crying slowly from all the feelings


Requested Tate Langdon Imagine:

Screaming, Sobbing, Shooting.
Sobbing, Shooting, Screaming.
Shooting, Screaming, Sobbing.

That’s all you could hear from underneath the table. You’d been hiding for almost 2 hours now. Something about a Mass murder.

Some freak with a gun, that’s what you heard Johnny say before he was shot dead.
Your breathing had become irregular, whenever you heard footsteps you held your breath. If you didn’t get shot to death you’d die from lack of oxygen.

You were alone with your thoughts.

Tate. Was Tate okay?! Had he been shot?!
Your thoughts started to drown you as the school fell silent. You could smell death, you could feel it.

Slowly emerging from underneath the table you gagged at the sight of dead bodies and blood.

All up the walls. The walls.
You crept down the hallway, remembering to walk lightly.
If this experience didn’t kill you(literally) it would drive you insane.

You heard crying coming from the music room. Someone other than yourself had survived?!

You quickened your pace and before you knew it you had made it to the safety of the music room.

You recognized the blonde curls, you felt like crying out with relief. Tate had survived.

The boy you’d had a crush on for years had survived. It was the two of you. In fact at this point you had fallen in love.

“Tate"you breathed out.

He spun around, clutching a gun. His beautiful face covered in face paint.
His eyes widened with shock and hurt.
Your mouth fell open and sudden realization hit you like one of his bullets.

He might as well have shot you then.
"Y/n I-I”

“It was you"you whispered.

"I’m not going to hurt you, I would never hurt you"he insisted.

"Tate, I worried about you, I feared for my life underneath a freaking table for 2 whole hours wondering whether I’m going to die or not. Watching people fall to the ground in agony. I feared for your life I prayed to make sure you were okay and I’m not even religious! The whole time it was you"you cried aloud, falling onto the chair holding your head in your hands.

He wasn’t a freak, he was misunderstood. No one spoke to him, except you that once or twice.

He kneeled next to you the gun still in his hand.
"You know I wouldn’t hurt you right?"he said as you flinched away.

"We hardly know eachother, I mean I guess I fell in love with the thought of you, we always admired eachother from afar"you sobbed.

"This is just a phase y/n"he sobbed along with you.
You felt bad for him, your heart ached for him.

You could hear police sirens in the distance.
"Drop the gun"You stood up and wiped your tears away.

"Please y/n"he sniffled.

"They’re coming Tate, drop the gun"you nodded.

"Don’t do this"he said dropping the gun.

"Go"you said bluntly.


“I didn’t see the killers face, I couldn’t make out who it was, now go before I change my mind"you said sternly.

He rushed towards you and kissed your forehead.

"I fell in love with you, because you see through all the monsters, you see the boy inside, you were the only one who saw me, I promise in time I’ll get better then we can get to know eachother properly” mumbled.

And with that, he was gone.
You were left to pick up the pieces.


Imagine Viktor and Yuri chasing each other on the ice, being playful and running around, just having fun and being husbands and messing about, saying, “you can’t catch me!”
Tripping and making each other fall and giggling.

Imagine picking out skating outfits together, bickering over colours and patterns.

Imagine Viktor making dinner for Yuri when he comes home late at night, tired to the core, and Yuri making breakfast in the morning for a sleepy Victor to wake up to.

Imagine them cuddling and crying, with all the lights switched off, after Maccachin is too old and the house is too quiet and everything feels wrong and alone.

Imagine quiet days and tired days and I don’t know what to say days.

Imagine them coming to terms with their age, how they can’t skate as well, how nothing will ever be as good as their youth.

Imagine them leaning on each other for support, for comfort, holding each other on the days they don’t feel good.

Imagine them slowly stepping away from fame, learning to love skating for the fun, without pressure, forgetting the harsh world of fame and replacing it with soft pillows in their home.

Imagine them learning to love change and time, slowly growing old but not sad, embracing their new lives, and the changes that come with it.

After seeing a bunch of pillarman joseph designs I started thinking about his kids as pillarmen. I can’t help but feel like in their society having multiple baby mamas was probably alright so they might have all lived together. 

Josuke is a lot younger and is still a huge mama’s boy. He doesn’t like joseph very much and will cry for Tomoko nonstop. Josuke usually follows Holly around and she enjoys his company. Josuke usually hides from Suzy q but he’s slowly warming up to her. ))

tears were streaming down your face as you looked at yourself in the mirror. all you could see was a fat, ugly girl. fatty legs, fatty arms and a huge stomach. suddenly you heard step behind you and turned around. it was J and he looked at you, confused. “why are you crying y/n? did someone hurt you?” you shook your Head, quickly turning away from the mirror. but he wasn’t satisfied with that answer. “tell me. what is it.” J insisted and you sighed and started to talk, your voice still shaking. “it’s just… you being with all those other, beautiful and skinny girls.. I feel so worthless and fat and ugly next to them and..-” you wanted to go on, but he ended you abruptly with a rough kiss. “listen to me, very carefully.” he said, slowly and demanding. “I want you to know one thing. those whores you see me everyday with? they don’t mean anything to me. get it, doll face?” slowly his Hands travel down to your shirt, touching your hot skin with his cold fingertips. you shivered. “your body…” he began, standing so close to you that you cold feel his warm breath. “is the most desirable thing in the whole world for me.” he ripped off your shirt, his hands exploring every inch of your bare skin. you bit your lips, only looking at his hands drive you crazy. “and God bless your tits.” he growled, after he had opened your bra. “believe me baby, you are so sexy the way you are.” then he pulled you in a rough kiss, which you replied even rougher.


I’m sorry.

I honestly didn’t know I was negatively affecting people that much. I know I’m a bit too abrasive and harsh for some people and I’m slowly starting to realize it can actually hurt them. It is all unintentional though. I genuinely feel bad, and I apologize.

Ziegs, I wish you and everyone I’ve accidentally hurt the best.

And please know that I would never, absolutely for any reason try and stop someone from pursuing any kind of career. I’m not sure how I even feasibly would and I don’t know how you came to that conclusion, but know that that is not the kind of person I am.

I am also NOT the type of person to push someone to suicidal thoughts. I am not. Where this lie (and I don’t mean to invalidate what Ziegs felt, I don’t. I simply mean this as the lie that I am intentionally someone who would do this) came from, I’ve no clue but I wish to stop it here and now.

I have Borderline Personality Disorder and Depression. I know what it is like to be at the brink and I find myself there far too much. And to think there are people that actually believe I am some type of monster to push someone there as well – I just can’t find myself wanting to go on knowing that such a blatant lie exists. Please, whatever you think of me – be it “rude” or “bitch”, that’s fine. But, I am begging you to believe, I am NOT someone who would ever put someone to even begin thinking of taking their life.

Had I ever known or ever been told that’s what I was apparently doing, I would have immediately stopped.

I’m sorry that I was so detrimental to you, I am. But I was never made aware of my actions. Not once was I ever told about how you felt. Not once. You spoke to Cry once and then left. You gave him an ultimatum and expected him to be a miracle worker. There’s no excuse for that. In no way, through text or through speech, did you try to get to me to tell me what I was doing.
I can understand your reasoning, I can. But it isn’t fair to him or to me how you went about this.

I am being yelled at, harassed, insulted, and threatened for doing something I was never told I was doing.

Ziegs, I wish you had actually come to me about how you felt about me or about how I was affecting you, because it is hard to word things right now without seeming insincere or defensive. But if that is how it had to be, then I suppose it’s how it has to be. By going public with private affairs, you chose the hard way for everybody, and I wish things were different. It isn’t fair to any of us now.

I am sorry. I hope you realize that I’m not whatever horrible thing you think I am; I’m a person.

I am a person who is trying.

Once you get too far into addiction… you think you’re acting normal, but trust me, everyone else around you knows something’s up. 

You kind of know you’re acting ridiculous, but you dont care. You rationalize it as normal behavior, because that’s just your state of mind at the moment.

That was one of the reasons why I never wanted to get clean. I did so many cringe-worthy things as an addict. I never wanted to have to think about them again. 

I hated the fact that it’s normal and healthy to feel completely and utterly hopeless sometimes. You’re not going to feel happy with life every day. It’s true, though. The next morning, after you wake up from a good cry while listening to your favorite sad songs, you feel stronger. 

Using drugs all the time just slowly makes you feel weaker. 

That’s what I had to finally realize.

I’m with you, okay? Always.(Bellamy BlakexReader)

It’s funny what can happen to a person in mourning. Never having a reason up until now, I had no idea what to expect. I thought I would cry for a few days and slowly make my way back into normalcy but that wasn’t the case at all. Maybe for some people it worked that way. For the ones who had suffered from loss many times prior. I couldn’t tell if I admired their strength or pitied them for such heartache.

Of course I cried and picked one too many fights out of anger, feeling like the universe had spat in my face. But once the tears and blood on my knuckles had dried, the bruises scattered over my skin coming to light,I found myself wandering to my shared tent and instead of returning to my life, I rotted within. I laid in bed, hardly moving and finding no real strength to speak when visitors came to coax me out or provide comforting words. Food was delivered to me and at first I was practically spoon fed with my body slumped forward, arms weak at my sides. As more time passed I was able to feed myself just enough to survive before rolling back onto my side, away from my caretakers.

I didn’t want to behave this way, but I couldn’t fight it. Upon hearing the news that my father was one of the many to offer up his life so that others could live, I had completely shut down. He was all I had seeing as my mother died while giving birth to me. The guilt for her untimely death was unforgiving and remained in the furthest part of my subconscious, showing its ugly face when I was at my weakest. But he would always catch the tears at the corners of my eyes and tell me, “she died so you could live and she left me the most wonderful gift. I see so much of her in you.”

Like she had never left.

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I’m Not Her - Part Five

Immediately, you both froze. You stared at him, eyes wide and in shock. Spencer pulled out of you.

“Y/N, I-I didn-” he started.

You pushed him off of you and rushed towards your drawer, pulling out clothing and ran to the bathroom, slamming and locking it behind you.

Spencer got up from the and pounded on the door. “Y/N, please open the door! I’m so sorry! I-I didn’t mean to yell out her name!”

All he heard was the shower start to run. “Y/N, please!” he begged.

You scrubbed and scrubbed, suddenly feeling dirty. The water scalding hot against your skin, but you didn’t care. All you wanted to do was clean yourself, but you just felt even dirtier by the second.

Your tears were starting to blend with the water from your shower. Slowly sliding down, you sat down in the shower and wrapped your arms around yourself, starting to cry harder.


After you were done with your shower, you dried yourself off and put on your clothes. You stared at the mirror. Your skin was red from the scalding hot water, your hair was still dripping wet and your eyes were swollen from crying.

Spencer was still calling your name, begging you to open the door and talk to him.

Sighing, you unlocked the door and walked past Spencer. “Y/N! Thank God. Please, baby. I’m so sorry!”

Ignoring him, you grabbed a large bag and started to put clothes into it, moving about the room and adding more essentials to the bag.

“Y/N.. what are you doing?” he asked, his voice now soft and slightly cracking.

You didn’t reply, continuing to put your things into your bag. A firm grip circled your arm, you turned around and glared at Spencer. “Let me go.”

“No. You’re not leaving me Y/N.” he replied, pulling you closer.

Yanking your arm from his grip, tears started to flood your eyes again. “LEAVE ME ALONE SPENCER.” you screamed. He seemed taken aback from how broken you sounded.

“I’m leaving this apartment for a few days. I need to be alone and think. Don’t contact me, don’t even come after me or so help me God..” you said.

Walking out towards the door to the apartment, you put on your shoes and grabbed your keys. “Goodbye Reid.” you whispered, opening the door and walking out, not bothering to glance back at him.


*Spencer’s POV*

Reid.. she never called me Reid. Fuck. I screwed up big time. I paced around the apartment, my hands tangling in my hair and pulling at it in frustration.

“GOD DAMN IT.” I yelled, slamming my fist onto the kitchen table. I sat down on one of the chairs and held my head in my hands. I could feel the tears running down my face.

Why?! Why did I yell Maeve’s name? I can’t believe I did that.

I grabbed my cell phone and dialed a number. It rang for a few minutes before a low voice answered, “Hello?”.

“Morgan..” I said quietly.

“Pretty Boy? What’s wrong? Why aren’t you spending time with Y/N? It’s your anniversary isn’t it?” he asked.

“I messed up Morgan. Big time..”

There was a short pause, “What did you do Reid?”

I sighed, “Y/N and I had sex for the first time, she let me take her virginity.”

“What’s so bad about that? Did you cum too quickly?” he joked.

“No Morgan.. I yelled Maeve’s name when I came.” I said.

There was a long silence before I heard him sigh. “Reid, no. Tell me you’re joking right now. Please tell me that I heard you wrong.”

I let out a groan and could feel my tears fall. “No, I’m not kidding Morgan. I fucked up. Majorly. Y/N just left the apartment and I don’t know if she’s going to come back..” I replied quietly.

“I’ll be there in a few.” he said and promptly hung up.

I always wanted to ask you one little thing.

When did the feelings stop? When did you realize that I was no longer the girl you wished to be with? When did I stop becoming your person, the number you dial when you randomly wanted to talk, the message you send when you got the A on a test you’ve studied seven consecutive nights for, the shoulder you cry on when everything didn’t feel right?

When did it occur to you that you no longer love me?

Did it come slowly like drops of water dripping from a faucet that was not tightly closed? Or did it come rushing like the waves of the ocean during a violent storm?

One question, one answer.

That is all I ever need.


—  EL

but guys, think about hearing outer space/carry on in concert and during the silent time as it changes from outer space to carry on, all the lights are out. slowly, a spotlight begins to gleam on luke and his soft voice rings through the area, accompanied by everyone that loves him soooooo dearly. everyone is singing by the time of the harmonization and when the song ends, they let the crowd finish. all lights come back on and their smiles are more prominent than ever because of their pride for themselves and you.


“Behind her, Maleficent heard a whoosh, and then she felt something she hadn’t felt in many, many years. It was a feeling of comfort, of wholeness. It was a feeling almost as strong as the love she felt for Aurora. A smile began to spread across her face as she slowly turned around. There, hovering in the air, were her wings.

They were as strong and beautiful as they had been on the day Stefan took them from her, and Maleficent let out a soft cry. ‘How could this be?’ she wondered. Had they been there in the castle all along? And if they had been, how had they been released? Looking down, she saw Aurora and suddenly knew just how they had come back to her.

Somehow, Aurora had found the missing piece of Maleficent.”

– excerpt from “Maleficent,” by Elizabeth Rudnick



You’ve had the dreams ever since that awful day in the maze, the day you almost died.
You never told anyone about it or the dreams, especially your boyfriend Newt. Tomorrow you were to return to your job as a runner after a month of having a broken leg. You were terrified.
You went to bed that night with a million thoughts racing through your mind. What if a griever tried attacking you again? What if another charged you again? What if you didn’t make it out?
You slowly fell into a deep slumber as your busy mind took over.
You started to dream about being trapped in the maze. You were all alone running around corners only to find dead end after dead end. You were running from something and you had the feeling that death was near. You turned around to see five grievers charging towards you, gears whirring and needles pointing out at you.
“NOOO!!!” You sprang awake screaming and crying.
“Y/N, what’s wrong?!” Newt jerked awake.
“Nothing, just a bad dream,” you said telling him to go back to sleep.
“It’s obviously not nothing, tell me what’s wrong,” he said pulling you into a hug. You sat there with him, crying into his shoulder for a while as he rocked you back and forth whispering calming things in your ear.
“Newt, I can’t go back. I never told you what really happened out there,” you said panicked. You told him the story about how the Griever charged at you and how you tripped and it ran over your leg into another direction only for it to come back charging at full speed again. You barely made it to the Glade, and it stopped once it noticed your destination.
“Y/N, you don’t have to go back, I’m not going to let anything hurt you,” he kissed your head, “nothing will touch you as long as I’m here. And if a Griever were to come charging in here, he’d have to go through me first. Y/N, I love you, nothing is going to hurt you,” he said lifting your chin and giving you a kiss.
Newt got up to tell Minho you’d be working with him in the gardens from now on where he could protect you.
The next day you reported bright and early to work right next to Newt as you threw grapes back and forth and stealing quick kisses.
“I’ll always protect you,” he whispered.

This probably sucked I’m sorry!!

Keep Your Distance // Luke x Reader

@duchampx​ asked: imagine where y/n witnesses leia kiss luke and becomes distant towards him because she likes him? then luke confronts her but no happy ending bc I LOVE THE SADNESS! tysm

I’m thinking of doing an honesty hour later tonight. What do y'all think?

Hoth is probably the worst place in the galaxy to be. You hated the cold and you hated snow. All you wanted to was go home and sleep.

As you came inside from the cold, you took off your fur hood and gloves. The mixture of the heat from inside and the cold from outside made your nose run and your cheeks feel numb.

When you come into the resting area, you cannot believe your eyes. Your heart snaps in two and you want to cry. You see Luke, the boy you’ve had a crush on for the past year, kissing Leia. Your heart sinks into your butt and your sadness slowly converts to anger.

You start to walk away from the resting area and more into the control room area of the base you were at.

Keep your distance, (Y/N). You don’t want to have your heart broken again now, do you? you tell yourself. You weren’t going to cry over some stupid guy.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” you hear his voice from behind you.

Keep your distance you remind yourself.

He runs up next to you and smiles. “What’s wrong? You seem upset.”

Yeah you ass, I’m upset. I’m upset because you freaking know I’ve liked you forever, yet you kiss someone else you’ve only met a few month ago.

“I’m fine.” you state sternly without turning your head.

“You don’t sound fine. You know you can tell me anything right?” Luke stops you so you can face him.

You wriggle your arms out of his grip and repeat, “I’m fine, Luke. Why can’t you just leave me alone?”

Luke’s face becomes hurt and snaps, “Okay, why are you becoming so distant all of a sudden? I’m trying to be nice, but you are just being rude. Tell me what’s going on and I can help you.” He grabs your arm and rubs it. His eyes seems so genuine and you want to reach up and kiss his lips.

But you won’t. You’ve cried over him too many times and it’s been a year. If you were really made for each other, your paths would have intertwined sooner and you would have already been a couple.

You lightly smile. “I’m sorry. It’s just too personal to tell. But thank you.”

He looks at you and smiles back. He pulls you into a hug. “You are like my sister, you know that right?”

There it is. The truth. You hug him back tightly, savoring the moment. “Yeah, I know. I love you, Luke.”

“I love you, too. I’ll catch up with you later. I have to talk to Leia,” he says, walking away.

Yeah, Leia.

A Poem

this pit of despair

the lies

being told it makes you feel better

thinking life will get easier

when it doesn’t

finding a way to escape

my love

my worst enemy

my best friend

you are what i survive for

my money means nothing

only when i spend it on you

life is meaningless

when i have you

i feel happy

you make me sick

you make me crave

you make me die

i need you in my life

finding you was my fate

i didnt live until you

you keep me alive

you also make me feel like death

why do you do this to me

this life

this existance

this charade

just another hit

i just need one more line

make me feel good

you are my world

without you i cry

i cant leave you

the puking

the shaking

the pain

it is all worth it

when i feel you inside me

when you light up my world

you will kill me

slowly you are taking over

nobody is safe from you

all of the drugs

all of the heroin

all of the meth

leave me

let me be free

let me be happy

I think everyone has had a time in their lives when they cry so hard that it physically hurts.
Your heart feels like it’s getting slowly ripped apart.
Your head feels like it’s gonna explode from all the pain and the confusion.
Your mouth is open, trying to grab just a little air to calm you down.
You want to kill yourself immediately.
You want to cut yourself.
But something keeps stoping you.
I wish I wasn’t so fucking scared all the time.

i feel like im becoming the type of person who me as a kid would look up to, and be inspired by, and want to be like… i mean, im still inspired by a lot of the same people as i was back then, but now i feel a lot more like im becoming my own person, my own unique combination of everything ive wanted to become since forever…

but its not that im perfectly happy with my life, i feel so fucking stupid, i feel so pathetic constantly, i feel like im just… such a desperate idiot… but it all feels like, my backstory, i guess? theres a better word for it im trying to think of, but what i mean is that everything from the past, and everything that keeps happening to me, and every reason i spend nearly every night crying my eyes out, all keeps making me slowly learn everything i couldn’t understand, i keep suddenly realizing things and. its all slowly making me become the person who ive always wished i could be. whenever i try to look at myself from a third person perspective, i keep looking more and more like someone me as a kid would want to be like, and would look up to, and would be inspired by, and that makes me somewhat content and okay with everything…

Imagine Jim Morrison sitting by your side as you cry. Your recent relationship had just ended, so naturally you’re pretty shaken up. You fight back your tears, in one last attempt to protect your reputation. But, Jim begins to slowly rub your back, and you feel your walls collapse. Your breath becomes uneven as you start to sob. Meanwhile, Jim whispers words of comfort, the light scent of alcohol on his lips, “It was his fucking loss, all he was doing was preventing you from blossoming into the individual you desire to become.” He brushes the hair out of your face, and tucks it behind your ear. Jim then gently plants a kiss on the tip of your ear, as he begins to softly hum “Blue Sunday” Jim takes your hands in his, and examines how dainty they look compared to his rough, calloused palms. You were everything he wasn’t. You were everything he desired to be, to achieve. And the truth was, that he would do just about anything to save you from being burned.

Reaction: Finding you after a fight


“you loner, don’t you have any friends?”

Bobby would joke about something to lighten the atmosphere a little before just taking you into his arms and hugging you tight. It’s then when he turns serious and whispers his apology into your ear, even crying a little himself. Usually you would never fight like that, let alone make you cry.


*eyes you from a distance before slowly coming over*

Junhoe feels so guilty, especially when he sees you being on that swing all by yourself. He has to bring his courage together to actually come over because he is too afraid that you’re still mad and won’t accept his apology. Nevertheless, he just lets his feelings decide and all he wants is to take you into his arms and tell you how sorry he is and to please stop crying because it really scares him when you do that.


…are you still mad…?”

Hanbin couldn’t even face you, he would just stand there and look down since he is so ashamed of making his girl cry because of some stupid fight. Like Junhoe, he feels guilty immediately and waits till you calmed down yourself. After that there wouldn’t be anything that could stop him from hugging you tight and apologizing while resting his head on yours.


i am so sorry.. please forgive me”

Jinhwan would be so relieved to find you because he was so unbelievably worried after you just left like that. He would literally run to you and take you into his arms, wiping away your tears and apologizing over and over again. His heart breaks just by seeing you like that.

- moyo

I Hate You I Love You (Part 2)

Summary: Based on the song “I Hate You I Love You”

Word Count: 954

Warnings: Slight angst, cursing. Cliffhanger, that’s barely a cliffhanger

A/N: just a filter. P.S. in the gif, that’s the sweater ;) ALSO I CANT REPLY TO ALL THE MESSAGES, BUT IF YOU ASKED TO BE TAGGED, YOU’LL BE TAGGED. Thanks guys ILYYYYYYYY

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

More tears formed and they just continued to stream as you proceed to drive back home. But still, you were composed, not wanting to crash. Arriving home though, you were anything but composed.

You hurriedly slammed the door of your apartment, your knees already buckling under you. Your body slowly slid down the door, as slowly cocoon yourself with your head laid against your knees as your arms wrap around them. Your body shook with every cry emerging from your throat. The feeling was unbearable. After years of pretending and hiding, it finally happened. You always dreaded the thought of telling him, knowing you would be rejected, but you were never prepared for how much it would actually hurt. And even after all this, you still love him. Did a decade of friendship just disappear within a span of a few minutes? Your heart just aches for him more. At times like this he would be the one to comfort you from your hurt, but now he’s the reason for this pain. You know he wouldn’t be here for you this time.

The tears were endless and you stayed there in silence for who knows how long. Grudgingly, you got up only to find the comfort of your bed. On the way door, you clumsily tripped over a piece of cloth. It was a navy blue cotton sweater. It was Bucky’s, leaving it here a couple weeks back. You don’t recall much of that event, just the beach at night and a lot of laughing. Looking at the apparel, you grimaced. You quickly grab it and chucked it at the wall, before letting out a groan of frustration. You had to get over him, for your sake.

At your bed, the tears were making their second appearance, only occurring when you spotted that sweater. You slowly curl in a ball as you stare at the wall, just reenacting the scene in your mind, your heart breaking each time. ‘I’m sorry,’ with those sympathetic eyes. And you suddenly realized how much of a fool you were. How humiliating it was to tell your best friend that you’ve loved him for years when his new girlfriend was within a 100 ft of you; then, of course getting rejected.

Days on end you stayed within the tranquility of your home. Your friends were worried after not hearing from you after a while, but you didn’t care and just shrugged off the many calls and messages you’ve received. You basically ignored everyone, refusing to answer them back. You barely touched your phone, only to check the occasional message. Everyone from your coworker to your girlfriends question of your small disappearance, yet Bucky has yet to make an appearance of the numerous calls you got. It upset you that he refused to check up on you. Many times you were tempted to contact him, typing a text but never sending it through. The painful scene always stopping you.

Eventually your friends became so worried about you that they forced themselves to come visit to make sure you were alright.

“You look like shit,”Nat blurted out when you opened the door after their endless knocking. You just scowled before letting her in, along with Wanda.

“(Y/N) what’s wrong?” Wanda asked, worry laced in her voice.

“Yeah, you look like you just got dump,”Nat added. You wish, you thought, might have hurt less than this.

“If that’s another way of saying getting your heartbroken, then you are correct,” you mumbled, as you returned to your couch, plopping down to continue eating your ice cream.

“You were dating someone?” you heard Wanda squeal. “Why didn’t you tell us?” But Nat knew you too well and you would’ve told her if you did. It only took her a few seconds before realization settled on her, her eyes widening.

“No,”She gasped, rushing towards you only to sit front you,”You did not.” You only raise an eyebrow as you stare down at her.

“Don’t play that bullshit, innocent crap, (Y/N)”

“Wait, what’s going?” You overheard a confused Wanda, walking towards the both of you.

“Did you or did you not,”Nat insisted, her eyes interrogating you. You only sighed and chewed the inside of your cheek before reluctantly nodding.

“That damn Bucky,” she mutters, and Wanda let out a loud a gasp.


Seconds later, you were already spilling the details of the event that occurred only a couple nights ago, reopening your wound. Nat was soon spewing out details on how to hurt him, while Wanda was hugging you, consoling you.

“It’s fine, guys,”you spoke, trying to convince them you’re fine,”I expected it”

“BUT HOW CAN HE NOT CALL YOU AFTER THIS? You’re his best friend for pete’s sake!” Nat ranted, as she paced around your apartment. “And to go back to her. Ugh!” Saying ‘her’ in disgust.

Suddenly, she halted in the middle spout. “Wait a minute,”Nat murmured, as if she just remembered something,”You’re still going to the wedding, right?”

Your eyes widen, completely forgetting about the wedding. Steve and Peggy’s wedding. Meaning Bucky would be there, as Steve’s best man. With you, Nat, and Wanda as the bridesmaids. You were planning to avoid Bucky for a couple more days or so, but that will be coming to a halt for the wedding that was due in just four days. You couldn’t miss your best friends’ wedding, but then again..Bucky. He was probably going to bring Rosie, and just the thought of that made your chest hurt.

You reluctantly nodded, before letting out a weak chuckle,”Of course. It’s Steve and Peg’s wedding, how could I miss that?”

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