crying over feels


i mean can you blame him????


find yourself a best friend who looks at you the same way maui looks at moana


gotta be careful about what you tell an alien who’s just found out he’s an alien

a doodle comic that got totally outta hand bc man reigen makes such a cool agent

MIB AU setup from this post  


get you a man who looks at you the way Shin looks at EunTak when she isn’t looking..

The fact that there are people out there in the universe that don’t know about the greatness that is Root and Shaw is just…. my heart is truly heavy for you.

They weren’t even planned and yet ended up being my favorite ship of all time (not just out of f/f ships but m/f ones also). I will never stop screaming about them.

They were so unique. Interracial, both neurodivergent and just special in every way. I honestly have never seen another ship like them and even outside of their relationship, they were both just such amazing characters. That’s probably my favorite thing about them. They were their own women with their own arcs and they never needed the other to make them interesting or to prop them up. I actually love the fact that we got to learn about them separately first before they ever fell for each other, made them becoming canon that much more rich tbh. They were individually intriguing characters and then together they were just a force.

Despite how they ended, they’ll always be one of the best femslash couples that graced TV and if you know about their amazingness then you are living life right.

Thank you for your time. This has been a PSA.

you know how sometimes you’re having a bad day or an okay day but then someone does something nice for you and you just smile for a long time?? i want to be someone who makes other smile like that

jokes aside, can we just talk about bum killing or even helping kill jieun is 10 times worse because bum can relate to jieun. he was in her shoes once. catching themselves falling in love with sangwoo - his kindness, his sweet nature - only to find he’s anything but. entire perception of sangwoo’s character crumbling before their frantic eyes. jieun will go through the same bout of disbelief bum did, the same tears, the same fear for her life and while her pleas mirror his own, bum will have to kill her. he’s going to have to kill someone who was in the same shitty position he was months ago. that’s pretty huge.

I just saw Logan in theaters.

Somebody hold me.

i need someone to talk to me about how matt boyd overcame a lot of shit including abuse from andrew and the monsters and still keeps a mostly level head and remains a very good person?? quite possibly the best person on the team???

and i need to talk to someone about how dan wilds loves matt boyd with all of her fierce heart, and doesnt take shit from anyone. and that a girl leads the foxes, and how people try to beat her down and she gets back up. 

matt boyd and dan wilds, separately and as a couple are so important. like..matt being best friends with dan’s best friends. matt holding up allison and renee when they need it, matt always interfering in the monsters business because he sees neil in trouble and cares so violently about him

dan always making sure that neil knows that they will always be there. dan hugging neil, protectively and glaring at nicky (who granted, is so so nice to dan and matt and the others) aaron, andrew and kevin for fighting and using violence in the extreme ways that they do

matt and dan holding the court, matt and dan standing side by side, matt and dan having a healthy relationship. 

I hate crying in front of people because my abusive mom always called me a drama queen and accused me of trying to manipulate her. When I can’t help but cry, I’m so ashamed. The tears, the shakiness, the trembling, feels so fake and staged even though I have no control over it. I can’t be comforted by other people anymore and it’s all her fault. I just want to be able to cry in someone’s arms without feeling like a monster.
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