crying so much at this bit right now

“All I want right now, more than anything else, is to be with him. The glow inside is brightest when he is near, and the pain inside hurts more when he’s away. I am happiest when I think about him, I am saddest when I think about him. He makes all my feelings more intense. That must be what love is. 

So please… Let the person that I love…

…be the “someone just for me”.”

The rings in episode 10

I’m probably really freaking late with this again, but I’m watching the episode a second time because so much happened in it, that I missed a lot.

I know the whole fandom is freaking out over the Viktuuri engagement, but I felt a bit bothered because this episode was chock-full of double entendres. I’m talking about anything that has to do with the rings. I know I’m sounding really salty right now, but I just need more Viktuuri. Actual, literal in your face Viktuuri. 

So I’m currently at the scene where Yuuri buys the *cough*lucky charms*cough*. I paused at the bit where Yuuri opened up the receipt. And y’all are probably gonna facepalm really hard when you read this because everybody already knew and I’m just so fucking slow but please just leave me be I was so happy when I noticed this

lets look a little closer

“something-i-can’t-read gold wedding ring





I know this anime is just one huge metaphor for love and romance but still


okay so new year is like sitting next to u and picking at u like yo are u ready for some craaazy ass shit and shitty people my dude??¿¿
we all going to feel bad and happy throughout this year but fuck it this is life and we need to stay at least a bit positive mkay? and another thing is that I created this blog abouuut a month in a half and right now I woken up to 900 followers!?! I actually wanted to cry I’m so incredibly happy that u my beautiful dudes love the same hot af retard and this lil blog!! I can’t stress enough how happy I am getting sweet messages from u beautiful ppl that makes my day so much better!!
So one last time thank u all my dudes and enjoy my favorite photo of joji(all of his photos make me bust a nut don’t get me wrong!!) but this one is just so special and hila and ethan is in it so like !!!! 😤😤😤😤🙌🏻🔥💯💦
I love u all so frickin much and ty for existing.❤️

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I saw that go is on the asd and started crying because I'm on asd and just I love you so much right now it's always so rare to find asd representation that's healthy and does he have breakdowns too b/c I have breakdowns when I get overwhelmed and what are his stims omg this is SO amazing and does he have aspergers symptoms and is he high functioning or low functioning and how severe is it I can help explain stuff if you need it or write something for the faq

yeah, he has aspergers symptoms, and it’s not super severe, but it was when he was a bit younger !! he tries to stay away from bigger groups because of all the overlapping sounds and stuff … it makes his head feel crowded, and he can’t think. sometimes he flaps, but he gets real embarrassed because he doesn’t want people to laugh at him or call him names 🤕 reese acts as a bodyguard in these situations since they hate seeing him down, especially when it comes to something he can’t control ! they’ll speak softly and let gale run his fingers through their hair, or they’ll give him his worry stone. he has a spinner ring, a necklace that he stims with (the chain, more specifically), and a pair of black vans that he uses to stim because they’re velvet and that’s his absolute favorite

160cm (5'3")
left: over 90 kg (nearly 200lbs or more)-1st year of uni
right: 68kg (a bit under 150lbs)-4th year of uni

This literally made me cry! I can’t believe this is both the same person. I have never realized how big I was, even though everyone around me had! So much stress, crying, fighting with my mom, struggling with a slight depression… it’s finally ending!
I’m not at my gw yet, I need to reach 55 kg/121 lbs , but nothing can stop me now!
I can finally dress up nice and look and FEEL good and attractive.
I look forward to finally drop under 60kg/132lbs which I haven’t been for more than 8 years.

I have no words to describe what we are all feeling right now. Carrie Fisher was so much more than her role on Star Wars…she was an advocate for mental health and a true hero/inspiration to hoards of people around the world. She will be missed dearly for a very long time but she will never be forgotten. Here’s to a big group hug for us all. Cry for her, mourn her, but most importantly, remember her and all she gave us.

Cried a bit. Laughed a lot. Still don’t understand why you like or follow me. I’m super basic.
I feel like I’m excepting a Grammy right now, oh lord. Thank you so bloody much. I honestly don’t know what to say other than how proud I am of each and every one of you. That’s sounds stupid but I really am. You’re all talented and have so much potential and I’m so excited to see your books in stores someday. Thank you for following and believing in all my shit posts on my worst days. You’re all such a blessing and I love you. Thank you. Lots and lots and lots of love from Yasmine xoxox

BTS reaction to seeing you cry because of iKON’s ‘Apology‘ after a fight

Jimin: he would instantly forgot what you two even fought about because making you smile again is the only thing he can think about right nowsoon you would find yourself underneath Jimin who‘s doing his best to place a kiss on every single spot on your face include satisfied giggles when you finally smile

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Namjoon: would sit with you until you calm down a bit thinking about every possible way to fix this but in the end he would just pull you closer so your head is on his chest and let the hug and the silence help you remember how much exactly you mean to each other

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Jin: would hate hate himself for making you cry like that but wouldn’t let it show on his face because the last thing you wanted to see right now is Jin feeling down too…only murmuring a soft apology, not wanting you to think about the fight anymore, he would lie next to you and try to make you remember that even though you fight smiles would always come in the end

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Yoongi: would need a time to think about it alone but on the other he didn’t just want to leave you while you looked like that…so in the end you two would lie there in bed next to each other both thinking about how you ended up like this until he, in a soft voice, finally starts a conversation that will last almost for a whole night

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Hoseok: in the end he would the one who would need the most comforting because he seriously can’t remember ever making you cry and the realization that he was the one who made you sad is just too much for him to handle…you two would spend the night just holding each other close, speaking only to bring up things that make you happyTaehyung:

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Taehyung: would be so confused at first that it would take a while for him to show an actual reaction…then, no matter how he feels inside he would try everything he can to see your smile again ‘‘Hey, look at me! Everything’s ok, see? No one is mad…ok, prepare for a hug! A few of them actually…and how about changing this song now?’‘

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Jungkook: would probably watch you for a while before he decides what to do…even then he would just sit quietly beside you, not speaking, afraid that he might choose the wrong words…he would finally just pull you closer, quietly asking you to tell him everything, just little awkward him being there ready to listen is enough for you to calm down

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i'm aware people have said this to you before but i just wanted to express how thankfull i am for you and your blog and that there isn't constant negativity and discourse to be found here? i get people being mad and critisizing things but some blogs seem to do it just to be hatefull and it honestly gets overwhelming for me and my anxiety sometimes and i begin to feel shitty for still enjoying sh and for it being my safe place! so thank you so much for being so positive and cute and nice ily 💕💕

i think i’m crying right now. thank you. I know how shitty it is to be in an environment where though you agree with everything sometimes it’s just too much and it’s too much negativity and I don’t want anyone who follows me to ever feel that way. Don’t feel shitty at all for enjoying shadowhunters <3 not one bit. 

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Milly love, if you're having a hard time loving yourself right now, see yourself through my eyes. I see you as an immensely talented, bright, beautiful and promising girl. I love you and think about you a lot. Please take care of yourself; drink a cup of tea maybe? Have a lovely night dear xx sending you all the love in the world

This makes me cry thank you so so much. I cant even believe you exist thank you so much. I have been feeling a bit rough i guess or today and yesterday and the day before for other reasons. I feel talentless and hopeless and unloveable. I feel like maybe me and romantic love dont go together. Maybe im just here to have sex with people or let them have sex with me and make them feel good and not really enjoy it myself but be a body , a shell. It hurts inside a bit . It all feels crumbly. I was high on the idea of something but it wasnt there. Im not good enough maybe. I feel gross and not good for anything . Thank you so much for your love and kind words im sorry for my slurge of negativity. Thank you for this it means the world

MONSTA X REACTION to seeing/be with her while their gf gives birth to their first child.

I hope you like it, cuz I enjoyed doing it a lot!



He’d be a bit scared since you were in pain all the way to the hospital, but when he sees his son or daughter, relieve and happiness would overcome him.


Hoseok already made very clear that he wants a baby, so when the day comes, he’d probably cry along with you when the baby born. He’d help you and let you squeeze his hand as much as you wanted while giving birth.

“I… I’m so happy right now… Jagi… A baby.. We.. Have..”


“MINHYUK WHY I’M THE ONLY ONE IN PAIN?? IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!” You would be screaming in pain, hormones all around you as you got mad with everything, blaming even the chair for your pain.

“Jagi stop cursing please..” He’d giggle and would try to stay calm since you couldn’t. The best feeling would come when he finally sees your baby “Thanks jagi… thank you so much”


Kihyun all the way through the 9 months, he’d try his best to help you and be a perfect dad. He’d be anxious as heck and wouldn’t stop talking about it until the big day. Tears wouldn’t be held, he’d be so happy that wouldn’t mind what others were thinking.


After everything, Hyungwon would be sooo happy that he’d just wouldn’t stop bragging that he has a beautiful baby and the others don’t.

“Who has a beautiful baby? Yes it’s me, not you” Hyungwon would be just joking around cuz he’s just too excited…


After the baby was born, he’d calm down a bit (while you were giving birth, he’d almost pass out out of nervousness..). He would want to see you feeding your baby for the first time and would also take that intimate time being a family for the first time to say thank you and some other meaningful words.


Since the beginning Changkyun would be a bit lost, and the fact that in a few months he’d be a father did not process in his mind properly. When the day finally comes, he’d be startled and scared (since he’s young) but happy for your new life.  

“I can’t believe this is finally happening…”


Gif Credits To Their Original Owners!

~ADM Pandacchi

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Are u alright? Seems like you're having a bit of a rough time right now, but remember that even in the hardest of time there's still hope in it Stay close to does who support you Don't pay attention to those harming you. You're unique and amazing You're worth it I hope that you're ok Please take care ((Btw, I really like your blog (⌒▽⌒)))

(( Ahhhh thank you for noticing?? I’m still crying bUT THIS IS SO SWEET THANK YOU SO MUCH ///// ))

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What 3 characters from Skam would you relate to most, or is most like you? Also you are a beautiful hooman love you <3!

I would probably say Isak and Chris. But more to Isak than Chris tbh because when I saw season 3 I cried so hard because it was like seeing myself on my screen. The struggles he went through to accept himself  just got to me through my bones and through my core. If I would be the teen that I was back then and I would see it now as a teen, it would totally have helped me get through things a bit easier. But again, being a young adult and seeing it now I just cry because it feels so good to see yourself being represented and to see that what you are is something that you shouldn’t be ashamed of and that’s real power right there. Luckily, I’m way confident now with my sexuality and I take so much pride within that but back then I was literally Isak and it brought me down so much before I could rise and be true to myself. It’s still hard though but it slowly gets easier and easier. (And now I’m going to cry because I fucking love Isak so much and he’s helped me so much so I’m gonna… stop now.)

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Hello, I'm your new fan and what am I doing?? I just stopped by so late & just found out this super amazing blog!!! Btw, I'm curious what is your very first story you wrote bout the boys & what story you published for the first time? How you manage between your time to write & your job?

Hi beautiful, welcome to the blog! we are glad you are enjoying it so far❤️ Well we always try to write a little bit everyday unless we absolutely can’t. As for right now we have no job, so in theory we have more free time, but we still have our adult people responsibilities which usually take a lot of time (insert crying here because of adult life) But yeah, we see this blog as a way to relax and just spend some great time away from world trouble, responsibilities and all that stuff; so we try to reserve time to write even if it is little by little in the cases where we don’t have much time.

So about the scenario we will list them here:

  • The first scenario Em wrote was a Seokjin one of course: Cozy Smile.
  • The first scenario Mars wrote was about Yoongi, but it isn’t published, it’s a short scenario based on the anime Zankyou No Terror (anyone likes this anime? Mars loved it)
  • The first scenario we published was a Jimin scenario: Kitchen Alert.
  • The first request we published was one of Taehyung: Fluttering Heart.

Thank you for writing!

xoxo admin Mars and admin Em.

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this is gonna be a bit of a mess bc im not doing so well right now, super on edge very dysphoric very stressed. But I just started scrolling down my dash and saw some asks you replied to and there was a lot of validation and nice words and I just started crying. Just wanted to tell you you're great I'm very glad this blog exists, keep doing what you're doing <3

Thank you so much!! It’s good to hear when our blog is helping other trans kids!

And it’s okay to feel stressed/dysphoric, we all get like that sometimes! I’m just here to tell you that it will be okay and you will get better, whatever you’re going through won’t last forever. You’re not alone in this! Stay strong my dude x

- Aidan

Sabal: he need water!!! Do you have any common sense?!?

Pagan: He just need to sleep, a lot, and guess who got the best bedroom in Kyrat??

Amita: Errr…guys…guys…? I think Ajay stop breathing??

My brother just  got a fever and I was kinda..playing nurse tonight… (;・∀・) ( I think I was doing a little bit better then these two guys here, I hope…) He’s fallen asleep right now and looks like not much I could do tonight right now… so no progress again and I gotta go to bed now, goodnite