crying tbh

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Oh my gosh I know what you mean when it comes to shipping Sam with everyone?? I feel like literal trash but I just can't help it?? Sam deserves so much love and how could I deprive this ray of sunshine from so much love by just shipping him with one person? I just can't help it D:

You get me on a spiritual level, c’mere let me squish you. <3

I am honestly Sam Winchester trash ok and I am 100% okay with it. Because I mean, like


I just

you look at him like this and just want to hold him and kiss him all better I’m so????

trash is honestly my middle name at this point I can literally just be thrown away because there is no going back or fixing me I cannoT BE RECYCLED AND MADE INTO ANYTHING GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT I’M RUINEd

Sam is just such a beautiful pure soul and I cry about it sometimes (all the time) because like he forgives the people that have hurt him so bad, no questions asked. Dean, Castiel, Gadreel – they all literally broke Sam and he still gave them second chances like djkghfsla how can anyone not even like Sam???

I just literally want to see him with anyone that will make him dimple like the little sunshine lion that he is D: