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Find You (Part 1)

Summary: Bucky has moved into a new apartment, not knowing that its previous tenant thinks they still live there. And he’s the only one that can see them. 

Word Count: 1,673

Warnings: Talk of a car accident. Coma.

A/N: This fic has been in my documents, outlined, for the past year and a half. I hope you all enjoy it. It’s one of my favorite plot-lines EVER.

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The white-washed walls are the only barriers to muffle the woman’s sobs. She folds herself over the body of a young woman, barely in her early twenties and already battling to keep herself alive. The only sign of life in her is the ventilator, pumping artificial breath into her lungs, and the stable beeping of the heart monitor. The doctors hold hope in that she’ll wake up, there seems to be no brain damage, nothing seems to be halting her from waking up. Yet she does not. And the wails continue day in and day out.

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I'm falling a little bit more every day when I'm stalling

Part one | Part two | Follow the series on AO3

@amalasdraws has been very patient and helpful with this, thank you x100

Takahiro wakes up to the sound of that annoying ringtone Tooru picked out for himself, specially, when he calls.

It’s dark. The sun isn’t up yet and peeking through his curtains, so he contemplates ignoring the call. What if he just rolled over and accidentally called him like he did last week?

He lets the call go, groaning and rolling over. He doesn’t open his eyes and the phone stops, so he tries to relax, to go back to sleep. Fucking Tooru and his inability to properly lock his phone at night-

The phone starts ringing again, and Takahiro feels a hard, heavy lump form in his throat. The dread gets him up and checking his phone.

It’s Tooru.

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II pt 1 II pt 2 II pt 3 II pt 4 II  pt 5 II pt 6 II pt 7 (Final) II

Johnny x Reader


Word Count: 4.1k

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Angst

Recap: “You’re just going to have to tell him.” Ten sighed. He ran a hand through his hair as he really didn’t even know what you should do. There was no way around it, No matter how Johnny found out, he would be furious. As both of your minds were spiralling into despair, neither of you heard the clicks of the door and the familiar voice that you dreaded to hear.  

“Tell him what?” Both of you snapped your heads to see Johnny standing just after the hallway, a completely baffled expression on his face.   

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As Seasons Pass By (SLBP)

Pairing : Fuma Kotaro x Reader (x Kirigakure Hotaru)

Genre : Angst

It was a lovely day. The first day of spring.

Surrounded by the beautiful and stately cherry blossom trees which recovered the garden, Kotaro looked at the sky, the clouds lingered but not as dense as the winter grey sky. The clouds looked like white puffy shapes amid the blue. The warmth of the sun’s rays was agreable, not too hot but enough to make you feel the spring.

After you saved him. He was always watching you from far away. As wind carried the petals into the air, he reached out his hand and caught a single pink petal in the palm of his hand. He chuckled softly as he remembered your cute smile.

Each time he passed by you, his heart fluttered for the entire day. He alone longed for you, an image of you was always left behind in his mind.

When he happened to run into you again in town, he just blankly looked at you, even when your eyes happen to meet with his, all he could show was a shy smile.

From the begining, it was his love shining warmly through his cold heart, the love that came to him, step by step, although he was a bit afraid.

The love that moved him like the rain, the love engulfed his heart. His heart was already in love as much as he was longing for you.

This must be love.

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Friendly Fire - The Maze Runner Imagine

A/N: I don’t know if people are still reading The Maze Runner imagines or not, but whatever, right? I started this one a while back but didn’t finish it because I lost interest, until now of course, when someone told me they liked it. But anywho, I hope you enjoy! (P.S. - I don’t think Gally’s character is cruel or evil or anything. I just based it off of a click and drag I did, and so happened to get Gally as my enemy.)

Summary: The reader is banished because of Gally’s fault.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Maze Runner or any of its characters.

(Y/N) always knew Gally despised her, being one of the two only girls in The Glade and all, but she never thought she’d let him get to her. “…too bad you and those two greenies weren’t banished with your jacked boyfriend, Ben. We woulda been better off without you slintheads,” Gally smirked.

She threw the first punch without thinking, but it felt so good that her fist trembled with the need to make contact with his face again. Soon she found her body seething with rage as her bruised fist pounded the boy’s bloody face repeatedly. Her vision became blinded with tears that threatened to spill, pissing her off even more. But in the midst of her breakdown, she realized he wasn’t fighting back. This was what he wanted right? To push her just enough to send her over the edge?

Of course it was.

“Fight back, you fucking coward!” (Y/N)’s voice echoed throughout The Glade, catching the attention of everyone around them. Minho ran and lifted (Y/N) off the boy as the other gladers followed suit. She tried to pry Minho’s arm off of her waist as he dragged her to the slammer where Newt had directed him, but her hands were sore from the fighting.

“Shuck,” Minho’s voice was soft, prompting her to look up. She saw concern flooding his eyes, making her heart drop. She knew what was coming. “I don’t know how to fix this (Y/N).”

She wiped her nose with the back of her hand, and shook her head, “Don’t worry about it.” She looked down and thought about what to say next. She didn’t know whether to say sorry, or if Gally deserved what he got, but either way, it wouldn’t make a difference. As much as she hated the way it was going to happen, at least she was going to be with Ben again.

But then she got an idea. She turned to Minho and hesitated for a second. She considered all the possible ways Minho would react in response, but eventually decided the worst he could say was ‘no’. “Can you do me one last favor?”

This confused the boy, but he just shrugged and agreed. As soon as she opened her mouth to speak, she saw Newt and Alby making their way to where she and Minho stood. She quickly whispered into his ear hoping he understood what she was saying.

“You shank,” Newt sounded upset, “Do you have any idea-”

“I know, Newt,” (Y/N) smirked and stepped into the slammer, shutting it. “You do what you have to.” She turned away and ignored any other remarks that the two boys made. Once she heard nothing but the gut-wrenching silence, she looked up. She saw Minho nod once and walk away towards the homestead.

Hours passed until the Keepers had finally come to an agreement. Newt was the one sent to grab (Y/N) from the cage they had her locked in. “I tried,” his voice was low. He could barely look at her without feeling a wave of despair flood his body.

(Y/N)’s heart broke, but in the end, she could only blame herself. “Right,” She struggled to speak as she stepped out of the cold concrete cage that she had been imprisoned in all day, watching as the other gladers began crowding the maze door. She exhaled deeply, regaining her composure as she got ready to walk into the maze.

She and Newt walked side by side, neither of them saying a single word. Once they reached the door, Gally prepared his part of the pole, but no one else did the same. They knew, somehow, that she wasn’t going to fight it. She had too much dignity to beg for forgiveness where it wasn’t needed.

“I tried to get Thomas banished with you, but” Gally shrugged, “Maybe next time.”

Newt tensed up, but (Y/N) had already let it go. She walked past him and the gladers, past the doors that led to her banishment, and into the maze that was forbidden to enter unless you were a runner. She took in the cold, deadly breeze as she turned around towards the closing doors, memorizing all the faces she was leaving behind tonight. Before the doors could fully close, she turned and walked further into the maze, stunning the others at how well she was taking her banishment.

Once she heard the rumbling of stone against stone cease, she let out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding. She’d been mentally and physically preparing herself in the slammer for this: surviving the night. She promised to herself, and to Ben, that Gally was not going to have the last laugh.

She looked for the bow and arrows that she made Minho hide for her earlier. Once she found them, she strapped the quiver to her back and adjusted an arrow against her bow, ready to shoot anything that moved.

For most of the night, (Y/N) managed to avoid the grievers. Her stealth skills allowed her to hide against the maze walls and slow her heartbeat. She quickly learned to move in unison with the changing corridors, giving her the advantage.

It wasn’t until she stopped to take a drink of water, though, when she heard the distant whirring and clicking coming up behind her. Before the thought of running could even process in her mind, the griever swung one of its appendages, slamming against the wall above her. Some of the stone debris struck her leg, but the adrenaline allowed her to forget the pain she was surely going to feel later on. She ran, turning corner after corner in an attempt to confuse the griever.

Eventually, (Y/N)’s leg began to give out, and the pain was becoming  unbearable. She limped slowly along the wall, hoping that the night would soon be over. The thought of all the gladers taking Gally’s side and kicking her out of the only home she could remember having was no longer enough to motivate her to keep going. She hated them for doing this to her, but she hated herself more for allowing it.

She slumped against the cold stone, ready to wave her white flag. Even the strongest people cry. Ben’s voice echoed through her head as she tried to stop herself from crying, causing her to sob hysterically. She remembered her first day at The Glade, and how Ben was the one to see past her facade. He told her that it was okay to cry, that everyone did on their first day here. He told her crying didn’t make her weak, if anything, it made her real.

Her memories of Ben made her even more hysterical. She remembered how he gave her the warmth she needed so she could learn to build her own fire. But now, when she needed him the most, his warmth was just the cold breeze. She clutched her chest, trying to slow her rapid heartbeat, “Just tell me what to do… please…,” she sobbed, “I’m not as strong without you…” She cried until her swollen eyes could no longer produce anymore tears.

After what felt like hours, (Y/N) was able to calm herself down. And when she did, she noticed a pink and orange hue at the edge of the horizon. Her body washed over with relief, but, much to her dismay, the danger wasn’t over yet.

The griever slammed its appendage over her head, in the same manner as before, as she was getting up. She ducked quickly, grabbing her bow, and ran to the end of the corridor. She turned and shot one her arrows at the griever, nailing it near its face. If that even was a face. She was surprised when she ran past the maze door that led to The Glade. She took a second to look at it, then kept running.

The griever was pretty fast, but she was faster. She ran swiftly through the corridors, shooting arrows every time she had the chance. Until, of course, there was only one arrow left in her quiver. “Our last arrow,” she pulled out the arrow, smiling at the initials that were engraved on the head. It was the arrow that Ben helped her make during her first week in The Glade. She huffed and adjusted the arrow against her bow, “We were never much for the poetic shit, but…” (Y/N) pulled the arrow back, aimed, and fired. The arrow tore through the grievers abdomen, destroying the mechanics that allowed it to terrorize the maze that trapped her and the others in that god-forsaken glade. “…there’s always a first for everything.”

The griever shut down, leaving its limp body on the ground. The familiar sound of stone against stone began to echo throughout the maze. The sound was such sweet music to her ears. She removed a dagger from her right boot and began to cut away one of the grievers appendages.

Making her way back to maze door was simple, it was walking into The Glade that scared her. What the hell was she going to say? Were they going to banish her again? Tell her she wasn’t welcome? Well, it no longer mattered to her. If they didn’t let her stay then so be it. One thing was for sure however.

(Y/N) took in a deep breath to help calm her nerves. She held her bow in her left hand, and the griever claw in the other. She tightened her grip just as she passed The Glade’s threshold. The gladers were in awe as they watched her walk in. She thought she heard a few people yell her name, but her pride and exhaustion drowned out all the ambient noise.

She spotted Gally near the homestead, and marched toward him. Once they both made eye contact, (Y/N) felt the heat in her rise. “Wha-” Gally was confused, just as everyone else, and probably even a little afraid.

(Y/N) smiled smugly, “Thomas and Minho aren’t the only ones who can survive a night in the maze,” She stood in front of the boy. He was taller than her, but in this moment it felt as if she was the one looking down at him. She threw the griever claw at his feet, “Don’t fuck with me, and don’t you ever talk about Ben again, you hear me shank?” She walked away, not giving the boy a chance to respond.

The murderous face she once wore a few seconds ago was soon wiped away by the huge smile that spread from ear to ear when she saw Minho, Newt, and Thomas running to her with their arms spread wide open. She couldn’t help but tear up from the relief, the fatigue, and the warmth of the boys’ bodies when she finally collided into them. And she didn’t care if she did cry, because even the strongest people cry.

Summertime Fun

School was out for summer. I couldn’t wait to get home and just bask in the sun and do as little as possible. I stripped out of my shoes and the basic white socks, enjoying the feeling of the grass and dirt on my bare soles. I still wore my plaid skirt and white blouse. For some odd reason, I felt compelled to cut through the woods to get home. Little did I know the trouble I was in for.

There was a path that cut through the woods, strewed with pine needles and dead leaves. They clung to my bare feet as I made my way through the woods. Pretty soon I came to a creek. Usually, there is a bit of a current, but today, it is calm and I can see my reflection perfectly. I look in the water as if it were a mirror and pull my long dirty blonde hair up into a ponytail.

I’m starting to sweat, and the perfect outline of my perky d cup breasts and nipples are evident through my thin white blouse. “fuck!” I hadn’t worn a bra on purpose, but I hadn’t counted on this. I felt practically naked. Yeah. I was hot shit for a 18 year old. And I flaunted it every chance I got. But mom couldn’t see me like this.

I knelt down and took my back sack off and peeked inside. Usually I keep an extra set of gym clothes with me. “Shit!” Not today. Something rustled in the brush behind me. Startled, I fumbled with the pack and dropped it. A dog; a mangy dirty mutt came forth, panting. I held out my hand for him to smell. He growled, sniffing the air. I lowered my head and tried to remain calm. More rustling in the brush. Three more dogs came out. They looked malnourished. Perhaps they were wild dogs? I didn’t know and at the time, didn’t care.

As I watched the one growling in front of me, another; a scraggly German shepherd grabbed my ponytail, yanking my head back. I lost my balance and fell backwards. The dog released as another bit my thigh, tugging the plaid skirt. I threw my hands up to protect my face. Suddenly, the one growling prodded my thigh with his cold nose, sniffing. I shivered, tears in my eyes. His long raspy tongue snaked out and across my cotton panties. I could feel his tongue probing my vagina. I tried to close my legs, but a quick nip and I knew not to mess with him. I began to cry. Another nip and his teeth caught in the fabric.

He was getting aggravated, and foolishly, I thought perhaps if I tossed them aside, they would be more interested in them. I rolled them cautiously down my thighs and over my ankles. The dog followed them as I took them off and as I tossed them as far as I could; I rolled over onto my knees, attempting to scurry off. Big Mistake!

The shepherd was on my back, teeth clamped on my ponytail as his weight was on my back. He was tugging, pulling my head back. Wait… He was hunching, humping against my exposed ass as my skirt rode up around my waist. Something warm and moist; rubbery feeling touched my thigh. I dared tug my head forth, and looked back between my legs. “Oh God NO!” I began to weep now, shaking uncontrollably as the full scope of what was happening dawned on me.

He humped against me, his huge weight pinning me. I was sweating profusely now. His powerful forepaws wrapped tight around my tiny waist and he fucked hard against me. His pointy red cock was so warm, I could feel it poking, but not finding a hole. I tried to move, wiggling my ass, to avoid him. But he seemed to catch on. He went still, readjusting himself on his hind legs, still with his forepaws wrapped around me.

He moved forward, causing me to tilt on my hands, ass raised a little more, bare feet in the air behind me. And suddenly, he slipped inside me, and simultaneously began fucking me, pistoning in and out. It felt like a fiery hot poker. I didn’t care who came now, and I screamed.

It grew larger inside me, I could feel it swelling stretching my tight cunny. I began to cry, sobbing hysterically; my own body began to respond. This seemed to upset me worse. I zoned out. I remember feeling pine needles on my legs, and I rested my head on my arms.

I remember seeing the other dogs, and could not help but look between their legs; their cocks emerging from their sheathes. Red, pointy cocks, twitching as if in anticipation. I tried to think of something else. Anything. But I could feel it building in me. My hips arched, involuntarily rolling, bucking back to meet his jackhammer thrusts. My toes curled in the air, my cunny muscles clasping, tightening around him. Squeezing. I bit my lip and closed my eyes.

Something new. Weird. I could feel something new now, swelling against me. The shepherd fucks me harder. “OHHH!!” Now, it’s in me. Whatever it is, it’s swelling in me, stretching me further. This brings my clit right up against his cock and suddenly I’m shaking, racked with a series of orgasms. “Be somewhere else” I tell myself, not wanting to admit how good it feels. Suddenly, like a firehose, he explodes inside me. It’s so warm! I lower my head moaning as I cum again. My vision blurs.

I can feel his cock twitch, sending more spurts of cum deep inside me. I scream again. He hops off my back but he’s still in me. He turns around, hind leg turning over my ass as he turns ass to me, but he’s still in me. He drags me backwards by his cock still lodged inside me. This hurts and I began to cry again. Another dog laps at my underarm nipping at my blouse. He licks the sweat from my skin. God. They reek.

The dog inside me slips out, and I tuck my feet under my ass as warm doggy cum flows from me down my thighs, some dripping onto my soles. My cunny hurts. I don’t think I can move. I can feel the cum so warm, sloshing around inside me.

The mutt comes forth and leaps onto my back. “NO!” I cry out, but it’s too late. He slips inside me easily, pounding away. My stomach hurts. Each thrust, more cum leaks out and down my thighs. God they stink.

I’m crying, it hurts so bad and still, feels so wonderful. He slips out, still humping. I lick my hand and reach back under me and grasp him. He fucks my hand his juices splashing onto my belly and over my bald shaven pussy. He goes still exploding in massive spurts on my skin, on my blouse, and some splashes onto my cheek.

The thought dances around in my mind but I don’t dare taste it. Eeww!

And then, he too is off me. I roll onto my back. My cunny aches. Two more dogs. I grasp one by his hairy sheathe, stroking him. I can’t afford any more abuse on my battered cunny. The other is at my feet licking the sticky dog cum off my soles.

“They’re dogs. It’s their nature. They don’t know better.” I tell myself. As I stroke the scraggly mutt left over, I rub the underbelly of the fourth dog with my bare foot. He humps back against my soft sole.

Before I even think it, I extend the tip of my tongue and lick the tip of the mutt’s cock. Not bad. Kind of coppery tasting. A bit nutty. If that makes sense. I lose all cares, as I begin deep-throating the massive cock in my mouth. I continue jerking him with my hands. The other dog lets out a whine, and suddenly warm jets of dog cum flood up my leg. Still cumming, he completely covers my small foot in warm sticky goo.

The final dog continues fucking my face, without warning, suddenly he too explodes. With such force it goes up my nose and I gag. His cock twitches, cumming all over the front of my shirt and on my wrinkled skirt.

The last one licks my face, and just like that, they are all gone. I lie there a while. I try and take in what’s happened. It’s both fascinating and disturbing for me. I gather my strength, clean myself off in the water, and continue home. I look and smell horrible. Wet dog. Sweat. The thick musky smell of sex. I walk without further cares. Dog cum leaks down my thighs.

I walk through the garden gate of my backyard. I’m at the back door. Mom’s cooking. She doesn’t even turn to look at me. That’s good. “How was your day, sweetheart?”

Radio Chaos (Pt. 5)

Genre: Smut, Angst, Racer!Jungkook

Word Count: 2,174

Warnings: Sexual Content, swearing, violence, trigger warning!

A/N: You should probably read from Part 1, because this will just spoil everything for you. Your feedback means a lot, so please, feel free to leave a comment! There are mistakes for sure, will read through it later. Hope you enjoy!!  NONE OF THESE PICTURES ARE MINE, CREDITS TO THE OWNERS

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Ever since he came back, he would pick you up after school every day.

Leaning on the white, old walls of the school’s courtyard, waiting for you at the entrance – his black hair being pushed to the side because of the powerful wind, squinting because his eyes are sensitive in this weather, looking dangerous with his mean gaze and black clothes.

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Rage: KL.M

Warning contains violence and foul language, read at own risk of losing more innocence.

(She has been taken by some rogue hybrids and Klaus is pissed, he goes in, in full rage to get her back and loses his shit.)

Word Count: 1027

I marched my way down the long corridor, with each step I slammed my feet into the ground to try and suppress my anger to no avail. I was beyond pissed and only minutes away from going full ripper- I could feel it coming and in the back if my mind I felt sorry for whoever those hybrid dicks were on the other side of the door because it was a known fact that no one messes with me and makes it out alive.

I clenched my fists as I was only a few feet away from the door, my heart was pounding and my jaw was locked into position, they were incredibly stupid to take her and think they could get away with it and to think I wouldn’t find out.

A loud and raspy growl escaped my lips as I lost the plot entirely- I planned on knocking on the door and then killing then strategically but the thought of them hurting her was too powerful. I kicked down the door with one full blow and walked into the room full ripper unleashed.

Looking around the room the few hybrids stopped and stared at me with complete fright, my gaze locked on her- she was tied to a pole at the back of the room. Blood soaked her lovely white sweater and black tears fell from her traumatic eyes as two men leaned over her, one equipped with a knife.

“Klaus!” She cried, just her call sent me on a rampage as two hybrids ran towards me with yellow stained eyes. I growled again and reached into their chests before ripping their hearts clean out of their bodies which sent them to the floor.

Another female hybrid ran at me with a stake in the air but I swung my fist towards her head sending it flying completely off- the strength I felt inside was incredible, I was on a full adrenaline rush.

I grabbed the nearest hybrid and bit into it’s neck, ripping the main blood vessel in the process. I huffed angrily while staring down at the body, what a waste.

Y/N’s loud screams made me spin around, already I could smell her sweet blood. My feet carried me over to the two hybrids who were in the mists of slicing her delicate wrists.

“I don’t think so!” I roared pulling them both back from her by the back of their shirts which sent them flying onto the floor. I paused momentarily and turned towards Y/N.

“Close your eyes sweetheart” I cooed, which she did. Turning my attention back to the two once loyal hybrids of mine who were struggling on the floor, I smiled and occupied a wrench laying conveniently by my foot.

“Now, what the fuck made you think that I wouldn’t find out about this?” I questioned in an airily calm voice. There was no answer from either of them. “I’ll give you one last chance to answer me because you’re getting on my fucking nerves, What made you think I would not find out huh?”.

I waited a few seconds and there was still no answer from the groaning boys. With a swift movement one of them tried to get up but I swung the wrench down upon his head with such force I could hear multiple cracks. I repeated the action upon the other struggling hybrid and soon enough the only sound to be heard was Y/N’s soft cries.

I quickly threw the wrench down and stepped towards the two dead bodies, both my hands reached into their chests and out cane their hearts- just to be on the safe side.

I stood up immediately and jogged over to Y/N while wiping the blood on my jeans. I dropped to my knees in front of her to assess her wounds, the smell of her blood made me slightly tipsy however the feeling soon subsided. She had many deep cuts on her body, and part of her body were slightly bruised.

“Klaus…” She cried again, capturing my attention.

“Shh love I’m here, everything is alright” I cooed before biting into my wrist and bringing it up to her lips, she accepted gladly and began to suck. After I knew she had had enough I hastily untied her wrists and she instantly flung her arms around my neck, I caught her with ease and hugged her to my chest tightly.

“I was so scared Klaus- I thought that I wouldn’t make it-” she sobbed crying hysterically into my chest while I rubbed her back.

“I’m here, everything is fine” I assured her even though in the back of my mind I had doubts that this was truly over. We pulled away and I instinctively bought my blood stained thumbs to her cheeks to wipe away the tears.

“Darling look at me” I spoke trying to calm her down by taking her face in my hands. “What did they want?”

“Th-they w-wanted you d-dead and I-I-” I stopped her and bought my lips to her forehead.

“Shhh, calm down. You don’t have to continue” her breathing slowed and her sobs turned into hiccups.

“I thought I’d never see you again” she admitted, her glistening brown orbs peered into mine and I felt a tug at my non beating heart.

“I will always be there for you Y/N, I’m so sorry this happened to you- I’ll kill them all!” I replied getting wound up myself.

I glanced at her cuts to see they were mending themselves and I sighed in relief bringing her back into an embrace, I sat down on the ground and pulled her small frame into my lap before cradling her in my arms. She accepted and dug her head further into my chest while I rested my chin upon it.

“What happened here?” Yelled a familiar voice, I glanced towards the doorway to see a panicked Elijah, he looked both worried and relieved to see that I had found her.

“Fucking hybrids” I muttered while looking around at the mess ripper me had created.

“I’ll clean up, you get her out of here” he said giving me brotherly nod which I returned. Hooking my arms around her body I lifted her up bridal style and walked towards the doorway, she still stayed shied away obviously in shock. As we got to Elijah I stopped and turned to him.

“They can fuck with me but they sure as hell can’t fuck with the girl I love” I said meaning every word of it.

“Don’t worry brother, they’ll pay for what they did to Y/N” he smiled, a smirk formed at my lips as I walked past him carrying her away from all this mess.

She stirred in my arms and lifted her head up, locking eyes with me. “Thank you” she whispered before placing a tender kiss upon my cheek.

“You’re very welcome my dear, now I think it’s time we go get a drink”.

Non-island, Slightly OOC Jalph AU

The first thing Jack was aware of was that he was suddenly awake at sometime within the asscrack of dawn, which was unacceptable and downright fury inducing. He sucked in a sharp, irritated breath, ready to snap at whoever was responsible for this. It was dark though, and he didn’t actually see anyone. Surely he hadn’t woken himself up, or he wouldn’t be this angry.

There was shifting on the other side of the bed, followed by a sniffle and a pained whine. Jack felt his annoyance rapidly subside, leaving him with a cold knot in his stomach. It was Ralph then, and by the sounds of it, he was having a nightmare.

Jack sat up and looked over, just making out the figure of his boyfriend. Ralph’s back was to him, but he could see him writhing against the sheets. He was still asleep. The fair boy cried out another time, and Jack decided that enough was enough. He scooted over and pressed a hand to Ralph’s shoulder, giving him a shake.

“Wake up,” he demanded, although his voice was uncharacteristically gentle. A tone he saved only for him, “Come on. You need to wake up.”

Jack gave him a harder shake and Ralph jerked into consciousness, a sharp gasp leaving him and followed by what sounded like repressed sobs. He was trembling, and when Jack tried to touch him, he curled himself into a tight ball. Again, unacceptable.

Jack lowered himself down until he was the big spoon to Ralph’s little, though not quite touching yet. This time, when he moved to rest a hand on his back, he kept it there even as Ralph flinched.

“It’s me,” the redhead assured, just in case Ralph’s sleep altered mind was mistaking him for someone else. He doubted it.

Slowly, Jack started to rub the blond’s back in large, uneven circles. He could feel the tension in Ralph’s muscles this way, and vaguely wondered what he’d been dreaming about. Not that that mattered right now. No, right now he was more focused on calming him down so that perhaps they could get back to sleep at some point before daylight.

It was when Jack started pressing soft kisses to the back of his neck that Ralph finally brought himself to speak.

“I-” Ralph started, but another little sob tried to climb up his throat again, making him stop as he attempted to swallow it back down. The crying only got worse when he felt lips at his neck again and a soothing hand on his back. He knew that Jack didn’t like to be woken up, and here he was, causing a fuss in the middle of the night. “I-I’m sorry.”

“No use apologizing, Ralph,” was Jack’s murmured response, but it didn’t sound angry or irritated or even smug. He just sounded…concerned, which was a strange emotion for someone like Jack Merridew. He slipped his other arm underneath Ralph’s head and was rewarded with the blond turning his head and burying his face against the crook of his elbow. Jack could feel Ralph’s tears on his skin, and his chest clenched from an emotion that he couldn’t quite identify. “It’s alright.”

That, of course, sent Ralph into another set of barely concealed sobs, and Jack wanted to tell him that it was okay, that he could let himself properly cry if he needed. It was fine. It was all fine.

Alright, perhaps he had said some of that out loud, because then Ralph was dragging in what was obviously meant to be several calming breaths and started blabbering out apologies in a barely comprehensible voice.

And then he started to cry. Great, shuddering sobs that rocked the both of them. Jack moved the arm that had been rubbing his back, instead wrapping it around Ralph’s waist and pulling him close, until his back was flush against the redhead’s front. He didn’t have words to say, and trying to shush him would be useless, so Jack just held him. Held Ralph as he bawled out from his nightmare. Kissed his neck and what he could reach of his face.

The fit didn’t last too long, and eventually, finally, Ralph started to calm down. His crying turned from hysterical sobs to snivels. Without thinking about it, Jack wiped some of the tears away and Ralph tried speaking again.

“I didn’t mean to wake you up,” he said in a horribly hoarse voice.

“I know.”

“I didn't….I mean..I thought,” he stammered, then pulled in another shaky breath. The rigid anxiety in his muscles started to melt away, replaced by awkwardness. “I thought that you would be angry.  Or make fun of me,” he finally mumbled out.

Jack sighed from behind him.

“I’m an arse, Ralph, we all know that. I make fun of you for how bad you are at swimming, and for hanging out with Piggy, and for your ridiculous hair,” he murmured, resting his cheek against said hair. “But not this. I’d never make fun of you for this.”

“You didn’t love me,” Ralph suddenly muttered after many moments of silence. “That’s what I was dreaming about. You started treating me worse than you treat everyone else, and you didn’t want me anymore.” He sucked in another shuddery breath, but there were no more tears to cry.

This was what had caused such a bad nightmare? Ralph had cried because he hated the idea of Jack not loving him anymore that much? Jack felt his stomach drop and his chest hollow out a little, as if he’d been the one to directly cause Ralph such pain.

Jack was never one for over-romantics. He didn’t like soft words, or even talking about relationships. And yet, he still treasured what he and Ralph had, even if he didn’t say it often. Even if he sometimes(admittedly, a lot of times) forgot to say ‘I love you’ or neglected to show him affection for days, he loved Ralph. Jack loved him even when he’d been so sure that he wasn’t capable of love. How terrible that he’d caused this fair, beautiful boy to doubt that.

He held Ralph closer, marveling in the way that the blond melted into the embrace. Jack’s reply was with absolute surety.


[If someone drew this, I would love you forever.  Please.]

Bad dream - Optional bias

Here it is, I’m sorry if it sucks haha, I’m really tired at the moment. Not my best work and its really short but I wanted to post something for u guys.

You woke up shivering and heavily sweating, your dream flashing through your mind. The last few days you were having the most awful nightmares each time you went to sleep. They weren’t always the same but your boyfriend ____ always played a part in them. He got hurt every time, while you stood there helplessly, tears streaming down your face. You turned around and saw him sleeping peacefully, his beautiful face illuminated by the moonlight that shone through the window. His breathing was calm and steady and he was snoring softly. Tears welled up in your eyes, he looked so young and innocent just now, like he didn’t have a care in the world. Without realising it you started sobbing silently. Not trying to wake ____ up you silently slipped out of bed. When you reached the kitchen counter you clasped on to it, unable to stop crying, hysterical sobs leaving your throat. “(Y/n)?” “Yes?” You quickly tried to rub the tears from your face. “(Y/n)-ah are you crying?” He sounded worried, laying his hand on your shoulder. Turning around you tried to smile, “Go back to bed oppa, I’m fine, just a little thirsty”. You knew he didn’t believe you but you didn’t want to worry him. Without saying a word ____ pulled you into his arms, hugging you tightly. This caused you to cry even harder. When you calmed down a bit he asked “Want to tell me about it jagiyah?”. Taking some shaky breaths in you started to tell him. “I’ve been having some nightmares lately and they’re all about you.. about losing you.. I don’t want that to happen oppa, I’m scared” At the last words your bottom lip started shaking again. “Ahh jagiyah please don’t be scared, I won’t leave you, I promise! Nothing will happen to me so don’t fear that either, as long as I have you I’m content” His soft lips pressed against your forehead, calming you. You were still snuggled close to him, enjoying his warm embrace. The both of you stood there for a while in comfortable silence. You murmered into his chest “Thank you oppa”. ____ smiled down at you, “Shall we go back to bed jagi?” You nodded. Climbing under the soft sheets ____ once again pulled you close, softly stroking your hair. “Go back to sleep, I’ll be here once you wake up”. You weren’t afraid to sleep this time, ____ was right, nothing would happen. Giving him a good night kiss you snuggled onto his chest. When closing your eyes you felt how tired you actually were. Yawning one last time you finally went to sleep again.

Don’t Panic, I’m Here: A Spencer Reid Imagine

A/N: Hey guys, it’s been a rough passed six days, but I’m doing a bit better know! My last exam is tomorrow, and then it’s Summer for me (minus Summer school in July). This is a request for Spencer being by your side at the hospital when you go through a traumatic time - Fuckeree

Rating: 14A

Warnings: Y/N is in rough shape. 


When you mention how a hospital smells, it’s almost in an instant that the people around you get that disgusted look on their face, it’s like a grimace for the memories they have of that disgusting smell. 

But the funny thing is, it’s like everyone knows what a “hospital smell” is, or they have their own versions of it, whether it be the awful food, the smell of bodily fluids, maybe even what they describe as death, it’s a smell that impacts everyone. 

Your version of the smell was what you were living, your fiance’s hands gently holding back your hair as you pushed your face deeper and deeper into a bucket, no hope of keeping down anything that you’d eaten for the passed eight hours. 

“It’s okay darling” his voice was just as soft as his hands, and you cough, taking a shuddering breath as you try to fight away the taste of vomit in your mouth, eyes watering and body trembling. 

This had been life since two sixteen this morning, the smell of puke and his reassurance, trying to hold you together. 

“I’m done, for now” your throat is raw and your face is damp as you push yourself away from the pale, unable to get up from your knees. He carefully lets your hair go, and leans down to that he’s on your level, face to face. 

“I have to tell the nurse that you threw up again, okay? Come on, let’s get you up” your legs shake and wobble as he wraps your arms around his shoulders, pulling you to your feet as he stands, and he holds you close to him. 

You could have begged him not to, told him that it was just because of the medication, told him that you were fine, but you didn’t. 

Nothing is fine about waking from your sleep, your chest on fire with the fury of a thousand suns, unable to breathe as your stomach ties itself in knots. 

Nothing is fine about crying hysterically, sobs ripping through your clenched teeth as your whole body convulses, tremors taking you over as you try to sit still in the car. 

Nothing is fine about being pushed through the hospital in a wheelchair because you can’t walk, clutching your stomach and trying to force yourself to breathe as the nurses flood around you in one big mob of concern and questions. 

You tug at your gown, the papery feel aggravating your skin as you lay your head back against the bed and take another deep breath, reaching for the plastic cup of ice water. 

You were grateful that they had let you keep your pants on, but your upper body was freezing, your chest rattling with every yawn, every breath. “She wrote it down on your tracking chart. They’re coming to take some blood and then we’re going to go to x-ray, okay?”. 

Spencer steps back into the room, his words slow and deliberate so that you can keep up with them, but his movements still reminiscent of a whirling tornado, his eyes red from lack of sleep and his cheeks gaunt. 

“I just want to go home” you murmur, closing your eyes for a brief moment as he comes around the side of your bed and sits with you, hand on your thigh. 

“I know you do, but they know best, and I’m not taking you home until you’re cleared to go” he takes you by the hand, and you painstakingly lift your head up off of the bed, and move it onto his shoulder, he kisses your forehead. 

It was nice to have the small moments like this, the seconds that you could stay with him in a comfortable silence, minus the incessant sounds of the machines around you, and just breathe. 

“That’s a picture perfect moment” he lifts his head from the top of yours, and you stare up at the young man in front of you. “My name’s Jeffry, I’m here to make you think of Dracula”. 

He points to his cart, and you can’t help but smile at how peppy he is to take blood from people, offering up your arm. 

“My right arm generally works better, but it’s your choice.. Obviously” he just nods, and tears open an alcohol swab, placing it on top of some gauze on his tray. 

It’s almost mesmerizing, the way he follows the routine that you’re sure has taken a very long time to develop. He wraps the rubber strap around your upper arm, and waits for your vein to come up, tapping your inner elbow and feeling around. 

He then reaches back with one arm, wipes a spot clean, tosses the swab in the trash and with one fluid movement he take the butterfly needle, uncaps it, and carefully presses it into your arm. 

It burns, and you feel your lip as it’s bitten down on, squeezing Spencer’s hand with your free hand, and he just reaches up and presses your head to his shoulder, kissing your hair. 

“Well done, thank you very much” Jeffry places a piece of medical tape with gauze under it to your arm, pats your hand and moves out of the room almost as quickly as he came in. 

“Good job” Spence whispers, and you just smile lazily, wanting to be finished with this crazy mess. 

It’s not very long after that another male nurse introduces himself as Caleb, and tells you the whole story of how the x-rays are going to work, and almost as if they have it planned, a porter arrives with a wheelchair as Caleb wraps up his speech. 

“I’ll be back” you say quietly, and Spencer just smiles weakly, nodding his head as his ever-growing hair bounces up and down. 

The porter is like an angel, a really lovely woman who had the most beautiful shade of brown eyes, her hair pulled back into braids that must have taken hours upon hours, the ends dyed a pastel purple. “Hello beautiful” she says, touching a hand to your shoulder as she fishes around the cart outside your room. 

“It gets cold with those damn things on, here sweetheart” she hands over a warmed blanket, fresh from the heater, and helps you to tuck it around your back and behind your legs. 

She was fast, but ever so careful as she wheeled you around with delicate hands and a fierce pace, taking the corners quickly and only ever slowing down when the x-ray sign came into view. 

“They’re gonna do your chest and your abdomen honey bun, and if you need to take a break or you feel ill again, you call for me. My name is Eliese” she shakes your hand, before helping you up out of the chair. 

“Can you just lay her on the table?” the technician is another younger woman, with a killer smile, and she has no ifs, ands, or buts about directing Eliese. 

“Of course, here we go, up we go” she helps you lift yourself up onto the table, and places a pillow down on the frigid table as you lay yourself down, arms pinned to your sides and legs as still as possible. 

“Hi Y/N, my name is Charmaine and I’m going to be doing your pictures today. One of your chest and one of your abdomen, that’s all I need. Can you take a deep breath and hold it?” you nod, watching as she lowers the machine to about half a foot above your chest, lines up the light with your sternum and backs away. 

“One, two” your chest starts to hurt as you hear the whirring of the x-ray, and you’re scared to exhale until she tells you to. 

The second one is much easier, you just have to stay still and she does the rest, rushing around like she has no time for anything in life, and then it’s over as soon as it began. 

“Eliese will take you back to your room, and hopefully we can send you home soon. Thank you” she helps you back into the wheelchair, and pats your back as your favourite nurse returns to take you to Spencer. 

Being as tired as you are, and about as weak as you are tired, it didn’t take much for you to lose focus or fall asleep for quick intervals, which is exactly what you did as soon as you were back in your bed, blankets pulled up to your chin, and Spence watching carefully from the chair beside the bed. 

You weren’t sure how much time had passed when there was a hand on your thigh, pulling you from your sleep and into a daze of confusion. “Come on love, it’s time to wake up” his tone was soft, but his volume wasn’t as he tried to get you to wake up. 

“Baby, please, I just fell asleep and I’m exhausted. Why aren’t you sleeping?” you push your hair back from your face and turn to see him. 

“Because we can go home, you’re going to be okay, the doctor came in and spoke with me while you were asleep” he holds up your sweater, and you can feel your brain doing a happy dance as it processes what he’s saying. 

The ride home is quiet, and it takes a few days of laying in bed with your love before you feel up to being active, but neither of you mind. 


Master Appreciation Week

Day 6: Favourite Relationship including the Master

It will surprise approximately no-one that it would be Doctor x Master.

My wonderful OTP. But however you see their relationship, it intrigues me - the way that they openly hate each other, state on a regular basis that they want one another dead (although not without considerable regret, as Delgado!Master told Three in their first on-screen meeting) and yet seem to jump at the opportunity to work together, to be close to one another. The Doctor looks forward to their next meeting - again canonically in Terror of the Autons. The Master worries when he hurts the Doctor - in Mind of Evil he’s very openly scared that he’s killed him (and also appears to be quite enjoying feeling him up as in the gif above!), and after he causes him to regenerate in Logopolis, builds him a place to make his regeneration sickness better, then in End of Time, he hits him with the full force of his regeneration energy, and then rushes to catch him as he realises what he’s just done, whereas the Doctor while outwardly cold for many of his regenerations obviously still has that connection with him, working with him on many occasions, the look of horror on his face as he watches the other Timelord being shut into an iron maiden (which fortunately turns out to be his TARDIS) when he knows that he has no choice but still seems to hate that he’s not brave enough to stand up and save his rival, there’s more to that expression than just thinking that it’s an awful manner of execution, you can tell that there’s something between the two men. And then of course, there’s Last of the Timelords. We’ve seen Ten have emotions over companions that he lost, but never so strong as over the Master. A few tears shed for Rose, vs. full on hysterics, crying, sobbing, cradling his body, begging him to come back. You can’t tell me that he’s nothing more than an enemy.

So yes, the best enemies, putting on the front of hating one another, and nothing more (except perhaps the want to redeem him because that’s what the Doctor does) and fooling precisely no one. Particularly not the Rani.

And I had to include Shalka because almost-canonical (well I still maintain that the thing about android boyfriends in The Time of the Doctor makes Shalka canon)  space husbands Doctor and Master living a peaceful existence together (even if one of them does happen to be an android!) and Curse of Fatal Death, because I love the fact that even parodies can see that they are far more closely linked than they’ve ever let on.

  • Shinra: He [Izaya] may seem cold-blooded, but he is more human, and his heart more brittle than anybody else, so much so that if you filled it with human love or betrayal, it would break easily, which is why, I think, he chose from the start to avoid it all, to love humanity, you understand? Not to accept, not to face it, to avoid it.
  • Me:
  • Me: *Lays down*
  • Me: *Tries not to cry*
  • Me: *Sobs hysterically*
  • johnny: stay gold, ponyboy. stay gold.
  • me: *tears rolling down my cheeks*
  • friend: do you need a tissue
  • me: FoR whAT *sniffles* I- I aM NoT CRyinG oKAY *wipes nose* I AM NOT CRYING *hysterical sobs* not. crying..
JUNE 3RD: The day I lost the ability to speak when I saw Taylor Swift

SO all this madness began back in October when Emily and I made a random decision that we wanted to see Taylor Swift when she came to Cleveland.  Since we just wanted another chance to see Taylor and breath the same air as her, we got the super high up nosebleed seats, which 3 days before the concert we discovered were the ABSOLUTE LAST ROW OF THE STADIUM.  Like I’m talking the highest section in the very back row.  Absolute last row.  It didn’t bother us because we were still insanely excited about to be in the same building as Taylor, so the excitement just kept building.  

We had been working on our costumes for a while leading up to the concert, which entailed going in and out of stores loudly discussing (and confusing fellow customers) which fabric Taylor would like more for our tutus and how “THIS CROP TOP WOULD LITERALLY BE PERFECT FOR BEING A NIGHTMARE!!!”  We had come up with the idea of being the lyric  “Darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream” and we just wanted our outfits to be the brightest and most poofy and brightest most perfect outfits we could make.  

Once we got all dressed and packed my car with all the costumes and posters, we left Columbus (our home) and headed to Cleveland!  Let me tell you, driving 2.5 hours knowing you get to see TSwift preform soon is soooooo not easy.  Once we got to the venue we started making friends and recognizing people from tumblr and creepily being like “Omg hey we saw you on the internet!”  Waiting in that line to enter the venue was also not an easy task, I am NOT a calm person when I get excited.  

After almost getting to the front of the line a news anchor approached us and asked if we wanted to do an interview about the concert and Taylor which oh my gosh of course the answer was yes!  We ended up calling Taylor a “God” and giggling/screaming about how she “Is literally the best person ever, how could you not want to go to all her concerts???”

After that excitement and peeing ourselves a little bit WE WERE FINALLY IN THE VENUE.. which meant the tears started.  We powerwalked/ attacked people with our tutus as we headed straight to the Taylor Nation booth.  We met the cutest human ever, a girl who worked for Taylor Nation and we told her that she had the ultimate job ever since she’s pretty much paid to be a fangirl. We continued to freak out over all the stuff in the booth, take millions of pictures, then freak out some more and just when we were walking away the cutest human girl stopped us.  She said “I know that you guys said it doesn’t matter what seat you’re in to see Taylor as long as you still see her, but wouldn’t it be a lot better seeing her from the second row??” Tears.  Sobbing.  Hysterical crying. Like I had to go stand in a corner because I was causing a scene with my crying.  SHE HAD UPGRADED US TO THE SECOND ROW AND WE WERE GOING TO SEE TAYLOR SO CLOSE TO US. After we managed to stop the tears we (not kidding) skipped to our new seats and got to watch Vance finish his set. We met THE SWEETEST two girls who had just won front row and we freaked out a little bit more with them.  

THEN TAYLOR CAME ON. I was breathless.  Absolutely in shock at how beautiful and talented someone could be and then ya know BE LIKE 15 FEET IN FRONT OF ME.  She started playing all her songs and Emily and I just danced and danced and danced like we would never be able to dance again.  Her music was moving through us and with every word she spoke to the crowd it made me feel more invested in the her and the show. After she finished ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ (where I was violently dancing/flailing/singing) we saw ANDREA SWIFT SMILING AT US AND MOTIONING TO COME OUT OF OUR ROW.  We lost it.  Completely lost it. We gave her huge hugs and she said to us “Have you guys ever met Taylor before?” We managed to say no in the midst of our sobbing. “Would you like to go to Loft 89 and meet Taylor?” and that was the moment Emily and I collapsed onto the ground hysterically crying.  Andrea handed us the pass, another girl gave us wristbands, we gave her another hug, then headed back to our seats in total shock. Fastforward through the amazing concert (s/o to Taylor for the Enchanted/Wildest Dreams mashup bc  that was AMAZING) and it was time to meet all the other Loft 89 members in our designated section.  

Everyone was eerily calm about the fact that we were the few chosen for this, but I don’t think anyone could process what was happening.  Next thing we know, we were in the loft and eating pizza and cookies (Taylor, did you make those??) and taking pics in a photo booth, patiently waiting for her arrival.  

I have never heard such a beautiful voice say “Oh hey guys!”. The voice of an angel.  No joke.  Taylor is a real life angel.  She is breathtakingly beautiful.  I could not breath when she came in the room. Taylor Swift was in arms length of me. She came over to Emily and I and words did not come out of my mouth for a solid 30 seconds.  Like I could not produce words.  We gave her hugs and she said (about our costumes) “Ooh! More lyrical puns!”.  We gave her a gift bag full of letters and crafts and fox socks (which she liked because fox socks rhymes).  I managed to form words and thank her for being her and being such a positive inspiration and for putting on an amazing show.  She asked us if we wanted to take a bomb looking picture and immediately put her arms around us and pulled us in close.  Then after the picture she pulled us even closer and gave us a huge hug.  I GOT SNUGGLED A LITTLE BIT BY TAYLOR SWIFT. She is seriously the best hugger.  She has such a calming effect on people.  Besides my little moment of muteness, I honestly felt like I was just talking to a friend.  A really talk and amazing and sweet friend.  Taylor is such a special person. When she was signing my nightmare necklace, she asked my name, I replied, and she said “amazing” as she wrote ‘I *heart* Maria’.  The way she said “amazing” to me will never leave my head. It was like music.  

We were also lucky enough to talk to Andrea for like 15 minutes.  We got to ask her why she chose us to meet Taylor out of so many people, and also apologize for crying on her during the show.  She told us things about Taylor and the concerts and the fans and treated us like we were family friends that she’s known for forever. She was proud of us for being in college and said that our moms were really lucky to have us as daughters. She gives really comforting hugs too.

Having to say goodbye to Taylor, Andrea, and Loft 89 was so sad, but I knew that I couldn’t stay forever. I cannot put into words (mainly because I can’t stop bursting into tears) how lucky I feel to have gotten all of the opportunities that I did last night.  After loving Taylor since the ‘Fearless’ days, going to countless concerts, and dreaming about seeing her up close, I can’t believe that I actually met her. I have never felt so lucky. Expecting to watch Taylor from the last row but being able to dance along with her in the second row AND getting to meet her, I am convinced that this is all a dream. If I could thank Taylor and Andrea and Taylor Nation a million times, even that wouldn’t be enough.