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Recently I’ve been finding the genuine (we get many wanna-be imitations) honey butter chips being sold in more stores~ Usually my favourite go-to chips are a honey and cheese flavour~ GAH! It’s like a flavour combo from the heavens! After finding HBC at the grocery store I decided to betray my honey cheese chips to try it…I was a little sceptical that it wouldn’t live up to the hype but I WAS WRONG. Hear that, Seven?! They’re so super yum that I cry rainbow tears! So in conclusion to this chip battle, my tastebuds call a draw!

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rainbow (2017) by kesha: some feelings
  1. bastards: i adore this hopeful and determined opening track. starting bare, swelling into beautiful harmonies, you tear up within three minutes of putting this album on.
  2. let em talk: “do whatever makes you happy and screw everything else if you ask me” is maybe all that needs to be said. the sentiment that life is too short is already a recurring theme on the album, but this time in the context of pure carefree fun. i love kesha.
  4. hymn: saved my soul!!!!!! life affirming af!!! another of the recurring themes appear: i’m perfect even though i’m fucked up. more tears, but like happy tears. who we are is no mistake.
  5. praying: do i need to say anything. cathartic tears for this one.
  6. learn to let go: yet ANOTHER life affirming fuvking jam!!! my girl :’))) triumphant tears in my eyes tbh
  7. finding you: SHE HITS WITH A LOVE SONG. SHE. DOES. THIS. i’m gonna overuse this word but it’s beautiful, there’s no other way to put it. 
  8. rainbow: crying tears. in her letters she talks about being allowed a keyboard one hour a day in rehab and playing this song over and over and crying and i’m getting goosebumps just typing this up. WHAT’S LEFT OF MY HEART’S STILL MADE OF GOLD. another track that starts bare and builds up in an emotional crescendo. her abilities as a vocalist are really coming through on this whole album but i love her singing in this song the most of all.
  9. hunt you down: country jam warning the bf you’re gonna kill him if he cheats. fantastic, awesome, love it. 
  10. boogie feet: another party track! yay! 
  11. boots: pixie loves love. 
  12. old flames (can’t hold a candle to you): FEATURING DOLLY PARTON!!!!! ICONIC!!!!!! i love the genre mix on this album!!! you have the acoustic vibes, the rock vibes, the country vibes, the grandiose pop vibes… i love it all. anyway this song is, you know what i’m gonna say again, beautiful.
  13. godzilla: the cutest weird love song.
  14. spaceship: nothing is real, love is everything, and i know nothing. kesha knows she’s too good for this world and is waiting for her spaceship to take her home. fair. 

in general, this album shows that kesha is a musical genius capable of anything, but the emotional content elevates it imo. it feels honest and healing. healing here includes pure fun, reminding both her and me as a listener that despite the fact that you’ve been through awful shit, you’re still allowed to and capable of feeling joy. we’re perfect even though we’re fucked up. we can love again. we can bring ourselves from a bad past into a fun present and a hopeful future.


I went to Disney world in June and got inspired to draw BTS in Disneyland. Come on, they need to go, like it’s on my bucket list and it ain’t even for me. IT WOULD BE SO AMAZING IF THEY WENT RIGHT??!

• yoongi and hoseok on Jungle cruise. And hoseoks like “omfg nu snakeuuu”. oh and there’s a lurking jimin in the bg (shout out to all ya’ll yoongmin ships ayyy).
• jin and joonie picking out ears, chilling in front of Cinderellas castle. ofc jin has to get one with a crown bc of the pretty princess he is.
• lastly tae, jungkook, and jimin in the queue for the Tower of Terror. Kooks ofc super psyched but Jimins all freaked out about going on. Earlier tae just had to buy some stickers and he got bored waiting in line so he stuck them all over his face and arms. And on Jimin to try making him feel better awe (dw mimi, I hate that ride too ;v; )

thanks to @wingedconverses for helping me out with them and for “crying tears of rainbows and sparkles over them”. I ‘ppreciate it lil bean ♡

so it took me almost 3 months to finish these and my style changed haha. Well I’m always changing up my chibis little by little so it’s v inconsistent. ^^; I had lots of fun doing them especially the backgrounds. I gained a lot of exp!

I created this today because not only were those lives stolen from them, but they were apart of a special community. Whether it was an ally or not, the LGBTQ+ community and our allies are hurting. Society treats us like inhumane pieces of nothing. Love is love and we embrace who we are so why can’t they? Because we’re unique? Inside and out, we are all still human and a group of people shouldn’t have to go through so much hatred and discrimination. Hearing about that shooting on every social media outlet has really hurt me and made me realize that you should live your life, but also don’t take it for granted. I’m thinking about making prints and donating half of the profit to the families of the victims and Pulse Orlando so LET’S MAKE A DIFFERENCE + SPREAD THE WORD!


「Markjinson 」

I call them my ot3. It all breaks down as Markjin, Jinson and Markson. Tbh, this triangle is so complicated if you haven’t realized. I love those individual moments where each otp gets, it makes my heart all fuzzy and I feel like shitting beautiful rainbows because it’s precious, every moment is. Moments where it reaches from skinship, to kisses and tight hugs it all becomes exciting which I can’t stop smiling a huge idiot. They’ve ruined  my life with their beautiful love.