crying now that my re watch is over

some things alec would totally say to his glittering warlock boyf

  • “i hate people. no offense”
  • replying to “fuck you” with “not now i’m in the middle of something”
  • very specific appearance compliments. “i like your triangle eyeliner”
  • “if we’re gonna watch this movie, you have to promise to cry too”
  • insults that he asks izzy to come up with. five minutes after an argument is over he goes to magnus & reads “dating you is like hugging a cactus in slow motion twice a day” off his phone screen
  • “you would tell me if my stomach wasn’t a good pillow, right??”
  • they both say “behave” like too often
  • “can’t you just [poorly imitates magic hand movements] it?”
  • “love you”’s that sound rly off-handed but if magnus turns to look at him alec is like. gazing back

One of my favorite parts of Chopped is the walk of shame chefs have to do after they get chopped. It’s bad enough they were just eliminated from the competition, but now they have to walk alone down a hallway with a camera at the end of it while the audience watches them to struggle not to cry–not always successfully–and an optimistic voice over plays. Like, they’re already losers, but they have to suffer one last humiliation for the audience’s benefit before they can leave. It’s kind of evil, and I love it. The absolute worst is when it’s a worthy chef who shouldn’t have been chopped in the first place.

Angst AUs For the Soul
  • The reason I broke up with you out of the blue is because I have ALS and I didn’t want you to watch me suffer slowly and now I’m on my deathbed and you’re crying over me and I can’t comfort you but please don’t cry AU
  • Remember how close we were as kids? Why did everything have to change between us? AU
  • Watching my best friend date my secret crush is painful but I just want them both to be happy no matter how much I’m hurting AU
  • I read too much into those hints and now I’m sitting here crying at my house/apartment hating myself AU
  • Watching all the movies that made us laugh together in the past because you’re dead and I can’t stop crying AU
  • I can’t give you what you want, why didn’t I leave before we go too emotionally involved AU
  • You need a heart transplant and there’s no available donors AU
  • Alternatively, you need a heart transplant and there’s no available donors so I’ll just make you one by dying so you can live AU
  • I should’ve told you that I liked you sooner AU
  • Remembering all the times we shared, good and bad, out loud in front of your grave AU
  • I hit your pet with my vehicle and now I need to tell you AU
  • It was love for me but I was just a go-to for you AU
  • You told me we were going to come out so why do you keep chickening out AU
  • Love is just a thing for fools and I didn’t trust my instincts, so I’m the fool AU
  • Finally signing the divorce papers but I’m still in love with you AU

whatever you do……dont think about newt getting stung by some kind of creature on accident and getting so sick they’re not sure if he’s gonna make it

don’t think about him in a hospital bed, seizing, sweating, crying out in pain and mumbling nonsense while healers crowd over him at a complete loss as to how to save him

don’t think about tina and queenie and jacob feeling helpless as they watch the man who was once so warm and bright and full of life wither and fade and waste away into nothingness

and for the love of god, don’t think about graves driving himself into the ground to find an antidote, doing whatever it takes, turning his back on his duties and his responsibilities and leaving everything behind to search for a way to save him. graves cursing god and the world and most of all himself for not protecting him, for not keeping him safe. graves going to the ends of the earth to bring newt a cure, to make him better again. because graves hasn’t told him yet that he loves him, and he’ll be damned if he lets newt go before he can. 

Sado's Loft - Wednesday, 1:20pm

“I don’t expect you to, but don’t expect me to not come to your side when you’re upset. I let you run away from me crying before.”

“You had no choice.”

“Well, now I do…come home with me.”

“We’re not having sex.” That made him laugh. Made her laugh a little. Granted, she and Zero had never actually done the deed together, but she wasn’t stupid in the least. Sado had read about how sexual Werewolves are. Especially males. They enjoyed sex as much as they enjoyed breathing and good food. No doubt Zero would be any different from the lore of his kind. “I’m not inviting you to my house to have sex. I just want to watch over you. Comfort you. Shoot me for being a male that doesn’t want an emotional woman to be alone.”

“Do you extend that offer to all emotional women?”

“No. Just you.”

“…Where will I sleep?”

“I have a guest room, or you can sleep in my room and I’ll take the couch.”

Truth be told, she should’ve said no. She didn’t even know if she was ready to get this close to him again. She’d already allowed him to kiss her repeatedly. Being under the same roof with him, alone, was bound to start something. Still, she said, “…Okay.”

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Please do one based off the song “Sorry” by Sleeping With Sirens” with Luke!

AN so I’m making this college!luke bc well I’m in college now. And you make lots of mistakes at this age. I mean I haven’t, simply bc I’ve been here a week and have no frens but that’s a different story my loves. This is kinda sad rip sorry enjoy it anyways xx

Luke’s POV

I watched her as she left, her head hung low, and probably crying. She always tried so hard not to cry in front of me, but after today, I guess she lost it. We’re done and over, and I wish I could say I’m relieved. But I’m not.

I was so mean to her when we were together. I would cheat on her, and treated her like she was nothing, when she was my everything. She made me feel strong when I was weak inside, and I realized it when I was with her. That’s why I pushed her away. I had no excuse though.

I had no excuse to sleep with her now ex best friend and then blame her for it when she found out. I had no excuse to do any of that. She doesn’t deserve any of that. She doesn’t deserve me, she deserves the world. I wish I realized that when she was with me. I could’ve given her the world.

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Why will we feel sorry for Cece? ***Warning, you may want tissues around while reading this***

So, I’ve been seeing lately that after people read my Cece theories, they wonder why would they feel sorry for Cece. I’ve thought about it long and hard and I think I may have finally realized where they’re going with Cece and Charles’ story line. Here’s what I think has happened and what will happen, causing us to cry ourselves to sleep after the finale:
A few times over the course of the past couple years, Marlene has said “Chuck and Blair forever”, now to people who have watched Gossip Girl- we know she’s referring to Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. Chuck (Charles) and Blair is arguably one of the best (and messed up) relationships on GG, they grew up together from birth and eventually fell in love and had a child together. As I have said in previous theories, Charles and Cece met in Radley at an extremely young age, the two grew close. Now, in 6x04 it was revealed that Charles had died at the age of 16, meaning he had been in Radley for well over a decade. Assuming Cece had been put in Radley around the time she stabbed her sister (6ish?) the two were nearly the same age. There, they fell in love, growing up together in their own prison- they were inseparable. In an interview with Keegan Allen, he described the story as a “Romantic Tragedy” and from all of the Shakespeare references that have been circling around lately… I think PLL may throw us a Romeo and Juliet type story with them. If you know about Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is to be married to Paris- though she doesn’t love him. She then goes to the priest saying she would rather die, that she loves Romeo. The priest gives her a drug that makes her seem totally dead, thus leaving her to be buried in a tomb. Romeo, in mourning, goes to Juliet’s tomb, thinking she was really dead he drinks poison to kill himself… In 6x04, I think it may have been Spencer or Kenneth that said Charles death was caused by sedatives and that he was then cremated. There’s no other way I can say this… I think Cece and Charles planned to escape Radley and run off together, when they found Charles- they thought he was dead. He was cremated before he could wake up to escape with Cece.
As I’m writing this, I can feel a lump in my throat and I’m trying to hold back tears.
After the tragic death of Charles, Cece took over for his life, she took his identity and started living the life she knew he wanted. She became the older sibling for Alison that Charles always wanted to be. She became the prom queen and tried to recreate the prom so that Charles could be prom king. She taught Alison how to perfect a lie. She loved Alison as the younger sibling Charles would’ve wanted, she hated Alison for getting Charles into Radley. She became everything Charles wanted to be, everything that he had told her in Radley. She became Charles.

Cece will die in the finale, that’s just how it has to end.

“A glooming peace this morning with it brings.
The sun, for sorrow, will not show his head.
Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things.
Some shall be pardoned, and some punishèd.
For never was a story of more woe
Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.”

Mycroft’s umbrella trope

So I was watching Iron Fist (a Marvel superhero TV show) and the following happend: the villan, who walks with a cane, had a little over-the-top surprise that, given the kind of show this is, it’s not weird to have

I guess this is my life now, a never-ending cycle of finding Sherlock S4 ridiculousness everywhere, in the contexts where having those ridiculous tropes “make sense”, but that Mofftiss are making fun of nevertheless because they’re cheap and overused.

I don’t know whether I should cry, laugh, or scream into the void (though we’ve all been doing the later non-stop for months now)

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‘Memory’ English Lyrics

No matter how hard I try to forget you
I can’t erase the memories we shared
I try to watch TV to take my mind off you
But why am I crying over this breakup scene?
I put on the perfume you liked
Wore the dress you said was pretty
And went to the cafe we used to go to a lot
But now you’re not here
I don’t think I’m ready for this thing
I’m not ready, after you left, I’m just a blank sheet of paper
Whatever I do, boy I feel so empty
Me without you, I can’t even imagine

I remember the old days, when I watch TV
I remember the old days, when I listen to music
I remember again, when I have a drink
How are you doing these days?
I remember the old days, it’s driving me crazy
I keep remembering because I miss you
Tears fall and memories wash over me
imma sing a song
like this NaNaNaNaNa

Making you into a memory (I hate it)
Forgetting you, why is it so hard? (why why why)
Even now, I’m still reminiscing
But love is leaving me, more and more
I don’t even put on make-up anymore
There’s no use
You used to call me pretty
But you’re not here anymore
It’s different from before
Repetition of emptiness
My days that were busy because of you
My days that gave me butterflies
Now have no excitement, zero
It changed, became burnt ashes

I remember the old days, when I watch TV
I remember the old days, when I listen to music
I remember again, when I have a drink
How are you doing these days?
I remember the old days, it’s driving me crazy
I keep remembering because I miss you
Tears fall and memories wash over me
imma sing a song
like this NaNaNaNaNa

Memories with you
Now become old recollections
But only for me
Do you miss me and think of me too?

I remember the old days, when I watch TV
I remember the old days, when I listen to music
I remember again, when I have a drink
How are you doing these days?
I remember the old days, it’s driving me crazy
I keep remembering because I miss you
Tears fall and memories wash over me
imma sing a song
like this NaNaNaNaNa

  • Me: *laying on the couch with my knees up to my chest and my hair over my face. The laptop is on the ground* ...mbys....
  • Boyfriend: hmm?
  • Me: nahbbys
  • Boyfriend: What?
  • Me: membees
  • Boyfriend (who nows sees me in the fetal positions and begins to become concerned): honey, what's wrong??
  • Me: mehbees
  • Boyfriend (growing increasingly concerned): honey, are you okay?
  • Boyfriend (rushing over to me and patting me on the back): Honey? Honey? Are you okay?
  • Me: *looks up at him tears rolling down my face* My Babies!
  • Boyfriend:'re... youre watching durarara again. Aren't you?
  • Me: MY BABIEZZZZZ!!!!! ₩(;A; ₩)
The End of an Era

I will start off by saying this is going to be a very long blog post #sorrynotsorry. Today is the final day of #Sourcefed, #Sourcefednerd and various other shows on the channels. I am so sad to see it go. I subscribed within the first week and have been watching ever since. You go through fazes over the years and sourcefed was a pretty strong force in my life for many years. They made me laugh, they made me cry, and most important they gave me people to look up to and admire when i was younger. Being almost 25 now i’ve grown with a lot of the hosts over the years and i don’t regret a single moment of it.

Now to write about how each host changed my life and some of my favorite memories. To this day and continuing on i will watch and re-watch all of my favorite episodes forever. (That’s the great thing about the internet)

Joe Bereta: When you started (and kinda throughout) you were labeled the jock of the group because of how athletic you are (which is mind blowing) but you were always so much more then that to me at least. I originally saw you on Barets and Beretta and since then i was smitten. You are incredibly funny and charming, and oh so handsome *wink*. You have this amazing gift to make people laugh and a work ethic i hope to one day achieve. When you left originally i was very sad. I still to this day miss seeing your face on my computer screen filling my days with joy. Some of my favorite memories are your many stories on the horrific ways you should have died (The canada story is my favorite) and the amazing relationship you had with all the hosts (especially the holy trinity of you Elliott and Lee) I love the work you are doing now and I know so much greatness will come to you. 

Elliott Morgan: You have an amazing gift that no one else can match, your comitic timing is amazing, you are incredibly smart and witty and you are so damn perfect it makes my head hurt. I cried so hard during your last episode of comcom because i was so genuinely sad to see you go. However i still love your personal channel and I love the podcast with Lee (Oh and cant forget the excitement i had seeing you both on lipsync battles) I just wanted you to know how incredible you truly are. You may think that when you started everyone hated you but i loved you. (p.s. i’m single…your single. hit me up lol kidding) I am so excited to continue to watch your journey through life cause i know you are going to do such amazing and creative things. One of my all time favorite moments on sourcefed of you was the BooBee’s joke (don’t know why but it still makes me laugh) or your story with the detergent. both amazing and weird moments but perfect none the less.

Lee Newton: You are one of my biggest inspirations in life, you prove to the world that you are here to take change. There was not a lot of girls that looked like me when i was younger and then you came around and blew me away. Your beautiful you are so incredibly funny (and you influenced my jokes and proved that women can be just as funny or funnier then the men) When you left a small part of my heart went with you. But i know that it was the best move for you and now you can concour the world and take names while you do it. I just want to thank you so much for everything you have brought to my life and helping mold me into the person that i am today. I love you Lee. And good luck with the wedding (I loved the invitations). My favorite sourcefed moment with you would honestly be any truth or dare and i love your mad hatter and wrestler characters.

Steve Zaragoza: You are so wacky and crazy and just such a joy on the world. The knowledge and enthusiasm for all things nerd (especially the movies) is amazing. You bring just a joy and light to this world and i am really going to miss all of your dick and fart jokes. I know i will see you on other things but not seeing you in that building is going to be so hard. but i know that you are just going to take the world by storm weather the world wants it or not. My classic steve memory will always have to be “what is that a coffee machine” I know its not original but it is classic. Or of course Ben Franklin Time Traveler.

Trisha Hershburger: You are gorgeous and amazing and had a baby like 2 seconds ago and look like when you first started on sourcefed (which is incredible to me) You proved it was okay to be a nerd and a geek as a woman and i thank you for that. You brought a structure in the beginning which i think is super important especially at the beginning where you were all just trying to figure things out. I have loved seeing you thrive outside of sourcefed (as hard as it was to see you go) and see you meeting your dreams you always wanted to concur. Your little boy is amazingly cute (but who wouldn’t have guessed that that was going to happen) and i’m just excited to see where life takes you. My favorite Trish moments were when you were on table talk and my favorite saying has to be the “no no” I use that on the daily and have for years now because of you.

Meg Turney: You are such a firecracker that brought so much love and knowledge to sourcefed. You introduced me to tons of anime i may not have ever seen before and gave light to the amazing-ness of cosplay and knowing that its okay to be your weird self. After seeing you i dyed my hair red and wanted nothing more then to be like you. When you left it was a different feeling for me then the others leaving simply because i knew you were going to Rooster Teeth and i would get to see you again and somehow being even more awesome as if that was possiable. My favorite memory involves you and Joe at the very end of a table talk when you and Gav were still in the early days Joe informed you on how #turnfree was not your ship name but that is #Gaeg or #Gag however he wished to spell it im not sure, however it made me laugh so hard and now i cant refer to y’alls relationship as #turnfree. And even though you left Rooster Teeth as well (which i a whole other blog post) I still will continue to follow and love you and perv out on your modeling pictures.

Ross Everett: You got shit on so much when you worked for sourcefed but i think that was so unfair of people to do to you cause you are very funny and creative. You brought a very different energy to the group that i think was needed and you are amazing. My favorite memory is the joke of you dating trisha’s baby and it made me smile so hard in the last table talk to see you finally see her baby. I also loved your periscopes.

Sam Bashor: You are the cutest little dork in the entire world. I feel like i grew up with you being similar ages and i loved watching you grow from a young little boy in a bow tie being the sweetest little guy in the entire world to this man that is so incredible and funny. You made it okay to be so into nerdy things and for that i thank you. I cant wait to see where this world will take you cause i know you will only do amazing things with your gifts. My favorite memory has to be any time you are with Maude (duh) and of course Sam chats and Sam has a point on the podcast. (And the Smaude kiss…..DAYUM)

Will Haynes: Like Sam i watched you grow up from this awkward little boy to afraid to be himself and grow up into  someone who simply doesn’t give a fuck and has been truly incredible comedian. You finally found yourself which is amazing and i’m so happy to see this side of you. I have loved seeing your fazes and seeing the other more senior comedians helping morph you into the person you are today. I cant wait to see what you do next.

Matt Leiberman: You brought something very different to the group, you were not afraid to be yourself and unashamed of who you were. You were an amazing host and incredible cook (which i always made the mistake of watching when i was hungry) and you are just such a sweet man who wants the best for people. You and your girlfriend are the cutest and i’m excited to see what comes next in your life.

Maude Garrett: You brought a new light to the new gen of Sourcefed Nerd. You are unbelievably stunning and amazing and so apologetically nerdy. I was never really into DnD until i saw you as the mauderator and you showed me a great and fun way to enjoy DnD, I’ve missed seeing you regularly on the channel but i know that one day you will take over this world and we will see nothing but you. Because you are simply that powerful and amazing. (Sidenote: The Smaude kiss at 1,000,000 was to

Steven Suptic: You are probably one of the weirdest people on this planet in the best way possible. We have very similar senses of humor and dont mind being the butt of the joke sometimes. You are one of the only people i think that would openly piss there own pants in a serious moment just for the giggle (i’m going to pretend it was on purpose in the last table talk) I loved you on Super Panic Frenzy with Reina and the podcast was the best. I know you will do great things with your channel and now you can do more stuff with the Mindcrackers on the plus side.

Whitney Moore: You are just the most beautiful little pixie i think i have ever seen. You are so goofy and funny and quickly became one of my new favorite hosts. You have a corky edge to you and yet somehow so very cool at the same time. I love your sense of humor and i just think you are incredible. I know that this will only be a stepping stone in your life and i’m interested to see what is next for you.

Bree Essrig: You I have been watching for the longest back in the old days of youtube seeing you with Shane Dawson and Steve Greene, you have always been able to put a smile on my face with the different characters you play. You are not afraid to be “one of the boys” for lack of a better phrase and you were someone i looked up too when i was a young teenager just trying to figure myself out. Then you moved to pop trigger which you were amazing on you had me in stitches anytime you were on, and then when you got hired to Sourcefed I was so giddy because I had followed you for so long and just watching you change and grow over these years has just been a blast. I can’t wait to see what weird shit you and Steve decide to make cause you are really the best comedic couple and i’m sure whatever you do it will be amazing.

Mike Falzone: You like Bree i have been watching for years I believe since around 2007 i believe which is crazy to think. Your stand up is amazing you have such a cool air to you (even when you are geeking so hard about Wrestling) and you are unbelievably talented. And on top of that being an incredible musician it is unfair how talented you are and you are just going to keep growing and growing and doing bigger and badder things all the time. My favorite memories is just seeing you riff off of Steve and Elliott the three of you is just comedy gold.

Ava Gordy: I may not have known you for as long as some of the other hosts however your impact was still just as grand. You seems like such a sweet and compassionate person who really cared for those around you and still did everything in just such a funny way. I will admit i haven’t seen every video you have been in but now i have time to go back and look at all of them and i’m pumped because you are incredible and just deserve the best in life. And I loved you in the people be like episode about Netflix and Chill

Candace Carrizales: You also I have may not have known as long as the others but you can keep up with them just as well. Its hard being the youngest sometimes but you didn’t let it stop you.My favorite video has to be your two truths and a lie with Steve and i bought one of those ginger drinks after just cause i was curious and you were completely right. You are a delight and brought some more fun energy to the gang. I like your don’t give a fuck attitude and you are just gonna continue to grow and be amazing

And lastly

Dani Rosenberg: I couldn’t not mention to you in all of this you have been the rock in all of this and keeping people from destroying everything. Not only do you keep Phils shit together but then you deal with all the people at Sourcefed and Sourcefednerd which i am sure is almost an impossible task. You have been a strong force behind all of this and i don’t think you get the credit you deserve you are amazing and beautiful and one of the most bad ass people on this whole planet. thank you for being you. And may i just say whenever i saw you in a thumbnail for table talk i have never clicked harder and faster then in those moments. 

Final thoughts… One i’m sure the last 3ish hours i spent free handing this at work was well spent. I am going to miss these channels and people so very much and i cant tank each and every one of them enough. I love you all from the bottom of my heart and i hope to see you do the incredible things i know you are capable of. Good luck in future indevers and i will still go back every day and re watch the old videos cause they are still hilarious and can make me smile at the drop of a hat. thank you. also if my grammar sucked i apologize 2 hours of sleep and just writing as i went along.

but how about a plot that’s like “I met you back in high school and you were really nerdy but you liked music so we bonded over our favorite band and then you decided to make a band of your own. Three years later we broke up and you’re super famous and there’s always rumors about you hooking up with different girls and I just watch from my house and cry. Now you’re back in town for a concert and I got front row tickets, we met backstage and I realize that you’re still the nerdy kid I met all those years back so please kiss me again” 

Me One Month After Watching Charlotte
  • My Friend: 'sup
  • Me: Nothing much
  • My friend: So you finally recovered from Kumagami's death? Thank goodness I thought you're never gonna shut up about it.... Wait, why are you crying? Don't tell me you are still sad because Kumagami died.
  • Me sobbing uncontrollably while pulling out a box of tissue from my bag: What? I am totally fine like seriously look how happy I am now and I don't know who the fuck is Kumagami who the fuck is Shunsuke WTF IS CHARLOTTE Haha I don't know what is that and I AM FINE MY EYES ARE JUST SWEATING
  • My Friend: .....
  • My Friend: Yah sure ok totally

Things I learned from a morning dressed up as Kylo Ren at my school’s carnival:

You command respect. Even when you’re just 5'6. I will always wear that robe and mask to school from now on as my regular teaching attire.

You tell one student, “Pick up that bottle you dropped.” And five will rush to do it.

There can’t be any stairs on Starkiller base. If there are, Kylo has to make sure nobody is watching him sweep upstairs as he hikes up his coat-tails much like Scarlett O’Hara.

Running into Kylo Ren in the bathroom can be quite disconcerting for teenage girls. Especially if you’re checking them for alcohol.

Running after 11-year-olds dressed as Leia and crying “Mum!!” may permanently traumatise them.

Elderly colleagues politely inquiring about the crossbars on your lightsabre are rather alarmed by your explanation of cracked kaiburr crystals and power outlets.

Spinning and whirling looks damn cool on the screen, but tripping over your coat flap and ending up flat on your back can be damaging to the aforementioned respect.

That one eighth-year dressed as Chewie - give him a wide berth. He doesn’t like you a lot right now.


“I was stupid and reckless but I have feelings now, it’s different, I’ve changed. Please believe me Y/N.” I couldn’t believe the sight in front of me, Kai Parker with tears running down his rosy red cheeks, apologizing to someone. 

“Everyone else might think you’ve changed but I know what you really are Kai. You’re a manipulator and you used me and you pretended to like me and I hope you rot in hell.”I felt my throat tighten, but I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of watching me cry over him, instead I turned and I walked out the door, not bothering to turn at the sound of his sobs.

love live gothic
  • you’re watching the end of the anime. nico is crying. now nozomi is crying. now they’re all crying. now you’re crying. the anime is over, and you’re still crying. they’re still crying. they’re all still crying.
  • you do an 11 card draw. there’s not a ur. there’s not an sr. there are only rares. the same rare. you clutch your phone in your hands. her smile is mocking you. the same smile, 11 times over.
  • you have a dream. all of your cards are an alpaca. you wake up, and are so glad it was just a dream. you open your file. it’s all alpacas. “it’s allpacas,” you say, and laugh to yourself. “it’s allpacas.”
  • you’ve done it. you full combo’d soldier game ex. you climbed this whole mountain. you’re so happy. “transmission error”, the game tells you. “please restart the game.”
  • there is a tenth member of μ’s. you know there is a tenth member, because her card is in your album. you do not remember getting her card, or idolizing her. there is only blackness where her eyes should be.
  • “eat your double,” you whisper to your game. the idols disappear, one by one, as the level of your more valuable idol increases. “consume,” you whisper, and turn the volume down to drown out the screaming overlaid by takaramonos.
  • you try to stop playing. you can’t. you keep playing. your fingertips hurt. they bleed. the blood sinks into the touchscreen, but you keep playing. you just want to stop. you’ve played every song in the game. you have triple s-ranked every song in the game. you are still playing. you have no love gems left. your blood is a sacrifice. you are still playing. nico nico ni.
I have been Poldarked!!!

Let me start by saying that I was pestered continuously to watch this period show on the BBC by one @redpenandfern but I was behind and couldn’t find anywhere to catch up. Cut to many months later and it’s now available on Amazon Prime. It was binged in two days and I was NOT prepared! I have now encouraged, bribed, pleaded with so many people to watch this amazing show. Okay, let’s be real, I basically live tweeted my viewing of it and talked about it nonstop and annoyed the hell out of people and now we’re all one big happy, devastated, crying, squee-ing, gif posting mess of a family. All of this to say that my time spent spiraling over this show has been on Twitter. I hadn’t even come over to Tumblr to check out pretty videos or gifsets. What is wrong with me?! Fixing that now. Prepare yourselves to be inundated with Romelza goodness. Guys, their chemistry is phenomenal! The characters have depth and layers and imperfections and you feel everything with them; the joy, the pain, the longing, the betrayal, the love, the concern. It’s just so, so….beautiful. And not just Ross and Demelza, all (most) of these characters are more than what you first see. Over eight (that’s right, you only get eight) episodes you learn so much. It’s amazing to be so wrapped up in something in such a short time span, but they won me over completely.

Ross is beautiful and honorable and just and caring and cranky and brooding and loving and giving and stubborn and compassionate and sincere and he doubts himself and wants better. Demelza is feisty and warm and honest and tender and strong and doubtful and she has a huge heart and thinks she isn’t worthy and loves fully and unconditionally and makes and owns up to her mistakes. She is basically a mix between Felicity Smoak and Anne Shirley (and she loves dogs!). Verity is a breath of fresh air and basically the person I want to be. She is kind and non judgmental with an open heart. She wants to love and be loved. She is caring and helpful and wise beyond her years. She is the best friend we all want. I’m going to stop here for now, but know that I also really like Elizabeth. She grew on me and became a character that I could sympathize with. She is stronger than she seems and she truly cares. She surprised me. Oh jeez, this show has ruined me!! Let me just leave you all with this.

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Scorpio with the Signs
  • Aries: wait for me i want to be your friend but i also want to play superhero's with you wanna grab a bite
  • Taurus: ha ha yea emotions are bogus ha ha please don't hate me for being emotional i can't help it
  • Gemini: i love you but i also want to beat you up
  • Cancer: don't over think so much just follow me and walk this way talk this way
  • Leo: *two seconds after claiming it's not a competition* fight me pussycat
  • Virgo: you're my trivia game partner for life now can you help me with my schoolwork please
  • Libra: i like your style and personality but please don't cry oh no oh jeez they're crying someone help
  • Scorpio: i've met my soul mate will you paint the town red with me you beautiful creature
  • Sagittarius: you're not at all annoying let's watch netflix together and order takeout
  • Capricorn: don't be so scared of failure i've got your back and i'm here to catch you
  • Aquarius: i want to cry on your shoulder but please don't turn this into a life lesson for me
  • Pisces: don't worry little one you've got a friend in me always *cracks knuckles* now who made you cry