crying on demand

the signs as vintage homestuck Discourse™
  • aries: Will His Name Be Dick (ALT: dirk and jake's matching tattoos)
  • taurus: hussie is a misogynist because caliborn is a misogynist and therefore this entire comic is misogynistic
  • gemini: what if rosemary is actually a kismessitude (ALT: dirk's sexuality)
  • cancer: angry feminist bro strider
  • leo: did hussie use all $2,485,506 of the kickstarter money to buy a grand royal family white horse
  • virgo: EB: i am not a homosexual.
  • libra: dante basco liveblogging the entirety of homestuck while drinking and later becoming a fandom kingpin
  • scorpio: all those cosplayers sitting at the fancy restaurant and spitting in a bucket (ALT: fat vriska & the vriscourse)
  • sagittarius: tentabulges
  • capricorn: PEACHY!!!!!!!! (or "there's nothing wrong with having exclusively white kid headcanons, you racists!")
  • aquarius: is john homophobic for thinking it was gross when jake macked on dirk's decapitated head
  • pisces: cosplayers apparently leaving hotel bathtubs full of crusted dry grey paint and sealing their makeup with hairspray

can I just rant about how amazing Noah Schnapp is for a second?

like ho. ly. SHIT.

In season one the character of Will Byers may have been the main focus of the plot but we hardly saw him on screen.

This season was much different.

Noah Schnapp’s performance in season 2 was fucking INCREDIBLE.

Like he had at least one mental breakdown in every single episode? 

He had to cry on demand so many times.

He had to scream so many times. 

Not to mention how believable he made everything even though this story is very much fiction.

That kid is amazing. like seriously. AMAZING. 

If Noah Schnapp doesn’t win an emmy I will fight because he totally deserves it.












“what are you doing here?”

“we won’t leave you behind”




Temperamental ; Peter Parker

WARNINGS: rough sex!!!!!! language, unprotected sex, oral (female receiving), venom!spidey

request/scenario: basically spider-man was battling sandman but he got away and since the venom suit can drastically change your personality peter gets his anger out on y/n then like be kinky and shit (ie being webbed to the head board and stuff)

A/N: it’s really rough sex so don’t read if ure uncomfortable..

There you sat in front of the TV in your bedroom trying to settle calmly as Spider-man beheld on the screen exhibiting a fray between him and Sandman. Immediately you knew it was Peter, your boyfriend, which made you further agonize on what would happen next, acknowledging that lately Peter had been temperamental, signifying that there might be unforeseen measures.

But within minutes the acclaimed Spider-man vanished into thin air, leaving the notorious Sandman on the streets. The reports were now crying out Spider-man’s name demanding for help, but sadly, there wasn’t a probability he would turn back. And by now you were panicking trying to ponder the places to find Peter and praying he wasn’t getting into any more sorts of battles.

As hours has passed by the reports were still indistinct to where was Spider-man; however, on the corner of your eye your peripheral vision saw a black figure standing amidst your balcony. There Spider-man beheld just meters away from you, but at the sight of him left you both in relief but also in fury.

Spider-man began knocking at your glass door as you stood up, walking towards the door frame, and plastering a look of displeasure whilst crossing your arms. But your actions only left Spider-man knock increasingly vicious than before, making you somewhat tense on his disposition. “Y/N, open the god damn door now!”

You froze at his words. He was indubitably displeased and you do not have any clues on why he was that volatile, but of course as you didn’t want him to further become aggressive, you gradually unlocked the door as he stood upon you. Furthermore, before you could entirely pull back the door, Spider-man grabbed you by the shoulders and pushed you back.

Your back dropped against your soft duvet as you saw his mask shift, revealing his face which looked rather deprived and enraged. “Hands. Up.” Peter demanded as he pulled down the window blinds, covering the transparent glass door and leaving the room in shadiness whilst it covered the view from outdoors. You placed your hands up high above your head and against the headboard, obeying Peter’s orders as he began walking towards you.

Peter arose one of his arms as he positioned it directly above your head, targeting your hands. You encountered his webs flying before him which met your arms the next second, the adherent gooey fluid violently pushing both your arms against your headboard. “Stay still. No sounds, no screams or the worst is yet to come.” He stated.

He went on top of the bed and faced you, he welcomed his hands on your body as he slowly grasped on the garter of your shorts pulling it down slowly and revealing your lacy black lingerie. “Fuck.” You heard Peter swear under his breath beholding the view in front of him.

Peter lowered his face beside your ear, his lips nibbling on your earlobe as he whispered, “You will not move from this spot nor’ make a sound until I make you come with my mouth.” His utterance sent shivers down your spine and gave goosebumps at your skin while your arms struggled around the webs. 

And so you didn’t made any sound further on. You lay you back against the comfortable sheets trying to stay perfectly still as heat flushes past you, priming you for what’s to come. He gradually pulled your lace panties down your ankles and dropping them beside on the wooden, varnished floor. He then sneaked his hand under your tank-top only to find out you were not wearing a bra already.

Peter then welcomed himself between your legs and extensively spreading them. He lowered his face on your core, your ankles wrapping around his back, and felt the tip of his tongue on your clit. You closed your eyes and faintly  gasped as you bit your lower lip clearly remembering you were not allowed to make a sound.

For the next ten minutes, Peter focused on stimulation – his fingers teasing your drenched entrance while his tongue flicked on your clit. You looked below, seeing his orbs latched onto yours whilst his mouth was working his way on your climax. “Peter, please.” You faintly moaned out, immediately regretting the words that left your lips.

“I’ll make an exception for that noise, princess.” Peter stated, continuing his movements as he immediately penetrated two fingers past your entrance. Your instinct was to clench around his fingers as his fingers curled around your walls. And with the wetness formed around your cunt, there was enough lubrication for his fingers to thrust into you.

As his right hand was working around your cunt, the other hand made way under your shirt and on one of your boobs. He gave a squeeze on your boob as his index finger brushed on your nipple. Your hands began struggling furthermore on the webs, closing your eyes and taking in the delight you were receiving. 

You arched your back as your walls began incessantly curling around Peter’s finger. All you wanted to do know was moan out his name and grasp onto the strands of his hair and demand him to thrust into you, but of course you can’t. So you had to suffer on squirming before Peter, as you acknowledging an upcoming climax.

“Is princess close to her orgasm?” Peter teased, lightly chuckling which sent his hot breath, pushing past against your clit.

Within seconds, you felt your head whirling as Peter did not stop and you kept holding back your release trying to await for Peter’s orders. Once he did notice it he finally gave permission onto your release, “It’s fine, princess. Let it all out for daddy.” And you did, leaving that lascivious mess that portrayed the erotic and passionate tension between the two of you.

After your release, Peter already was up for round 2 while your body was still trying to recover from the orgasm you had moments ago. He descended his face onto your, his lips inches away from yours as you looked at his eyes with a droplet of sweat running down from his forehead and to the bridge of his nose.

Peter plastered a devilish grin as he whispered, “I am going to fuck you. I am going to fuck you very hard, and it’s definitely going to hurt.” His words leaving you more tensed than ever acknowledging that you have never experienced Peter become this aggressive towards you. 

He then crashed his lips onto yours, already feeling that dominant vibe as he pushed your tank-top up and over your breasts revealing your bare body and your perky nipples. His lips went on the side of your neck, nibbling on it and making sure to leave prominent hickies, before disconnecting and taking a view of your body.

“God you’re so beautiful, princess.” He moaned out as he dipped his face between the valley of your breasts, he placed his mouth on one of your boobs while the other was being fondled by his right hand. He sucked and swirled his tongue on your nipple as his hand flicked on your other nipple making sure to take delight on the scenario he was in right now.

As he ceased, he looked at your begging expression knowing you were again needy for him. “Tell me where you want it, princess.” He stated placing his finger on your stomach and softly drawing figure 8′s on it, his soft and tender touch making you crave for his erection. “Lower.” You faintly said.

Peter understood your request, slowly lowering his finger where it reached your throbbing clit. “Tell daddy what you want, your instructions are fucking unclear.” He voiced, fury in the tone of his voice. “I want your dick.” You responded back as Peter nodded and seductively looked at you – licking his lips as he flipped his hair back which was once covering his face.

“How bad do you want it?” Peter questioned, seeing his suit shift and leaving him already naked. And with you being distracted with his body, you forgot to respond to his question resulting to which enraged him. “I said how bad do you fucking want it?!” He repeated.

By now you were yelping both from the fear and lust. “Daddy I want it so fucking bad, please.” You cried.

Without any warnings, Peter forcefully spread your legs and pushed his cock inside your entrance permitting you no time to adjust to his size. So your response was to clench around his cock as he filled ever area around your walls while one of his hands grasped onto your waist. Meanwhile you wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him closer towards you while trying to get a grip.

His thrusts were powerful making the bed noisily hit the wall as it made squeaking sounds. “Fuck you want that?” Peter moaned out and throwing his head back out of the pleasure he was taking delight of. “Make it hurt.” You responded, closing your eyes and gasping at how hard Peter’s thrust were in you.

As every inch of his cock kept thrusting inside you, you tilt yourself up a little allowing him to grasp on your ass and violently squeezing it – and you always knew how bad Peter loved your ass. “You’re ass. Fuck I love your ass, princess.” followed by, “And you’re fucking tits, they bounce so perfectly.”

You felt your cunt tighten around his throbbing cock as he felt it too, gasping and shutting his eyes close, “God after all the times I fucked you how are you still so fucking tight.” He moaned continuing his actions while you continued to clench around him followed by another groan coming from his lips, “Uh, baby, just like that.”

The room echoed Peter’s moans alongside the noise his thrusts were making. Your arms were already starting to hurt as it’s half past an hour since Peter webbed you, but you felt you were close to a second orgasm anyway. “Daddy, I’m gonna come.” You didn’t urge that moan as you had to tell it to Peter knowing you can’t hold that back further, “Oh god. I’m gonna come.”

Then you felt his hand reach your throat, wrapping it around violently, choking you. “Look at me,” He says, “Look at me when you come. I want to watch you.” He demands. And as you both lock your eyes directly at each other, Peter continued his thrusts as knots in your stomach began to form.

You arched your back and curled your toes as you threw your head back against the headboard and grasped muscularly on the webs that wrapped around your hands, still the stare between you and Peter in tact. As your walls tightened further around his cock. Your clit throbbed as you released around his cock, gasping for thin air once you finally did.

Both of you stay like that for half a minute as Peter ran his hand down from your waist up to your ass while you both tried to regain your normal breathing and heart rate. “I told you,” He breathed, “I was gonna fuck you extra hard tonight.”

“Yes….yes you did.” You breathed. You knew you both enjoyed fucking this way sweaty, hazy, hot, and until you were aching for another high quality orgasm. “Let me go down on you again next time,” Peter says, “And next time I want you to be the one on top of me as your cunt swallows my dick and swivel your hips, while you tits bounce.”

can u like tell me if u liked this or not? pls reply or send feedbacks on my ask about my writings!! i really would appreciate it : D

Things for rv cb @ SM
  1. performance version of mv (one mininum)
  2. dance practice video (one mininum)
  3. mv behind the scenes video for each member
  4. teaser videos for each individual member
  5. another video for each member during the teaser phase 
  6. special videos from rv for teaser phase/during promotion
  7. upgrade on website during teaser phase to match concept
  8. FULL PERFORMANCE of B SIDE during their cb stage I will not tolerate a one minute performance for a song that we KNOW is going to be good
  9. a separate v live channel for rv
  10. Release their show and it better not be like the Picnic on A Sunny Afternoon where they split it into twenty 3 minute videos.
  11.  Proper promotion (period/shows/etc)
  12. Do NOT suddenly remove them one week on a music show so that your other artists can suddenly come back to perform that one day
  13. Anything else that would compensate for your history of shortcomings :))

Take notes sweaty 👏👏👏

nurseydex royalty au
  • instead of being from Maine, Dex’s family is actually royalty from a small country just outside of America’s east coast with about a million citizens.
  • Dex is born Fitzwilliam Jacob Poindexter II after his mother’s father and is third to the throne after his mother and brother.
  • being the third in line comes with responsibilities much like his brother, but without all of the public recognition, and he has to go through the same kind of grueling education of political wits, charming diplomacy, and easy-going social skills.
  • Dex never did well with the latter. he knew how to talk about his passions and what interested him, how to talk with people he cared for and if they had something important to say. but he hated small talk, never understood why he had to stand around in a room full of people he wasn’t going to see again talking about the weather when he could literally be doing anything else.
  • but he managed, and his advisers all agreed he would make a fine king if tragedy would succumb his brother.
  • so Dex gets that the crown prince’s primary goal is to marry and somehow produce an heir who can further the republic.
  • which is why he politely waits until his brother’s engaged and well on his way of becoming the next regent before he tells his parents that he’s gay.

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Silent Treatment - Nolan Holloway

Originally posted by vxidism

Requested by the lovely @froygutierreez
“can i request an imagine/one shot of where the reader is liam’s younger sister and she has a small crush on nolan? like nolan had always liked her more than she likes him. anyway, and when he and gabe beat up liam, she doesn’t talk to him for a while and nolan just keeps trying to apologise? when they do talk, they confess their feelings and have been a secret thing since then? ( im doing this for a story/rp thingy and may need some inspiration! )”

Warnings: Swearing, violence, mentions of blood, mentions of anxiety, death, and an extreme range of emotions.

Word Count: Just over 14k. (This got out of control. I could not. stop. writing.)

Note: The continuity, especially as far as it goes for time of day/general cycles of daylight and night, in S6 was a damn mess so I tried to make it a little more continuous for the sake of everyone reading this. There are still some time frames that don’t make much sense so please forgive, I am doing my best. Also, the reader in this is Liam’s twin sister. And this title made more sense before I actually wrote this whole thing but I’m sticking with it.

My phone was resting on the sofa next to me while I scrolled through Netflix to find a new movie to watch. I’d already watched a few romcoms throughout the day. I didn’t have much better to do since I was throwing up and running a fever, which effectively stopped me from going to school.

A quick succession of text notifications came up so I dropped the tv remote and picked up my phone to read them.

They were all from Corey and Mason.

I opened them up, expecting to see some “hope you’re feeling better” messages but that wasn’t the case. They had both texted me saying that Liam had been in a fight at the end of the day. More specifically, that he’d been beat up by two guys from the lacrosse team.

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Young God

Originally posted by astouract

Author: hela-avenger

Word Count: 877 words

Pairing: Loki x Reader 

Summary: Loki reunites with a loved one and though he expected to be welcomed with open arms, he simply finds the opposite instead.


It was the first time you saw him with your own eyes. You had heard the rumors of how all this time King Odin had originally been Loki in disguise. He had fooled everyone once again with a false death and taken the identity of the Allfather. Not only did you mourn for months, but Odin, or well Loki, had known about your misery and did nothing to ease your pain.

Now here you were watching him speak to Thor in what they considered a council meeting. The rumors you heard were true and though you would have been overjoyed at the fact that your prince was indeed alive, you couldn’t stop the anger that grew within you.

It didn’t help that Loki had yet to see your arrival and the “serious” conversation that the newly appointed King Thor was having with him had nothing to do with their upcoming destination known as Earth.

Here he was.

Laughing… with his brother, Thor.

Oh, the fury you felt in every cell of your being was enough to light a thousand worlds aflame.

“You inconsiderate, poor excuse of a man!”

That was enough to kill the humor between the brothers as they both snapped their attention towards you.

Every step you took in their direction caused Loki to instantly shrug back until his back hit the wall.

“I cannot believe that you,” you accented as you shoved his chest with the palm of your hand, “YOU, of all people, consoled me when I was mourning for your death.”

“Brother, is that true?” Thor asks in surprise.

“Well, I…” Loki responds with a shrug. “I couldn’t stay away…”

“Stop! You are speaking to me,” you shout to Loki, concluding their conversation.

You turn to look at Thor and the rage in your eyes was enough to signal Thor to make a brief exit. Once he was gone, you return your focus to the man who once claimed to love you.

“Y/N, I apologize…”

Speak when you are spoken to,” you grit out in annoyance. “Remember when you first told me that in your beloved throne.”

Loki remains quiet as he recalls the day he notified the kingdom of his supposed death. You had come crying to him, heartbroken, and demanding to see his body. Loki couldn’t have you spreading doubt around the kingdom so he had immediately shut you down and cast you out.

“I begged. I cried. I screamed at you, or Odin at the time, that we had to go back for your body,” you remind him. “All I wanted was to put your soul to rest and you swatted me away like I was a pesky fly. No explanation. No reason. Nothing.”

You knew that the raging fire inside of you was quickly being put out as old wounds returned to weaken you once more.

“I visited that statue you erupted of yourself every morning and every evening,” you whispered as you closed your eyes. You didn’t have the strength to look into his eyes at the moment. “I placed flowers at your feet to honor you and lit candles to light your way in the night.”

Your hands slip away from his chest and you take a step back.

“I should have known better than to waste my tears on you,” you confess to him. “You tricked me once again and cared not of the pain that you left in your wake.”

You turn away from him and angrily wipe the tears away from your face. You had to stop crying. You couldn’t show him how he truly made you feel.

“I am sorry,” Loki tells you. “I knew of the pain I was causing you, but one wrong word and all I had worked for would be gone. The pain I went through seeing you around, hearing you whisper my name, and not being able to respond in any way. It broke me.”

“It broke you?” you laugh out in amusement and the rage returned full force. “It broke you?”

Loki can see the mistake in his words as you begin to stalk towards him.

“I had no idea of what was occurring behind the scenes, but you did,” you grit out. “You could have done something. You could have told me what was going on and I would have kept your secret. Instead, you decided to humiliate me in front of the royal court and watch me suffer while you lived your life as a king. Never in a thousand years would I have done this to you because I loved you, but you… I realize it now that you never loved me at all.”

“I do love you,” Loki states.

“No, no you don’t,” you respond with a shake of your head. “You don’t break the ones you love, Loki. Not like this.”

You pull off the golden ring from your finger and threw it at his chest. Loki fails to catch it, his hands frozen in front of him as he watches the wedding band he designed, the snake eating its own tail, fall to the floor.

“Till death do us part,” you whisper to him. “I never imagined your false death would be the reason our marriage ended this way.”

freakinamask  asked:

Hey so for your prompt thing if you're still doing those have you any thoughts about what might of happened if Jyn had been found by those storm troopers and been captured with Galen?

The expression on Saw Gerrera’s face is hard to read. 

It’s hard to read, and that, more than anything—more than his band of scruffy Partisans, bristling with weapons and grinning like mnira wolves—sets Jyn teeth on edge. She doesn’t like being stared at.

“Is there a dress code I should have been aware of?” she asks narrowing her eyes at Gerrera.

Jedha has turned her Imperial greys to a sunbleached, dusty ash, but it wasn’t as though she’d had time to pack. Papa had woken her in the middle of the night, she’d barely had time to shove on her boots before he was dragging her down the corridor to the docking bay. (It was the only time Bodhi had smiled, the entire nerve-wracking trip from Eadu to Jedha. Your shirt is inside out, he’d said with a tentative smile, and Jyn had laughed herself breathless for the sheer, pressure-relief of it.)

The silence stretches on too long. “Well?” Jyn demands. “At least you could tell me where you took my pilot—”

“You look so much like your mother,” Saw Gerrera says, and it lands like a concussive missile. 

The silence after that is worse, somehow.

Jyn exhales. “Oh,” she finally says. 

She folds her hands together behind her back to keep them from shaking, even though she knows it makes her look like a cadet at parade rest. Krennic told her that once—she’d dropped out of the training program entirely just to spite him for it. (He dragged her back a week later, after he found her holed up in the base’s dense labyrinth of undertunnels, but Jyn had won that round.)

Gerrera is still looking at her. “I—yes, I know,” she adds hurriedly. “My father’s said. I have her eyes.”

Gerrera has a clear crystal on a length of cord around his neck, and he’s turning it over and over in his hand now. There’s something oddly familiar about the gesture, though Jyn can’t quite place what. 

“Lyra was a brave and devoted woman,” Gerrera says. “She served our cause loyally, even—before there was a cause. We were…she was my friend.”

“I have a transmission from my father,” Jyn blurts out, before she does something embarrassing like cry, or demand he turn over the strange crystal to her, or storm through the compound looking for Bodhi. Anything to distract her from the way fearsome Partisan leader Saw Gerrera said ‘friend’ like it carries terrabytes of encoded data.

“Your pilot mentioned that,” Saw says, and there’s a cruel amusement in his expression now. Terror and anger flood through her, and she lunges forward.

“If you’ve hurt him—”

“He’s well enough,” Saw says, warding her off with a hand. “Maybe a little spooked, but the boy’s got nerves like manka cat. I get the sense he’d startle at loud noises.”

“Don’t talk about him like that,” Jyn says fiercely, even if there’s more than a little guilty agreement curling in her gut. Galen helped Bodhi wean himself off the stimulants the Empire poured into TIE fighter pilots like water, but his hands will always shake, and even behind the console of a freighter he’s skittery, anxious.

But when Galen had asked him to defect, to take his only daughter to Jedha and meet with the dangerous Partisan insurgents, so that they could deliver a crushing blow to the Empire, Bodhi hadn’t hesitated. He’d reached for Jyn with his shaking hands, and clutched her forearm in a grip like durasteel.

I’ll take her, Bodhi had said, and Jyn had been sure of him as the stars over Eadu.

Something thoughtful has taken over Gerrera’s face. He’s watching her—or studying her, maybe. It’s like being put under a scope, only now Jyn feels shy, wrong-footed. She wonder if he’s seeing Lyra standing where she is now.

“Someone go bring Miss Erso’s pilot out,” Gerrera says, and one of the Partisans breaks away from the mob, disappearing into the depths of the complex. Jyn exhales.

“Now,” Gerrera says. “I think you ought to show me Galen’s message.”

Jyn pops the first few buttons on her uniform, and is a little annoyed when Saw doesn’t react, merely raises his eyebrows like Papa did, whenever she was being particularly obnoxious. She feels herself flush, and after she fishes the transmit-chip from its carefully-hidden pocket, thrusts it at him. 

“There,” she says.

He takes it from her gingerly. The chip looks so small, impossibly fragile in his enormous hand. “Have you watched it?” Gerrera asks, and there is gentleness in his voice.

Jyn nods. 

(Jyn, my Stardust, never doubt how much I have loved you, how sorry I am—)

Gerrera passes the chip to another of his Partisans, a xeno in heavy armor and striking purple eyes. Jyn tries not to stare, but she’s never seen so many xenos in her life. She has vague memories of her childhood on Coruscant, one of her little friends having a Twi’lek tutor, another claiming that his father traded with Toydarians, but it was all secondhand stories.

It’s different, standing in a crowd of species she could never hope to identify. 

They pull out an older holo-imager, and the xeno Partisan slips the transmit chip into the drive. Jyn sucks in a sharp breath as her Papa’s image flickers into view, and she braces herself—

Jyn’s almost grateful when Bodhi is frogmarched into the cavern, the sight of him enough to distract her from the holo. The Partisan guard isn’t gentle, and Jyn darts forward to catch him before he falls to his knees. “Hey,” Bodhi mumbles against her shoulder. “Did we do good?”

Jyn holds onto him tighter, until she feels his hand come up and cradle her elbow. And they stay like that, the cavern silent as a tomb except for distant water and the voice of Galen Erso, saying, Saw, if you are watching this—

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anonymous asked:

Can you do companions react to someone copping a feal on sole (romanced and in romanced)

Ada – What on earth was this person doing? Is surely did not look like they were being aggressive or otherwise suspicious but still…something ‘tinged’ in her proverbial mind. She’ll have to keep an eye on this person.

Cait (platonic) – She laughs and gives Sole a cheeky wink. Heaven knows she’s been guilty of doing exactly what this person’s doing to Sole right now – feeling up the best ass in the Commonwealth. To be honest, she’s a little envious and resorts to watching instead.

Cait (romanced) – Nope. Whoever the fuck this person is, whoever the fuck they think they are, is getting a well-placed punch to the goddamn face. Or several in fact. No one except her has the right to touch Sole and she’s damn well gonna protect what’s hers with all the ferocity of a lioness in heat.

Codsworth (platonic) – He’s a little disgusted with the blatant attempt at Sole’s attentions and quietly wonders…no…wishes that sir/mum was here to put that person in their rightful place. By the gutter. But seeing as though it’s not his place to do anything about it, he broods silently and watches the person closely with what can only be described as an attempted glare.

Codsworth (romanced) – He’s outraged, mortified and instantly jumps to Sole’s honorary defence. “Why, your actions are deplorable sir/madam! As Sole’s romantic partner, I hereby challenge you to a bout of fisticuffs!” He raises his limbs in invitation and charges the person for a good rumble.

Curie (platonic) – She is curious of the other person’s actions and resorts to observing just what it is they’re doing and what Sole’s reaction to it is. When she feels herself starting to blush, she is left even more confused. Is this a human mating ritual? Or is it a grooming ritual? In either case, why is the physical contact always concentrated on Sole’s chest and behind? After a while, the curiosity wins out and the little synth politely intrudes on their interaction and asks them outright the meaning behind their physical contact.

Curie (romantic) – When she sees this person caressing her Sole, all new emotions begin to bubble up in her chest to the point where she is left breathless. One part of her mind wants to stop and experience the sensation for her studies, the other part of her – a very persuasive part – wants to barge in and start having sex with Sole right then and there even if that person was watching. She very quickly comes to the conclusion that she is experiencing a kind of possessive jealousy and immediately goes to Sole to start up a completely different conversation, blatantly pretending that the other person isn’t even there.

Danse (platonic) – Insubordination is what it is. He gets angry because of Sole’s disregard for Brotherhood protocol, they are a Knight for crying out loud! They demand respect. They represent authority. They represent dignity. This kind of transgression, even if it was by omission, is not tolerated by either him or the Brotherhood of Steel. As their sponsor, Danse will later pull them aside and give them a stern talking to.

Danse (romanced) – Insubordination be damned, Sole was his and by Elder Maxson he was damn well going to do something about it! He stomps up behind Sole in his power armour, glaring down at the person with barely concealed rage until they slink away and leave Sole standing there in confusion. When they turn around and see his angry face, Danse picks them up, throws them over his shoulder and carries them to their shared bedroom where he makes it damn clear to the both of them just who Sole belongs to.

Deacon (platonic/romanced) – Regardless of whether Sole actually wanted the person’s attention or not, Deacon will sneak up behind them and when they’re too engrossed on Sole to notice him standing there, he’ll start feeling them up with a cheeky grin and a wink in Sole’s direction. He does everything he can to make the person uncomfortable, scaring them away with a wiggle of his eyebrows and a hearty laugh when it gets too much and they finally leave. “See Sole? This is what I’ve been saying to you all along! I’m just too sexy for my own good.”

Dogmeat – He wonders why this new person isn’t giving him pats either. Does he stink?? Was he a bad boy?? Do they not like him?? Why aren’t they loving him?? He whines and pushes his head against Sole’s thigh, only satisfied when they start brushing their hand through his fur.

Hancock (platonic) – He chuckles lightly when he sees what type of attention Sole is getting, giving the person feeling them up an encouraging wink too. Sole was a very attractive person worthy of people’s attention and unless that attention is unwanted from Sole, he won’t do anything to stand in their way. In fact, he’ll even offer up some pointers to anyone interested in Sole’s affections.

Hancock (romanced) – The Mayor will tell the person straight away to fuck off and leave Sole alone. If they still persist in the face of a rather heated ghoul on the verge of smacking them one, Hancock’s elusive fury will surface and whoever the pervert is will find themselves walking to the nearest settlement with nothing to their name but a bruised eye and their undies.

Gage (platonic) – He huffs a laugh, knowing all too well the temptation for a curious touch here and blatant advance there. The only problem he has with it is when they won’t take Sole’s ‘no’ for an answer, which is when he steps in.

Gage (romanced) – If it’s a woman, he clears his throat rather loud and blatantly stares at her until she understands his obvious disapproval of her touching Sole. If it’s a man touching what’s his, well…beaten to a bloody pulp is a rather apt description of what the consequences are for touching his lover.

MacCready (platonic) – He’d be annoyed with the both of them. He was a mercenary for God’s sake! He’s not going to get paid standing around watching everyone flirt their arse off with Sole and it was most certainly not what he ever wanted to be doing either. Caps or no caps. Almost like a child, he’d sulk for a while afterwards until Sole makes it up to him.

MacCready (romanced) – “Hey, get your damn hands off her/him. In case you haven’t noticed, pal, Sole’s with me and I’m not the sharing type either.” He’d flex his grip on his rifle just to bring the point home and glare until the person is well and truly out of sight.

Nick Valentine (platonic) – Seeing this person groping Sole makes him a little nostalgic for the old ways when this type of conduct was only seen in the privacy of one’s own bedroom. Where courting wasn’t about touching per se, but about charm. Suave. A smooth smile here, a brush of fingertips there and heartfelt words delivered in song or writing or poetic stanza to capture their heart. Damn kids these days and their one night stands.

Nick Valentine (romanced) – He’s never been the possessive type or even the angry type, but damn if he didn’t feel like throttling the person who laid their hands on his lover! Nick behaves like a gentlemen though, stepping up next to Sole and wrapping his arm around their waist and planting a soft kiss on their cheek. He uses the unsettling gaze of his to make the groper feel uncomfortable enough that they eventually walk away with their proverbial tail between their legs.

Old Longfellow – Did Sole know they were being touched? Because they most certainly were and it was most certainly a little bit filthy too. He’d laugh though, reminiscing about the old days when he had practically every gal in the settlement after him, when he had to sneak around because he didn’t want their old man finding out just who it was sneaking into their window every night. Yeah, those were days alright.

Piper Wright (platonic) – She raises an eyebrow, smirking a little. If she were a lesser woman, she’d probably have already done something very similar to what this person was doing just now. After all, it’s not every day you see a person with a body like Sole’s which makes the urge to touch just a little bit that much more enticing. But of course she won’t, but hey, no one said anything about just looking, right?

Piper Wright (romanced) – When she sees the roaming hand on Sole’s body…Hell hath no fury like a protective Piper Wright. She storms up to the person with a barely contained growl in her chest, shoves them away roughly and starts yelling at them with no reservations. It is Sole who has to hold her back, not that Piper would kill the groper, but grievous bodily harm was most certainly a possibility.

Preston Garvey (platonic) – He blushes and does everything he can to ignore what’s going on by fiddling with his gun, cleaning his hat and moving the dirt around with his boots. He won’t leave Sole because he knows what some people try to do when their advances aren’t successful, but he also doesn’t want to seem like he’s purposefully intruding either so…awkward, blushing Minuteman it is.

Preston Garvey (romanced) – The Minuteman gets a little irritated, not quite angry yet although he can feel it coming if they don’t stop openly trying to grope his lover right in front of him. Like Hancock, he’ll tell them outright to stop, resorting to physically removing their hand if they refuse and then removing them from the settlement entirely if they still persist.

Strong – He doesn’t see it for what it is and doesn’t pay any heed to it either. The most he’ll wonder is how Sole puts up with being touched all the time by so many different little humans. If Strong were the one to be petted almost constantly, he’d start smashing them all in a fit of rage.

X6-88 (platonic) – The way he sees it, if Sole didn’t want the attention then they’d make it loud and clear for the other person. But as of yet, Sole hasn’t said a single word of protest and until they do, X6 won’t say a thing. However, he will be watching Sole very closely so that they do not come to any harm from this very hands on person.

X6-88 (romanced) – Anyone who touches Sole in front of the Courser mustn’t have a single brain cell in their skull, so surely he could get away with putting a bullet in that big, empty head of theirs right? But of course, he can’t because Sole wouldn’t approve and he didn’t want to do anything that would cause a rift between them both, but damn well did he feel like it. He trusts Sole, loves Sole and knows that the person is obviously no threat to his standing with Sole, but still. Touching Sole is his right only. He gives them a very hard, very heated glare until they slink away.

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Rfa+v+saeran cheating on the mc ? But they make up after a while :''>

☆o(><;)○ I don’t mind writing them cheating for angst purposes, but I am not going to write them getting back together.
Nothing against you, it’s just a personal pet peeve due to many failed relationships I’ve watched over the years. Don’t… Get back with someone who cheated on you. Odds are they’ll do it again, and think you’re just someone for them to fall back on.


- He loved you, he really absolutely did

- But… You always treated him like a kid. He was just a year younger than you! 

- He never really let it bother him much until he met a girl on the Shooting Star sever. I mean, it wasn’t anything new- A lot of his guild mates where girls and you knew that. But, she looked up to him? Treated him like he was a really strong guy?

- He appreciated it and didn’t really let it advance until she offered him some super rare items she had happened upon. Stuff he never ran into all his years of playing! 

- But if he wanted it… He had to send a few shirtless pictures.

- That wasn’t too bad, right? I mean, guys walked around without their shirts! I was normal…?

- But then she sends some back… And starts teasing him sexually… And before he can help it he’s already hard and straining against his jeans

- The two of you hadn’t even gotten to the kinky stuff yet in your relationship, and… Here he was getting it already.

- He didn’t even spend five minutes contemplating. He sent her a dick pic, got the item, and hurried offline to jerk off.

- The next day you came over, and he was just sweating the whole time. You asked him if he was sick, not feeling well, etc etc. He just brushed it off, made some flimsy excuse that even he knew you were suspicious of.

- But, you drop the subject. Start hanging around and playing your handheld while he does a raid in LOLOL

- After a while he’s completely immersed as you loosely wrap your arms around his shoulders, watching him play. Giving him little words of encouragement.

- When his group finishes, you kiss the top of his head and start pointing on the screen, talking about the cool loot he got

- And then he gets a whisper on the chat, and he doesn’t even have enough time to hide it before you read it

“That picture of yours kept me company over and over again last night, Yoosung. I came three times just from a dick pic alone~ What do you think sex with each other would be like? ;)”

- You lose it. He can’t even come up with an excuse- The message is way too explicit to even joke that it’s from some guy friend playing a prank.

- You’re just trying your best not to cry, demanding to know how long it’s been going on- Not believing the answers he says

- And why should you? 

- He doesn’t know what to do as you grab your stuff and slam the door shut behind you. He can’t even manage to get the guts to try following you.


- He loved you, you were his princess

- But a man had his needs, you know?

- He was worried about your relationship, how he felt like he couldn’t advance sexually with you, and he often voiced this to his make-up artist

- A woman he knew for years- Ever since he started working for this theatre.

- She was sweet, beautiful, and always listened to him. Hell, sometimes she’d be his drinking buddy if he needed one. (And damn could she nearly drink him under the table)

- Apparently, she didn’t have a lot of morals, though.

- And apparently, he hadn’t changed much from back when he was in that gang

- A drinking trip with some theatre buds turned into a weird bar date with his make-up artist.

- I mean… You didn’t know. You were home, cleaning…Possibly cooking… Just being too cute and simple. 

- Way too simple.

- After the both of them were buzzed, his complaints of you turned harsher, voicing his needs to be able to get off just once for fucks sake 

- And his make-up artist was more than willing to oblige. I mean, he was sculpted like a fucking god. Who wouldn’t want some of him?

- He came home reeking of beer and smoke- Lipstick on his neck and traveling lower. Hell, there were even traces on his lips.

- And he was way too buzzed and blissed out to care as you started crying, started asking what the hell happened

- He just rolled his shoulder, getting you off of him, and loudly proclaiming he was going to shower and go to bed

- When he got out, you were gone. But his phone lit up with a sexy text, and he still couldn’t be bothered to care about your absence. 


- You really thought you had changed him. He showed his emotions more, he even treated Jaehee nicer. Hell, he even stopped pestering Zen so much.

- He treated you like a princess- A queen. Buying you so many things, letting you use his card for shopping trips. I mean, you didn’t beg for this to happen- He just shoved them on you and nearly begged you to go out to buy things. 

- You didn’t understand why he was so adamant, until you decided you didn’t feel like shopping one day and came home pretty early.

- You walked in to Elizabeth in her cage and was immediately confused. Jumin never put her in a cage? Unless he wanted to keep her away, but even then that was rare.

- Then you heard groaning from down the hall, and you felt your heart stop.

- You don’t know how you managed to get your legs to move, but you slowly stepped down the hall, taking a deep breath before peering into the bedroom

- Finding Jumin’s back shoved against the bed, being dominated by another man.

- You couldn’t help it, you let out a loud gasp- Some gross choked sound that caused both of them to stop and look towards the door- At you

- But you didn’t stand there long. You felt your eyes spill and you just darted out- Grabbing your phone and purse and booking it. You needed out- Needed somewhere to think. To breathe.

- Jumin let out a grumbled sigh as you left. He knew he should have locked the door- But he was too pent up- Too eager to finally get off for once.

- He heard the other man whistle and get ready to pull out, but Jumin harshly wrapped his legs around him.

- “I never said stop, did I?”


- I’m not going to sugar coat this- I have NO fucking idea how or why she would cheat on you. I even discussed it with a few friends and the most serious answer we could come up with is her cheating on you with coffee beans. orz


- He didn’t deserve you. He didn’t, and no matter how many times he told you this, you never listened

- Harsh nights of him pushing you away? You were right there beside him. Him trying to do a self-depreciating joke? You took it seriously and wrapped him in a hug of kind words.

- He felt so disgusting.

- He loved you, but he didn’t deserve you. He tried everything to let you know that, but you just blew it all off, like the wonderful person you were.

- So he finally resorted to this.

- He knew you were going to be home soon. He didn’t even attempt to hide what he was doing. 

- Just some random woman had hit on him. He actually tried being alluring for once, and it worked.

- So he took her back to his place, ignoring her comments on the security of his home.

- And took her right on the couch- The first thing you would see once you opened the doors

- He had it timed so well that you walked in right in the middle of it

- He heard bags drop, and you try to stifle some gasps as the woman he was fucking immediately scrambled out of his grasp.

- You just left. Didn’t even try to grab your things- You just up and left, while the other woman berated him for getting her caught up in such a mess.

- When they were both gone he just laughed. Just laughed to himself and regained his breath.

- Finally, you got that he didn’t deserve you.


- He wanted more pain. He just constantly felt guilt, and nothing but guilt, from being in a relationship with you

- You were so beautiful, so kind, so forgiving. You weren’t anything like he was used to.

- Being abused, being blamed, being a scapegoat. 

- No matter how loving you were to him, no matter what help he received, he just wanted the old relationship again. He wanted Rika.

- He couldn’t see that well, but what he could see he knew you looked nothing like her. Not even the same height or hair length.

- So… Behind your back he started seeing someone that reminded him more of her. Even how they met was nearly the same. She had long blonde hair, she was short and cute. God, she even nearly sounded the same.

- Maybe it was Rika coming back? A revenge of hers?

- He was just so hungry for that pain again- For his guilt to have a reason for existing. To have a reason to suffer for someone again.

- Amidst all of these emotions flooding back, he didn’t even think about you as he asked her out for coffee

- Didn’t even consider that you lived close by to the coffee shop they went to

- Didn’t even think you may walk by as he held her hand, leaning in close to drown in every word that spilled out of her mouth

- He jumped as he felt a water bottle slam into his shoulder. He couldn’t tell who did it, but as soon as he heard his date exclaim, he remembered he was still with you.

- He listened as you babbled through sudden strained sobbing, as you demanded to know what you did wrong, demanded to know what you lacked

- He didn’t speak. He just let you stand there and make a fool of yourself, let others stare and whisper, let his date shoo you away

- Hours later, when he came home, he wasn’t surprised to see it lacking your things. It was almost peaceful- Everything looks more minimalistic. His heart did ache, but he was so glad for that pain again

- He was glad he never took any pictures of you.


- He hated how clingy you were. He hated how you just accepted all of his issues without any hesitation. 

- He was so fucked up. How could you not see that?

- You were so fucking stupid. So fucking stupid to think he could be in a relationship with you.

- He didn’t even try to hide him cheating. He was just slightly surprised it took you a week to notice, once he started the habit

- The habit of just fucking girls in hotel rooms, instead of attending any dates you set up for him

- The only way you found out was because he was answering a text he got on one of his throw away phones as you cuddled up to him. You saw the contact name, the sexual messages, and froze as he answered it like nothing was wrong

- “I. Is that? Was that?”

- “Yeah.”

- He was just so fucking tired of everyone treating him like he was so blameless, like he was a victim. No one considered that he just didn’t give a fuck, that he liked hurting people. Shoving them away.

- He didn’t deserve people giving him kindness, and he wasn’t afraid to show that.

- You just slowly got out of the bed, trying your best not to cry as he ignored you. After a few sniffles, you grabbed your purse and left. 

- No texts, no nothing. Just the occasional Saeyoung pissed off at him for once.

- Whatever. At least he was getting laid.

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