crying over joseph

one of my favorite jojo scenes will always be when joseph interrupts his own funeral that ending is Iconic and i love it so much


Let’s Play Dream Daddy- Part 10

Only the best ending for the best bro!!

I can’t believe I already beat Dream Daddy…this was a really enjoyable game, and I hate to see it end.!

You guys really enjoyed DDADDS, too. So in order to keep you guys entertained, you are more than welcome to suggest games you’d like me to play!
Especially with the month of Halloween just around the corner. I’d love to get my hands on a few spooky games to play ;9


okay the canoninity of the executioner can heavily heavily be questioned (ambiguity on the official words of bethesda AND the fact that you can kill sebastian) but just in case people crying over having killed joseph, the executioner implies in itself that you haven’t actually kill killed joseph presumably so that the retcon of this DLC when the sequel comes out isnt too hard \(◕‿◕✿)/

1) big daddy keeper dad can’t see joseph in his tub unless the memory scan is used = joseph isnt in the tub at all but the rest of the guys u demolished are
2) big daddy Keeper dad died in STEM but didn’t die IRL. can apply this to joseph