crying over these photos

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headcanons about the *blessed ot4* please? (Mari/Adrien/Nino/Alya)

  • nino and mari are like the deadpanned fatalistic members of the group
    • nino: dudes we’ve been studying for this test for like fifty years death is staring me in the face
    • mari: if we die like right now tho, we won’t have to take the test
    • nino: omg tru 
    • adrien: …….so can you two like, i dunno, love yourselves please?
  • nino makes a group snapchat for the four of them because he thought it’d be cute, but adrien and alya started spamming it when they turned it into a continuous ugly selfie contest that’s been going 27 days strong. mari and nino just leave it alone and snap each other directly. 
  • not only are mari and alya synced up, but adrien and nino become those mom friends that bring junk food, pain killers, and extra tampons to school in case the girls need it
  • adrien somehow has the numbers of nino’s, alya’s, and marinette’s parents and vice versa and adrien won’t tell how he got them
    • whenever one of them is out past curfew, they’ll always get a call from adrien being like “hey so your mom called me and she wants you home right away.”
    • adrien casually texts marinette’s mom often bc she’s always asking him how he is and if he’s eating. adrien doesn’t mind bc it’s nice to have a mom worry over him. 
  • marinette has sketched out schematics for how to sneak past the agreste mansion’s security, scale the side of adrien’s home, and break him out of his room for “friend time.” she’s dead serious about it too. 
  • there was one time adrien invited everyone over to his house so they could “work on a class project.” but he hid them in his closet until his father and nathalie went to sleep so that they could sleep over at his house without anyone knowing
    • they had to keep the noise down and ninja into the kitchen whenever they wanted snacks, but adrien was the only one with a bed big enough for all four of them and alya wanted to have a go on his rock climbing wall 
  • adrien and marinette are notorious for physically crying over cute animal photos/videos, so sometimes, to screw with them, alya and nino will spam them with links during class and laugh at them these two start sobbing into their notes in the middle of a geography lesson

I would be that popular girl from the 90s who cuts out pretty photos of celebrities and puts them on her mirror for inspiration except that I’m a guy and it’s 2003 and I cry in my basement over photos of Gerard Way covered in blood for the aesthetic

Are u still doing it?? If so plz rate my dude :0

((wHAT IS THAT MAJESTIC BEING…. it looks like a bengal cat,, theyre my favourite asdfghjkl that is such a beautiful breadloaf im in love. pls smooch their adorable snoot… those eyes show hidden darkness but i trust them. i would trade a whole pringle for them. 12/10 soft and good)) 

Linsexual (tweethearts for taylor)

{A/N: so i love lin, i love the tweethearts style, i love taylor for real #numberonemom, so i wrote this…i just look…look..go follow @secretschuylersister and you’ll get my love for her…so taylor enjoy also didn’t know your twitter so i shortened your blog name…hehe)

@secretschuylersis has been crying over ed sheeran for 5 hours…
*photo of a blanket burrito taylor*

@lin_manuel says the one who cried over us having no milk…

@secretschuylersis what drunk lin does is not my fault

@lin_manuel oh but when drunk taylor turns the grammy into a flower pot i get in trouble

@secretschuylersis yep

@lin_manuel i hate you

July 12th
I think i am now 100% linsexual
*photo of shirtless lin*

@secretschuylersis 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

August 15th
I have to pee but they are asleep…
*photo of a sleeping taylor with a sleeping tobi on her*

I sneezed and they woke up, i have never made such a noise while peeing…

August 23rd
My beautiful girlfriend made me a mixtape, yes TAPE! so i had to go to a vintage shop to get a player (1/3)

(2/3) so…this girl…the whole tape…i was excited but she…she fucking

(3/3) every song was NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP! she fucking rick rolled me! For 20 songs…

@lin_manuel 👌👌👌👌😎😎😎💯💯💯💯

@secretschuylersis i hate you…

September 12th
How does this bastard, orphan, son of a whore land the most beautiful girl ever
*photo of taylor looking off, the sun set lighting her*

Oh girl you got me helpless….look into your eyes and the skies the limit
*photo of taylor in lins hamilton hoodie*

Oh i do i do i do! She said yes
*photo of a shock faced taylor a ring on her hand

Oh there’s a million things i we havent done but…just you wait…just you wait..
*photo of lin kissing taylor in the london eye*


As all of you may know by now, Eleanor is starting to make an appearance again. If any if you have been here long enough, you know the shit we went through with her; with management, Harry crying, the obvious staged photos, the “Over Again” performance. It’s all returning.

And I say we don’t take this. As all of you know, Louis tweeted “Always in my heart @Harry_Styles . Yours sincerely, Louis”. And if you take note, Louis made sure to sign it with his name, letting us all know he was tweeting that himself, and not management who, at the time, was in control over his twitter ((@ the “Larry is bullshit” tweet)). Louis was telling, not only Harry, but all of us that he loves Harry and he will always in be in his heart!

Back to the point, I think since the whole thing El is reappearing, we should get all the Larries together and get AIMH to 3 million, because L tweeted H that to remind him that he loved him while “dating” El the first time around.