamed revenge.
He always woke up when he saw the one victim that heโ€™d always remember every detail of.

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  • Tony: Brace yourselves, guys, Steve is making us brunch.
  • Bucky: Oh god, no.
  • Natasha: Oh, I can't go through this again.
  • Bruce: This is just a bad idea.
  • Thor: Wait, I've got an idea. If we leave now, we can get to the pub down the street and get drunk enough that he can't force feed us without it being illegal.
  • Everyone: *start moving towards the door, only to find it blocked by steve when it opens*
  • Steve: Fleeing somewhere?
  • Everyone: *denying it*
  • Steve: Oh, good! Then let's get going to the dining room, come on, move it, let's go, stop crying Natasha.
  • Natasha: *sobbing noises*
-  Do you see the difference ?

Loki wants to make his mother proud.
Thor wants to make his father proud.