crying tears of joy and ugliness

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everything-was-a-dream AU but it's secretly a time-travel AU. Viktor wakes up after in his apartment a few days after the Sochi GPF and is super depressed bc he thinks it was all a dream. But at Worlds he is tackled by Yuuri (who also traveled back and was determined to have a better season this time), who peppers him with kisses and apologies for not seeking him out sooner, but he wanted to make Viktor proud by facing him at Worlds. Viktor cries ugly tears of joy & they live happily ever after


Whatever you do, don’t think about the joy that Benedict must have felt when Sophie went into labor.

Don’t think about how panicked and excited Benedict must have felt on the way to the hospital.

Don’t think about how nervous and anxious Benedict must have felt while Sophie was delivering their child.

Don’t think about how Benedict’s heart must have skipped a few beats after his son was finally born.

Don’t think about Benedict crying ugly tears of joy when he held his son for the first time.

Just don’t do it.

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9 and 12 with Sam x Reader please. <3

you guys love the angst, don’t you? well me too (warning for death mention)

It had been a year since Sam died. 

The phone call from Nathan echoed in your head.

“Hey, I think we need to talk.

“What’s going on, Nate?”

“Sam was shot.”

Nathan was silent and you could hear him sniffling from over the phone. You heart began to pound and your stomach dropped.

“Is- is he okay? Tell me you got him to a hospital.” You said, standing up and beginning to pace around the room. Your hands were shaking.

“We got him to a hospital but…” Nathan stopped. 

“Nathan, please.”

“They pronounced him dead.”

You couldn’t breathe. Sam wasn’t dead. Nathan was just pulling a joke on you. Sam was in the room, snickering behind Nathan while he was hushing Sam to be quiet. It was all a joke.

Nathan called off the mission and flew back home. The funeral was a few days later in a small cemetery. Trying to make it through everyone’s apologizes and condolences was hard enough. You stood next to Nate while Sam’s casket was being lowered into the ground. You never got to say goodbye. You never got to tell him you loved him one last time. 

You gathered your bag and blanket to go spend time next to his grave. You did it every month, placing notes next to his headstone. The groundskeepers took them away every time they cleaned, but it didn’t stop you from placing them.

You rode in silence to the cemetery as the sun began to set, illuminating the tombstones with a reddish-orange light. 

His grave was near the back, marked by a small cross. 

It’s engravings were worn down.



You made your way through the weeds and noticed litter near his grave. As you bent down, you realized it wasn’t litter. It was the first note you left him.

Another piece of paper caught your attention from behind the grave. You looked behind it and grabbed them all, frantically flipping through the notes. They were all there. All of the notes you had written to Sam since he died, they were all there except for the last one.

You scavenged the grave to try and find it, but to no avail. You shuffled through the papers again, thinking you may have missed it.

“Looking for this?” 

You snapped around, your eyes beginning to well with tears. 

A paper was being held to you, the last note you had written to Sam. 

“Oh my god.” You breathed, suddenly realizing Sam standing behind you. 

You began to cry. Crying of disbelief, crying of sadness, joy, mixed emotions. You struggled to get to your feet and he bent down next to you.

“Hey sweetheart, it’s me.” he said, beginning to cradle you in his arms.You were ugly crying, but you didn’t care.

You pulled yourself away from his embrace after you regained your composure. 

“They told me you were dead. What the hell, Sam?”

“I couldn’t tell you what happened. I had to fake it.” Sam said, rubbing your arms gently. His touch was the only thing keeping you from bursting into tears again.

“Why not? I thought you were dead! Don’t you ever do that again!” You choked, leaning back into his chest and starting to sob again. 

Sam rubbed his hands up and down your back. He kissed your head softly. 

“Never again.” You said, your voice muffled by his shirt.

“Never again.” Sam repeated, running his fingers through your hair.

The both of you sat for the rest of the night, reading the notes that you had left him. Sam told you he had asked the groundskeepers to keep them when they found it, and they gave them to him when he came to pick them up. 

Sam never mentioned why he had to fake his death. All that mattered was that he was back, in the flesh, with you wrapped up in his arms.

A peaceful silence washed over the both of you as the moon rose above. 

“God, I missed you.” You said, laying next to him.

“I missed you too,” Sam said, smiling at you. “And I missed this.”

You laughed. 

“Sam, we’ve never spent time in a cemetery together.” You said, before Sam shook his head.

“No, this.” 

Sam pulled you into a soft kiss, and you wrapped your arms around his neck. You had forgotten how softly he kissed you over the past year, and you were relieved it was back. 

You pulled back and Sam kissed your nose, resting his forehead on yours.

“I love you.”

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*reads last chapter* *starts ugly crying tears of joy* Its just so beautiful (ó﹏ò。) thank you for writing this and giving us this beautiful story your creative mind came up with you are the BEST!!! Also I'm supper happy for once you put out a chapter when I'm not gojngnor at work!!! 😁 -working anon

Hahaha look at that, my timing finally worked out! ;D 

EXO Reaction to You Having Insecurities

A/N: I chose to do this reaction to remind each and every one of you that you are perfect in every single way, no doubt about that. All the supposed flaws you think you have are non-existent and still make you beautiful and true. I’ve been battling with this problem recently (still am to be honest) and I just wanted to say that you don’t have to change the way you look, especially for others. If you’re content or happy with the way you look, that’s great and please remain this way because this helps you in so many situations. I love each and every one of you with my whole heart and soul, even if you may not exactly love yourself, we admins love you and we hope that one day you will learn to love the beautiful and just plain amazing person you are.

(I don’t own any of the gifs, credit to the owners that took time out of their day to make these. We all appreciate it very much!)


Sehun: Sehun would have started to notice how different you were acting, not smiling your sunshine bright smile as much as you use to, always avoiding situations where you had to go outside and socialize with other people and you even were becoming very distant with Sehun which bean to worry him very deeply. He asked you multiple times what was wrong and every time he would get the same answer that there was nothing wrong, sometimes he wanted to ask again and again until he got an answer out of you, but he decided not to force you to admit to something and could only wait, watching with his very own eyes you beginning to lose the shiny and bright atmosphere around you. One day, he’d come back from work really late and would have wondered into the kitchen to see if there was any leftovers from dinner, his eyes laying on the small brown leather book that sat open on the kitchen counter. He went to close the book, stopping when a few negative words jumped out at him. He knew he shouldn’t invade your privacy, but he was curious as to what was wrong with you recently and read the page, reading about how you described yourself as one of the worst creations to ever be made, shattering Sehun’s heart bit by bit as he read onwards. With tears in his eyes, he would write down a heartfelt note about how you should learn to love yourself because there wasn’t anything not to love and that different people’s opinions on you didn’t matter because they don’t know the true you. In the morning during breakfast, you found your journal still on the counter open and almost closed it, but your eyes quickly glanced at the different hand-writing and you stopped your hand and read Sehun’s letter to you. After you read the letter, Sehun appeared and assured you that every word he wrote was true and that you were beautiful, no matter what.

Lay: Lay would be too busy swapped in his busy schedule to notice the decrease in your self-confidence, until one of the boys mentioned it to him how much you kept to yourself and always used your arms to cover your stomach and look down at the floor to avoid anyone’s gaze. Lay noticed that you were beginning to wear more clothing and only assumed it was because of the cold season coming up, but his assumptions were proven wrong when you two went shopping for a red carpet event you two were going to together. Every dress you tried on made you look more angelic and beautiful than ever, but you seemed to disagree. Lay would always give you a thumbs up and say how much each dress complimented you, but you wouldn’t listen to him but your negative thoughts and go try on another dress. It wasn’t until he heard silent cries coming from your changing room, becoming very worried and quickly went up to the door, knocking before he assured you that it was him and walked in, finding you sitting on the floor with the most beautiful dress yet with tears running down your face. He would sit down with you, comforting you as best as he could before he asked you what was wrong, hearing you say all these ugly and heart-breaking words you used to describe yourself as. He would instantly feel his heart stop beating, not believing the most perfect princess in the world to him didn’t think of herself as just that, the complete opposite actually. He would hug you and kiss you thousands of times, assuring you with tears in his eyes that you were just perfect the way you were and didn’t have to change, his words finally pushing away the negative thoughts away day by day as everyday he always complimented you, not just on your appearance but on everything about you, trying to make you see the true beauty you possessed that he always saw in you.

Baekhyun: Baekhyun would have instantly realized something was wrong the second you started losing confidence in yourself and would have made it his ultimate mission in life to make you happy and gain back your confidence. He’d be usually happy, funny and lovable self, complimenting you left, right and centre until you didn’t look as if you wondering why he had complimented you and purposely made even more jokes around you, enjoying the site of you finally smiling again and the fact that he knew his jokes would always put you into a good mood, despite whatever you were going through. Eventually he would come up to you one day, holding your hands in his as he told you that he knew you were dealing with some insecurities and told you that everyone has imperfections, even people who you would never expect to have them do and that was complete okay because that is what made us humans and that just because you think some things about yourself aren’t lovable, doesn’t mean other people feel the same way. He described you as the most beautiful, angelic, bright and graceful person to ever walk the earth and promised you that you were just what he described you as, making sure you began to believe this after many compliments and assurances that you were the perfect angel in his eyes.

Chanyeol: Chanyeol, just like Baekhyun, would have immediately noticed you losing your self-confidence, even before you noticed it yourself. He watched as you started to speak less, scared your opinions would be considered as stupid to others, dress much more darker than before and cover up more and there was just something about you that started to scream unhappy. He couldn’t stand the fact that the person who mattered most to him was suffering in silence and quickly tried everything that could get your confidence back but also make you happy again, often playing his guitar in whatever room you were in at your house and singing your favourite songs to you and doing anything for or with you that made you happy, especially complimenting you non-stop whenever he saw you, the blush decorating your cheeks assuring him that he was doing a good job at both making you happy and blush.

Kai: At first, Kai wouldn’t notice the dramatic loss in your self-confidence and would just assume it was because you were shy, but when he came home one day and heard you weeping in the bathroom, asking no one in particular why you were made to look like this and be such a person that no-one could love, even asking why Kai had fallen for you and saying to yourself that it was probably some bet the boys put him up to because you couldn’t see why any person, especially someone closest to utter perfection like Kai, could ever talk to you, let alone love you. He would have heard enough, walking into the bathroom without any permission and sitting down with you, letting you freely cry in his arms and confess all your insecurities while he just listened, feeling his heart break more and more when you told him all your insecurities. Eventually you calmed down after a while, listening to Kai truthful state to you that you were beautiful in your own way and didn’t need to change a damn thing about yourself. He kissed the top of your head, holding you even more tighter in his arms as he continued to tell you that perfection was something that is non-existent and you didn’t have to stress yourself or drive yourself crazy over trying to be perfect because being you, the true you was just enough for him, tears running down your face at his words that made your heart swell with happiness and made you cry tears of joy because you realized how lucky you were to have Kai.

Suho: Suho would have noticed you losing confidence in yourself really late, almost beyond the point where you were always going to have negative thoughts about yourself for the rest of your life. Before he could go up to you and talk about this with you, you already walked up to him and stated this, being completely honest to him about how you were feeling lately and how you’d started to think of yourself, all of the ugly words you used to describe yourself craving their way into Suho’s heart and almost making him cry because he knew you weren’t any these words you described yourself as, thinking you were the complete opposite of what you described yourself as. He held your hands in his, kissing your forehead gently before he right the and there promised you that it was his life’s mission to help you get your confidence back, no matter what it took or how long, he wanted you to see what he saw in you and wanted you to be happy with yourself. He would buy you clothing that flattered your figure and would almost always take you on fancy dates, trying to make you realize how special you were to him and also how beautiful you were to him.

D.O: From the times where you would fake a smile whenever someone ever complimented you to the days where he heard you silently crying in the bathroom and silently cursing at yourself for looking the way you did, Kyungsoo was there through it all and watched this all happen with a deep frown on his face and tears in his eyes. He couldn’t even fathom how you even came up with the slightest idea that there was something wrong with you, because that was non-existent to him. You were completely and utterly gorgeous and the perfect painting of perfection to him and to everyone else that had laid their eyes on you. When he noticed how you didn’t even fake a smile whenever you were complimented or even bother to be quiet when you cried, he immediately took action and made up a plan that could successfully make you see the beauty in yourself, leaving sticky notes all around the house complimenting every aspect of you he could think of and even making a video with all the boys that assured you that you were beautiful and didn’t have to wish to be someone else because you were perfect the way you were, him smiling the most in the video because he could finally express to you how beautiful you were and not be labelled as creepy or whipped.

Chen: When you first confessed this to Chen, he would think you were joking because someone as beautiful as you really shouldn’t have any insecurities, but when he saw the serious mixed with sad expression on your face as you waited for a reply from him, he would be speechless and taken aback. He would kiss you tenderly afterwards, assuring you that you were the most beautiful girl to ever grace this planet and he thought it was an absolute miracle when you talked to him, let alone started dating him. From that day onwards, he would do everything in his power to make you think that you were beautiful, always complimenting you whenever he saw you, taking you places you adored and making you feel happy, assuring you that he loved you more than anything in this whole world which was one of the most important aspects that caused your insecurities to fade into thin air.

Xiumin; When you finally, after many night of crying yourself to sleep as your insecurities grew and grew, confess to Xiumin about your insecurities, he would obviously be sad but also understand what you were going through because he’s been through the same thing too, so he could tell you exactly what you needed to hear about all your insecurities and how just because you didn’t look some models in a magazine, didn’t mean you weren’t beautiful. He would work his hardest to prove that you were beautiful but also make you happy in general because that was also an essential to learning to love yourself, purposely acting cute all the time which is something he knew would always amuse you or make you smile out of happiness. All-in-all, Xiumin would be the best at helping you getting your confidence back, as well as your happiness.


I hope you all liked this reaction as much as I loved writing this! I will be posting the new part to my Sehun series later on, so please anticipate! :)

I love each and every one of you and I just wanted to remind you that you are beautiful, in and out. Us admins love you baby stars, even if you don’t love yourself and I hope one day that you will finally learn to love yourself and be happy :)x

XOXO Admin Tina )xx


Hinata headcanons

poseygarden requested some Hinata headcanons, and while I may not be the best like feifheadcanons I do try to please my followers. Especially the ones willing to go through the trouble of asking me. So without further ado here is a few Hinata/Kamui family headcanons.

-Despite how adorable he is, Hinata is actually kinda selfconscious around Kamui, because he knows she’s been surrounded by handsome men like Marx,Ryouma,Nishiki, and etc.

-Kamui notices this and reassures him that he’s adorable.

-He never holds back around Kamui or his sons during training, because he desperately wants them to be safe in the real world.

-Sometimes while training Kamui convinces him to take his armor off. He’s confused at first but gradually learns that she likes watching him like that.

-Oboro helps him and Kamui by designing their wedding kimonos. He and Kamui both give her bonecrushing bearhugs that she secretly enjoys.

-He starts calling Takumi “Nii-san” after he gets married.

-Kamui enjoys the slightly annoyed look on Takumi’s face when he says that.

-When he moves into the treehouse, Oboro helps him.

-He and Kamui bring it upon themselves to get Takumi to notice Oboro’s feelings for him.

-They do this because they have a convoluted idea of being related to her, plus she designed their wedding kimonos, so it’s only natrual to pay her back.

-Hinata sleeptalks and Kamui notices. She smiles when she wakes up to him drooling and saying her name.

-Hinata falls off the bed sometimes.

-Then he quietly tries to get back onto the bed without waking Kamui up.

-Kamui wakes up from the sound of him falling and she pretends to be asleep while holding her in laughter.

-When he tells Kamui that he falls in love with her everyday, her smile makes him tell her “See, you did it again”

-Then she blushes and flicks his head while he laughs

-When Kamui becomes a white blood she realizes that she’s been healing Hinata alot.

-He blushes and stutters that since she can heal him now he doesn’t ever want to see her or the boys get hurt while he still lives.

-She hits his head and tells him that he needs to stop, because she will never forgive him if he dies and leave her and their sons behind.

-He hugs her when she starts to cry and tells her that he’s not going anywhere.

-He and Kamui deeply regret not being there for all of Hisame and Kanna’s childhood moments.

-He and Kamui try to get the boys to agree to a family bath time.

-Kanna wholeheartedly agrees while Hisame vehemently refuses, but eventually come around anyways.

-When other walk into the hot springs during family bath time, he shamelessly tells them the water is great.

-Them Hisame ducks his head in the water and grumbles from embarrassment.

-When he learns that his boys are getting married he cries ugly tears of joy and Kamui desperately tries to get him to calm down.

-He gives Hisame and Kanna his old wedding kimono for their ceremonies and tells them that it’s good luck.

-He cries more ugly tears of joy when the wedding actually happens.

-When the craziness of the war ends he grins and whispers into Kamui’s ear “I think the boys would like a baby sister”

-Hisame and Kanna eventually get a baby sister.

-And Kamui and him never miss a moment of her childhood

Let me tell you how to cry (like a girl).

You need to cry out of fury, because this world that you want to grip and hold on tight to has left your hands bleeding and bruised as it steps on your fingers one after the other. Cry in frustration and determination because no matter how many bones you break (there are 54 bones in your hands and you know you’ll break them all before this is over) you’re not going to fall off the edge.

Learn how to cry with the pain of exhaustion as you rush from a job that doesn’t pay you nearly enough (ask the man working two steps down on the hierarchy how much he makes. cry.) to another self-defence class because you’re not about to become another statistic (not without a fight).

Teach yourself to fight back tears of fear as you walk home alone in the middle of the night, reciting “I am not another statistic” in your mind. (not another statisticnot another statisticnot another statistic as though that makes it true) Teach yourself to fight back tears that want to escape because you bleed the blood of proud warriors even Hercules couldn’t defeat, you bleed the blood of the women who fought before you, unbowed and bloody and hurt, you bleed ichor not blood, you are immortal, you refuse to let yourself be another hashtag. (as if you have a choice)

Close your eyes and sob your heart out at every little thing because you overflow with emotions. Put the book down, cry in a movie hall and and ignore anyone who tells you you’re hysteric because your emotions, oh, your emotions are what make you who you are and they’re the reason you cry out is joy and laughter and sadness and anguish and any damn thing that you want to cry at.

Crying like a girl? It means reaching home and falling face down on your bed and crying ugly tears because you, you’re not like them. Because you’re the girl with blood red lipstick and foundation that hides all your flaws, you’re the girl with the dyed black hair who couldn’t care less, you’re the perfect one they all love the girl next door. It means crying all alone, and it means wiping those tears away and walking into school the next day with your head held high because you’re going to make it, you who are not everyone else. It means knowing you’ll make it and you won’t care who’s in your way, knowing you’ll make while you keep yourself the person you are.

It means not crying at all, even though you know they talk about you everywhere. In school and uni and work, you can hear them whispering behind raised hands, and. You. Will. Not. Cry. It means not crying, and it means walking in with a smile on your face and a phone full of numbers that prove just how much you don’t care. It means not crying, because you were always meant to climb over their whispering bones and laugh your heart out from the top.

It means not crying as you ignore the looks and the stares and the gazes as you pull up the strap of your top and grab another drink from the bar. It means not crying because you know you know that you don’t belong to them with their reaching hands and their ugly smiles, you know you are yours. It means not crying because they mean nothing, those people who want you to break, and you have friends waiting for you at your table ready to pull out their knives.

It means not crying as you drip toxins from your lips. Poison ivy you leave your venom everywhere you go and ignore the curses (the death threats, the promises of violence, the wishes to tear and strip and destroy) you leave behind you. They are not worth your tears, your tears are yours and yours alone to give, and you know that you still don’t know anyone who deserves them.

It means not crying as you walk out of the apartment you’ve shared for five long years, fighting back tears because you are not that weak, you are an adult and this is what being an adult means, all these various, horrific endings. It means walking out of the apartment you’ve shared for five years, leaving nothing but boxes waiting to be picked up behind you, and walking into the arms of that brilliant person waiting to help. It means walking into arms that offer comfort on the worst day of your life until now and breaking down, because there is only so much strength in you, and sometimes you need to be weak, sometimes crying isn’t weakness, sometimes crying is okay.

It means crying and not crying and a jumble of tears both shed and not. It means knowing the things that limit you and hold you back, and saying that’s okay, because you’ll make it through them and you’ll rule the world before you’re through. It means knowing how to smile through tears and cry through smiles, and knowing what that knot of feeling pressing against your throat means and it means letting it out when it needs to be let out.

It means smiling a razor sharp smile whenever someone tries to tear you down while you continue to drip your own brand of poison, because honey, you’re a hurricane that can’t be stopped.

That’s what crying like a girl means.

—  I Don’t Mind My Tears / Let Me Tell You What Means to Cry Like a Girl / Rishika Aggarwal (via rishwrites)
Hanbin Scenario: Gone

You didn’t know how much time had passed since you sat on the cold, soft grass, the raindrops pattering on your burning face, mixing with the salty liquid that kept coming out of your eyes.

Your clothes were drenched, already sticking onto your soft skin and your hair was messed up, covering the sadness that was written over your face.

Broken sobs escaped your mouth and was mixed with the sweet sound of the rain, hitting the silky ground. It somehow comforted you a little, it somehow washed away a bit of your sadness when the raindrops dripped down your beautiful face, taking a little of the tears that were filled with the pain that ached in your heart.


Kim Hanbin


22nd October 1996 - 07th January 2015


R.i.p beautiful angel who helped us and lead us in everything, who brought joy over our lives and filled our days with happiness.


You looked at the grave, repeating the last line over and over again. A little smile plastered on your face, while your tears seemed to flow out even faster and your heart suddenly ached even more.

You really wanted to smile without the tears, just thinking what a wonderful person he was. Hanbin surely would have scolded you right now, saying something like ”Yahh Y/N why are you even crying so much? just look how ugly it makes your face look like”. You chuckled quietly just thinking about it, however it seemed to hurt a little more at the same time, longing for him but knowing that he wasn’t there. That he never would be.

He’d never wipe your tears again, replacing the sadness with a small smile and a little joy, going to the zoo because of course that was absolutely how you cured a person whose heart was aching from pain. But somehow he had managed, somehow had replaced your smile that was the wrong way up (“Hey Y/N, when you smile the corners of your mouth are supposed to go up not the other way around. And your eyes are not supposed to act like the freaking Niagara hills, let me just–, Hanbin came close and kissed each of your cheeks softly.) with a real smile; one that wasn’t upside down.

You brushed your fingertips over the grave and traced over his name Kim Hanbin as if he would suddenly appear. You didn’t realize you were actually hoping for it until you felt the disappointment settle in your guts.

“I love you, Kim Hanbin”, you whispered, hugging the grave tightly. The hard stone felt rough and cold against your warm body. “I miss you…”, your heart screamed but you knew you had to stay strong, pretend like your world didn’t shatter apart right there and live a normal life… without Hanbin (although you weren’t sure how exactly, was it even possible?)

You left the graveyard, however your heart was still there, deep down the earth by Hanbin’s side.

“I love you too, my angel”, his voice resounded in the distance, covered with quiet sobs which you cold only hear when the whole world was being silent for a second.

A/N: It has more of a sad touch instead of super angsty but i hope you like it anyway! I wrote this a while back for Bella and i thought it’d fit this request. Thanks for requesting ♥

- moyo 


come cry ugly tears (both joy and despair acceptable) with me

I’ve been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember...

But when I saw The Force Awakens last Thursday night was the first time that I felt, in 30 years, that I was a welcome fan.  SPOILERS behind the cut, not huge ones by any means, but some vague ones.  And this will be tagged into oblivion, but as a female fan there was a reason why this movie meant EVERYTHING to me.

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OK so I met dan and phil today at vidcon. i thought i would be able to not cry until after but i hugged phil and i was nearly crying then i hugged dan and it all just came out. i was sobbing and it was a mess and dan told me not to cry and i said managed to say something like “im just so glad i get to finally meet you guys” and he was like haha well at least its tears of joy not like ‘oh my god i just met dan and phil and they were so ugly!’ and i was like “no! you guys are beautiful!” and dan was like “aw well lets take a beautiful selfie” and i hugged them both again and left and cried more. I wish i could have talked to them more instead of crying like a crazy person. side note: dan is awkward at hugging, phil gives great hugs

It’s the very final scene of Pretty Little Liars.

All of the four main girls, their families and friends and lovers/ex lovers are standing in a circle in the woods. No one says a word, their faces solemn and tense.  

We cannot see what they’re standing around.

Suddenly, from fairly far away, Sara Harvey, Mona Vanderwaal, and Alison Dilaurentis all come, together, to the circle.

 Everyone steps out of the way for them. 

They look down at what everyone had been circling.

It was a burn pit, filled with every single one of those ugly ass yellow tops. The ugly ass yellow tops are covered in kerosene.

 Ali, Sara, and Mona all look at each other. They give a nod before they get the matches out of their pockets and light them, throwing them into the pile.

Everyone watches as those ugly ass yellow tops are burned. Some cry tears of joy, and for the memory of the pain. Others laugh, almost delirious with excitement.  Everyone holds hands, regardless of any past fights or grudges. Some people even hug or kiss.

They’re free

Hey taylorswift, did you see our signs in Cologne? We were there both nights and all three of us got so emotional it went from tears of joy to ugly crying, from awkward dancing when everyone else was still sitting to completely freaking out jumping around, from watching wordlessly, captivated by the turning-points in the show to screaming so loudly we’ve got sore throats now. We spent so much time preparing these outfits and posters and the whole journey since we’re from the south of Germany, and it was more than worth it. Thank you for the nights of our lives. swiftielove1989 nerdofwhatever

The LOTR/Hobbit movies honestly make me so happy. I don’t think I’d be who I am today without them. Since I was born in ‘98 I was too little to see any of LOTR in theaters, so I pretty much grew up watching them on DVD all the time. I can remember watching ROTK before bed or during nap-time almost everyday, and now that I’m older I guess I subconsciously associate LOTR with safety and comfort.
I remember when I saw AUJ in theaters with my mom and sister I cried, seeing these incredible characters brought to life was overwhelming for me, especially since I’d just read the book.
After seeing BOTFA I was really upset w/Thorin’s death and genuinely mourned for his character, I thought about The Hobbit in all my waking hours, became super obsessed with the franchise and buried myself in Bagginshield fix-it au’s for like 6 months. I even started dreaming about the dwarves. Whenever I see a gif of something from LOTR/The Hobbit or see things about it I usually end up tearing up and really emotional. I went to this cool store in Boulder a few weeks ago and my friend showed me the BOTFA concept art book and I started ugly crying tears of joy in the middle of the store.

I guess I just really really really love these stories