crying my eyes out when i saw this movie

when i reblogged that first musical you ever saw post i forgot to include the fact that HSM is entirely a legit musical so im substituting my answer you can bet on it.

Period Struggles Compilation For No Particular Reason

giant blood diaper

the bathroom stinks to hell for a week




yet somehow crying my eyes out doesn’t cause debilitating pain

speaking of - CRAMPS



googling ways to relieve cramps and seeing pictures of women all folded up like human pretzels like what human being can actually do that with a pad on wtf

saying “fuck” every three minutes 

it’s 3 in the morning and I’m standing here in my underwear washing blood out of my pajamas literally fuck everything 

wtf these aren’t my usual pads what’s this bullshit why do these even exist

then when I get my period in a hotel and they give me cheap, crappy pads with no goddamn wings what the fuck kind of customer service is this

*drops something* *tries to pick it up without bending over*

*in the shower* is that dust or blood clots

oh hey look there’s blood on the floor again

*wakes up in a panic* IS THERE BLOOD ON MY SHEETS

oh good there’s nothing

*wakes up again two minutes later* BUT IS THERE BL—

*lies awake in bed all night convinced I’ve got a leak*

*one time, just one time, has a peaceful night’s sleep* *wakes up with a leak*

that weird feeling like you’re being stabbed in the vagina by tiny people with tiny swords

that other weird feeling like a zombie bit you inside your uterus and now it’s slowly rotting from the inside out

no I’m not exaggerating that’s exactly what it feels like

crying for no reason

did i mention giant blood diaper

because it’s literally a giant blood diaper

maxi pads. fucking maxi pads. 

hey if i jump out that window will i die 

lying in bed, curled into a tight ball, praying for the sweet embrace of death

pink painkillers 

all of the hot water bottles 

but let’s be real that shit doesn’t work 

neither do the painkillers tbh 

so then I come home and collapse onto my bed and suddenly my dog is there sniffing my butt like seriously as if this wasn’t embarrassing enough already

“alright class today we’ll warm up by running around the field” *screams* 

every time you sit out during the swimming unit in pe and the pe teachers side-eye you the whole time

plus all the girl’s periods synch up so like half the class is sitting on the bleachers dying on the inside and the pe teachers think it’s all a big conspiracy 

“you know they have invented solutions for this exact problem”

^no lie, my science teacher told us this last month. everyone just stared at him in silence until he changed the topic. 

can I get a sick note for my period?

when you have to change in the middle of class and you try to discreetly take your bag with you and everyone looks up

“hey can you check if there’s blood on my pants” 

“if you hate pads so much why don’t you try a tampon” oh yes sure let me just shove a tiny cotton stick up my vagina that sounds pleasant

when you complain about your period to the squad and suddenly half of the boys have disappeared off the face of the earth 

*displays slightest hint of irritation after being provoked for a prolonged period of time*  “geez someone’s on their period”

“looks like someone bought the wrong tampon brand lol”


no don’t make jokes about that

that shit is the worst

To quote iiSuperwomanii: “My shedding uterus has standards.” 

trying to open your pad as quietly as possible but you know the other girls in the school bathroom can hear

then you come out of the stall and make eye contact in the mirror and tHeY KnOw




oh it’s your birthday? here’s a fun present!

oh it’s christmas? guess who’s not going sledding 

oh you’re being sent on a six-hour hike on your school trip in a mountain with no bathrooms? this seems like a good time for satan’s waterfall 

oh you were looking forward to a nice, relaxed half-term break? lol bitch not anymore

*cries internally*

*cries externally*

*cries eternally*

I hope this has been educational 

The Forgotten One -Part 3

The Forgotten One - Part 3

Steve Rogers x reader

This is the final part. I can’t believe it is so long. 3214 words this time and that is with me condensing a lot of things. 


“I love you” he whispered as he pulled away slightly to look at you.  

You stood there stunned. How in the world could you believe him considering just last week he treated you like a buddy.

You took two steps back and Steve reluctantly released his hold on your waist. You stood there looking at him knowing he had just said what you had been wanting to hear for years and somehow you just couldn’t believe him. Closing your eyes you took a deep breath trying to control the anger that was slowly building.

When he spoke the words were like a distant echo that you couldn’t hear over the roaring in your ears. You finally heard him when he grabbed your hand again and said “Come on, let’s go tell everyone that we worked this out so you can come home.”

Something inside of you snapped and the next thing you knew your hand came up and slapped him in the face. You both stood silently shocked that you had done it, but the rage over his arrogance was making you feel out of control. Snatching the leash from his hand you bent and picked up Bubba and threw up a forcefield around you and the dog making you both invisible and ran toward the house. When you entered the back door you set the dog down releasing the field to make you both visible and gave him his favorite chew toy watching as he stumbled over to Bucky, looking for someone to throw his toy.

“Are you ok?” Bucky asked, taking in your red face and the glint of tears in your eyes.

“No. I’m really not. I don’t know if I ever will be.” Glancing out the window you saw Steve heading back to the house and your heart lurched.

“He was frantic to find you when you left, ya know. He kept saying that nothing was going to stop him.” Bucky said, looking at you with worried eyes.

“He was probably just mad because Captain Control-Freak didn’t send me away. I actually did something on my own.” You all but spat the words as you headed for the living room, tears finally starting to slip out of your eyes.

Upon seeing you crying Wanda and Natasha jumped from the sofa where they had been reclining watching a movie and followed you up the stairs silent until you reached your bedroom. Once you were all settled around the room Wanda asked softly “What happened?”

You explained the scene in the woods not leaving out any detail, even when he had been so sweet to your puppy when you were done Nat spoke up to offer “Do you know what it was like when you left?” Admitting that you didn’t really she continued. “He spent the first day after he got your note in his room. He didn’t eat, Buck says he didn’t sleep, he just sat there staring at the piece of paper and asking why he had let this happen. When he came out the next morning he was angry, not at you but at himself and all he kept doing was punching that punching bag of his and following me and Wanda around to see if you had called yet. When you hadn’t called by lunchtime he called Tony and listened and agreed with Tony while he called him a complete idiot and told him that he would listen to whatever Tony had to say if he would please just help Steve find you. He had tears in his eyes the whole time.”

That revelation shocked you, but you couldn’t let go of the years of not being good enough, being left alone and forgotten whenever you had tried to get close to someone and the jealousy that burned in your heart because of the Sharon Carter incident.

“But he thinks I am just going to continue on this path of blind adoration Nat. He wants me to ‘come home’ when he doesn’t seem to understand that I am home. That is why I had Fury find this place for me. That is why I went and got pets. I’m not going back to Wakanda. I’m not going back to the Avengers facility. I am making myself the home I never had and if you need me I will be there but I am not going to spend my entire life working and following Steve Rogers around like a lost puppy.” You finish burying your face in your hands.

“(Y/N)” Wanda said softly, “Did you tell him this? Did you tell him that you don’t want to continue living on the run?”

“No, I can never seem to tell him anything. I just got so mad when he kissed me and said he loved me after all this time. Maybe I’m being unreasonable but maybe it’s time that I was. I have gone through hell for that man and he has never even crossed the street for me.” you said leaving Wanda and Nat to look at you with a new kind of respect. This is what you had been missing. You had spent so much time pining over Steve you had forgotten to think about yourself and consider what you wanted

The knock on the door had Nat rolling off your bed to answer it and there stood Tony Stark, with his signature smirk. “So what are we talking about? A certain Capsicle who is currently looking like someone smacked his face? Come on, tell me all the gossip.” he said strolling to the bed and dropping down like he owned the room.

You explained the situation to Tony and scolded him when he referred to the search for Bucky as the hunt for the Manchurian Candidate. You knew he was having a hard time coming to terms with what he had found out in Siberia but he was here and he was trying. As night closed in Tony said his goodbyes and headed out in his suit and you told Nat to hand out room assignments since there were five bedrooms and a pull out sofa in the den. As the girls left you headed to your bathroom to shower, still turning over and over in your mind what you should do about Steve.

You remembered as you were about to slip your nightshirt on that you still needed to walk Bubba so you headed out of the room wearing a pair of cutoff shorts and a tank top, slipping your feet into flip flops as you left the room. When you got downstairs you chuckled as you saw Bubba laying at Bucky’s feet chewing on his shoelaces and Jinx spread out in his lap while Bucky stroked the cat, his eyes never leaving the tv.

When you whistled for Bubba he jumped up wiggling knowing it was time for his walk. You smiled at Bucky when he laughed at the dog’s antics and headed outside with Bubba so he could pee before bedtime. When you saw Steve sitting on the porch you kept walking with the puppy down the driveway not acknowledging him. You couldn’t deal with him at the moment. You were just so tired.

At the end of the driveway you saw Sam jogging in your direction and had to giggle when he said “On your left.” He stopped just beyond you and asked “Are you doing ok (Y/N)?” and you gave him a genuine smile and told him you would be alright. He immediately changed the subject and began telling you how much he liked this place. “It’s so peaceful,” he said looking out at the pasture where lightning bugs flashed their green light off and on.

“That was what I wanted when I asked Fury to find me a place. I grew up not far from here and I guess after everything that happened I just wanted to come home.”  

“Feel free to say no, but do you mind if I hang out here sometimes. Like when we leave do you mind if I visit? I don’t want to lose my friend and I really love this place.” Sam said looking at you sincerely.

You felt tears prick your eyes again as you said “You are welcome here anytime you want Sam. Think of it as your home too. I love you guys and I don’t want to lose any of you.” Then laughed as he hugged you dramatically, the puppy dancing around the two of you.

From the porch Steve watched your easy conversation with Sam and heard your laugh and smiled. He had missed that sound. He was so confused and it was a feeling he didn’t like. He was used to having a mission and being able to take steps to accomplish it. With you he didn’t know where to start or what to do. Bucky had told him about the conversation in the kitchen and all he knew was somehow he was going to get you to look at him the way you used to, before he had messed everything up.

Nat came out and sat next to him and took a deep breath. “You need to talk to (Y/N), Steve. You need to find out what she wants instead of just assuming what is best for her. She loves you and she doesn’t want to walk away from you but you’ve been selfish so stop being a jackass and make it right.” With that she got up and walked back into the house letting the screen door slam behind her.

Getting up Steve headed down the driveway and seeing him coming Sam grabbed Bubba’s leash and said goodnight jogging past Steve back up the driveway, taking Bubba back to the house. You stood there and watched Steve coming to you while you leaned up against the fence around the pasture and in the dim light you couldn’t deny the way your heart swelled at the sight of him like it always had.

“We need to talk,” He said when he got about five feet from you. Stopping he said “You’re not going to hit me again are you?”

You couldn’t stop the smile that formed on your face at the look of concern he shot you. “I won’t hit you if you don’t act like I’m just going to keep following you around. I’m not your dog Steve. I don’t blindly obey you.”

“I know you don’t,” he said then moved closer. “I’m sorry I rushed you and started making plans for you. I was just so excited to have you close again where I could touch you and talk to you I wasn’t thinking about anything but what I wanted. Now I understand I was wrong. So I need you to tell me exactly what you want.”

Taking a deep breath you stared into those blue eyes and the sincerity of his gaze gave you the courage to say “I want an explanation of what happened in Germany. I want to know why you kissed me. I want to know why you want me all of a sudden when just a few months ago you were telling me you didn’t have time for me and started avoiding me.”

Steve looked at you like he was trying to decide where to start. Finally looking around he said “I started avoiding you because I was scared. I didn’t want to ruin our relationship and I didn’t handle it well. All I could think was if we were dating, if something happened I wouldn’t be able to live with knowing I hurt you or that you didn’t love me anymore. On some level I’ve always known you love me. It gives me strength to keep going, it gives me hope. In Germany I was still reeling from Peggy’s death and finding Bucky and I was grateful to Sharon for her help and I didn’t think. You were right it was awkward. And I didn’t just decide I wanted you. I always wanted you with me but as I said I was worried I would mess it up. Now I’ve seen what my life would be like without you and I can’t live like that.”

You stood there for a moment thinking over what he said and turned to look at the stars. As explanations went it made sense. Now to make clear what you wanted so he could decide if he was in or not.

“I’m not leaving my farm Steve. I’ve never been anywhere that made me feel safer or more at home than I do here. I want that. I want a home. I told Nat, Tony and Sam all different versions of it but this is where I want to build a life. I would like that life to be with you but if you aren’t ready for that how about you just come back when you can and we’ll go from there. I’ll be there for missions if I am needed like Clint always is but I want to try to have a real life outside of waiting for the next mission.”

Steve took a step closer, your bodies almost touching, and whispered “Wherever you are is where I’ll be. Anything you want I’ll do. Just please don’t stop loving me.”

Taking in his words you smiled so brightly that even though it was night Steve would have sworn the sun came out and leaped into his arms. As he kissed you it was like time stood still and the planets aligned. Everything was right in your little corner of the world.

Pulling back to look at you he whispered “ You’re so beautiful and those shorts are making me crazy.”

You laughed and wrapped your arms around his neck jumping to put your legs around his waist hugging him tightly your head nuzzled in the crook of his neck.

The crowd that had gathered on the porch starting cheering causing Steve to blush red and start carrying you back to the house. As he approached the porch you hopped down and ran to Wanda and Nat hugging them tightly then winking at Steve you asked them “So are you guys going to stay with us? You’re all welcome to stay here until we can get things sorted out with the Accords. Or as long as you want really.”

Bucky was the first to speak up with “I’m going to stay here. I want to teach Bubba to do tricks and she cooks better than Steve.” causing everyone to laugh.

At the end of the day everyone was staying and you had called Clint to invite him and his family to visit. Tony would be back and your fractured little family was healing. You couldn’t have been happier.

When everything settled down you were ready for bed when Steve stepped into your bedroom wearing a pair of sleep pants and looking at you putting your hair up into a messy bun and said “Hey isn’t that my shirt?” looking at your sleep shirt.

“Yeah” you said giving him a grin, “I stole it.”

“Looks better on you anyway” he said with that heart stopping smile. You both got in bed cuddled close and he whispered “I love you” and this time you believed him.

2 Years Later

You heard the rumble of jet engines and knew Steve and Bucky were home. Smiling you waited till they landed and opened the cargo door to let Bubba out to run and greet Bucky. The two of them made you laugh. The giant dog jumping all over Bucky as Bucky laughed and tried to avoid his madly licking tongue. It made you happy to see Bucky so carefree. There had been some dark periods but for the most part having the support of you, Steve, the team and especially Bubba had helped him return to a somewhat normal life. He was even seeing a girl he met at the local grocery store.

Wanda seemed to find the countryside comforting and since you had started adding more animals to the farm she relished the chance to go horseback riding with you and would laugh at the baby pygmy goats you had gotten when a local farmer had gone bankrupt. Due to a anonymous donation his farm had stayed afloat. Little did he know Tony Stark had a heart as big as the ocean.

Focusing on Steve you had to sigh at the sight of him in his stealth suit. Damn that man looked good, even covered in dirt and God knew what else. He seemed a lot less stressed then he used to, like something about having a real home to return to after a mission gave him a sort of peace.

As they walked in the door Steve yelled out “Honey, I’m home.” and you giggled as he wrapped his arms around you. “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

You backed up and said “What did you bring me? Belgian chocolates? That perfume I like from Paris? Gimme!”

Steve laughed and took a small package out of his pocket and said “We went to Switzerland. I got you something that is long overdue.” Opening the package he pulled out a rather impressive diamond ring. Getting down on one knee he spoke nervously, “(Y/N) (Y/L/N), I love you more than I ever thought possible. I would be lost without you. You are my center and the most beautiful soul I have ever met. Will you do me the honor of marrying me?”

Tears slipped slowly down your cheeks as you whispered “Yes” and he let out a chuckle and put the ring on your finger then stood to kiss you. After you broke apart you told “I have a surprise for you too.” then reached into your back pocket to hand him the positive pregnancy test.

Steve looked at you and then at the test then back at you. He looked like a fish out of water with his mouth open and struggling to find words.

“This means…You’re going to…We’re having a…” Steve sputtered and you laughed

“We are going to have a baby, Cap.” You said and he grabbed you and swung you around carrying you out on the front porch where the team was playing fetch with Bubba.

“We’re getting married!” he shouted and the team all cheered them he shocked them to silence when even louder he yelled, “We’re having a BABY!”

After all the hugs and congratulations, the sweetest of which was Bucky telling you that you would be the best mom ever because “Look how good you did with me?”, you and Steve retreated to your room where he told you over and over how much he loved you and how he couldn’t live without you.

“You know, doll” he said softly with his lips against your ear, “I don’t know what you see in me or what I did to deserve this life but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

And you had to agree. You had gotten everything you ever wanted. A home, a family, the love of your life.

You’d never be alone again.

















“Just the way the mother stood by her daughter all through when the devil was possessing her.”
“Oh, I know. I love that part.”
“Yeah. I… I remember it so vividly. Um… Shane, my son, he got a stomach virus the first time that I saw that movie. He was vomiting for two days. It was just… It was awful. Poor little guy. This was when I shared custody with my former husband, and it was his weekend. So I… I was there in the car, just… Sort of bundling my son, and he’s getting sick in this bucket I brought. And he’s crying his little eyes out. And then I thought, BAM! The Exorcist. And I looked in the rearview mirror of that car, and I said, "Mandy Riddle… If the mother in that Exorcist can keep it together while Satan himself is making a mess inside that little girl, you can get through this.” So… You know what we did? We grabbed that bucket and marched right back in the house.“

Shift (Kyungsoo x OC)

Description: Just as quickly as they open up to each other, they shut down.

Genre: Supernatural!AU


It was nearly 1:30 in the morning and SooRi was getting antsy. Why wasn’t the stupid spell working? She fought the scowl threatening to split her face as she stared at he man sitting across from her that was looking back owlishly.

God, it was quiet.

SooRi really wasn’t one for small talk.

“Hopefully it, uh…works soon. I didn’t think it would take his long.”

Kyungsoo just smiled at her though it didn’t reach his eyes. He was tired, she could tell. He sat in front of her in his black t-shirt and nice jeans, his fancy shirt folded neatly beside him on the floor.

“It’s okay. I’m surprised I’m not tired yet honestly,” he chuckled.

SooRi nodded and looked around her apartment just so that she wasn’t looking at Kyungsoo anymore. It was kind of awkward; sharing her personal space with a man that could go off the deep end at any given moment.

Her heartbeat hadn’t slowed down since she laid eyes on him.

She was still convincing herself that it was slight fear and apprehension and nothing else.

“D-do you want some water?”

She was up and scurrying to her kitchen before Kyungsoo could open his mouth to say that he was fine. She returned with two water bottles and sat down across from him again. He took the bottle she slid his was and nearly downed half of it as soon as he got the cap off. He hadn’t realized how thirsty he as.


“Yeah. No problem.”

It got so quiet and awkward so fast and SooRi’s skin started to prickle with goosebumps. She didn’t know why she felt embarrassed. This was something like a job to her and she shouldn’t be thinking of how nicely Kyungsoo’s clothes fit him or how nice his lips were or how deep his voice was.

This was a job, dammit.

“So how old are you?”

SooRi almost scoffed. Was he trying to small talk with her right now?

She smirked and tilted her head at the man. “Trust me, I’ve been on this planet far longer than you’ve been born. But to save time, I’m in my twenties. You?”

Kyungsoo nodded with a smile, “I’m twenty-three.”

“Pretty young still. What do you do beside bartending?”

He took a drink of his water and cleared his throat. They were talking and he didn’t know how to respond accordingly. She wasn’t being sarcastic or rushing him to speak. She seemed to be genuinely curious about him.

“Um…well I don’t do much. I like going to cafes on my off days. I don’t really have friends, so I kind of just keep to myself. In case I…hurt someone.”

“Have you? Hurt someone I mean.”

It was a little intrusive, SooRi could admit that and wanted to slap herself as his face fell and he looked down at the water bottle in his hand.

She wasn’t expecting him to answer and fixed her lips to mumble out an apology when he stopped her by speaking so lowly that she had to lean closer.

“Yeah. I have.”

“Is that why you want my help?”

She couldn’t stop herself from asking. She was so curious about the young man and the questions tumbled passed her lip before she could stop them.

Kyungsoo’s eyes stayed on his bottle as his headache worsened. His skin felt hot and his lungs needed more air though he was breathing fine. He hated talking about this, had avoided it for so long that even forming the words made him want to close in on himself.

But he needed to vent.

And SooRi, he determined, was the perfect person.

“I got my first girlfriend when I was eighteen. I guess I was a late bloomer or something. She was a year older than me, but so positive and energetic; her smile could light up ten dark rooms.”

SooRi looked at the man as his face lit up as he spoke of the young woman. But just as soon, he smile vanished.

“She got pregnant and we were scared, but so happy. I was twenty when she had Joohan. We didn’t have a lot of support or money, but we did our best.”

His head was throbbing and he closed his eyes to focus his thoughts. “I was starting to shift more and more. I don’t know if it was stress, but it happened a lot. I would get a feeling and have to leave the house so she wouldn’t see. She got really suspicious of me. I was leaving the house unexpectedly so much that she thought I was cheating on her. We had a really big argument one night and I shifted right in front of her. I’m so thankful Joohan was asleep so he didn’t have to see me like that.”

“W-what did you do?”

“I started trashing the living room. Throwing things, ripping stuff apart. I could see her. I saw how scared she was and I heard her begging me to stop but I couldn’t control my body. I was like I was watching some sort of horror movie that I couldn’t turn off. I lunged at her but that was it. I didn’t hurt her or anything but I could have if Joohan’s crying hadn’t snapped me out of it.”

SooRi felt her eyes stinging and she bit her lip as she watched Kyungsoo. It was like his heart was breaking all over again.

“I blacked out. When I woke up, she was gone. Everything was gone. Joohan was gone. I called her immediately; told her that she couldn’t take my child away from me. I begged her to come back so that we could talk but she wasn’t hearing it. She called me a monster.”

“Where are they now? Have you looked for them?”

Kyungsoo smirked and shook his head. His eyes were gold now. Cold and hard looking; so different from the warm brown they usually were.

“I tried. The only thing I know is that she’s somewhere in Europe. She changed her phone number, deleted every account she had online. It was like she vanished. I couldn’t go to the cops because I was too afraid. I was so scared that my emotions would get so out of control and I would shift at the police station. Who knows what they would have done to me. Then I would really never see my family again.”

“So you want to stop shifting so you can find them again.”

“I don’t want my son to grow up without a father. I missed his first birthday, I missed him learning how to walk, how to talk. He’s gone the last two and a half years without a dad and I hate myself for what I did to him. And to her…”

“Do you still love her?”

It was irrelevant, but she couldn’t help but ask.

Kyungsoo’s thick brows knitted together as he thought. He looked like he was struggling to gather his thoughts and SooRi waited patiently for him to continue.

“I have love for her. She was my everything. She’s the mother of my child. But for her to just leave the way she did, for her to not even want to try to talk about anything…I can’t forgive her for that.”

SooRi nodded, an anger she’d never felt before bubbling up. She hated werewolves, she truly did. But Kyungsoo had been left alone so cruelly.

“She was wrong. I know she was scared, but she was so wrong. Kyungsoo, you should have gone to the police. Or tried to find her-”

“What choice did I have!?”

His voice was loud and harsh as he cut her off. SooRi flinched under his hard, golden stare and she sealed her lips shut as she looked away.

“I am a monster; she was right. I never want Joohan to see what she did. I would rather kill myself.”

“I-I’m sorry.”

Kyungsoo’s face softened and mentally punched himself for being a jerk. “It’s fine. I shouldn’t have raised my voice at you like that.”


“I’m kinda tired now. Is it cool if I sleep for a little bit?”

She knew he was done talking. He was closing himself off to her and she hated it. She wanted to take back every question she had asked him, but she couldn’t.

She could only nod as he settle on the floor and turned his back to her. His breathing was deep and steady and she didn’t know if he’d fallen asleep or not.

She watched him for an hour before sleep tugged at her eyelids. She laid on her side, eyes glued to Kyungsoo’s firm back from underneath the table between them. She only wanted to rest her eyes for a few minutes in case he shifted.

She watched him until her eyes closed as she fell into a deep slumber. 

Imagine#106: Your on your period- Jai

Jai knew that you had bad days when your on your period and would always try not to piss you off at any cost.

I was laying here as the stupid cramps got worse. I started crying my eyes out because of these stupid cramps. “ Awww baby” Jai said s he saw my crying. He got into bed with me and wiped my tears away. “ I don’t know how bad it hurts but I will try to make the pain go away I promise” Jai said and rubbed my stomach. He tried his best making the pain go away. 

He would kiss you and cuddle with you when it got to much. “ Oh babe thank you” I said and he just kissed me. “ It’s alright love I just want you better” he said and I nodded. Jai put on a movie and started to get some foods for us. he smiled when he saw me cuddled into his pillow. “ Hey that’s my pillow” He said and I laughed when he laid on top of me. He passed me the bag “ Ohhh my fav” I said and grabbed a skittles out of the bag. “ thank you baby” I said and ate. he tired to grab one but I smacked his hand away. 

“ No mines” I said and he chuckled. he took one and popped it into his mouth. I stuck my middle finger and he just grabbed my hand and kissed it. “ Nice try babe but you missed” I said and pointed at my lips. he smirked and kissed me on my lips. I laughed at how silly he is and he smiled. 

“ i’m glad that your here to make things better babe” I said to him and he pulled me close “ Of course love i wouldn’t want my girl being hurt now would I. Plus I love spending time with you. no matter what mood you’ll be in I’ll stick by your side” He said and I smiled at him. “ well thank you Jai your the best boyfriend anyone could ask for” I said and he smiled at me. “ I love you” He said and I grinned “ I love you too” I said back. We just had a lazy day at home and nothing could be better than spending time with him : ).

Saw inside out today

And the representation of mental illness was beautiful.

The message that it’s ok to be sad, as someone who suffers from depression, had me crying my eyes out. As someone who acts happy all the time and feels bad for being sad, when Joy let Sadness take over I was gone.

Just thinking about it makes me happy

Such a good movie

Why HTTYD2 is Better Than Frozen

1. HTTYD 2 is so utterly beautiful. I mean Frozen is just….pretty. In terms of beautiful animation, Dreamworks did the better job. It’s not just being colorful having so much detail in the scenes, characters and more.

2. Female Character Designs. Disney, designing females is not fucking hard. HTTYD 2 has three females who manage to look different and still be pretty. Astrid, Ruffnut and Valka are all beautiful but are able to show proper emotions. I also like Ruffnut because she isn’t a conventional beauty but manages to have TWO boys who are fighting over her.

3. Hiccup is more relateable than Anna or Elsa. First of all, Hiccup was stuck with a father who seemed disappointed in him and I bet almost everyone can relate to that. Secondly, in his newest movie, Hiccup is still unsure about what he wants to do. However, Hiccup is dedicated to his cause: dragon and human peace. He’s inspiring, brave, selfless and smart but he is also flawed.

4. Hiccup is a better disabled character than Elsa. The whole love will cure you thing was bullshit. I’m disabled and I have love but that didn’t ‘cure’ me. Not only that but no gives a crap that Hiccup is disabled. In fact, he doesn’t really care either. He realizes it’s apart of his life and he accepts it completely. He doesn’t constantly dwell on it and that’s a good thing.

5. Better side characters. Frozen had way to many pointless side characters. The movie could have been perfect without Hans, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven. In the grand scheme of things, they don’t do anything. However, the side characters in HTTYD are worth something. They fight alongside Hiccup. They don’t abandoned him. He is their leader and they follow him and when they offer comic relief, it’s actually funny!

6. You care about these characters. Okay, I cried at this movie. I bawled. I won’t give spoilers but there is a scene that made me cry my eyes out. When I saw Frozen, I didn’t really care for Anna and when she got frozen, I didn’t cry. I didn’t feel a tear. But in this movie, I felt something.

7. The story keeps you interested 24/7. This movie keeps you invested. You are constantly interested. You don’t want to tear away. The movie is funny, scary, sad, exciting and fun! This is a perfect animated movie.


Does anybody remember this gem of a movie?

Story time. My bff’s old roommate, this white girl, was involved in this messy ass affair. She was the side chick of this black guy engaged to his longtime girlfriend who is also black. Y'all know how the story goes. They met, fucked, she caught feelings and expected him to leave his fiancé. So here I am sitting in their livingroom, not giving a damn about the tears she’s crying about this nigga, when she pulls this movie out asking us if we saw it. Now I’d seen it and wanted to slap her ass across the room (and not give a fuck about it being her house) for this shady shit but then I remembered the ending. So I sat my ass there and watched it waiting to see her reaction. Oh every single time these niggas got on the screen and bashed black women and praised white women she would glow. You could see the hope bloom in her eyes. Then the ending came (where the black guy leaves his black wife for a white girl but he ends up with neither one of them and instead ends up with mild mannered black girl) her ass burst into tears, snot dripping out of her nose and shit. Oh I laughed from the deepest part of my belly.

You girls need to quit thinking that these ashy dick niggas want you because you are so much better than black women.

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hey fatimichaeljacksonmoonwalkin i'm feelin :( can u tell one of ur embarrassing stories

o man.. ok :/ every time there is a knock at the door @ my home every single time u have to go tell my father n tell him there people knocking so he can open the door 2 this day I have to do that because he think if I open the door for the mailman I’ll be abducted goD so anyway 1 morning when i was 9 i went to the living room of our apartment at like 11 am and in our home we wake up @ like 12 pm (it so bad) n so I was in the living room watching cartoons by M'SELF when I hear a knock at the door n I’m like o! maybe it the mail! but then I remembered I had 2 tell my father that there mail n so I went to my parents’ room n I kept hearing noises so I was like ??? what is he doing ? n grunting.. i tried knocking like “daddy hay alguien a la puerta!!” n I go no response but MOANING N GRUNTING so i was like o MAN Is he DEAD! SO ME , A 9 YEAR OLD, WAS LIKE MY FATHER CHOKING! SO I KEPT KNOCKING N I GOT THIS LIL THING THAT OPENS THE DOOR LOCK N I WAS LIKE I GOTTA HELP HIM! WHERE IS M'MOM ANYWAY AND I OPENED THE DOOR N I FOUND MY MOM N DAD ON THE FLOOR N I WAS LIKE WHAT THE FUKC?? I WAS SO CONFUSED MY FATHER LIKE ¡FATIMA TONTA YA VOY! N I WAS LIKE FUKC WHAT R THEY DOIGN BUT I CLOSED THE DOOR I thought they were EXERCISING I was so EMBARRASSED I went to the door like HOLD ON A MOMENT PLEASE and went to the bathroom 2 cry my father opened the door n got the package n then when I came out the bathroom he told me 2 always wait for a response before entering n I was like I’m sorry forgive me for interrupting I was so embarrassed… i realized what they were doing @ 11 years old when i saw it in a movie where the kid walk in on the parents fuking… I am disgustd… my father always avoid eye contact with me now I hate this

Sorry, Mom. I love him more.

I’m writing this on the bus that is taking me to my date. (from my phone). I want everyone to know how much I love him. It all started about a month ago, the first day of the new school semester. Our old English teacher finally retired and we were to get a new one. I was expecting just another 50 year old man, but instead, I got Luke (not really his name). He isn’t crazy attractive, but attractive enough to get my attention along with all the other teenage girls. I don’t have enough time to go into details about his appearance, but it was enough to push me out of my comfort zone. I’ll spare you the details, again, but I somehow managed to get Luke to go on a date with me. We ended up going to a small 24-hour dinner on the outskirts of town. It went really, really well. We talked and got to know each other. He wanted to be an English Professor at the local college and maybe, one day, publish a book (ha-ha, this would be a perfect book!). He dropped me off about a block away from my house and kissed me goodnight, promising to take me out somewhere nicer next time. I wasn’t worried about waking my Mom up, she’s a nurse and works graveyard a lot. Luke and I ended up going out a lot. We spent every afternoon together, just sitting at the same dinner talking. Some nights we would just go back to his house and make love together. Then, one night, he told me we were skipping the dinner. Instead, we were going to go to Sassy’s, a fancy Italian restaurant about an hour away. He ended up giving me a ring with a ruby in the center and we both professed our love for one another (gag me, now, please!)

But then one day, Luke didn’t come to class. One day turned into a week. Then, I found out Luke got a position at the local college. I can’t really tell you how I felt. Of course, I was happy for him but I was also pissed off, why didn’t he tell me for a week? Why did he just drop off of the face of the Earth like that? I spent the entire day letting the rage boil up inside of me. What I did next, looking back, wasn’t the smartest thing. I ditched class and drove to his house, banging on the door. He answered, he was dressed in a suit and tie, like he was about to go to some big meeting. “Kara?” (not my name, either) he looked at me, eyes wide with amazement. “What are you doing here? Students aren’t allowed to spend time outside of the classroom with teachers, you know that.” I was white knuckled with rage. I could not believe he just said those things to me. Thankfully, to all the melodramatic teenage romance movie I saw, I managed to sputter out the only logical thing, “I thought you loved me, Luke.” I yelled at him before running back to my car. When I got home, I ran up the stairs and into the only bathroom. I was about to burst out crying, when I realized my Mom was in the tub, taking a bubble bath. She noticed how upset I was and started to get out of the tub. As she was reaching for her towel, something caught my eye. She was wearing my ruby ring. Still hot with rage, I ran at my Mom, shoving her as hard as I could. Her head bounced off of the wall with a loud banging noise. She collapsed, face first into the tub, the water covering him limp body. This wasn’t enough for me though, no. I walked over to the tub and held her head down in the water, her dark brown hair tangling around my fingers…

That’s when the memories flooded back into my mind. I had only gone on one date with Luke (he called it a study date, but same thing) and he rejected me. He brought my mom in for a parent teacher conference about my grades and they somehow managed to hook up. He never took me to Sassy’s. No, i was just across the street watching from the bushes. We didn’t make love together, I was just watching from a crack in my Mom’s door. Her phone rang, and snapped me out of my memories. I went and put on the dress she was going to wear tonight. I was going to look just like my mom. I was going to be my Mom.

I’m sorry, Mom. I’m sorry you didn’t love him enough to fight for him. Don’t worry, he still thinks I am you, but he’s going to realize he loves me more. Especially when we go home to take a bubble bath together and he sees what I did for him.



Episode 19 has finished.. now, one more episode to go. 

Oh god, please no

  1. Ri-on, the best second male lead I’ve ever seen. He’s just… I can’t even describe how awesome he is.
  2. That theme park scene was heartwarming but kinda sad.
  3. Perry Park’s farewell. I CRIED MY EYES OUT. I’M HAVING A HEADACHE BECAUSE OF IT. I mean, I’m not a teary person. I really am not. I hardly cry while watching TV shows or movies or reading books. even though episode 15~17 was torturously sad, I didn’t “cry”. But in this episode, when Perry said to Ri-jin “take a good care of my kid(Do-hyun)”, I burst into tears. and when he winked to Ri-jin to comfort her… I cried and cried…loudly. And when he step out the door and saw a big boat named Perry Park in the ocean and saluted at it.. I died. He was the reason why I started to watch Kill Me Heal Me and he was the one who kept me watching Kill Me Heal Me. I love all the personalities but he’s kinda special to me. Like my first Doctor(if you’re whovian, you know what i mean.).  I really liked him. He was amazing.
  4. Mr. X has appeared! finally! I watched the preview and I saw X. Well…… I thought X would be a mysterious gentleman. Yep, he is a mysterious gentleman alright. A mysterious gentleman who dresses like a magician and talks like a magician. I didn’t expect that. I think I’m gonna like him a lot. It’s a real shame that his first episode will be his last episode.

I just received a belated b-day gift from my bff today.

She told me that she had something to give me,but she didn’t say what exactly it is,and I kept guessing.She said it was big and not convenient to carry.

I just hung out with her today,and we watched a great movie and we had dinner together,like we usually do.

And we went to her home,she gave me a packed painting,it was a little bit heavy,she told me to unpack when I get home,I guessed its Taylor,but I was still soooo curious about it.

I got home moments ago and I saw this.
It’s taylorswift.
Blue eyes,red lips,1989 era’s short hair.Everything’s so perfect,so graceful.
I wanna cry but happiness just held back my tears.

My friend is even not a swiftie,she drew this for me.
She’s major in fine arts while I’m bad at drawing.I shared so many things of Taylor with her when we were in junior high,and she always just listened patiently,and listened Taylor’s songs with me.
We both loved go to the snacks store at school and chat.
We both love Sherlock,and the Hobbit,Harry Potter.
She likes Taylor’s songs,I bought her 1989 when it was released.
She’s my,best friend.

And I was soooo appreciated,soooo emotional about that.

We’ve been friends since we were in junior high,now we’re sophomore in different senior high school.She’s gonna go to college in China but I’m gonna go to Melbourne next year.
We will be separated,but our friendship would last forever. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

And also,see ya in November in Shanghai,Taylor!
It’s been waiting for ya!

hey can I please have an imagine where you're in a big argument with matt but your only angry and everything because you're in your period and moody, pleasee x

I laid on my bed in pain from cramps. Why do girls have to put up with pregnancy AND periods? Like I get that they’re tied together but is it really necessary to put us through this shit just to let us know we aren’t pregnant? I heard a knock on the door and looked over to see Matt standing there smiling at me. Usually I would be happy to see him, but right now I just wanna be left alone. I groaned and rolled back over. “Y/N? Are you okay? Are you mad at me?” Matt asked me. I groaned again and I heard him walk over to my bed and sit down next to me. He began rubbing my back. “Baby? What’s wrong?” He ask me. I could hear the worry in his voice. “Matt, can you just leave?” I asked through gritted teeth. “No. Not until you tell me why you’re grumpy.” He said. I knew he was just trying to be a good boyfriend, but I just really didn’t want to be around anyone. “Seriously, Matt!? Why can’t you just mind your own fucking business and get out of my house! Can’t you see I don’t want you here?!” I yelled at him. I could see the hurt on Matt’s face but I really just didn’t care. It actually felt kinda good to yell at someone but I knew later I would hate myself for doing that. “GO!” I screamed at him. “Really, Y/N!? I was just trying to be a good boyfriend and try to help you!” He yelled back at me. “Look, Matt. If you honestly think I wanted you here, you’re very wrong. Get out of my house! I don’t wanna talk to you!” I yelled back at him. I could see tears forming in Matt’s eyes and he turned around and stormed out of my room slamming the door behind him. As soon as it happened, that’s when the guilt kicked in. Matt was really sensitive and he was getting a lot of crap from his “fans” and I clearly wasn’t helping. I put my head in my hands and began to cry. I had hurt Matt. The guy who meant more to me than anything else in the world.
30 minutes went by and then my door swung open and I saw Matt standing there with tons of chocolate, ice cream and all my favorite movies. I wiped the tears from my face and my mouth fell open. He laughed at me facial expression. “Do you really think I don’t know your period schedule? I didn’t realize it at first but once I left, I remembered and drove around getting all these things for you.” He said, smiling at me. I laughed and ran up to him, taking the mint chocolate chip ice cream and a spoon from him and ran back to my bed. Matt walked over to my tv and put in Lilo And Stitch and came back to sit next me and took the other spoon. He wrapped his arm around me, pulling me into him. We spent the rest of the day cuddling, eating and watching movies. I couldn’t believe how lucky I am to have Matt as my boyfriend.

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If Shay is the one to die I will probably have a breakdown but...

I will still support Chicago Fire and watch each week. I see so many people saying that if Shay is the “Major Death” then they are done with the show and I guess everyone is entitled to do what they want to do but I personally think Chicago Fire will still be a good show. I want to say that Leslie Shay has grown to be one of my favorite characters (probably on TV right now) and I in no way, shape or form want to see her die. In fact, if she is the one to be killed off, I will probably be in the fetal position on the floor and crying a lake in my living room. Lol However when I first started watching Chicago Fire, I didn’t fall in love with it over one sole character. I love how I feel like I am watching one big family and as heartbreaking as losing ANY character would be; I truly don’t believe that one death will ruin the show unless fans let it. I am as guilty as sin as are a lot of fans that we grow to love a character so much that it almost feels like you are losing a member of your own family when something happens to them or their life is in peril. I always say things like “Now killing that person was NOT necessary at all!” or “Why couldn’t it end with sunshine and rainbows?” As viewers we’re meant to feel that way and it also means that the writers have done their job at making you fall in love with the characters. However, when the shock wears off and if we take a minute to look at it from the writer’s point of view; they are here to tell a story and sometimes stories don’t go the way we want them or don’t end on a happy note. Let’s be honest, Titanic was one of the first movies (Disney aside) that I bawled my eyes out and when I was little I saw no reason why Jack had to die…none. But as I got older and I got into writing myself and started understanding things better, I realized that Titanic wouldn’t have been the movie that it was if Jack & Rose had made it to New York together. One of my favorite movies of all time Forrest Gump makes you cry buckets of tears when Jenny dies, but it’s one of the most beautifully, heartbreaking moments in the movie. Those heartbreaking deaths and moments in movies/TV are what we remember and what we usually end up talking about for the rest of our lives. I do think that the writers love and appreciate the fans and they know that the fans is what keeps the show going, but there is no way that they can cater to every fan out there. I think Leslie Shay is one of the more popular characters on CF and most people don’t understand why the writers would kill her off instead of maybe a character that is not as popular. Well…is it very fair to say that the fans that do love the less popular characters but tune in and support the show each week have to be at the top of the hit list for a character death? I just feel that whoever the major character is that will die was done for story-telling purposes and not out to aim at any certain fans. Also I think that if it is Shay, her death will be one with so much of an impact that it will go down as one of the saddest deaths on a TV show…EVER! I think that this will give Taylor Kinney and Monica Raymond some amazing material to work with. Severide & Shay has one of the best friendships on TV and I think if anything happens to Shay; Severide is going to break. Plus the amazing friendship Dawson & Shay have…no doubt it’s going to be devastating. But Chicago Fire has always said that it tries to show the reality of these firefighters/paramedics and that they try to make it as realistic as possible and unfortunately reality sucks most of the time. It personally takes a lot for me to really tune out of a show that I am a huge fan of; like if the writing just becomes ridiculous or there are no characters I give a damn about anymore. I however do NOT seeing that happening with CF even if Shay who I adore and love is killed. Then again, maybe all this panicking and worrying is for nothing and Shay isn’t the one to die. Either way I hope that fans don’t decide to stop watching Chicago Fire and tune out… whatever the outcome. Let’s all grab the tissues, pop some Xanx and support each other and then keep tuning in for some great TV because I want to see many more seasons of Chicago Fire & Chicago PD on my TV!  I hope there are a few people out there that feel the same way!