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Living With The Murderer Pt 4

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Title: Living With The Murderer.

Genre: Light fluff, little bit of angst and some tears.

Member: Zelo.

Word Count: 2511.

Description: Zelo is angry at you again, yes you are technically crying over spilt milk. But that doesn’t really matter because it turns out Youngjae is being pretty nice, nice enough to tell you there are some things you still don’t know.

This was hell, this was literal hell. You wanted to die on the spot, you didn’t care about a funeral or a grave site, as long as you were descending from the earth and being put as far away as possible from the five supposedly grown men you had been forced to go grocery shopping with.

“What do you need to make pasta again?” You couldn’t even answer their questions anymore, your ears were literally ringing because of their repeated show of stupidity and your body was ridden into that growingly familiar feeling of stiffness.

And what caused it this time?

Zelo again, of course.

His hand was on the shopping cart, right next to yours, just a mere millimetre away from making contact with your own hand. And even though the stupidity and the idiocity of the people you were shopping with proved to be able to distract your mind, it couldn’t distract your rigid body and how uncomfortable you were.

“What do you put in pasta again?” Jongup asked, holding up a packet of pasta in Daehyun’s direction and the older of the two shrugged as he snatched the packet from him.

“I don’t know, but it always tastes good”

“I know what goes in pasta” Zelo gasped and he approached the two, snatching the packet out of Daehyun’s hands to throw it in the shopping cart as you passed them. You chose to ignore them, Zelo had finally left your side which meant you were now free to roam around the supermarket without looking like a walking statue.

“Hummus, hummus, aha! Hummus” Youngjae clapped and picked up the said hummus once he had found it, he turned around to meet eyes with you and you blinked dully as he skipped towards the shopping cart with his desired item of food.

I swear on the life of me if Himchan turns into a fluffy, stupid little child like the rest of them I’m going to slap him.

You internally vowed to yourself as Youngjae put the hummus in the shopping cart and locked his grip on the side of it, pulling you along with his quickened steps as he dragged the shopping cart with him.

“I think Himchan went this way” Youngjae voiced as if he had been able to read your mind and you hummed in response, focused on not tripping over and actually finding Himchan by staying on your own two feet. When the two of you had found Himchan he was over by one of the fridge sections. His eyes were locked on two different types of cheese, one in each hand, and then they racked the options on the fridge shelves before him that he wasn’t able to pick up.

“Put the cheese down Himchan” You demanded as soon as you got near him, Youngjae reached for one of the cheeses to help Himchan put them down. But what someone had failed to inform you of was the fact that Himchan snarled like a pregnant cat when he was threatened, and clearly having the cheese taken off him was a threat.

“Himchan put down the cheese or a dowse you in vinegar” You threatened, taking the bottle of vinegar from the shopping cart and threatening to remove its lid.

Himchan hissed and with a flick of your wrist, you threatened him again. Himchan screamed and used his body to cover the cheese, waiting for the vinegar to spray him and you laughed at him.

“Dumb ass, it has a seal on it” Youngjae snapped and ripped the cheese out of Himchan’s hands. Once he got the dairy product out of Himchan’s grasp you used the cart to shove Himchan away from the cheese.


Finally, you were home, by the time you had managed to bring all the grocery bags inside you were exhausted both mentally and physically. If it weren’t for Yongguk coming out of his little hiding spot in the house to help you, you probably would have passed out and you figured that none of those idiots would have known how to help you if that were to ever happen.

Daehyun had disappeared, and Jongup left the kitchen with the excuse to find Daehyun and bring him back to help you. You had found that Himchan was still grumpy from the cheese event and you had no clue where Youngjae was, all you could do as you packed away the food with Zelo and Yongguk was hope that Youngjae wasn’t dead. Because if he were that meant Himchan was probably sitting on the couch with that scowl on his face waiting to murder you next because he didn’t get any wine or cheese on this shopping trip. The thought of that sent a small shiver down your spine but nothing could mess you up more then what was about to happen in the kitchen.

You looked down with an “oh shit” falling from your lips in a loud gasp as Yongguk who had been handing you food to put in the fridge jumped back to avoid having milk thrown on him. You hid by the side of the fridge, dropping the fruit on one of the shelves as you both watched a lidless milk carton fall to the floor. The milk splashed on the floor before spreading into a big puddle with you and Yongguk staring at it in devastation.

“Y/N, please tell me you bought more milk?”

“We did buy more mi-”

“What the fuck are you thinking Y/N?” Zelo snapped and you snarled back a reply for having been cut off and accused before you could even realise what was happening around you.

“I beg your bloody pardon you inconsiderate piece of trash why don’t you quit it with the snapping and take the time to realise it was an accident?” You finally turned to look at Zelo once you had finished your sentence and your eyes widened when you saw how angry he was and your mind almost went blank wit the state of shock you fell into.  

At least he wasn’t crying over spilt milk.

You couldn’t even chuckle over your little thoughts of sarcasm as Zelo slammed a fist on the kitchen bench and began yelling louder.

“That carton was still half full and now because of your stupidity, it’s all on the ground in an utter waste! Look what you’ve done!” He pointed a finger at the milk on the floor and you looked down at the mess, refusing to look back up as your whole body began to shake.

“Zelo calm down, will you? You heard what she said, it was an accident. Now cut Y/N some slack and we will clean the mess up while you finish putting the food away ok?” Yongguk cut in and Zelo shoved him out of the way in response so that he could be towering over your shaking figure. You shrunk in size, he hadn’t even truly begun yet and you were still scared, it made you realise how weak you were compared to how strong you imagined yourself to be.

“You truly are absolutely useless” A gasp escaped you and your head automatically flicked up against your will to meet Zelo’s dark eyes with your own that showed just how shattered you were by his comment.  Your breath quivered as silence passed between the two of you until Yongguk put a hand on Zelo’s shoulder and the taller male turned his body to face him with an angry flick.

“Y/N” Daehyun whispered in the gap of thick silence and you turned around to look at him, Jongup was standing next to him and your head automatically lowered when you realised they would have seen everything that just happened. And then you remembered Himchan sitting in the lounge room where you could hear everything that happened from the kitchen and your embarrassment immediately tripled, causing you to become a shame filled tint of red in the face.

You quickly ran around Daehyun and Jongup, avoiding looking into their eyes again as you passed them. You mentally scolded yourself for leaving Yongguk in there alone with Zelo, but you were too scared to go back in there and instantly promised yourself that you would apologise to Yongguk for the trouble you have caused him as soon as you got the chance to do so.

“God damn it, I promised myself I wouldn’t be like this anymore. Why can’t I ever be strong enough?” Tears had fallen from your eyes and left sparkling trails of your sadness on your cheeks as you slammed the door to your room shut and ran to the safety of your bed, where you yanked the covers back and fell under their warmth as gravity failed to hold them up. You used the palm of your hand to dry your cheeks and wipe away the continuing tears as you sniffled and pulled your pillow into your chest. Your eyes clenched themselves shut and your breath shook with every inhale and exhale. You shook your head, keeping your eyes closed as you forbid yourself to remember those times, you didn’t want to think about those times, you didn’t want to remember what happened to you and you didn’t want to have to feel the same emotions that came with those memories again.

But they played on your mind. They remained the only thing you thought about for hours. And Zelo stood outside your room later that night, wanting to tell you dinner was ready, that you should eat what was presented tonight because it was actually really good and Youngjae was extremely proud of it. Zelo wanted to try and get you to open up to at least somebody in the house, it didn’t even have to be him. Zelo wanted to knock on the door, ask you why he could hear your soft hiccups and the sniffles you were making. He wanted to have you allow him to give you a warm comforting hug while he asked if you wanted to tell him what was wrong, but for some reason, he was too afraid to make his presence known to you.

So instead he went back to the table with a look of defeat. Himchan blinked at him questioningly and Zelo had already given his answer before any of them could ask him where you were.

“She said she isn’t hungry yet” He muttered, not looking at any of them as he slumped down into his seat and snatched at his cutlery with a deep, very evident frown on his lips.

“Well, I mean that’s nothing new, but she has to eat. I’ll see if she wants to eat her meal in her room” Zelo believed that he had witnessed you and Youngjae bond and for a moment he believed that maybe you could find comfort in Youngjae. And once you found comfort in Youngjae maybe you would find yourself being friendly with the others, and eventually, you and him would get along like he wanted you to. Youngjae stood up, taking his plate and reaching across to the empty space on the table to grab yours, with one last smile directed their way, Youngjae gave small chuckle that had his eye crinkling.

“Wish me luck” He commented with a light voice before walking out of the kitchen. The other boys were left sitting in shock with a glum Zelo. It wasn’t very often that they saw a light and fluffy Youngjae, they thought that side of him must have died after being in the gang for so long.

“So um, Got7 have finally cleared off” Yongguk cleared his throat, quickly looking down at the food in front of him and shoving a spoonful of it in his mouth.

“About damn time” Daehyun muffled back through his cheeks that were puffed with half chewed food. Youngjae waltzed up the stairs and down the hall to stand in front of the door to your room.

“Y/N” He called as he used the heel of his foot to knock on the door. You blinked awake from the light sleep you were slipping into and turned your head under the covers to look in the direction of your bedroom door with swollen eyes.

“Can I come in Y/N? My hands are full” You heard Youngjae’s voice again and groggily sat up on the bed, letting the covers fall from your body as you continued moving to get out of the bed.

“I’m coming” You responded through a dry throat and dragged your feet towards the door. Youngjae met your tired, red eyes when you opened the door and his own instantly widened as he shuffled past you to set the plates down on your bedside table.

“What on earth has got you looking like this?” Youngjae asked and the emotions instantly came crashing back into your body as he grabbed you by your shoulders and lifted one of his hands to use a finger to poke your swollen skin under your eyes. You lips quivered and Youngjae watched with an expression of utter cluelessness on his face as your eyes began to water again.

“Zelo yelled at me for spilling the milk when we were putting the groceries away. But the lid wasn’t even on it and it was an accident!” You whimpered, your voice getting shakier and harder to use as you told him what was wrong.

“You’re crying over spilt milk?” Youngjae asked, blinking owlishly as you wiped at your eyes gingerly.

“I’m crying because Zelo got angry at me and Yongguk and it scared so I ran and left Yongguk behind with Zelo being angry” You cried and Youngjae sighed, pulling you into his body and wrapping his arms around you.

“Is that why you told Zelo that you weren’t hungry?” He asked and you looked up at him. It was your turn to hold the expression of confusion on your face as he watched you blinking away your tears.

“Zelo hasn’t been anywhere near me since he got angry at me. I was never told that dinner was ready, I had almost fallen asleep to” You hiccupped and Youngjae’s brows came to meet in the centre of his forehead as he pulled you back into his chest.

“There is so much you still don’t know about this house isn’t there Y/N?” Youngjae mumbled. You wanted to ask him what he meant, ask him what you hadn’t been told but there was a lump in your throat keeping your words at bay.

“Let’s try and eat and see if you feel any better after dinner” Youngjae suggested and you nodded, letting him pull you back towards your bed where you got comfortable and he handed you a plate full of amazing smelling food.

“It smells great” You chuckled weakly and Youngjae gave you a happy grin.

“Good, it better tastes as great as it smells too” Youngjae demanded and brought the food to his mouth, clamping down on it and chewing happily.

“Dig in Y/N!”

After much delay it’s finally here! I hope you enjoyed it and I’m doing my best to get more writing done as I am on a two week holiday right now so my plan is to fill it with updates and all that holiday homework I was given.

I love you xx