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the signs as vintage homestuck Discourse™
  • aries: Will His Name Be Dick (ALT: dirk and jake's matching tattoos)
  • taurus: hussie is a misogynist because caliborn is a misogynist and therefore this entire comic is misogynistic
  • gemini: what if rosemary is actually a kismessitude (ALT: dirk's sexuality)
  • cancer: angry feminist bro strider
  • leo: did hussie use all $2,485,506 of the kickstarter money to buy a grand royal family white horse
  • virgo: EB: i am not a homosexual.
  • libra: dante basco liveblogging the entirety of homestuck while drinking and later becoming a fandom kingpin
  • scorpio: all those cosplayers sitting at the fancy restaurant and spitting in a bucket (ALT: fat vriska & the vriscourse)
  • sagittarius: tentabulges
  • capricorn: PEACHY!!!!!!!! (or "there's nothing wrong with having exclusively white kid headcanons, you racists!")
  • aquarius: is john homophobic for thinking it was gross when jake macked on dirk's decapitated head
  • pisces: cosplayers apparently leaving hotel bathtubs full of crusted dry grey paint and sealing their makeup with hairspray












“what are you doing here?”

“we won’t leave you behind”




Temperamental ; Peter Parker

WARNINGS: rough sex!!!!!! language, unprotected sex, oral (female receiving), venom!spidey

request/scenario: basically spider-man was battling sandman but he got away and since the venom suit can drastically change your personality peter gets his anger out on y/n then like be kinky and shit (ie being webbed to the head board and stuff)

A/N: it’s really rough sex so don’t read if ure uncomfortable..

There you sat in front of the TV in your bedroom trying to settle calmly as Spider-man beheld on the screen exhibiting a fray between him and Sandman. Immediately you knew it was Peter, your boyfriend, which made you further agonize on what would happen next, acknowledging that lately Peter had been temperamental, signifying that there might be unforeseen measures.

But within minutes the acclaimed Spider-man vanished into thin air, leaving the notorious Sandman on the streets. The reports were now crying out Spider-man’s name demanding for help, but sadly, there wasn’t a probability he would turn back. And by now you were panicking trying to ponder the places to find Peter and praying he wasn’t getting into any more sorts of battles.

As hours has passed by the reports were still indistinct to where was Spider-man; however, on the corner of your eye your peripheral vision saw a black figure standing amidst your balcony. There Spider-man beheld just meters away from you, but at the sight of him left you both in relief but also in fury.

Spider-man began knocking at your glass door as you stood up, walking towards the door frame, and plastering a look of displeasure whilst crossing your arms. But your actions only left Spider-man knock increasingly vicious than before, making you somewhat tense on his disposition. “Y/N, open the god damn door now!”

You froze at his words. He was indubitably displeased and you do not have any clues on why he was that volatile, but of course as you didn’t want him to further become aggressive, you gradually unlocked the door as he stood upon you. Furthermore, before you could entirely pull back the door, Spider-man grabbed you by the shoulders and pushed you back.

Your back dropped against your soft duvet as you saw his mask shift, revealing his face which looked rather deprived and enraged. “Hands. Up.” Peter demanded as he pulled down the window blinds, covering the transparent glass door and leaving the room in shadiness whilst it covered the view from outdoors. You placed your hands up high above your head and against the headboard, obeying Peter’s orders as he began walking towards you.

Peter arose one of his arms as he positioned it directly above your head, targeting your hands. You encountered his webs flying before him which met your arms the next second, the adherent gooey fluid violently pushing both your arms against your headboard. “Stay still. No sounds, no screams or the worst is yet to come.” He stated.

He went on top of the bed and faced you, he welcomed his hands on your body as he slowly grasped on the garter of your shorts pulling it down slowly and revealing your lacy black lingerie. “Fuck.” You heard Peter swear under his breath beholding the view in front of him.

Peter lowered his face beside your ear, his lips nibbling on your earlobe as he whispered, “You will not move from this spot nor’ make a sound until I make you come with my mouth.” His utterance sent shivers down your spine and gave goosebumps at your skin while your arms struggled around the webs. 

And so you didn’t made any sound further on. You lay you back against the comfortable sheets trying to stay perfectly still as heat flushes past you, priming you for what’s to come. He gradually pulled your lace panties down your ankles and dropping them beside on the wooden, varnished floor. He then sneaked his hand under your tank-top only to find out you were not wearing a bra already.

Peter then welcomed himself between your legs and extensively spreading them. He lowered his face on your core, your ankles wrapping around his back, and felt the tip of his tongue on your clit. You closed your eyes and faintly  gasped as you bit your lower lip clearly remembering you were not allowed to make a sound.

For the next ten minutes, Peter focused on stimulation – his fingers teasing your drenched entrance while his tongue flicked on your clit. You looked below, seeing his orbs latched onto yours whilst his mouth was working his way on your climax. “Peter, please.” You faintly moaned out, immediately regretting the words that left your lips.

“I’ll make an exception for that noise, princess.” Peter stated, continuing his movements as he immediately penetrated two fingers past your entrance. Your instinct was to clench around his fingers as his fingers curled around your walls. And with the wetness formed around your cunt, there was enough lubrication for his fingers to thrust into you.

As his right hand was working around your cunt, the other hand made way under your shirt and on one of your boobs. He gave a squeeze on your boob as his index finger brushed on your nipple. Your hands began struggling furthermore on the webs, closing your eyes and taking in the delight you were receiving. 

You arched your back as your walls began incessantly curling around Peter’s finger. All you wanted to do know was moan out his name and grasp onto the strands of his hair and demand him to thrust into you, but of course you can’t. So you had to suffer on squirming before Peter, as you acknowledging an upcoming climax.

“Is princess close to her orgasm?” Peter teased, lightly chuckling which sent his hot breath, pushing past against your clit.

Within seconds, you felt your head whirling as Peter did not stop and you kept holding back your release trying to await for Peter’s orders. Once he did notice it he finally gave permission onto your release, “It’s fine, princess. Let it all out for daddy.” And you did, leaving that lascivious mess that portrayed the erotic and passionate tension between the two of you.

After your release, Peter already was up for round 2 while your body was still trying to recover from the orgasm you had moments ago. He descended his face onto your, his lips inches away from yours as you looked at his eyes with a droplet of sweat running down from his forehead and to the bridge of his nose.

Peter plastered a devilish grin as he whispered, “I am going to fuck you. I am going to fuck you very hard, and it’s definitely going to hurt.” His words leaving you more tensed than ever acknowledging that you have never experienced Peter become this aggressive towards you. 

He then crashed his lips onto yours, already feeling that dominant vibe as he pushed your tank-top up and over your breasts revealing your bare body and your perky nipples. His lips went on the side of your neck, nibbling on it and making sure to leave prominent hickies, before disconnecting and taking a view of your body.

“God you’re so beautiful, princess.” He moaned out as he dipped his face between the valley of your breasts, he placed his mouth on one of your boobs while the other was being fondled by his right hand. He sucked and swirled his tongue on your nipple as his hand flicked on your other nipple making sure to take delight on the scenario he was in right now.

As he ceased, he looked at your begging expression knowing you were again needy for him. “Tell me where you want it, princess.” He stated placing his finger on your stomach and softly drawing figure 8′s on it, his soft and tender touch making you crave for his erection. “Lower.” You faintly said.

Peter understood your request, slowly lowering his finger where it reached your throbbing clit. “Tell daddy what you want, your instructions are fucking unclear.” He voiced, fury in the tone of his voice. “I want your dick.” You responded back as Peter nodded and seductively looked at you – licking his lips as he flipped his hair back which was once covering his face.

“How bad do you want it?” Peter questioned, seeing his suit shift and leaving him already naked. And with you being distracted with his body, you forgot to respond to his question resulting to which enraged him. “I said how bad do you fucking want it?!” He repeated.

By now you were yelping both from the fear and lust. “Daddy I want it so fucking bad, please.” You cried.

Without any warnings, Peter forcefully spread your legs and pushed his cock inside your entrance permitting you no time to adjust to his size. So your response was to clench around his cock as he filled ever area around your walls while one of his hands grasped onto your waist. Meanwhile you wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him closer towards you while trying to get a grip.

His thrusts were powerful making the bed noisily hit the wall as it made squeaking sounds. “Fuck you want that?” Peter moaned out and throwing his head back out of the pleasure he was taking delight of. “Make it hurt.” You responded, closing your eyes and gasping at how hard Peter’s thrust were in you.

As every inch of his cock kept thrusting inside you, you tilt yourself up a little allowing him to grasp on your ass and violently squeezing it – and you always knew how bad Peter loved your ass. “You’re ass. Fuck I love your ass, princess.” followed by, “And you’re fucking tits, they bounce so perfectly.”

You felt your cunt tighten around his throbbing cock as he felt it too, gasping and shutting his eyes close, “God after all the times I fucked you how are you still so fucking tight.” He moaned continuing his actions while you continued to clench around him followed by another groan coming from his lips, “Uh, baby, just like that.”

The room echoed Peter’s moans alongside the noise his thrusts were making. Your arms were already starting to hurt as it’s half past an hour since Peter webbed you, but you felt you were close to a second orgasm anyway. “Daddy, I’m gonna come.” You didn’t urge that moan as you had to tell it to Peter knowing you can’t hold that back further, “Oh god. I’m gonna come.”

Then you felt his hand reach your throat, wrapping it around violently, choking you. “Look at me,” He says, “Look at me when you come. I want to watch you.” He demands. And as you both lock your eyes directly at each other, Peter continued his thrusts as knots in your stomach began to form.

You arched your back and curled your toes as you threw your head back against the headboard and grasped muscularly on the webs that wrapped around your hands, still the stare between you and Peter in tact. As your walls tightened further around his cock. Your clit throbbed as you released around his cock, gasping for thin air once you finally did.

Both of you stay like that for half a minute as Peter ran his hand down from your waist up to your ass while you both tried to regain your normal breathing and heart rate. “I told you,” He breathed, “I was gonna fuck you extra hard tonight.”

“Yes….yes you did.” You breathed. You knew you both enjoyed fucking this way sweaty, hazy, hot, and until you were aching for another high quality orgasm. “Let me go down on you again next time,” Peter says, “And next time I want you to be the one on top of me as your cunt swallows my dick and swivel your hips, while you tits bounce.”

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Things for rv cb @ SM
  1. performance version of mv (one mininum)
  2. dance practice video (one mininum)
  3. mv behind the scenes video for each member
  4. teaser videos for each individual member
  5. another video for each member during the teaser phase 
  6. special videos from rv for teaser phase/during promotion
  7. upgrade on website during teaser phase to match concept
  8. FULL PERFORMANCE of B SIDE during their cb stage I will not tolerate a one minute performance for a song that we KNOW is going to be good
  9. a separate v live channel for rv
  10. Release their show and it better not be like the Picnic on A Sunny Afternoon where they split it into twenty 3 minute videos.
  11.  Proper promotion (period/shows/etc)
  12. Do NOT suddenly remove them one week on a music show so that your other artists can suddenly come back to perform that one day
  13. Anything else that would compensate for your history of shortcomings :))

Take notes sweaty 👏👏👏

the signs as customers I have at work. (I work at a fabric and craft store)

Aries: a women who bought 30 dollars worth of candy and two dollar thimble

Taurus: this couple who loves me and I LOVE THEM. they have a custom pillowcase making business

Gemini: the guy who made me cry because he demanded to know why his price and my price weren’t matching and I got so frustrated that I just screamed “IT’S TAX” and then when I finished ringing him up, I cried in the bathroom

Cancer: woman who saved $1000+ while buying patterns during the 5 for 5 simplicity pattern sale

Leo: this little old lady with blue hair and when I ask her how she’s doing she says “still standing”

Virgo: me coming in on my off day and all of my coworkers going “why are you here?”

Libra: this kid who comes in once a week with his hoverboard to buy $100 worth of itunes cards and then he asks me to peel that security stickers off of the cards for him.

Scorpio: a friend who lives 45 minutes away and didn’t realize this was the location I worked at and excitedly shouted when they realized it was me ringing them up (this person is a scorpio)

Sagittarius: this guy who’s a designer and he’s in the store every two days. our conversations is mostly him saying “I have a presentation in two days and I have nothing done” and I just sympathetically nod

Capricorn: guy who recognized me at a con despite my being in a wig and full face of makeup when I’m usually bald with no makeup on at work.

Aquarius: woman who refused to budge on a 20 cent price difference from the sticker to the system and then demanded to speak to the manager when I told her that with her logic that she could buy a 200 dollar item that was resting in a five dollar spot and I could not do that

Pisces: this women who owns her own business and whenever I ring her up gives me a candy and tells me to have a good day

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I think that this situation with being in Valentine's body is going to be unlike any other time Magnus might have been fighting for his life. When he's himself with his power and his magic or even just his over physical strength I feel like he's definitely a fighter. But I think being in a different body- and not any body but Valentine, who has killed so many downworlders- without his magic, being captured, about to die in that body we're going to see a less confident and willing to fight Magnus

yeah I agree this is a totally new situation for him bc everyone… thinks he’s a completely different person & not only that but valentine of all ppl; a lot of the tools (?) he’s always had at his disposal has been tied to who he is as a person. I don’t mean his magic but just overall in terms of his reputation if that makes sense. like, there’s always been plenty of danger in his world but he’s often had his friends and his family of Downworlders. even the Clave/Institute has been an ally to him despite their rocky relationship bc of how much they need him. I think in this case it’s not so much a matter of life or death even but more that his support network has been completely stripped away.

honestly I’m in p a i n like character wise I think this has potential for some really intriguing developments for magnus down the road bc we know this is where his “buried memories resurfacing” thing kicks off which is something I’ve been rly excited about ever since harry talked about it, but also I’m TRULY UPSET why is this happening and when will alec give him the biggest hug of his life :(((

[Miraculous Ladybug]: It’s All Hype!

pretend that i posted this like two days ago and im already writing day 5 prompts k thanks

[Day 2: Banter] [Day 4: Common Interests]

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: It’s All Hype!
Pairings: Ladynoir (Ladybug x Chat Noir), Adrienette (Adrien x Marinette)
Summary: Alya accidentally gets the Internet in a frenzy after announcing that Ladybug and Chat Noir are dating, but the two heroes are adamant about correcting the error and making sure the world knows that they’re just friends. So Alya proposes a staged public break up to set everything right.

In hindsight, she really underestimated how utterly freaking difficult that would be.

Day 3: Explosive

“So can I ask you something since you’re my publicist now?”

Alya was sitting in the shade underneath a large oak tree in the middle of the park they were hanging out in. Because it was Sunday, it was relatively empty. There were only around ten or so people, and they didn’t seem interested in causing a fuss over the two heroes being here, so Alya thought it was a safe spot for the three of them to have a quick lunch. She snuck in a takeout container she’d picked up from the Thai place right next to her house, deciding that she needed the energy if she was going to be tackling this break up scheme for any longer. She spoke through a mouthful of noodles. “You do realize I’m not a real publicist, right?”

“Maybe not, but you’re good at your temporary job,” Chat Noir said, sitting on the park bench right across from Alya and chewing thoughtfully on a piece of baguette. “And I trust your opinion.”

“Okay, so what’s your question?”

“Am I allowed to sponsor small businesses? You know, like get on camera, hold up a product and say something like, ‘I am Chat Noir and I’m going to head on over to Tom & Sabine’s for a nice croissant.’”

Alya snorted. “Liking the bread that much, huh?”

“It is literally to die for!” he moaned in delight, taking another huge bite. He poked Ladybug who was next to him calmly eating from the takeout container she’d gotten from the same restaurant Alya had stopped at. “You sure you don’t want any? The bakery is literally right across the street. I always try and pick up something when I’m in the neighborhood.”

“Even transformed?” she teased.

“Of course! The owners love me. Ever since that Animan akuma, they give me free samples. You should take advantage.”

“I’ll make sure to try next time.”

“I’m not much of a commercial filmer. Although…” She put her food aside, took out her cellphone, and held up the camera. “Hold up the packaging with their logo on it and pretend like you’re about to take a huge bite.”

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Rfa+v+saeran cheating on the mc ? But they make up after a while :''>

☆o(><;)○ I don’t mind writing them cheating for angst purposes, but I am not going to write them getting back together.
Nothing against you, it’s just a personal pet peeve due to many failed relationships I’ve watched over the years. Don’t… Get back with someone who cheated on you. Odds are they’ll do it again, and think you’re just someone for them to fall back on.


- He loved you, he really absolutely did

- But… You always treated him like a kid. He was just a year younger than you! 

- He never really let it bother him much until he met a girl on the Shooting Star sever. I mean, it wasn’t anything new- A lot of his guild mates where girls and you knew that. But, she looked up to him? Treated him like he was a really strong guy?

- He appreciated it and didn’t really let it advance until she offered him some super rare items she had happened upon. Stuff he never ran into all his years of playing! 

- But if he wanted it… He had to send a few shirtless pictures.

- That wasn’t too bad, right? I mean, guys walked around without their shirts! I was normal…?

- But then she sends some back… And starts teasing him sexually… And before he can help it he’s already hard and straining against his jeans

- The two of you hadn’t even gotten to the kinky stuff yet in your relationship, and… Here he was getting it already.

- He didn’t even spend five minutes contemplating. He sent her a dick pic, got the item, and hurried offline to jerk off.

- The next day you came over, and he was just sweating the whole time. You asked him if he was sick, not feeling well, etc etc. He just brushed it off, made some flimsy excuse that even he knew you were suspicious of.

- But, you drop the subject. Start hanging around and playing your handheld while he does a raid in LOLOL

- After a while he’s completely immersed as you loosely wrap your arms around his shoulders, watching him play. Giving him little words of encouragement.

- When his group finishes, you kiss the top of his head and start pointing on the screen, talking about the cool loot he got

- And then he gets a whisper on the chat, and he doesn’t even have enough time to hide it before you read it

“That picture of yours kept me company over and over again last night, Yoosung. I came three times just from a dick pic alone~ What do you think sex with each other would be like? ;)”

- You lose it. He can’t even come up with an excuse- The message is way too explicit to even joke that it’s from some guy friend playing a prank.

- You’re just trying your best not to cry, demanding to know how long it’s been going on- Not believing the answers he says

- And why should you? 

- He doesn’t know what to do as you grab your stuff and slam the door shut behind you. He can’t even manage to get the guts to try following you.


- He loved you, you were his princess

- But a man had his needs, you know?

- He was worried about your relationship, how he felt like he couldn’t advance sexually with you, and he often voiced this to his make-up artist

- A woman he knew for years- Ever since he started working for this theatre.

- She was sweet, beautiful, and always listened to him. Hell, sometimes she’d be his drinking buddy if he needed one. (And damn could she nearly drink him under the table)

- Apparently, she didn’t have a lot of morals, though.

- And apparently, he hadn’t changed much from back when he was in that gang

- A drinking trip with some theatre buds turned into a weird bar date with his make-up artist.

- I mean… You didn’t know. You were home, cleaning…Possibly cooking… Just being too cute and simple. 

- Way too simple.

- After the both of them were buzzed, his complaints of you turned harsher, voicing his needs to be able to get off just once for fucks sake 

- And his make-up artist was more than willing to oblige. I mean, he was sculpted like a fucking god. Who wouldn’t want some of him?

- He came home reeking of beer and smoke- Lipstick on his neck and traveling lower. Hell, there were even traces on his lips.

- And he was way too buzzed and blissed out to care as you started crying, started asking what the hell happened

- He just rolled his shoulder, getting you off of him, and loudly proclaiming he was going to shower and go to bed

- When he got out, you were gone. But his phone lit up with a sexy text, and he still couldn’t be bothered to care about your absence. 


- You really thought you had changed him. He showed his emotions more, he even treated Jaehee nicer. Hell, he even stopped pestering Zen so much.

- He treated you like a princess- A queen. Buying you so many things, letting you use his card for shopping trips. I mean, you didn’t beg for this to happen- He just shoved them on you and nearly begged you to go out to buy things. 

- You didn’t understand why he was so adamant, until you decided you didn’t feel like shopping one day and came home pretty early.

- You walked in to Elizabeth in her cage and was immediately confused. Jumin never put her in a cage? Unless he wanted to keep her away, but even then that was rare.

- Then you heard groaning from down the hall, and you felt your heart stop.

- You don’t know how you managed to get your legs to move, but you slowly stepped down the hall, taking a deep breath before peering into the bedroom

- Finding Jumin’s back shoved against the bed, being dominated by another man.

- You couldn’t help it, you let out a loud gasp- Some gross choked sound that caused both of them to stop and look towards the door- At you

- But you didn’t stand there long. You felt your eyes spill and you just darted out- Grabbing your phone and purse and booking it. You needed out- Needed somewhere to think. To breathe.

- Jumin let out a grumbled sigh as you left. He knew he should have locked the door- But he was too pent up- Too eager to finally get off for once.

- He heard the other man whistle and get ready to pull out, but Jumin harshly wrapped his legs around him.

- “I never said stop, did I?”


- I’m not going to sugar coat this- I have NO fucking idea how or why she would cheat on you. I even discussed it with a few friends and the most serious answer we could come up with is her cheating on you with coffee beans. orz


- He didn’t deserve you. He didn’t, and no matter how many times he told you this, you never listened

- Harsh nights of him pushing you away? You were right there beside him. Him trying to do a self-depreciating joke? You took it seriously and wrapped him in a hug of kind words.

- He felt so disgusting.

- He loved you, but he didn’t deserve you. He tried everything to let you know that, but you just blew it all off, like the wonderful person you were.

- So he finally resorted to this.

- He knew you were going to be home soon. He didn’t even attempt to hide what he was doing. 

- Just some random woman had hit on him. He actually tried being alluring for once, and it worked.

- So he took her back to his place, ignoring her comments on the security of his home.

- And took her right on the couch- The first thing you would see once you opened the doors

- He had it timed so well that you walked in right in the middle of it

- He heard bags drop, and you try to stifle some gasps as the woman he was fucking immediately scrambled out of his grasp.

- You just left. Didn’t even try to grab your things- You just up and left, while the other woman berated him for getting her caught up in such a mess.

- When they were both gone he just laughed. Just laughed to himself and regained his breath.

- Finally, you got that he didn’t deserve you.


- He wanted more pain. He just constantly felt guilt, and nothing but guilt, from being in a relationship with you

- You were so beautiful, so kind, so forgiving. You weren’t anything like he was used to.

- Being abused, being blamed, being a scapegoat. 

- No matter how loving you were to him, no matter what help he received, he just wanted the old relationship again. He wanted Rika.

- He couldn’t see that well, but what he could see he knew you looked nothing like her. Not even the same height or hair length.

- So… Behind your back he started seeing someone that reminded him more of her. Even how they met was nearly the same. She had long blonde hair, she was short and cute. God, she even nearly sounded the same.

- Maybe it was Rika coming back? A revenge of hers?

- He was just so hungry for that pain again- For his guilt to have a reason for existing. To have a reason to suffer for someone again.

- Amidst all of these emotions flooding back, he didn’t even think about you as he asked her out for coffee

- Didn’t even consider that you lived close by to the coffee shop they went to

- Didn’t even think you may walk by as he held her hand, leaning in close to drown in every word that spilled out of her mouth

- He jumped as he felt a water bottle slam into his shoulder. He couldn’t tell who did it, but as soon as he heard his date exclaim, he remembered he was still with you.

- He listened as you babbled through sudden strained sobbing, as you demanded to know what you did wrong, demanded to know what you lacked

- He didn’t speak. He just let you stand there and make a fool of yourself, let others stare and whisper, let his date shoo you away

- Hours later, when he came home, he wasn’t surprised to see it lacking your things. It was almost peaceful- Everything looks more minimalistic. His heart did ache, but he was so glad for that pain again

- He was glad he never took any pictures of you.


- He hated how clingy you were. He hated how you just accepted all of his issues without any hesitation. 

- He was so fucked up. How could you not see that?

- You were so fucking stupid. So fucking stupid to think he could be in a relationship with you.

- He didn’t even try to hide him cheating. He was just slightly surprised it took you a week to notice, once he started the habit

- The habit of just fucking girls in hotel rooms, instead of attending any dates you set up for him

- The only way you found out was because he was answering a text he got on one of his throw away phones as you cuddled up to him. You saw the contact name, the sexual messages, and froze as he answered it like nothing was wrong

- “I. Is that? Was that?”

- “Yeah.”

- He was just so fucking tired of everyone treating him like he was so blameless, like he was a victim. No one considered that he just didn’t give a fuck, that he liked hurting people. Shoving them away.

- He didn’t deserve people giving him kindness, and he wasn’t afraid to show that.

- You just slowly got out of the bed, trying your best not to cry as he ignored you. After a few sniffles, you grabbed your purse and left. 

- No texts, no nothing. Just the occasional Saeyoung pissed off at him for once.

- Whatever. At least he was getting laid.

(ఠ్ఠ ˓̭ ఠ్ఠ)

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Can you do Yullen +30? I can just see Allen awkwardly telling Kanda his feelings this way ☺️

Late, but this was so nice to do!! Thanks for the request hun ♥

Too quick, mumbled into his scarf

Allen breathed what little warm air was left in him out, exhaling hot on his red tinged fingertips. He drew his knees up to his chest, feet flat on the car seat, and felt Kanda’s side-eyed glare.

It was too cold, Allen thought defiantly. Kanda’s heater had broken and it was chilled enough the windows were iced over. Let him say something.

But Kanda didn’t, merely decelerating as they approached a red light. The car idled, and Allen wondered why, when his car stalled at four in the morning it had been this grumpy asshole Allen had thought of and not, say, friendly cheery Lavi, or understanding Lenalee?

Well. He knew. Knew it as sure as he did the bill the wrecker was going to be sending him as they towed his car away.

“Rotten luck,” Allen grumbled, and Kanda scoffed.

“No, not rotten luck,” he corrected sharply, driving forward as the light cast green rays on falling snow flakes. “I told you to get your engine checked.”

“Just because the light is on doesn’t mean you have to,” Allen said, the proud owner of a dime a dozen used cars that always proclaimed to have something wrong with them. “It was just bad timing!”

There was another humph and they fell silent. Allen wound his scarf tighter and drew his knees closer, wrapping his arms around them. He hadn’t been prepared to sit in an ice box for forty five minutes and he was paying for it with violent shaking.

“Oh Jesus, just, here-” still driving, Kanda reached back with one arm and hauled something huge, cloth, and bulky from his backseat. Allen squawked indignantly as it landed on him in heaps, hastily rearranging it so he could breath.

“What is this?” Allen asked, finally peering over the edge and bringing it to just under his chin. It smelled like crisp winter chill, Kanda’s cologne a few days old, and the comfort of Kanda’s home. Warm. He huddled under it, tucking himself in every where he could. Without thinking he ducked his nose back under and closed his eyes, inhaling.

“The blanket Lena made me bring,” Kanda said waspishly, and Allen laughed lightly. This was from the unseasonably warm weather they’d had a few weeks ago - nice enough to picnic in, even. It had smelled nice then, too, lulling Allen into a light nap under the bright sun.

He settled and looked back through the windshield. It wasn’t snowing hard enough to warrant the wipers, but occasionally Kanda flicked them on to brush away what snow clung over intervals of time. The road still stretched long and dark, empty, and Allen hunched over.

He’d been the first person Allen had thought of, and despite the hour, the distance, the cold, his own broken car, Kanda had come.

He laughed at his own stupid tears that sprung up, because he wasn’t used to mattering enough to warrant such kindness.

“Are you crying?” Kanda demanded in disbelief. Well. As much kindness as Kanda could give.

Spades more than Allen deserved, really. “It’s just,” he sniffed, rubbed his nose, “I don’t know. It’s late and it’s cold and your car and it was so sudden but here you are and I didn’t expect you to or anyone really but here I’m sitting and you gave me your blanket and it smells like you and it’s warm, and-”

His breath hitched on a hiccup and he pulled the blanket high enough to cover his eyes. “And I just kind of realized I love you.”

He was a bit disappointed the car didn’t swerve a single iota. It remained horribly still, and Allen wondered if he’d been obvious and Kanda had already known, or if Kanda simply had nerves of steel.

He was so lost in his own self-doubt he didn’t notice the car pulling to the side and stopping until Kanda was harshly yanking the blanket down, forcing Allen to meet his eyes. They were an alarming blue, vivid against his chill-nipped cheeks and nose, against all the gray of the winter storm outside.

“What did you say?” Kanda felt impossibly close, sounded horribly loud. Allen shied away, not ashamed, no, but suddenly terrified of Kanda’s possible response.

“Nothing!” Allen said hurriedly, glancing out the passenger window, darting to all the spaces between the clinging snowflakes. “It’s cold! Don’t stop,” he added, feebly.

“No,” Kanda said, turning fully in his seat. “What did you say?”

Curling in, Allen laced his fingers beneath the blanket, chapped skin pulling at his knuckles. He’d just sighed when Kanda grasped his chin and forcibly turned him. He wondered if Kanda could feel the heat of his blush.

“I love you!” Allen snapped, almost irritably. “God, I do, even though you’re an asshole, and you curse a lot, and you’re impatient, but you’re here for me of all people and I. I’m.”

Don’t cry, he thought to himself fiercely. Don’t you dare cry!

But Kanda didn’t reject him, or shove him away, or even speak crass words.

He leaned in and covered Allen’s trembling mouth with his own, the first spot of warmth Allen had felt in ages.

Relief pooled from him and his entire countenance relaxed, and despite the cold snap Kanda’s lips were impossibly soft. Allen returned the kiss as if afraid, but the fear followed his tension and vanished into the winter air, replaced by warmth, relief, love.

When Kanda finally pulled away Allen couldn’t help smiling at the blush rising in his cheeks, too.

A Date with Darkiplier (pt. 5)

(Things are about to start heating up…)

Amy takes a deep breath and smooths her hands over the silky fabric of her outfit. Wilford, bless him, knows the power that a little black dress has against anyone, even Darkiplier.

Amy and Red stand at the end of a long hallway just outside the elevators. It’s like something out of a horror movie—a long, dark hallway with a flickering light just to add extra creepiness, and Amy rolls her eyes because Dark definitely made it this way on purpose.

They pass several black doors on their way down the hall, but Amy knows that she’s destined for Dark’s office, the door at the very end. Red steps ahead of her, knocks on the door in question, and opens it for her, ever the gentleman. Amy steps inside and instantly feels the temperature drop several degrees.

Goosebumps rise on her skin as she surveys the minimalist decor of Dark’s office. Everything inside is a variation of black or gray, sleek and modern, leather and metal. A gleaming grand piano sits in one corner, and in the middle, a table is set up with two chairs, two place settings, and a vase with a single white rose. Red pulls out the chair closest to the door and motions for Amy to take a seat.

“Darkiplier will be joining you shortly,” he mutters and goes to stand guard at the door behind Amy. As she waits, her knee bobs beneath the table uncontrollably. A plan, she needs a plan, but what plan will work against such a skilled manipulator?

The door opens behind her, and Amy doesn’t even turn to look as Dark strides inside and takes his seat across from her. A moment of silence passes as the two of them stare each other down before Dark sets his hands palms-down on the table, and Amy nearly wretches because there’s blood on them. Stay in control, Amy, she tells herself. He’s trying to break you.

Amy cracks a shaky smile. “I was beginning to think you weren’t going to show.”

Dark’s eyes glitter in a way that somehow makes them seem even darker than usual. Those same eyes wander from the top of her head all the way down to where she disappears behind the table, and he smirks. “You’re actually somewhat aesthetically appealing when you’re scared.” He delivers it like a compliment, but Amy has to stop herself from running for the door.

Dark motions to someone behind Amy, and Google, dressed in a waiter’s suit, steps over with a covered silver platter in each hand. Amy tries to catch Google’s eyes to gauge what the droid is thinking, but Google effectively avoids her gaze as he sets the dishes before them.

Dark reaches up and traces a finger down one of Google’s arms. “Thank you, Google. Amy, don’t you think he looks nice as a waiter?” Amy bites the inside of her cheek and nods slowly.

Google backs away from the table stiffly and bows at the hip. “Dinner is served.”

“You’re excused, Google,” Dark sighs, waving the droid away. He turns back to his “date” and gestures to the food—sushi, Amy’s favorite. “Before you arrived, I had a little talk with the Host. He told me many, many things about you, and he eventually informed me that this is your preferred meal.” Dark smiles and picks up his pair of black chopsticks before pausing for Amy’s reaction.

Amy looks down at the table, takes a deep breath, and picks up a piece of sushi between her own chopsticks with smile. “Yes, thank you.”

Something in Dark’s face twitches. This isn’t the reaction he wants. He wants her to cry, and scream, and demand for him to release her and Mark. It only makes Amy’s smile grow. You want a date, she thinks, I’ll give you a date. Amy eats the sushi, and—it really is good—gives a satisfied sigh. “This is amazing!”

Dark’s shell jitters and cracks, but he holds himself together, joining her in trying the sushi. Amy watches as his face shifts, and he switches gears. Dark reaches across the table and takes Amy’s free hand. The blood smudges onto her fingers, and Amy’s smile falls. “I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself, Amy. All I wanted was to show you that I can provide for you, so much better than he ever could.”

Amy wants to pull back, wants to reach in her purse, and sink the knife into his hand, but she steadies herself. Dark traces circles on her hand with his thumb, taking another bite of sushi and holding it out for her. “Here, allow me.”

A breath catches in Amy’s throat, and every fiber of her being is screaming for her to run. She forces herself to lean forward and…

The door bursts open behind her, and Amy jumps back, pulling her hand away from Dark. Dr. Iplier stands in the door, breathing heavily and looking disheveled. His blazing brown eyes flick from Dark to Amy and back again. “H-he’s alive. Just like you wanted, b-but we’re having trouble restraining him, sir.”

Mark, Amy thinks, he’s talking about Mark!

Dark smiles and adjusts his jaw. “Thank you, Dr. Iplier. You may go now.” Amy watches as the gray aura swarms around the Doctor like a cloud of wasps, but his eyes shift to her once more.

He snaps, “I’m sorry, Amy. I didn’t want to do it! But I couldn’t control myself!” Red moves to force Dr. Iplier from the room, but the Doctor isn’t leaving without a fight. “I’ll keep him alive for you, Amy! I swear! I swear that I won’t let him die!”

Red finally forces the Doctor out and follows after him, slamming the door as he goes. Amy, her entire body shaking in shock, turns slowly back to a triumphant-looking Darkiplier. He licks his lips and leans forward across the table. “Now, where were we?”

To be continued…


Shaw wakes up to her phone alarm blaring the most irritating jingle she has ever heard. It is certainly not her alarm tone, and, when she glances at the time while shutting off the alarm, she sees why. It is just past two in the morning—she didn’t set this.
“What do you want?” Shaw demands as she places her earwig into place.
“Morning, sweetie. We have a new number.”
“Right now?”
“No time like the present, Sameen.”
After over a year since the Machine chose this voice, Shaw was pretty much accustomed to the familiar quips adopted from Her voice’s original owner. But she still feels that small twinge of something that might be close to sadness.
“Fine,” she sighs as she pulls on a black t-shirt and jeans. She slips on her boots, places her gun into its holster on her hip, gives a still sleeping Bear a pat on his head, and is about to walk out the door when the Machine murmers, “Better bring a jacket, sweetie. There’s a 98% chance of rain.”
“Seriously?” Shaw hisses as she pulls on a windbreaker. “You wake me up at two in the morning to go galavanting into the rain? Am I going somewhere dry, at least?”
“Sorry,“ She coos, not sounding very sorry at all.
The Machine leads her to the roof of a twenty-story building several blocks from Shaw’s apartment. As predicted, it started to downpour about thirty seconds after she walked outside, and Shaw can barely see through the sheets of rain spattering against the roof.
“Alright, why am I here?” she demands in an annoyed whisper. “It’s now two-thirty in the morning, it’s pouring, and I just had to climb nineteen flights of stairs. Where is this urgent number that couldn’t wait until I completed a REM cycle?”
When she is met with no answer, she sighs and walks out from under the doorway. Rain pelts down the hood of her jacket, and the wind sends a chill under her skin.
She scans the rooftop until she makes out a figure standing a few paces from the opposite edge of the roof. The figure—a woman, most likely, Shaw decides by her stance—is in only a thin maroon t-shirt and dark jeans, and she is gripping her arms against the cold. Her brown wavy hair sways in the strong wind in spite of a rainwater weighing it down. She must hear Shaw approaching, because she whirls around with a gun outstretched.
Shaw’s stomach drops and her heart rate increases when she sees the rain-soaked figure’s face.
“Root?” she breathes, lowering her gun without meaning to.
It’s a simulation. It must be.
But Samaritan is gone.
Root—or simRoot—doesn’t move, except to let the gun fall limply against her hip. She doesn’t speak, either. She doesn’t even offer that nauseatingly wide grin that she reserves only for flirting with Shaw. Her face is thinner than it was the last time Shaw saw her, and the sad expression makes her look not like Root at all.
“Root?” she asks again softly. Her heart pounds uncomfortably again, and she thinks that if she was ‘normal’, this reaction might be fear. “Is that really you?”
Root bites her lip and nods sharply. Her eyes glisten, and Shaw thinks that she might be crying, but it’s hard to tell with the rain.
Shaw walks towards her slowly, unsure of how she will respond. The old Root would have offered a goofy smile and an unapologetically overt innuendo (“Do you remember the last time you were this wet, Sameen? I can.”) but this is not the old Root. She isn’t even completely sure that it is a real Root at all.
When she is only a few inches away, Shaw whispers, “What are we?”
Root chokes down what might have been a laugh but sounds more like a sob.
“A four-alarm fire in an oil refinery,” she confirms.
It’s her voice. Not simRoot. Not MachineRoot. This is the real Root, the dead Root. The Root that matters most.
“You’re alive,“ Shaw says, which sounds so stupid and obvious, but she thinks maybe it might help her believe it.
She nods and looks down. Yes, she is definitely crying.
“Are you okay?” Shaw demands. She could be injured. Her mind already whirls with plans to infultrate the nearest hospital for supplies.
Root doesn’t answer for a moment, until she looks up, her wide brown eyes shimmering, and shakes her head with a whimpered, “No.”
At that, Root breaks down completely. Her thin fram crumbles, and she sinks into the drenched rooftop with her head in her hands.
Shaw immediately kneels beside her to her, paying no attention to the water soaking into her pants. She drapes her arms around around Root, who stiffens at first. Eventually, though, she sinks into Shaw’s familar embrace. Her skin is icy against the Shaw’s warm palms.
“Are you hurt?” Shaw asks.
“No,” she chokes out. “It’s just… it’s been a really hard year, Shaw.”
Shaw shrugs off her rain jacket and places it onto Root’s quivering shoulders before pulling her close again. She hadn’t realized how much she missed the feeling of Root’s curls against her palm, or of her body pressed against hers. As close as the Machine can come to perfectly impersonating her, She isn’t tangible. She isn’t really Root. She wasn’t the person she loved—the person she had been longing for.
“It’s okay, Root,” Shaw whispers into her soaked hair. “You’re safe now.”

Who Shattered Pink Diamond? My updated theories based on the events and revelations of “Wanted.”

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DaddyOFive claiming that the videos are fake is almost laughable. Having worked in many theatrical productions in the past, I can say that no child that I have ever come across is THAT good at crying on demand. There is 0% chance that these children are such acting prodigies. Those are real tears, real screams, real face reddening, real phrases that a kid would say. For once there is a prank video that I can confidently say is not staged.

Shy Part 2

Summary: You like Bucky but every time you try and talk to him he avoids you.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none I think

A/N: Have nothing to say but enjoy :)

Bucky didn’t mean to bump into Y/N in the hall. He actually was on his way to the gym, he just stopped by his room to get changed.

When he saw Y/N crying, his heart nearly shattered right then and there. He’s never seen you cry before, you weren’t one to cry. Did one of the others make you cry? The thought made him mad.

He wanted to say something - anything but he was at loss for words. He watched you pull away from his grasp and lock yourself in your room. With a frown he took the elevator to the lounge, ready to talk to Steve.

Everyone had barely started going back to what they were doing when Bucky entered to room.

“You cheated again!” Clint shouted.

“Did not! You just don’t know how to hide your cards from me.” Nat replied with a smirk on her face.

“I don’t wanna play with you anymore.” Clint frowned, throwing his cards on the table like a kid. This made Natasha sigh, promising she’ll play fair if they go for another round. Clint agreed.

Bucky makes his way over to Steve who was in the same spot as before, talking with Thor and Sam. He gained everyone’s attention as he passed by. When he finally stood before Steve, everyone was silent, watching him.

“Steve.” he spoke, causing his friend to look up.

“What’s up?” he responds.

“I just passed Y/N in the hall and she was crying.” Bucky says and everyone seemed to lean in a bit, interested in what Bucky had to say about it. “So which one of you made her cry?”

His voice was firm; demanding. Just the thought of one of them making her cry made him mad.

Wanda was the first to react, bursting into fits of laughter.

“What?” Bucky questions as he watched her double over on the couch.

“You are so stupid.” she laughs, holding her stomach. Next was Tony who also started laughing.

Everyone reacted some way to his words and Bucky huffed. “What the hell guys?”

“Buck.” Steve says, standing up to face his friend. “It’s a bit complicated. I mean.. She said.. She-” he stuttered out but was cut off by Tony.

You made her cry, idiot.” Tony says and Bucky’s eyes widen. What? “She likes you and you ignoring her for whatever reason made her think you don’t feel the same way.”

Oh no.

Oh god no.

What has he done?

“I- But-” Bucky sighs, placing his head in his hands.

“How do you feel about her, Bucky?” Bruce questions from his spot in the kitchen.

“Now’s not the time for your doctor shit, Bruce.” Bucky grits, turning and walking back to the elevator. “I’ll be back.”

“Bucky wait!” Steve shouts. He jogs up to his friend and places his hand on his shoulder. “Just tell how you feel.”

“But what if I fuck up again?” Bucky sighs as he rubbed his face.

“Remember what you told me in the infirmary after you got hurt on that mission?” Steve questions and Bucky nods. “Tell her that.”

Bucky lets out a breath of air he didn’t realize he was holding in and nods. “Okay.”

“Go get her, pal.” Steve smiles, patting Bucky’s shoulder.

You had just calmed down from your crying session when a knock on your door made you lift your head from your pillow.

“Coming.” you mutter, loud enough for whoever was at the door to hear you.

You pull your door open, revealing Bucky. To say you were confused was an understatement.

“Oh, hi Bucky.” you say, trying to make it seem like hadn’t been crying a few minutes before. “What can I do for you?”

“Stop pretending you’re fine, Y/N.” he says and you were taken aback. Not at what he told you but because that was literally the most he’s ever said to you since he got there.

“I’m not pretending, Bucky. I’m really fine.” you even throw in a chuckle, hoping he’d fall for it.

“Your red swollen eyes say otherwise.” he points out and you curse, turning around and walking up to the mirror you had hanging up in your room.

You look at yourself and frown. He was right. Your eyes were red and swollen. You shut your eyes tightly, feeling them begin to burn and sigh.

Bucky had taken the liberty to enter your room and shut the door behind him to have some privacy with you. He was nervous, to say the least. He was about to tell you how he felt about you and it terrified him.

“Y/N.” he spoke again. You turn around, seeing him standing at the foot of your bed. He kept a reasonable distance from you.

“Is there something you needed?” you ask politely, wanting him to leave as quickly as possible before you bursted into tears again.

Bucky sighs heavily, reaching up to scratch the back of his neck. “I um.. Yes. I wanted to talk to you.”

You frown. “If it’s about me trying to talk to you, don’t worry. I won’t try again. You’ve made it clear that you don’t want to talk to me so I’ll quit bugging you.” you smile up at him.

It’s Bucky’s turn to frown. “No!” he suddenly exclaimed, startling you.

“What?” you question.

“I don’t want you to quit talking to me.” he says and your eyebrows knit in confusion. “I like when you talk to me. It makes me feel normal. Everyone else is hesitant to even say hi to me but you don’t care.”

“Bucky I-I don’t understand.” you confess, stepping closer to the tall brunette. “Every time I try and talk to you, you find some excuse to leave.Sometimes, even before I can say hi to you, you leave the room.”

“I know it’s just-” Bucky groans softly, plopping himself on your bed. “You make me nervous. I get shy around you.”

This catches you off guard. “Me? I make you nervous?”

“Yes! I always choke on my words when you talk to me.” he says and you listen to what he has to say. “I like you, Y/N. I want to talk to you, to have a long conversation, to here your voice and to hear you laugh but I get nervous. I think I’ll say the wrong thing or word something wrong and embarrass myself in front of you.”

You stay quiet, allowing him to continue.

“When I first saw you, when you opened your door I felt like I had the breath knocked right out of me. You were just so beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone as beautiful as you. Then I started to doubt myself. Why would someone as amazing as you like a monster like me?”

You frown at his words. “Bucky.” you nearly whisper, gently taking his hand in yours as you stood in front of him. “You’re not a monster. To me, you’re Bucky Barnes. Just a normal guy. I have never, not once, thought of you as a monster because you’re not.”

“But I am.” he gave you a pained smile. “You know what I did. You know how many people - innocent people I’ve killed.”

“That wasn’t you, that was the Winter Soldier. What did you think, just because Hydra fucked you over and turned you into something you didn’t want to be that I wouldn’t like you? Fuck that. I’m not going by what happened in your past, I’m going by what Steve had told me about you and he’s said way too many nice things about you for me to hate you just because some assholes made you into something you didn’t want to be.” you huff, sitting next to Bucky on your bed.

Your words make Bucky smile and he turns his head to you. This may possibly be the first time you’ve ever seen him smile - well, smile at you.

“You’re an amazing person, you know that?” he says and you smile as well.

“I’m not going to hate you unless you do something horrible and unforgivable to me.” you respond and your eyes widen. “You’re not going to do something horrible and unforgivable to me, are you?”

Bucky laughs. “No, I don’t plan on it because I want you to like me back.”

You play with his metal fingers as you respond. “Bucky I’ve liked you since the first time I saw you.”

You look up, your eyes meeting his and there was a little shine in his eyes. “You’re the first girl to ever make me nervous. Back in the 40′s I was a bit of a flirt.”

“So I was told.” you giggle. “I hope you don’t plan on flirting with any other girls.”

Bucky shakes his head. “I only plan on flirting with you, Doll.” he reached over and grabbed your hand with his flesh one.

“Good.” you breathe. The feeling of his hand on yours was something new but you liked it.

“How about I take you out on a date tomorrow. We can start fresh.” Bucky suggests and you nod.

“I’d like that.” you smile. You found the both of you moving closer to each other, his eyes locked on your lips.

“Can I kiss you?” he questions as he caressed your cheek with his thumb.

“I don’t kiss before the first date.” you tell him. “But I can make an exception.”

Bucky licks his lips, biting his bottom lip in the process before pulling you to him in a kiss.

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cast your spell so you can rule me

Lance caught his eye, mouth slack with liquor. This close, Keith could see the light spattering of freckles over his nose, could smell the alcohol on his breath. The taller boy winked.


Or: the appendages of Voltron are all little shits, and Coran needs to hide his space booze better

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“Never ever…played this game before?” Keith tried.

Surprise overtook all of their faces, but it was Lance who felt the need voice his dismay. “First of all—” he raised a finger, “—it’s never have I ever. Second, what do you mean you’ve never played this before?”

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