crying on demand

Christianity has problematic aspects and should be criticized dissected and confronted to the full extent and so should every religion; especially ones that hold access to to 1+billion followers. Islam is not somehow absolve from criticism. If Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism can take criticism without dubbing it a phobia, so can Islam.

You don’t get to shut down every valid criticism about Islam by crying islamaphobia or demanding that the person be Muslim.

“Divorce is similar to death in this way. Something that was a frequent part of your life is gone, and it can take years before that finally settles in.

The pain will always be there, some days less than others. Some days, it will be more than others. Something you learn to live with, and it can be smooth sailing - but sometimes it is so difficult to get through a day when you remember ‘oh right, that’s gone now, I can’t access that relationship as easily as I would want to’.

You do not just get over a divorce. You do not just automatically stop feeling the waves of pain even after the years have gone by.

If you need to cry, cry; scream. Demand answers. Fall apart.

Then pick yourself back up. You can do this. You will be okay. Put your broken heart back together as best you can. Remember that everyday you are doing the very best that you can do. Some days it will be harder than others. Some days you will be on the top of the world.

Come to me if you need me. I will be here waiting. There is hope. There will always be hope. There is a beautiful sun shining behind your clouds, and when you are ready, it will bathe you in all its warm brilliance and wrap its arms around you and remind you that, despite this, despite this pain, you are loved.

You are loved.”

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soulmate au where if you draw on your skin, the other can see

He’s six when he dreams of a girl with blue eyes and black hair whose smile is just as pretty as starlight. She’s little like him, if not littler and he wants nothing more than to be her friend. So, when he wakes up from the most perfect dream where he holds her hand and they just play, he cries and mourns and shouts when he realizes he’s all alone. 

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Thomas sanders head cannons

Great at hugs, his slogan is “play nice,” anxiety is secretly his favorite, his laugh is like sunshine, did I mention he’s s great hugger,

Secretly likes the dad jokes, freaks out and think he’s sick if he just gets a LITTLE BIT sad,


Can cry on demand. Probably also really good at hugs. Has a shelf in his room entirely dedicated to stress toys. Secretly wanted to eat the yogurt but THaTS noT IN chARActER.


Even better at hugs. If you seem even the tiniest bit cold, he will take off all his clothes and throw them on you. His sole mission is to make Logan laugh at his dad jokes. He will cry if ANYTHING happens to his precious Logan.


Basically all my head cannons of him are already cannon soooooo
Sorry, but...

I do not like Trump. I think he’s a spoiled brat. But why the fuck do people think it is ok to act like animals because of this? Did yall totally forget MLK Jr’s speech??? Why the fuck yall vandalizing, beating up innocent people, and causing more damage than this president? Now is not the time to make yourselves look like idiots. Now is the time to clean up your cry baby attitudes and demand respect. Fight for your beliefs respectibly. I am legit embarrassed to even identify with the LGBT community because of how nutty so many of you are acting. This is why the tumblr mindset is dangerous. You are making fools of yourself. Trump is not my top pick. Believe me. But, this special snowflake mindset and rage is hurting innocent people. Stop it. Stop making all the lgbt, poc, and women who have fought and worked for rights look like a bunch of fools. God this country upsets me.

The Beginner’s Guide

okay so i played through the beginner’s guide, and had some time to think.

the beginner’s guide is a masterpiece

it sums up the issues that creative people with depression and/or anxiety go through regularly

it conveys emotions fantastically

it made me cry

it was written by someone who suffers from depression

it made me cry again

it shows how demanding people can be without them realizing

it is important

it is important

it is important

it talks about how pressure and stress can be an issue

it is important

it will make you feel important

it will break you

it will make you

it is a journey of surviving depression

i will remember it always

so my two other female roommates and I are all on our period (or as we call it, “being invaded by the communists”) and our roommate, B, (Kara’s fiance) comes home from work with a bag of groceries and tells us “I brought reinforcements.”

We are confused- UNTIL he pulls out oreos, dark chocolate, and a pack of ferrero rocher and continues: “for the war against the Communists.”

this guy knows whats up.

jack merridew in ‘like a boss’

simon: mr. merridew, thanks for coming to your performance review

jack: no problem

simon: so you’re in charge around here, is that fair to say

jack: absolutely, I’m the bahss

simon: ok, so take us through a day in the life of ‘the bahss’

jack: well, the first thing I do is-


talk to choir mates (like a boss)

approve songs (like a boss)

lead my choir (like a boss)

remember pig routes (like a boss)

direct hunting (like a boss)

my own toilet bush (like a boss)

voice-cracking (like a boss)

where’s my c sharp (like a boss)

hit on ralph (like a boss)

get rejected (like a boss)

swallow sadness (like a boss)

sharpen spears (like a boss)

jack off alone (like a boss)

cry deeply (like a boss)

demand meat (like a boss)

eat more meat (like a boss)

harass the weak (like a boss)

no chief promotion (like a boss)

smelling pig shit (like a boss)

shit on ralph’s shelters (like a boss)

put the knife (like a boss)

to my throat (like a boss)

‘fucking shit, I can’t fucking do it, shiiiit’

pussy out (like a boss)

puke on ralph’s shelters (like a boss)

jump out the cave (like a boss)

suck roger’s dick (like a boss)

score some meat (like a boss)

crash my tribe (like a boss)

suck my own dick (like a boss)

eat some pork strips (like a boss)

chop my balls off (like a boss)

party in the woods (like a boss)

meet a giant pig (like a boss)

fuck his brains out (like a boss)

turn into a jet (like a boss)

bomb the island (like a boss)

crash into the sun (like a boss)

now I’m god (like a boss)


simon: aha- so that’s an average day for you then

jack: no doubt

simon: you chop your balls off and become god

jack: hell yeah

simon: and I think at one point there you said something about sucking your own dick

jack: nope

simon: actually, I’m pretty sure you did

jack: nah, that ain’t me

doesn’t matter what happens now. domestic karabita was canon for at least an episode and that is more than i could have ever hoped for

I love watching people dig their own graves in the comment section. Like I don’t even have to do anything, you came here armed with your own shovel and were polite enough to ensure your argument would collapse on top of you, meaning I don’t even have to fill you in.

Wonderful. Thank you.

Oh don’t worry though, I’ll make sure you get a lasting epitaph.

No I’m just kidding, enjoy your unmarked resting place, you small minded, hateful little bigot.