crying my eyes out tbh



“And this world? This stupid, empty world? I don’t care if it’s hell. I don’t even care. If it’s real or not real, if we’ve all woken up from some online thing or if this is all your stupid imagination, Seth, I don’t care. All I know is that I’m real enough. And Tommy’s real enough. And however much of hell this is…” She suddenly quiets, as if the energy’s been leached from her. “However awful it is, it’s better than there.

im literally so fucking proud of Serena like

she went from this

to this

and this is motherfucking character development 

like she became this strong girl and she’s still sweet and caring and like who the fuck cares if she didn’t win now she’s so brave and ready to fight for her dreams and oh my god i want to cry because she’s a ten-year-old anime character and she’s so fucking real and she fucking deserves the opportunity yashio is giving to her

she’ll always be my favorite companion and when the time comes ill miss her lots but boy i have so much respect for this character you have no idea

remain strong my beautiful, beautiful queen <3

brekkerrkaz  asked:

hi, so I remember you suggested to watch Kimi no na wa and today I did... and thank you, I loved it SO much! I didn't look the plot up, so when it turned out to be soulmates divided by time but able to communicate because they were made for each other, I almost spontaneously combusted because of the feelings... I'm such a sucker for that kind of stories :')

oh my god … that movie i know it’s literally the best thing ever!! it was such an emotional rollercoaster and after i finished it i was crying my eyes out,, tbh i can see myself thinking still abt it when i’m like 60,, and the concept of how we’re all searching for sth is so beautifully illustrated in the movie i just LOVE IT

so i have a c- in my calc class which i am fucking proud of considering i get ds on all my tests. then my dad calls northeastern to see if that will take me out of the honors program. it will. i’m just crying because i don’t understand any calculus. at. all. if i don’t ace my exam i will ruin my own hopes and dreams and it’s killing me. i’m scared out of my mind because calc is this huge looming monster and i don’t comprehend any of it and i don’t know if i’ll make it through the year. maybe i should switch out of the class, but i don’t know. help!!